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Soooo I decided to try to draw the son of Percy and Nico (Thomas) and the son on Jason and Leo (Lliam)! These two are OCs for a ask blog askpercico and I tag leaderoflokisarmy because I love their designs for these two babies. Their ship name can be Llimas 💙

Tagged once again~
I got tagged by the lovely @fandom-jumper01 !!! Thank you Hun!! 💙
Rules: tag ten people you want to get to know better
• Nicknames: Blue (here on tumblr), Chris,..and that is all i can remember now but I swear someone will call me “Voldweeb” for my love for Voltron
• Height: 5'2" Yeah I am close to hell and that would explain why I am so salty most of the time.
• Time right now: 5:39 –About to start class at 6 and the class lasts until 8:45 with no breaks ugghhhh end me
• Last thing I googled: “Sing Voice of porcupine–which is Scarlet Johansson- i could have sworn it was someone else.
• Fave music artist: I have too many. I guess some of the artists I listen to often would include: Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, Selena , Hayley Kiyoko, Owl City, Two Door Cinema, Nicki Minaj, Panic! At the Disco, Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, and some others.
• Last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast- mom wanted to go see it and I actually liked it. They redeemed LeFou and I want to protect my dorky son.
• Last TV show I watched: The Middle
• What I’m wearing right now: Jeans, red Toms, a flowery 3 quarters inch sleeves shirt with a pinkish short sleeved shirt underneath.
• When I created this blog: let’s see Christmas Eve 2011 sooo…6 years ago??
• The kind of stuff I post: A random assortment of shit mainly what I like at the moment- mainly. Mostly fandoms and I do rebloging aesthetics and art references but I do like funny things so those too. But mostly Voltron Legendary defenders because I have no chill.
• Do I have any other blogs: Yep: @sunny-skulls-on-the-shore
@shut-up-and-klance-with-me are my main other blogs but I haven’t actually updated them in a while but I need to add things there. So go follow if you’re interested.
• Do I get asks regularly: No not really. I get a few asks from time to time. But I do appreciate them
• Why did I choose my url: Well my school colors were blue and gold and I was really into Percy Jackson for the demigods and I like clouds. Lol
• Gender: I am female
• Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
• Fave colors: I just love so many colors especially bright colors that contrast and make your eyes strain ugghhh it’s amazing. But I love the color blue and the cool color spectrums too.
• Average hours of sleep: like 7 maybe 8
• Lucky numbers: 13 and 92
• Dream job: I would love to work in an animation company even if I cannot animate but even design for characters, background, story line, research of the story background, or even connecting the story to children’s curriculum. Please God let there be a job like this. I really want to work for animation company (mainly dreamworks)
• Number of blankets I sleep with: Well my bed has a light blanket and a comforter. But usually 1 blanket because I get warm when I’m asleep
• Number of people I follow: a thousand and something.. I can’t remember the exact number
Alright! Now my beautiful people are @squirrellygirlart @chortling-dingo @dragon-of-creation @suckaflute @onexfeatherxleft @sweettexasicedtea @sir-scandalous @treycain03 @hotpercicolife