Only My Opinion...D2G x Vic Spencer x DC (Hard Bars)

Hard Bars is finally here. D2G x Vic Spencer & Music Producer, Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Engineer DC have unleashed a MONSTER. 

As I stated in a recent review I did on Vic Spencer I have been waiting patiently for this joint to drop. Hard Bars is 13 original tracks Recorded, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by DC of Flyy City Media Group LLC

This project is nothing but pure gruesome, gutter, blood, sweat, and tears Hip-Hop. The title says it all, but diving in deeper the lyrics say more. Instead of just being pointless rants or 16 bars full of overly arrogant banter these 2 MCs bring the HEAT. The message is plain and simple that D2G & Vic Spencer are bringing LYRICAL Hip-Hop to an industry that is so caught up with the concept of just making pointless disposable ring tone crap just for the purpose of making a quick BUCK.

As a Hip-Hop & Rap music fan I value music with a concept, a message, DOPE lyrics, and charismatic Artists that paint a picture for me to imagine while I listen. I haven’t heard of any other artists doing it the way these two gentlemen have done on this joint and for that I thank them. 

I don’t want to say too much about the project because I want your curiosity to run wild. However, I will say that this joint is definitely one you can play from start to finish. There are a few tracks that aren’t as strong as the others, but get this….THERE ARE NO WEAK TRACKS AT ALL.

The lyrical content is so crazy that I had to run certain songs back a few times just to hear the bars again. I found myself ROTFLMAO at certain points of the songs simply because D2G & Vic Spencer spare no expense keeping it real with their feelings on what the Chicago Music Scene & the entire Music Industry considers to be GOOD music.

Only My Opinion…Some of the DOPEST bars on #HardBars   


No mistaking I’m killin it/
These other n****s Bars paralyzed anal rape/
We ain’t feelin it/

This verse tailored for hoe slapping and toe tagging/
The consequences for low sagging and hoes bragging/
I’m seeing n****s on they hickery dickery/
So I’m now docking they pay/
Just for they gimmick delivery/ 

Vic Spencer

I see bullshit going on but I ain’t trippin/
Most of these n****s sound like they night job is strippin/


You gotta realize you dealing live with a animal/
You claiming that you handle dudes/
You NICK with the CANNON dude/
Indescribable how I demolish ya/
I’m Timberland for these soft ass Abercrombie & Hollisters/
Fuck whoever want the drama ass n****s/
I’m navy seals 6 to you Osama ass n****s/

Vic Spencer

You don’t lose brain cells from the marijuana leaf/
You lose them by being guided by mogs who couldn’t teach/
Vic not from Mexico but want the fucking pesos/
As much as I have money/
I can chase more/

In My Opinion there is an even exchange between both artists and they both compliment each other on each track. The project has a great mesh of features including: Gemstones, YP, Que Billah, JDP, C.Rich and many more great artists.

However, I would be foolish if I didn’t show love to the man behind the boards Mr. Derek “DC” Cannon. I know first hand that this guy is truly an ANIMAL in the studio. He handled all of the mixing and mastering duties on a good majority of my songs which can be heard here & is on another level when it comes to MUSIC PRODUCTION. 

Only My Opinion…Some of the best BEATS on #HardBars

  • Return of That Real
  • I-94
  • Booth Sprung
  • Neck Brace

Also I would like to say that one particular song stood out to me so much that I literally had to listen to it 5 times before I finished listening to the entire project. The name of that songs is Neck Brace.

I couldn’t help myself I was full of maniacal laughter because I completely agreed with D2G when he stated

I…somehow don’t fit the mode of Chi-town rapper/
Why cause I don’t fit the city’s DICK riding factor/

I couldn’t agree with him anymore than I did on that verse especially since I said something along the same lines on my song Haterville. I guess only the REAL artists keep it REAL on records. There’s no need to sugar coat how it goes in the CHICAGO MUSIC Scene & I’m glad #HARDBARS came with that REAL. 

 Only My Opinion…songs that you will keep on REPLAY off #HardBars

  • Neck Brace
  • Booth Sprung
  • I-94
  • Mean
  • Return of That Real

All in all this joint is worth the download In My Opinion it’s worth a PURCHASE. 

Feel free to share your comments & remember Only My Opinion Matters

DOWNLOAD #HardBars here