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Gas Masks for B.O.B.

@epitoma-rei-militaris tagged me requesting a short guide to some good gas masks for bug out bags, and here’s a short list I put together of what I would recommend. I’ll keep this cheap and simple, if you want something fancier then I highly recommend the Avon FM53.

Our first mask is the Finnish-designed Scott M95. I’m not much into prepping but this is definitely one of my favorite modern masks. It’s very comfortable, can’t be deformed, takes NATO 40mm filters, is ambidextrous and has a hydration port. Only two issues I can think of is that the hydration port IS proprietary and will not work with US issued canteens, and that the mask is not really user serviceable, aside from the valves. There are adapters for the  CBRN camelbak though. Suggested Price: 70-100 USD.

My next recommendation is an oldy but a goody. The MSA Ultravue has been made since the late 1970′s and the design still holds up. It’s easy to find spare parts, and the entire thing can be disassembled with a screwdriver and a set of pliers. Again, it takes 40mm NATO, although many come with an adapter to use 25mm industrial filters, although I would not recommend using them. This mask cannot be deformed due to the nature of the lens. It doesn’t pack as tight as the M95, and it doesn’t have a hydration system, but it is a lot cheaper if that’s what you’re after. Suggested Price: 30-50 USD.

The M40, formerly standard issue to the Army and Marines, among others, is also a good choice. Again, 40mm. Parts can be found online easily, and it comes with a very common hydration system that will work with US canteens, assuming you have the right cap. Issues with it include that it’s easy to deform, has a lot of small parts, and doesn’t pack well. Suggested price 40-100 USD.

The Avon S10, formerly used by many British troops, is an excellent choice. The base model comes with hydration, although you’ll need a British canteen.Uses 40mm filters, can’t deform. Doesn’t pack as well as the M95 but also doesn’t weigh a lot. Plastic might get broken though in hard use. Spare parts are hard to find outside the UK. There are kits for sale though that allow for full disassembly, which is nice. The FM-12, which is basically a refined version of the S10, is also highly recommended. Suggested Price 60-100 USD.

The last mask I’m gonna mention is the absolute cheapest I would go. The Czech CM-4 is a solid mask if you’re on a budget. Production did end in the 90′s though so I would thoroughly examine yours before buying or using it. 40mm, no hydration (except on some rare models). Not really user serviceable. Pretty comfortable though, for it’s price. Suggested price: 10-30 USD.

There’s a shit ton of masks out there, but these are the ones I could think of. Although I didn’t list them, any modern military mask will work just as well, although I’d be worried about filter availability with an M50 or GSR.

Feel free to message me with any additional questions.

dresden-officer-of-t72  asked:

I know this is stupid question but. Worst gasmask but looks like it's really good. Really one of those, see them in a shop and think it's top grade

Belgian BEM-4GP masks, while looking really neat, suffered from a lot of manufacturing and design issues, including easily broken drinking tubes. They were replaced by the Avon FM-12 in a relatively short amount of time.

More info here.

Fan Story Time 2-1!

12/3 First day of Seoul FM: By-C
After opening, Joon Gi greeted everyone and then starts his usual roll call, calling fans in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Italy…etc. He was a bit disappointed that it seemed fewer people from other countries came to the fan meeting this time, but no matter, he told the fans to come again to the 2017 Birthday celebration!
[After hearing this, our editor C decided to bring a USA sign with her to the FM on 12/4 and raised it as high as she can so Joon Gi can see it .LOL After all, at least he should know someone spent over 50 hours travelling to Korea from the States.]
Since there was no MC for JG’s fan meeting (he really doesn’t need one as he is a perfectly capable MC), he was teaching everyone how to be completely immersed in the moment with him.

He was showing fans how to sing along even if some may not know the lyrics of the songs. He was encouraging everyone to at least pretend to sing along and he even demonstrated how to do it! (Yes, that’s the silly side of Joon Gi, but don’t we all love him the way he is?)

After the opening songs, as Joon Gi resumed the MC role, he told the fans that typically at this moment, the MC will ask the fans to scream and call “Joon Gi Oppa~~” so he can come out. He started the practice round with the fans and after two rounds, he was satisfied and went to hide behind the curtain. He waited until all fans went crazy screaming for him and then came out to greet everyone again. [Yes, once again, that’s our silly oppa!]

He really knows what his fans wants that’s why he can interact with the fans so well. Everyone was so happy and of course crazy in love with him!

Throughout the fan meeting, he kept asking the fans to say “Lee Joon Gi, I love you!” in Korean (because our Oppa is so dying to have the love and affections from us, the fans! XD)
He performed over 20 songs during the FM, he was just unstoppable. Near the end he got so tired that he just lay there on the floor and panted heavily through the mic purposely for the fans to hear ..(GOSH) To make the fans go even crazier, he poured water all over his head (OMG…the sexy side of him…is SOOOO TOXIC!), the next day’s FM, he did it all over again because he knows fans are waiting….. He was just too playful and so eager to please his fans!

to be continued…….