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Fanmeeting in Nagoya Day 2 (30.04.16)A fan came on the stage with her little daughter in her arms but the girl was shy and kept hiding her face in her mother’s chest then Jiyong went to Dae and hugged him like the little girl hugged her mom. Seungri was talking to him like they talked to the girl and Jiyong was shaking his head in Dae’s neck like he was being all shy.The turn of events was that Seungri patted Jiyong’s butt and Jiyong abandoned his role and went after Seungri. YB hit Seungri too for doing that lol

161109 BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 in Fukuoka - Quiz Game

1. Q: What makes Jungkook think he has really grown up? (500 points)

Taehyung: Carrier billing
Namjoon: Body
Yoongi: Age
Jimin: Driver lisence

Hint: Something changed about it

Jimin: Physically growing up
Jimin: Mentally growing up

2. Q: If Jungkook were an ARMY, whose fan would he be? Why? (5,000 points)

Jimin: It has to be me right?
Yoongi: J~~~~Hooopeee~~
Taehyung: Can I answer it? It’s V.
Jimin: It’s Rapmon-hyung, because he’s smart. 

Namjoon said he would be Jungkook’s fan too.

3. Q: The most embarrassing moment of Jungkook this year? (50,000 points)

Yoongi: Falling down while riding a scooter in front of our house?

Hint: During live performance

Yoongi: Drooling while perfoming live?
Taehyung: Having stomachache while perfoming live
Hoseok: Pants ripped
Jimin: Dropping his mic

Hint: During live perfomance, something happened and the two got something

Jimin: This one surely is V
Seokjin: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, I blew hand kisses to ARMYs
Taehyung: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, Jin-hyung…
Jimin: Laughing when seeing Jin-hyung’s dance?
Yoongi: Jin-hyung really can’t dance!
Seokjin: Before the pre-recording, while positioning, I touched Jungkook’s butt
Jimin: Jungkook farted when Jin-hyung touch his butt?
Taehyung: Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook during the pre-recording? 

Correct answer: During the performance, Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook and both got scolded

Seokjin: Ah… Yeah
MC: You don’t remember it at all.
Jimin, Taehyung: I do remember.
MC: How was the situation like?
Jimin: I scolded them.
MC: Jimin-ssi scolded them? For messing around?
Jimin: They kept hitting each other… I told them to stop..
MC: That’s really cool.

4. Q: What’s the first thing Jungkook do after waking up in the morning? (60,000 points)

Hoseok: Hope! Going to the bathroom
Jimin: Opening the fridge
Seokjin: Drinking water
Jimin: Getting off the bed
Yoongi: Honestly…
Namjoon: (Doing the) laundry
Hoseok: (making stretching sound)
Taehyung: Corn Frost (cereal)
Hoseok: Thinking about ARMY?
Seokjin: Drinking milk
Jimin: It’s a thing he really does.
MC: What is it?
Jimin: Opening the fridge. It’s true. I see him do that everyday.
Yoongi: First thing after waking up, going back to sleep.

Correct answer: Finding something to eat

(giving out the Jungkook Master award)

Taehyung: I present this certificate to Jimin for his vast knowledge of Jungkook.
MC: Jimin-ssi, please tell us how you feel.
Jimin: Jungkook-ssi, please look after me in the future as well.
MC: Jungkook-ssi, Jimin-ssi won 1st place.
Jungkook: Jimin-hyung really knows me well. And I want to say thank you to our ARMYs for answering many questions too.

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161130 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Tokyo D3 - Quiz Game

1. Q: If there’s a circumstance where Jin thinks “Well lucky for me I’m the eldest”? (1 point)

Taehyung: He can pick a fight with his dongsaengs…
Seokjin: Dingdongdeng~
Taehyung: You’re a bad person.
Hoseok: Hyung keeps getting more and more everyday. 

2. Q: Jin’s self-picked biggest charming point? (1 point)

Namjoon: Jin-ssi really loves himself so… Clearly it’s his face.
MC: Is it correct? Jin-ssi, how is it? He said it’s not. Anyone else?
Taehyung: Jin-ssi doesn’t have a charming point. 
Jungkook: His shoulders are plentiful.
MC: He said wide shoulders. Suga-ssi?
Yoongi: Eat a lot? 
Seokjin: Wrong!!
MC: Then Jimin-ssi.
Jimin: Jin-hyung really loves himself, so he thinks he’s cute. 
Seokjin: Dingdongdeng~ 
(does aegyo)

3. Q: The song that he often listens to before sleeping these days? (3 points)

Jimin: Me!
Seokjin: Please sing it.
Jimin: (sings “Lie”)
Seokjin: Nope.
Hoseok: The boy who met evils!!
Seokjin: Nope.
Taehyung: (sings “Stigma”)
Seokjin: Nope.
Yoongi: “Awake”.
Seokjin: Hint is “dark”.
Jimin: ‘Constantly pushing without rest within the harsh rainstorms’~ “Lost”! 
Namjoon: Doesn’t you like rain? Could it be… (sings “Rain”)
MC: Why do you listen to “Rain” and sleep?
Seokjin: “Rain” is a great song. 
MC: Does it make you sleep well?
Seokjin: Yes.
Yoongi: Wait, I’m Jin-hyung’s roommate. How come I never saw him listening to it?
Seokjin: I’m always listening to it in my heart.
Hoseok, Namjoon: Hyung, please sing it.
Seokjin: (sings “Rain”)
MC: It’s like a press conference… Please give him a big hand. The winner is Rapmon-ssi. Jin Master is Rapmon-ssi!

Taehyung: I present this certificate to you for your vast knowledge of Jin-hyung.
MC: Jin Master.
Namjoon: I really like Jin-hyung’s aegyo. Please show us the original version of “ARMYs are my everything.”
Seokjin: ARMYs are my everything~
Hoseok: Wow~
MC: You even know what song he sings in his heart.

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161215 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Osaka D2


Namjoon: Welcome everyone to our fanmeeting. I’m your leader, Rapmon.
Yoongi: I’m Suga.
Taehyung: Natural perm~ I’m V!
Jimin: Everyone, I’m Jimin.
Hoseok: Make some noise! Wow, Osaka’s boy, boy meets Osaka. Everyone, Hope, Hope, I’m J-hope.
Seokjin: Hi everyone, I’m Jin.
Jungkook: Osaka’s man. I’ll protect y’all. I’m Jungkook!

Quiz Game: ARMY Master

MC: We have been receiving questions about the members up until last time, now I’ll ask you questions about the most precious presence to you, ARMY.
Taehyung: The one who got it correct the most will be ARMY Master?
MC: That’s right.
Hoseok: J-hope~
Jimin: ARMY Master is me.
Namjoon: Everyone, look at the spelling of “ARMY”. There’s me in “aRMy”.
Yoongi: The one who knows ARMY the most is me, genius Suga.
Seokjin: Hold on, I see ARMY even in my dreams too. ARMY Master is me, Jin!
MC: How many points should we give the first question?
Taehyung: It’s ARMY so 10,000 points.

Q: What’s the full name of ARMY? (10,000 points)

Seokjin: Angel, Real, My, Yes!!
Jimin: Army, Real, My love ARMY! Yo! I love you!
Taehyung: Apple, Replay apple, My apple, Yappari (indeed) apple.
Namjoon: All wrong. Everyone knows this right? It’s Adorable MC Representative for Youth. ✔
Yoongi: Arigato (thank you), Renshu (practice), Muzukashii (difficult), Yoshi (okay).
MC: Rapmon-ssi, correct!

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Translation of Lee Jong Suk’s video message to fans after his Variety FM in Japan on 02.02.17:

“Hello everyone, I am Lee Jong Suk. The FM just ended; thanks to all of you, I received positive energy before the filming of my new drama. I want to make use of it and work hard to repay everyone. Thank you very much for today. Love you all!”

Cr: With JS Japan  Via: Chinese trans by: 摇曳绽放的花

Eng Trans By: irenetan

161214 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Osaka D1

Taehyung: Finally, actor Kim Taehyung’s debut is coming next week!!!
MC: Hwarang’s broadcast is finally coming next week. How do you feel?
Taehyung: I had fun while filming, but about how it would come out… My heart is pounding. Everyone is looking forward to it too, right?
Seokjin: Wait a minute Furuya-ssi. I’m supporting V-gun’s debut too.
MC: Everyone’s supporting him. (laughs)
Seokjin: The OST for V’s drama, V and I! We sang it together.
MC: V Jin’s combination! It’s a duet.
Taehyung: Duet! It fits us perfectly!! (suddenly sings)
MC: I’m looking forward to both the drama and the song.
Taehyung: Looking forward to it.

Quiz Game: Bangtan Master - Suga

MC: How many points should the first question be?
Yoongi: 1 point.
MC: 1 point again? That’s quite low.
Taehyung: Raise it a little higher, about 10 points.
Yoongi: Then 2 points.

1. Q: When is Suga’s energy boosted? (2 points)

Taehyung: やさしい (Quite easy).
Jungkook: 易し 易し (Easy, easy).
Taehyung: It’s simple. Suga-ssi…
Hoseok: Hope Hope!!!
Taehyung: It’s hard.
Hoseok: When singing “Otsukare Song”.
Jungkook: Before sleeping.
Namjoon: I know this, really. The answer is when Suga-ssi speaks Japanese.
ARMYs: What~?
Namjoon: When he says “I’m Suga the genius”.
Taehyung: When things he’s interested in come out. ✔
MC: Correct.
Taehyung: Suga-hyung is… Actually, he’s kind of a quiet person, but when the topics he know come out, he’s really noisy.
Hoseok: Suga-hyung gets really excited when talking about music equipments. “This one’s good, this one”, “That one’s better than this one”.
MC: Which topic makes Suga-ssi excited the most?
Yoongi: I…
MC: Real estate??
Taehyung: He’s noisy when talking about real estate.
MC: That’s impressive. And music equipments too.
Yoongi: Yeah, music equipments.

MC: Suga-ssi, how many points for the next question?
Yoongi: 3 points.
Jimin: Hyungnim, raise it a little higher.
Yoongi: 4 points.

2. Q: Among BTS’ songs released in Japan, which song does Suga think has the most difficult Japanese? (4 points)

Hoseok: “Just One Day”.
MC: It’s not “Just One Day.”
Namjoon: The answer is, of course it’s our new song “Wishing On A Star”.
MC: Wrong.
Seokjin: “Boy In Luv”?
Taehyung: “Daijobu datte”? (“Good Day”)
Hoseok: What kind of title is “Daijobu datte”… “Good Day” (laughs)
MC: “Good Day” is correct!
Yoongi: It’s not “Daijobu datte” but “Good Day”!! Wrong!!
Taehyung: “Good Day”!  ✔
Yoongi: It’s “Good Day”. It’s a little hard. A difficult song.
Namjoon: Suga-hyung, please sing it. Show us.
Yoongi: (sings his part in “Good Day”)
Taehyung: Daijobu datte!!!! Oh yeah~

MC: How many points for the last question?
Yoongi: Ten thousand points. 10,000.

3. Q: In the cold winter when he doesn’t want to get up from bed, the secret that helps Suga get up is? (10,000 points)

Taehyung: Today’s main character is Suga-hyung. Please sit down.
Seokjin: When seeing ARMYs?
Taehyung: Suga-hyung, me me me!!
YoongI: V-ssi.
Taehyung: When having a schedule?
Jimin: Ah~ me!
Yoongi: Rapmon-ssi.
Namjoon: When telling Suga-hyung that I want to go to […] with him.
Jimin: Lamb skewers.
Jimin: When telling him “Let’s go grab something to eat!”
MC: It has nothing to do with food. Hint is “with ARMYs”…
Taehyung: Udon?
MC: V-ssi, I said it’s related to “with ARMYs”. You startled me. The hint is ARMYs.
Jungkook: When going to work, for ARMYs.
Taehyung: When being outside with ARMYs.
MC: And then eat udon?
Taehyung: You ought to eat udon first when going on a date.
Seokjin: When going to sing for ARMYs. Rap?
Taehyung: Ai!!!Gyo!!! (aegyo)
Jungkook: When going to write lyrics for ARMYs.
Taehyung: When going to rap for ARMYs.
MC: The promise with ARMYs!!
Namjoon: What promise?
Yoongi: Concert.
Taehyung: No. He’s a rapper.
MC: The promise he made at concert, when telling ARMYs to go together in the future right? And when eating udon? (laughs) With 10,006 points, the winner is V-ssi! Suga Master is V-ssi

(acceptance speech)

Taehyung: Luck came to my side.
Yoongi: So V-ssi knows me quite well!
MC: Suga-ssi, earlier when talking about waking up in the morning they mentioned udon, do you wake up earlier in the morning?
Seokjin: Nope.
Taehyung: Suga-hyung is slow.
Yoongi: I… Well… Yeah. I wake up really late in the morning.

Bonus: “Wearing pedometer and dancing” Game

Guest stars (8.6 seconds-bazooka): 130
Taehyung: 2
Yoongi: 435 (started moving even before starting)
Seokjin: 15
Jimin: 380
Namjoon: “I lost it. It fell while I was dancing.”
Jungkook: 201
Hoseok: 44

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