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Royai Alphabet Series: E

I had a little trouble figuring out what to do for this one, but once I decided on a word, not caring if it’s a fairly obvious one, I ran with it – and I’m really happy with how this turned out. You all know how weak I am for some good ole parental!Royed. Well, this whole scenario just made things better (or worse, depending on how you look at it). Poor Roy. He’s…a moody drunk.

E is for Envy

It was the wine’s fault, Roy decided. The ceremony had lasted well into the night with entertainment, food, and drink continuously flowing about. To be honest, he wasn’t sure how much he’d had to drink, although he could at least say that he handled his alcohol better than some of the people in the room. He watched as one royal court member stood to make a proclamation and then collapsed to the ground in a heap. Of course, Roy knew the trick to pretending to be more sober than you were was to not stand up and make an idiot out of himself.

Nonetheless, it was very difficult not to do when Riza was so close to him. She hadn’t drank as much as he had – and in his defense, he hadn’t realized that his glass was being constantly refilled until an hour ago –but her cheeks were a little pink, her amber eyes were brighter than normal, and her lips were stained red from the wine. There was a smile playing about her lips and she was a looser, more at ease and open, though she remained reticent as usual. She didn’t blather about when she drank like her best friend did.

Still, with her like that, every time she moved, his eyes were dragged over to her. She’d let her hair down some time before and it cascaded over her shoulders and down her back like a waterfall that he wanted to run his fingers through. Maybe it was the wine, but he swore that he could see her clothes shift against her body and it was making him feel awfully uncomfortable at times. He was having a good time, honestly he was, but a part of him wanted to drag Riza away into a dark corner and taste the oaky red that she’d been sipping on all night.

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Royai Alphabet Series: A

I told you all that I was going to do this series. I just didn’t expect to get distracted by writing six other things first. I’m also in the middle of writing the third part of the daemons AU, but I really got some inspiration for this the other day when I figured out what word I wanted to use. As for this, I decided to do something different. They’ll all be stand-alones, as usual, but some of them are going to be connected too. It’ll be in order this time though. So like the first five will be connected and then the next five and so forth. I’ll also be writing characters that I didn’t do much with in the 100 drabble series. And without further ado, let’s begin!

A is for Adventure

The sun was glaringly bright, but it wasn’t nearly as hot as Roy had expected when he stepped off the train. It was nothing like Ishval had been and nowhere near as painful as the desert. Roy honestly wasn’t sure how Ling Yao with his two bodyguards had made it across all those years ago, much less a lone thirteen year-old Princess May Chang. It made him think of Edward and Alphonse Elric, alchemy prodigies at such a young age. And what had he been doing at thirteen?

Oh yeah, that was right: he was stuck studying basic alchemy under a mad man in a decrepit house in the middle of nowhere and trying to convince his daughter to say more than five words to him.

Nonetheless, Roy was more than relieved that things were different now. They’d just managed to establish a railroad track and phone line between the two countries, which had proven to be more difficult than anyone anticipated. It had almost been easier to help rebuild Ishval, and that had taken years. One of the largest reasons that they had been able to accomplish building any sort of bridges between the two countries had been because of Alphonse Elric. He’d taken on his unofficial role as Amestris ambassador in Xing with particular gusto. It had certainly helped that he had a lot of pull with the new Emperor of Xing.

Putting on his military cap helped with the bright sunlight, a decent shade falling over the top half of his face and the front of the cap shielding his eyes. He liked the way it didn’t allow people to look him directly in the eyes and covered his expressions. It closed him off to people when he didn’t feel like talking to them. In this case, he was a newcomer to a foreign land, and while he normally would’ve tried to appear as open and friendly as possible, wanting to put on a good face for Amestris, he felt strangely uncomfortable the moment he stepped off the train.

Maybe it had to do with the looks that he’d caught from a few Xingese natives. All of them wore the same looks on their faces: first recognition, then confusion, and finally disgruntlement. For the first time in many, many years, Roy felt like an alien in his own skin, like he didn’t belong, and he didn’t know what to do. Growing up, he had mostly enjoyed the fact that he looked fairly different from everyone, if only because it made him stand out and somehow it made things easier with people. He wasn’t the picture perfect Amestrian, apparently having inherited his mother’s Xingese looks.

Being in Xing now suddenly reminded him of those first few months after Madam Christmas had adopted him and brought him back to live to Central with her. So many people had looked at him in bewilderment, some even walking up right to them and asking where he had come from, like he was some sort of exotic animal. Kids had bullied him for his different looks, to the point where he had become so defensive and once even cried and begged Christmas to take him back home.

Roy recalled his foster mother’s words now: “You’re different, Roy boy, and you always will be, but don’t ever let it be your weakness. There is only one of you, so make it count. Show them how great it is to be different.”

It hadn’t been very comforting to a six year-old, but her words had sunk into his skin. Whenever he was lying in bed and frustrated with how much he stood out from everyone else, he would think back on those words and he used any hate and ignorance to harden him. They didn’t know he was. They didn’t know his history. They knew nothing about him. So what if he looked like them but a stranger in an Amestrian military uniform? He could use that to his advantage. He knew little of this country except for what he studied and the random bits that he could remember from his mother like a dream.

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Royai Alphabet Series: F

Alright, so this has obviously been building up to this one here, although I’m not terribly happy with it. It’s been on my mind for a while, but then I kept running out of steam and I don’t know. Writing happens. It is hella long though, so that might be part of the reason. As it stands, this is the end of these interconnected one shots. The next one (G) will start a series of other connected one shots that I’ve had boiling around in my head for a while and originally planned on making a short chaptered fic out of them. At any rate, I hope you all enjoy this one!

F is for Family

The towns and villages belonging to the Shen clan were nowhere near as elaborate as the capitol city, but it wasn’t nearly as small as some of the places they’d visited in the past two weeks. Every spot that held people, even the small villages, had something of note to it, even if it was just a shop. On the ride here, May had explained in the carriage that while the Shen clan was not as well-to-do as the Yao or Song clans, it was not on the desolate level that May’s own clan had been in before her adventure to Amestris.

“Almost every house has running water,” May had said with a hint of pride and perhaps envy. The shudder that had run up her spine had nearly made Roy smile in amusement. “You would not believe how high a clan is perceived if they have something along the lines of a plumbing system.”

The light comment had been meant to inform Roy, but it had also forced him to take a step back. Almost every house had running water? How long had it been since he’d had to worry about that? Perhaps while he was on the frontlines in Ishval and later when he slept in that tiny hut during the Ishval Rebuild he had to deal with it, but it had been a given back then. When he’d been at home or anywhere else in Amestris, something as simple as clean running water had been expected. Even when he’d been in the orphanage and was forced to fight to use the bathroom in peace, it had still been there.

He couldn’t help but drag an old memory of his mother out from his mind, an image of her using a towel and hot water to scrub him down after he played in the mud when he could have easily just taken a bath. If he remembered correctly, one of the few things she’d been strict about had been him not taking long showers or baths. She had been a careful woman, taking care to not overdo anything, if only out of moderation or habit, except for doling out smiles and hugs. He tried to picture his mother here, carrying around buckets of water from the nearest well. Did they have hot water? Was it clean?

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Royai Alphabet Series: C

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this up. That’s the problem with not having any internet, not to mention my living situation has been difficult as of late. I’ll probably continue to be more sporadic with my postings and with my replying to people, but fear not, I haven’t stopped writing! With no internet means more time to write with less distraction. That being said, I had fun with this one, and it’s the first time I’ve written Ling, so let’s have some fun!

C is for Children

There looked to be enough food to feed a small village on the table before him. Roy was pretty damn hungry and had found a love for traditional Xingese food, but he did not think that they would be able to eat all of what was in front of them. He couldn’t name most of the stuff that was on the table, except for picking out a protein and some vegetables here and there. It had been decades since he’d ever wanted for food, but this would have possibly fed the entire orphanage that he’d lived in for a few months of his childhood and the staff.

“It really wasn’t necessary to go to such lengths, Alphonse,” Roy finally managed, still gaping at the spread.

Princess May strolled around the table to place the last bit of silverware down. “You haven’t eaten with my half brother yet, have you?”

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