Brother’s Best Friend (M)

Jaehyun x Reader (feat. Johnny)

Word Count: 3.6k

Genre: Smut, Slight angst

A/N: My first published smut ayy.. I was stuck on this for a while but last night lordt I just went on one and finished it at like 4am lmao… Ty to my FLOwer (@nctreacting) for helping me out with this 💕

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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part V of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

Friday has finally come, and you were a little nervous for tonight. You told your mom about it, and she was a little skeptical on the situation, but you assured her that it would probably be just a small, friendly get-together. Reluctantly, she agreed, making you promise her that you would be home by 11, and safe. 

But, before all of that were to happen, you needed to get through the day first. You stopped by your locker, wanting to grab your Criminal Justice book, but only to find it missing.

Oh. Right.

“Looking for something, love?” You tried to hide the blush that formed, recognizing the British accent. Turning in his direction, you see that he was leaning on the locker next to yours, your book in his hand. 

“Y-yeah…thanks.” You reached for the book, but only for him to hold it high above your head. “[Sigh] Seriously?”

You jumped up slightly, reaching and grabbing for the book, but Peter only held it higher, smirking at your failed attempt to take it from him. Groaning, you socked him as hard as you could in the stomach, only getting a small reaction from him, but a painful one from you. Damn, his stomach was solid.

You shook out the hand you just used, as it was slightly throbbing, and used your other one to final get a hold of your book from his grasp.

“Hurt your hand there, Y/n?” Peter grinned, already knowing the answer. You glared at him in response. “Want me to kiss it and make it better?” 

“Kiss my ass,” You shut your locker, and strapped your backpack on your shoulder, heading to class, Peter following right behind you.

“Don’t tempt me, sweetheart.” With a slight tap to your bum, you gasped. Turning around, about to rant, Peter was quick to place his index finger onto your lips, softly. “Just kidding, relax. Are you ready for tonight?”

You pushed his hand away from your mouth, blushing lightly. “I-I guess. My mom said it was fine with her, as long as I’m home by 11, and safe.”

“Ugh, 11? What are you, five? The party is all night long, until the cops show up. For once can you enjoy being a foot-loose teenager?” He raised an eyebrow. 

You looked down at the ground, moving a piece of hair out of your face and behind your ear. At the moment, you didn’t see how Peter’s eyes softened once he saw how flustered you looked. So innocent.  

“Listen, why don’t you wear something nice tonight? Show off some skin, pull your hair out of your face, put on a little makeup-”

“Why would I need makeup?” You looked up at him, feeling slightly insecure by his suggestion. He was quick to wave off the topic.

“Forget the makeup, I-I mean, you don’t need it.” He slowly reached over, and pushed more hair away from your face. “It could maybe help…bring out that lovely face of yours a little more, love. That’s what I meant.”

Sighing, you thought it over. His sweet words melted you on the inside, just a little. A new look might be a good idea, might show the confidence you have in yourself. 

“Fine. I’ll see what I can get before you pick me up. Let’s just get to class, I don’t want to be late.” 

“I’ll catch up with you in a bit, you go on ahead,” He winked, watching as you made your way to your first period. 

Standing by himself, he didn’t notice a certain freshmen walking up to him. Once he cleared his throat, Peter acknowledged him, his grin dropping to a thin line.

“What do you want, kid?” 

Henry shifted uncomfortably, not making eye contact with the older boy. Clearing his throat, Peter groaned, crossing his arms over his chest. “Well?” 

“Y-You’re…you’re going on out with Y/n? To Theo’s party?”

“Yeah. What’s it to you?”

Henry finally looked at Peter, biting his lip. “Why?”

Peter, cocking his eyebrow in confusion, shrugged his shoulders. “Why not?”

“Come on, we both know what you are. Guys like you only want one thing from girls like Y/n, and if you break her heart, I will make it my personal mission to destroy everything that makes you-you.” Henry threatened, leaving those words to float in the air.

Peter watched the boy walk away, a little impressed at his threat, but not intimidated. But, when he said ‘Guys like you only want one thing from girls like Y/n’, he couldn’t help but feel a little offended by that. Why did you have to be a virgin? Why?

Taking a long trip into the future, it was finally the start of your Friday night, and as of right now you were staring at the clothing on your bed. The dress that you just bought on your way home was staring right back at you.

Not too flashy, just enough class, not showing off what’s not necessary. Perfect in your opinion. Sighing, you grab it and start to squeeze into the tight material, nearly suffocating your chesticals. But, it’s not beauty if there’s no pain. 

After that mission with the dress, you moved over towards your dresser, staring at the unopened makeup you purchased along with the dress, among the few accessories that also came with it.  

You didn’t want to cake the stuff on your face, so you started out simple and light. Foundation will probably break you out, and your skin was fair to begin with, so there was no point. Instead, a decent looking eyeliner stroke to your eyelid would just have to do, along with a f/c lip stick. Taking Peter’s advice, you pulled your hair up into a clean ponytail, with barely any flyways. Score.

The sound of your door bell chimed, making you freeze in your spot. You looked at your desk clock, and it read 6:45. He’s early? 

“Y/n!” You mom’s voice echoed through the house, making you rush to find your shoes, and handbag. 

“Coming! Just give me a minute!” You called back, searching for your earrings that you set down somewhere. Why did jewelry have to be a pain? 

The sound of your door being opened startled you. Turning around, you saw Peter in just a grey shirt, and regular skinny jeans. With a drop to his jaw, his eyes scanned you up and down, basically undressing you. 

Suddenly embarrassed at your unorganized bedroom, you cleared your throat, doing a little spin. “Well? D-do you…like it?”

With a slight flick of his tongue over his bottom lip, he tried with all his might not to say anything sexual to scare you off. But, this was his very first time ever seeing you in something other than sweatshirts, or sweaters, or jeans. He got to see your smooth legs, how the dress compliments your upper body very well. Oh, how Peter wanted to just have you, right then and there.

“Uhm…w-wow. You look…amazing. Are you uh…ready to go?” He jerked his thumb behind him, faint blush on his cheeks. With a slight nod of your head, you struggle to walk in the heels to the door, earning a slight laugh from Peter. 

“Can you even walk, love?” He smirked.

“No, but I’ll get used to it. How hard can it-OH!” You misplace your footing, nearly falling forward, until you feel a firm grip on your waist. 

Looking up, relieved, you made eye contact with Peter. Seeing how green his eyes looked without being clouded with lust made them look…warm. For a second, you saw him look down at your lips, just begging him to move in closer. He slowly started to lean in…your lips so close to touching. 

Until a sudden camera flash shocked you both, and knocked you both out of the trance. “Aw, you both look so adorable! But, hands where I can see them, Mr. Kay. I was beginning to like you, don’t make me change my mind, yeah?” 

Your mother warned, you quickly pulling away from Peter, smoothing out your dress. “I..I’ll just wear some flats.”

“Pan! You made it!” Theo welcomed his friend with bro-hug, but you soon reached his line of vision, a sly smirk crept onto his face. “This your choice of the week?” 

With a scoff, you rolled your eyes. “Asshole.” 

“I’ll give it to you anywhere you want it, babe,” He flirted, but Peter was quick to cut him off.

“Can we come in or not?” He barked, Theo shrugging in reply, but motioned you both inside. 

Once inside, you saw basically the whole student body attended this party. Everyone pressed up against one another, grinding and/or choking each other with their tongues. Definitely not a small get-together. 

You tensed up, looking around, never been around this many people in one room before, a slight pang of anxiety started to build up inside of you. You felt Peter lean in close to your ear.

“You alright, Y/n? We can leave if you want,” He offered, but you shook your head. 

“I’m okay. Really. We came to have a good time, and that’s what we’ll do.” Looking far in the corner where there was a couch, you saw his friends waving for Peter’s attention. “And I think your friends were waiting for you.”

You two walked over to where they were standing by Theo’s now trashed couch, each of them with a girl on their arm. 

“My, my, my. Could it be?” Thomas raised his eyebrow, a grin evident on his face.

“I think it is, Tommy. The Virgin Mary wearing something other than cloaks and sweaters. What a nice figure you’ve got, might I say,” Newt commented, earning a smack to the chest by his date, Belle.

“Yeah, well, take a good look. Because this is the first and the last you’ll see me in something this revealing.” 

“Oh, honey. THAT’S not revealing at all.” Felix’s date, Cindy, corrected. “Not even close.”

“Baby, why don’t you and the girls go grab us some drinks, while the men have a chat.” Thomas winked at his date, Jasmine. With a wink back, she latched her arm with yours.

“C’mon, let us girls get to know each other better,” She insisted, dragging you to the drink table, Belle and Cindy following behind. 

Once you were out of sight, lost in the crown of people, Peter groaned, sitting down onto the couch. Thomas was next to sit next to him, while Felix and Newt just stood.

“So? Got little miss good girl to come out of her shell, I see. Getting closer to sealing the deal?” 

“[Sigh] I guess…I-I mean, I think so…” Pan shrugged, looking anywhere else but him. 

“What’s the matter with you? You don’t seem as confident as you did on day one.” Felix crossed his arms.

“Where do I even start? This girl is the most stubborn, naive, clumsiest, little shit that I have ever met.” He explained as if he were annoyed, but his smile betrayed him. 

The three boys exchanged looks with each other, equally confused.

“It’s just…hard getting my plans together. Like, I don’t even know how I am going to get her into a room, alone with me, without her shy side coming out and completely shutting me out.” Pan ran a hand threw his locks, shaking his head. 

While Peter sat with his friends, you were forced to have a full ‘conversation’ with their dates. Not really your cup of tea. These are the kind of girls you try so hard to avoid.

“So, Y/n. You and Pan? Give us details, how was he with you?” Belle shimmied, a huge smile on her face.

“I-I don’t know what you mean?” You shrugged.

“Oh, I forgot. You’re still the virgin. You’re missing out, sweetheart. He’s one hell of a ride,” Jasmine smirked. “He took me to a whole new world.”

“That’s nice.” You answered with another shrug, looking down at your nails. 

Cindy blew out air in frustration, looking over at the couch, and seeing Thomas giving her a simple thumbs up. With a nod, she reached inside her purse, brought out a bottle, and slipped in a couple of the pills into a cup filled with punch, an evil smile on her rosy lips.

“Here, honey. Drink this, it’s fruit punch. Theo’s mom makes the best homemade fruit punch in the world!” Cindy handed you the cup, watching as you stared at it skeptically.

“I-I don’t know. I’ve seen too many movies,” You tried to give the cup back, but Belle gave you this stern look.

“Look, you’ve never been to a party like this. So you obviously don’t know how rude it is to not drink the mistress of the house’s drink. Very disrespectful.”

Looking back at the cup, you felt a little bad about the new information you’ve just received. You didn’t want to stick out like you already felt like you did, so you chugged the whole thing down. 

Once it was empty, the room started to spin around you, and the sound of laughter rang in your ears.

“She wasn’t supposed to drink it all. This outta be fun.”

Morning Confessions

PAIRING: reader x Bucky Barnes


WARNINGS: fluff and slight angst. 

So I was listing to DNCE’s song Toothbrush and I immediately thought of this little fluff idea. However some angst did creep in. I used some of the lyrics to draw inspiration I hope you all like it! 

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Stuck in a limbo
Half hypnotized
Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night

Bucky was use to being alone. He had been alone during his hydra days, and now. Even with the Avengers he craved being alone. He didn’t trust himself; he did trust any of them. Excluding Steve and maybe Natasha. So when he finally moved in to his own place he felt relieved. It was his and his alone; he could control how his day would progress. Living at the Avengers Compound was, to him. Unstable and unpredictable. In short Bucky enjoyed being alone. Until you. Bucky couldn’t exactly pinpoint when the relationship took a turn. It started off with a respectful acquaintance; you knew Bucky needed his space. He needed time to adjust to this strange world. Not that it was new. Bucky had lived in short bursts of an ever-changing world. Not that Hydra gave him much time to take notice of what had changed around him. 

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The Penthouse

Race x Reader

Requested by: Anon

“can I get a request of what it would be like to sleep at the lodging house and have a bad night, so they end up sneaking to Jack’s penthouse? cuddling should definitely ensue with him!”

A/N: Hnfgajshahsa the ending is kinda rushed ughhhh

I tried y’all.

I’m just rlly tired hnghg

It was the night after the big brawl on the street at you were tired out. Your head was still spinning, your arm was bruised, the pain still bothered you and you couldn’t sleep. The Delanceys had shook you good and you got the bruises to prove it.

As you lay, very much awake in your bed, your eyes travelled to see an also very much awake Racetrack, sitting up in his bunk.

His eyes met yours, and in a matter of seconds, he was at your side, a small smile planted on his face.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked, his figure slightly slumping. The moonlight that seeped through the window made his hair look shimmering gold, and his eyes a metallic blue.

As you moved your body to face him, you slighty chuckled before saying, “You don’t got a penny.”

The corners of his mouth were turned into a small smile, before a look of worry was etched on his face.

“Seriously though Y/N, youse alright?” Race asked, moving closer so that your faces were inches apart. Your breath hitched as you’ve never been this close to the cigar clad newsie before.

You’d never admit it, but you’ve always had a crush on Race. A big one too. And him being literally inches apart from you didn’t help hide your feelings.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a small: “Y/N?”

Lifting your head, you smiled weakly.


Your eyes followed his gaze, and suddenly his finger was lifted and softly tracing over the bruise you earned earlier.

“Who did this to ya?” Race asked, worry lacing through his voice.

Shrugging your arm away from his grasp, you quietly muttered your answer.


You could sense Race’s muscles tense as he stood up. Before he could punch a wall or anything, you grabbed his arm and shook your head no.

His heart softened, then he an idea came to his mind.

“I’m sure Jack wouldn’t mind if we… um…”

You smiled softly, knowing already what he meant.



It was dark and cold up there.

Scattered stars filled the midnight sky, the faint smell of city smoke wafted through the air, and a small breeze was blowing which made you shiver. The only light was the moon and as you stared off into the distance, you could make out the faint skyline of the city you lived in.

As you sat on one corner of the penthouse, knees to your chest, you felt Race move in closer to you, his body facing yours once again. Before you could say anything though, his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him. Your eyes widened and for a split second, all you could think of was “!!!” Before you melted into his embrace.

Your eyes fluttered shut and the two of you just sat there, taking in each other.

As Race held you to his chest, he smiled, noticing a billion more little things he’s never noticed about you before.

Like the way you smelled faintly of vanilla, or how your flyways tickled his nose when his face got too close to hair.

Or the way his hand felt against your back, it felt like Home.

He felt like Home.


Your small voice broke his train of thought and he averted his gaze to you.

Race hummed a response earning a grin from you.

“Thank you.”

The next morning, the two of you awoke to a smirking Jack, who was sketching Race and you all cuddled up in a corner.

Let’s just say Jack never let you live it down, and something new blossomed between Race and you.

A new feeling.

Warm, like last night. And all fuzzy and cozy and just-


Something like that.

Located in the gorgeous Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge serves as an important resting, feeding and nesting ground for migratory birds along the Atlantic Flyway. With almost 10,000 acres to explore, visitors can enjoy bird watching, fishing, boating, hiking and photography while learning about wildlife and the environment. Photo by Doug Racine, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Special Room Pt. 2

(Part One)  (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)

Summary: After wandering down that forbidden corridor, things between you and Negan begin to heat up. 
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 1494
Warnings: Cursing, light smut
Authors note: Finally, after like three weeks of not updating the story, chapter two is finally here!  Make sure you comment on what you want to happen next! 
Quote of the story: “Expecting some movie type shit…”


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Her Part 1/5- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Theres a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

Word count:

Warnings: swearing, mentions of violence

 this is the series I’m doing.. so I hope you guys like it!


“They’re going to join us.”

Woodbury’s capable civilian’s had been mass murdered by the Governor. He’d gone on a rampage, only sparing two men. Martinez and Crowley– but they were nowhere to be found, probably running from the one-eyed man himself. Karen, a woman who’d originally attacked the prison in the failed attempt, had survived– hiding under fresh dead bodies.

She told you all of the Governor’s killing spree. Explaining almost perfectly in between the inconsistent sobs and whimpers how he pulled them all over, blocking their way before shooting the first man.

“His name was Jim.”

Her face held remorse as she talked about it all. The pressuring weight the body– Daniel’s body– created on her. She’d been massaging her shoulder all day, but eventually, Tyresse gave into his thoughts and soothed her instead.

You felt pity for the people– the elderly and children left behind, with the exception of a few fighters defending them. Sasha, Tyresse and Maria.

They seemed like genuine people. You’d made it clear how much you liked Sasha and Tyresse, but you were slightly colder to Maria. You tried to tell yourself it wasn’t because of the way she looked at Daryl, maybe it was because she’d survived off of almost pure luck while you’d struggled every waking day. But deep down, you and everyone else knew it was the former.

The group could see the obvious tension you and Daryl had. It was loud and bright– almost blinding. Rick and Carol tried to nudge you both together, while also keeping their distance. The pair didn’t want to rush things, but you never knew what tomorrow held.

Now with Maria in the picture, they were unassuming of the bond you shared with Daryl. She was obviously attracted to him, for whatever the reason finding herself talking to him constantly. It pushed you slightly away from Daryl, as you didn’t want to know what the nature of their relationship was. Especially when Daryl started talking back.

When he’d taken the odd conversations in silent, you were relieved. But now he was listening, speaking and almost laughing.

It drove you insane.

Rick and Carol saw that clearly, the odd stares you gave Daryl and the hateful ones to Maria. She did the same to you, which only drove you more crazy. Was she just doing this for kicks?

A few days later Maria began to make it extremely clear she didn’t like you. The feelings had grown to be mutual quickly. Daryl saw the odd tension between you two, just as he saw the awkward glances you gave the ex-Woodbury residents. Maybe that’s why he’d approached you– even after you’d been slightly cold to him recently.

After all, he did care about you. He cared significantly more than he’d ever admit to.

“(Y/N),” Daryl called, causing your head to snap up. The tangled (Y/H/C) hair you sported held in a somewhat loose ponytail. But some strands had slipped free, framing your face nicely. You blew at the flyways with a frustrated look, pouting slightly afterwards.

In your odd mental state, you found yourself insistent of not responding to him. You looked him up and down instead, catching the sight of ripped jeans and a sleeveless shirt. His crossbow remained hitched high upon his shoulder, sending a wave of relief through your anxiousness. You didn’t know why, but Daryl– especially an armed Daryl– always made you feel safe.

“We’re heading out soon, still coming?” He asked, his accent dripping from the question. You turned away, hiding the small smirk the crept amongst your lips. You felt like a school girl by how flustered and nervous he made you.

“Rick’s making me.” You sighed after calming your nerves slightly. Not knowing what had overcome you, you rubbed your face before looking back to the man before you.

“Thought you liked runs.” He muttered, almost a hint of sadness evident in his voice. You shrugged at him, biting down softly on your lower lip.

“Don’t like the people.” You barely spoke, the words leaving like failed whispers. You referred to Maria in your comment, Daryl knew that, but he took it personally as well. Because well, he was Daryl.

He took the remaining silence as his exit, deciding on leaving without a goodbye, nothing. Continuing to stare at the place he stood, you felt your thoughts wander slightly. Maybe Maria had already made a move on Daryl?

No, she hadn’t. It’d be obvious if she did– she’d make sure you knew it. The woman treated Daryl like a prize, you being her only competition, and you weren’t too sure if she’d keep in her own lane.

It wasn’t your intention to join her in this crazy race to the finish, but you couldn’t just watch as Daryl was pulled away. But here you were, pushing him even farther from you, closer to her.

You couldn’t decide. Daryl could be happy with her, but she just rubbed you the wrong way. You didn’t want him in danger, nor did you want to lose him. Whether it be due to death or another relationship.

The run was going to be short and brief. Get in, get out. You would grab a few more supplies– toilet paper hopefully and book it the hell out of there. The place had been crawling with walkers, but the herd moved through recently.

Rick wanted to take as much as possible and as soon as possible. He didn’t want anyone else happening upon those supplies. 

You agreed with him, and in return, he’d asked you to go. It may have been an exaggeration when you said Rick was making you go, but in all honestly, you were starting to feel that way.

Maria made her way past your cell, glancing inside to catch a quick sight of you. You glared back at her, rolling your eyes as her hips swayed back and forth. You’d never been one to be jealous, it always seemed so petty, yet here you were. Jealous as could be. 

You sighed at your appearance, ripped jeans and a somewhat form-fitting top. It was durable, which was ideal. But it did little to boost your self-confidence.

But it was the end of the fucking world, your clothing wasn’t top priority. 

Glenn was loading up the car, an anxious look on his face. Maggie had been feeling a little off lately, you didn’t know why, but you’d hoped she was okay. His expression changed slightly as she grabbed his arm gently, pulling him in for a soft kiss. He rested his forehead on hers with almost no weight.

You sighed at the thought of you having that. You having Daryl.

With heavy eyes you walked to the car, smiling at the young couple. Sometimes it helped to see them happy– it gave you hope for a better life.

“We almost ready?” You asked, giving Glenn an indescribable look of your own anxiousness yet excitement. He exhaled in response, overlooking the things in front of him.

He simply nodded, “Yep. Just waiting for the others now.”

Leaning against the hot car door, you looked into the sky. The sun was beating down on the prison yard hard. The rays hitting your skin, unlike the lack of cool wind. You scratched at your neck, head tilting slightly to see Maria approaching behind Daryl’s broad form.

Her little head bobbed until she touched his shoulder. The sudden contact made Daryl jump forward a bit, flinching away from her fingers. She gave him a friendly smile, and he nodded back instead. 

You watched with content eyes, hoping the pair wouldn’t notice. Female lips moved in different forms, signalling her voice was being heard by the still male lips. 

He was ignoring her.

She visibly sighed, noticing his lack of interest in her current topic. As her eyes moved around the area, she landed on you. She smirked slowly, winking at you in a spilt-second before scoffing at Daryl.

You couldn’t hear what she said, but her chuckles echoed through the lot. Thankfully, Daryl’s chuckles didn’t follow, only a hard look being sent her way. She coward back slightly, stepping into your ear range before you heard her apologies. 

“Jeez, I was only kidding. Sorry.” She said defensively, holding her hands up as she exhaled deeply. Exasperated.

Daryl rolled his baby blues at her comment, “Ain’t funny.” He grunted deeply, before he caught your line of sight. The eye-contact you held was only a few seconds long, but drove butterflies to your stomach. He held it as he nodded to you. You gave him a nod back, turning your back to them quickly after. 

His eyes trained your figure, not so much in a way of lust, but of admiration

“Ready now?” You asked again, hoping Glenn, the leader of this little voyage would be content. 

“Yeah,” He muttered, triple checking the bags before smiling at Maggie’s retreating figure once more. He patted the car, motioning for everyone to load themselves in before finishing. “Let’s go.”

[part two]

Jealousy - Weasley Twins Imagine

 Rain slapped viciously against the window panes on the side of the castle, and then slid down falling into deep puddles on the walking path. Thunder bolts of lightning struck down creating a gloomy vibe around the premises. The whole week had been full of sunshine, warm and cloudless weather afternoon.

Today was an exception. Qudditch had been cancelled for the day, delaying their games for the next week seeing as it was Saturday. Eleanor was thankful for the horrible weather; it finally gave her a well-deserved chance to catch up on her missing work and read a bit. Her boyfriends: Fred and George were scheduled to play Ravenclaw after school but Mcgonagall called off the match and notified her classes at the start of the day on the changes.

The whole team and other fellow Gryffindors’ sat around the common room chatting loudly among each other and sharing well thought out jokes. Eleanor was not with them at the time and the twins were the first to take notice, scanning around the common room in search of her. Fred spoke up addressing his confusion to the group in hopes one of them would have an answer,

“Have any of you guys seen Eleanor?” Ginny shrugged as well as Angelina, Katie, Ron and Harry who had no clue where the girl had run off to. Neville diverted his eyes starting a conversation with Seamus avoiding the question. Hermione resembled almost the exact same awkward state as Neville, shifting back and forth nervously. Them being the only ones catching the attention of the group, everyone turned to the two.

George glued his stare on Neville and Fred on Hermione. Neville carried on stuttering to Seamus sensing the uncomfortable looks. Hermione locked her focus on the banner that hung from the high ceiling reaching the top of the fire place, swaying in the breeze like a free leaf.

George nudged the edgy Neville grabbing his attention, ending his conversation short (not like it was going anywhere). With his knees bent and arms tangled around them, George waited for him to speak up. After a few seconds of tense silence, the younger twin spoke directly to Neville.

“Spill it Neville.” Eyes were now on the wreck waiting patiently for him to give up Eleanor’s whereabouts. Neville twisted his face, mentally debating if he should tell them or not. Finally he decided to let them in on what he witnessed that morning.

“Well you see this morning after breakfast I saw her talking to some Ravenclaw boy, then on my way back here an hour ago or so I, um… I saw Eleanor with the same guy in a corridor talking and I would’ve stayed to listen but it just felt wrong. I’m not fully sure what they were doing. It looked like they had a thing or something-“Hermione interrupted jumping to Eleanor’s defense raising her voice and standing up.

“No! That’s not even half of the true story!” She fumed hands clenched by her waist. Fred and George turned to her feeling hurt by Neville’s thoughts on where she was. Ginny flicked her hand, signaling for her to go on. Hermione took deep breath’s trying to even her emotions out. She and Eleanor acted like each other’s sisters, so as she listened to Neville unintentionally degrade her dear friend, Hermione erupted with anger.

“Eleanor’s failing some classes and she needed help. I offered to help her, but once I looked over the work I realized I wouldn’t be of much help so I suggested that she got a tutor. Matthew, the boy Neville was talking about, offered to help her for free. They were planning on meeting up during Ellie’s free period since they both have it 4th hour but due to the storm and his match getting canceled he told her he could tutor her tonight. She of course agreed and that’s it. They’re just studying nothing more.”

She confessed letting it all out. Not that Eleanor would mind at all. Hermione was a bit surprised she didn’t inform Fred and George, and then after thinking it out, Hermione understood why she left them out of the loop.

They played the role of her boyfriend spot on, they cared more than anything about the brunette, but they were protective over her and very territorial. Eleanor wanted to bring the least amount of attention possible on the whole tutor subject and having a feeling that Fred and George would get a little too worked up about it, the topic was never brought up.

“What? Why had she not asked us for help if she needs it so badly?!” George exclaimed. Snickers echoed until most of the group was full out laughing. Fred was well aware why Eleanor didn’t ask them for help but that had no effect on reducing the tingles of pain he felt enter the pit of his stomach.

“I’m not trying to be rude, but you guys aren’t the brightest. If Hermione wasn’t any use, the chances of you two being needed is slim to none.” Angelina stated. A sharp elbow was jabbed into her arm immediately after she explained, sent by Katie who narrowed her eyes. George’s rage decreased slightly at the news. It was true, though it would’ve worked out better if Ellie had informed them instead of going behind their backs like she practically was.

“I wouldn’t put any time aside to worry about it. I mean c’mon its Eleanor for crying out loud and she’s not at all like that.” Harry comforted the boy’s thoughts acting like an ice pack for a blistering burn. Harry was right; Eleanor only wanted better grades not a new boyfriend. Fred and George calmed down, knowing Eleanor would never ever imagine of betraying them; as they would never betray her.

The night carried on without a word on Eleanor’s part, Fred and George started to wonder if they should go search for her but according to Hermione, Ellie told her she’d be back shortly after 9:00 and not to wait up for her. Fred and George planned to, interested in what she’d have to say.

Around 9:25 people started turning in, heading back up the stairwell to their long awaited bedrooms and falling peacefully asleep. Both the twins knew they wouldn’t get any shut eye until they witnessed Eleanor making it back in one piece. Soon later at about 9:35 Hermione, Harry and Ron bid farewells to the boy’s walking slummy away. Hermione gave them a sorrowful grin and waved goodbye.

The clock read 9:47 and Fred rolled his eyes, growing impatient, tired, and crabby. George was right behind him wanting to go to bed. It wasn’t that they were upset with Eleanor. Truthfully they had gotten over that, after Hermione stayed and chatted with them for a while. More than anything, Fred and George worried for Eleanor. Having no clue where her location was, and it being far pass 9, made their hearts ache. Curfew was strictly set at 9 for the older students, so how Eleanor was still out was unknown to Fred and George.

Suddenly, the painting that played as an entrance for students swung wildly open as a stressed Eleanor walked in clutching her books tight against her chest. Her hair was thrown in a messy bun, resting on top of her head tilting more to the left resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Flyways in every which direction, black elastic headband stretched back hanging around her bun.

“Hey Eleanor.” George addressed the oblivious girl as she walked around the chairs they sat in, not even glancing their way. In whiplash speed, Eleanor turned meeting the gazes of her lovers. Smiling she set her books and supplies on the stool next to the crackling fire, taking an open seat on the couch with Fred. Fred didn’t even acknowledge her, just curled his legs up giving her room. When nobody said a single word, Eleanor’s smile faded inferring they were upset with her.

“Hermione told you didn’t she?” They nodded in sync. George stared into her eyes witnessing a pound of guilt shinning out from them. Eleanor tugged on the hem line of her scarlet sweater, trying to find the easiest way to put their thoughts to rest.

“Listen, I would’ve been back sooner but Snape was giving us a hard time, but let us off with a detention and that’s it. Not even with Umbridge, can you believe it!?” Her voice quickly recovered to a gleeful one. Fred switched postures, now sitting with his back leaning on the sofa cushion.

“Ellie you need to be more careful! What if it had been Umbridge who caught you! It would’ve been idiotic Matt’s fault…” Muttering the last part Fred expressed. Eleanor grew confused, hearing the last part. Knitting her eyebrows together she shook her head.

“No, we would’ve shared the blame seeing as it would’ve been both of our fault.” Fred gave a smug look. George sat silent as a mouse not wanting to intervene.

“Suppose anything’s better than what Neville accused you of.” Fred mumbled twiddling his fingers together. Eleanor scrunched her face not getting what Fred was poking at. George stood up, crossing around the coffee table where Fred’s feet were placed high upon, and sitting next to Ellie. Balancing on the used arm rest, George took Eleanor’s hand in his own.

“To make it short, Neville told a story of how he was sure you were cheating on us. Hermione cleared most of it up, so don’t stress on it.” Eleanor’s mouth dropped to the floor in pure shock not expecting what George had told her. Keeping her left hand placed in George, she grabbed Fred’s wrapping her slender fingers around his sweetly.

“I swear on my life that’s not true at all! Honestly, Matt nice and all but he also has a girlfriend who he’s been dating for 4 years. I promise you guy’s nothing happen, truly! Matt can even verify and Todd and Samantha who were working on homework right next to our table, really! I would never do that-“Her rambling was cut short with two reassuring kisses to either side of her bright cheeks. Fred snickered pulling back, finding amusement in her nervousness. George pushed himself off the couch, keeping his grip on Eleanor. Fred followed the actions of his brother, and Eleanor caught on standing as well.

“We know you didn’t, love. I mean we were quite mad at first hearing, and then we talked through it and knew it didn’t make full sense. I’ve seen Matt before and he’s not that good looking compared to us, and most of those Ravenclaws’ haven’t got a sense of humor. Besides we were only worried something had happen to you, when you weren’t back at 9. Fred and I love you, we want to be there and protect you every step of the way.”

~ Willow

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Along the Mississippi River Flyway in Iowa, Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge provides important habitat for migratory birds. Floodplains and forests are used by many wildlife species including migratory songbirds, waterfowl, hawks and eagles, deer, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians. After a recent snowstorm, it’s also a stunning winter sight. Photo by Jessica Bolser, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Ichabbie Blurb #6 (100 Words: Butterfly Ribbons and Abbie’s Song)

For @leftenantmills0818. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this. I had fun writing it. :) This is more than a blurb. It’s more like a short story, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a feels fest. You’re welcome. :) This idea hit me while I was doing my twist out. There is fanart of the first part I wrote about I think, but I’ll have to find it. Lol This song isn’t mine. It’s by Alexz Johnson and called “I Don’t Know If I Should Stay.” You should listen to it when you read this. It’s so beautiful and reminds me of Ichabbie. :)

           Miracle sat between her father’s legs on a stool. He parted her hair in two sections. He combed through the first section, then the other.

           She titled her head back. “Daddy, can you sing me a song?”

           "What would you like me to sing, my Miracle?“

           "The song you sing for mommy.”

           Crane smiled at her. He kissed her forehead. “As you wish, my sweet.”

           She titled her head forward.

           "Oh, before I forget, you have to select two bows, my darling.“

           Crane picked up the square container of hair clips, scrunchies, hair bows, ribbons, hair bands, and rubber bands. He lifted it above Miracle’s head and placed it in her outstretched hands. She dug through it.

           "I can’t find anything. You pick two bows, daddy.” She lifted the container above her head.

           Crane grabbed it from her, searched through it until he found two teal ribbons with purple butterflies on them. He handed them to Miracle and put the container next to him on the bed.

           "Will those do?“

           She shrugged and glanced at them, put them in her lap. "Yes.”

           She didn’t really care for bows and ribbons anymore, but sometimes she wore them if she was in the mood. Crane guessed she didn’t want to look like Miss Jenny today. Two weeks ago, she told him Auntie Jenny doesn’t wear hair bows, so she stopped wearing them.

           "Can you sing to me now?“

           He chuckled at her and started to braid one section of her hair. "As you wish. ‘Where’s my will?/Can I find a way?/ The earth is wild/And I can’t sit still/A familiar sound/A familiar voice.’”

           Miracle hummed with him. She liked this song, always requested it unless it was a special day, like a holiday or a birthday. Crane always sung it for her. He never objected it. Sometimes Miracle would get out of bed for something to drink, and she would catch them dancing in the dim living room. There was no music, only Crane singing this song to Abbie with her head on his chest. Both their eyes were closed, but opened when they heard Miracle giggle.

           He switched between humming and singing as he plaited a French braid in the first section of her hair. He liked doing her hair. He wanted to do it after he saw how Abbie interacted with their daughter. Miracle would lay her head on her mother’s knee, and Abbie would tell her a story about their Apocalypse days. Miracle would fall asleep with a smile on her face.

           "You and daddy are so brave,“ she always said.

           Abbie kissed the side of her head and finished her hair. When she was done, she wouldn’t wake Miracle for five minutes. She would stare, smile at their daughter, and brush flyways from her hair. She would kiss the side of her head again, then tickle her awake.

           Crane wanted moments like that with his daughter, too, so he and Abbie would alternate. Today was his turn. Abbie fixed them breakfast while he did Miracle’s hair and vice versa.

           He finished the first braid and reached his hand out. Miracle handed him both ribbons. He spread them across his thigh. He took one of them, tied it at the end of her braid, then placed the braid over her left shoulder. He started the other while he continued to the sing. Miracle kept humming with him.

           “‘A thousand stars/ You will have my word/I’m bright enough/To fill these cracks.’” He hummed some more of the song. He was half-way done with the second braid.

           Miracle sung the rest of the song with him. “‘I ran to you like water/I threw my body in/And I’ll stand up on the ocean/Just to show you that I am strong/Strong/But what if I am wrong?’”

           “‘A familiar look/A familiar smile/Makes it so hard/To make a choice/I don’t know if I should stay/Away.’” Crane tied the last ribbon at the end of her braid. “You are all done, my little Treasure.”

           Crane put the comb in her hair box as Miracle stood up and turned to her dad. “How do I look?”

           Crane put his hand on her cheek; her small hand covered his. “You look exquisite. You look just like your mother.” He kissed her forehead.

           She took his hand and led him to the kitchen. Abbie smiled at them when she saw them. She put bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the table for all of them.

           “Hey. You all done?” She walked towards her daughter and bent down in front of her.

           Miracle nodded. “How do I look, mommy?”

           Abbie kissed her cheek. “Like my gorgeous butterfly. You hungry?”

           She nodded and took Abbie’s hand. She helped Miracle sit in the chair, pushed her up to the table. She helped pour her milk in her bowl.

           Crane stared at them and smiled as he sat down at the table in front of his cereal. Abbie glanced at him; she sat down, too, intertwined their fingers. She poured milk in both their bowls.

           “What?” she said.

           “I love you and the beautiful daughter you gave me.”

           She smiled at him, kissed his lips a few times.

           “Our cereal will get soggy and Miracle,” Crane said.

           Miracle giggled. They looked at her, smiling.

           “I don’t think she minds, Crane.”

           “Nope. You and daddy love each other.”

           They glanced at each other.

           “We do,” Abbie said.

           Crane grabbed a spoonful of cereal out of her bowl. Abbie took it from him.

           “You have your own Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Hands off.”

           “Yours is so much better.”

           Abbie shook her head. She fed him a little bit of her cereal anyway.


           “Indeed.” Crane took his spoon and fed her.

           “Me, too,” Miracle said.

           They both took turns feeding her and themselves and stole cereal from the other’s bowls; they took turns singing Abbie’s song.

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jungkook #2? ^^


Best friends!au. Jungkook. 695 words. Fluff.

“Three o’clock. Girl in pretty blue sundress –and oh my god, she has the cutest charm bracelet –it’s Pandora!” You gasped from next to Jungkook, hand pretending to push out the stubborn flyway to the shell of your ear so it would hide your face as you steal peeks at said girl who was stooping over to get a better look at the colourful, baked delights behind the display glass.

“Are you sure you’re not a lesbian?” Jungkook deadpanned.

“Girl, you sure that isn’t Tiffany?” Taehyung waved a hand dramatically, unlike you, he needed a lesson on subtlety because he was openly leaning over the table to focus his narrowed eyes on the girl you were talking about, jaw slackening from disbelief.

“Go talk to her!” You pushed Jungkook off his chair and luckily, he didn’t choke on his drink when you shoved him.

The boy tumbled to a stand, muttering a string of curses and ‘how am I friends with the weirdest people’ as he spared you and Taehyung a glance. You were in the middle of waving him off with the most enthusiastic smile on your face, he couldn’t object, knowing that you’d be jumping from joy if you thought you’d finally got Jungkook to talk to a girl besides you.

And Taehyung was giving him that look where his eyes would stray to you for a split second and he would shrug nonchalantly as if to say life sucks (when you’re a wuss). In response, Jungkook squinted his eyes at Taehyung, lips puckering together involuntarily, warning the latter not to give away anything to you. And with that, he was off.

You watched from afar, intending to hide behind your drink but when the straw ended up poking one of the corners of your lips, you found yourself slurping down the iced caramel macchiato with a wide eyed gaze. Jungkook froze halfway and you could only imagine his facial expression, eyes almost bulging out of their sockets, cold sweat dotting his forehead, standing as rigid as a stone wall.

Luckily, the girl turned around and spotted him, a stunning smile glued to her face as she approached him, hand gesturing to the cupcakes and cookies and everything heavenly that you could think of on display.

“Can you hear him?” You whispered to the boy sitting across from you,  his face next to yours, observing a nodding Jungkook, his movements stiff.

“Oh yeah, yeah, of course I can hear him from five tables away.” He sassed.

Jungkook’s lips moved as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. The anticipation built up until you were gnawing on your bottom lip, eyes strained on the blooming love story which you had been a contributing factor to and you would tell your grandchildren about your accomplishment in reuniting two soulmates-

The girl bowed slightly, went to get her drinks and cute, pink, heart imprinted cake box and chanced another glance in Jungkook’s way before walking out with a jingle of the bell resonating in the air.

“What was that?” You incredulously asked when Jungkook came back and plopped down on his seat next to you.

He looked a little pale, like he would always look whenever faced with a situation that required him associating himself with the opposite gender. Taehyung’s screeching chair when he stood up to leave for the washroom was barely coherent in your ears for your principal attention was on the flock of black beside you.

“Why are you even surprised?” Your best friend shrugged, taking his lonely beverage and sipping it casually, though his hand trembled slightly.

“You’re never gonna get a girlfriend.” You huffed in defeat.

Jungkook placed his drink back on the surface of the table, a smug smirk lighting up his eyes with mischief as he looked at you, then he leaned in and you leaned backwards out of reflex. The proximity making your heart pulsate wildly inside your chest and dusted a fine shade of pink over your cheeks as you peered up at him through your lashes. He paused and so did you, by then he was mere inches from your face, his eyes scanning your expression, a tender look replacing his smugness that had your heart catapulted to the moon.

“I got you, don’t I?”

Drabble Game (2)

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Sharing one of our favorites from last year’s Winter Bucket List Series - Cosumnes River Preserve in California, for the Trumpet and Dance of the Sandhill Crane.

The Cosumnes River Preserve is home to California’s largest remaining valley oak riparian forest, and is one of the few protected wetland habitat areas in the state.

Nestled in the heart of California’s Central Valley, the Preserve is a critical stop on the Pacific Flyway for migrating and wintering waterfowl. Over 250 species of birds have been sighted on or near the Preserve, including the Swainson hawk, Canada geese, numerous ducks, and Sandhill cranes.

Sandhill cranes - gray-colored birds with red caps - stand up to 5 feet tall and have a wing span of 6 to 7 feet. They fly in for winter to fatten up, and perform acrobatic mating dances.  A must for the bucket list of any bird watcher. Photos by BLMer Bob Wick.

A video posted by Bureau of Land Management (@mypubliclands) on Nov 25, 2015 at 9:40am PST

If you missed this series last year visit our My Public Lands Flickr for more locations ready-made for everyone’s bucket list - for spectacular winter scenery, unique features and events, and even a few warmer locations for a winter getaway.

This heron at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware has the right idea. It’s always nice to find a good perch and enjoy the peaceful beauty of a fall sunset. As urban development increases along the Atlantic Flyway, protected lands for migratory birds becomes even more important. With more than 16,000 acres of forests, fields and wetlands, the birds can find a place to relax; and maybe you will, too. Photo by Tim Williams, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

1920s Flapper Girl Gatsby Hair Tutorial

Sponsored Post Over the next month I’ll be posting more hair looks (like these!) on my Instagram (@makeuptipsblog) to celebrate Schwarzkopf Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair Competition. If you are an Australian who has gorgeous hair (or just loves experimenting!) Visit for your chance to win awesome prizes!

Hair may not be my forte but what’s the point of having nice makeup and bad hair? To rock the Gatsby look, yes you need the makeup but you also most certainly need the hair too.  The 1920s were all about glamorous up dos, finger waves and hair accessories. Every outfit was accompanied by embellished hair pins and decorative hairbands, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the hair was oh-so beautiful. Don’t forget to complete the 1920s look with matching makeup!

Finger waves are my favourite look from the 1920s but I also LOVE glamorous updos, they make me think of amazing roaring parties (a la la The Great Gatsby)

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any more uni au?

‘i’m fine,’ lexa insists as she struggles up from where she kind of just flopped onto your couch. 


she situates herself a little better and she’s kind of a sweaty mess, all flyways and grass stains. 

you don’t believe her, not for a second, because she’d favored her left knee heavily when she’d limped into your apartment after training. 

you raise a brow and she sighs and it’s been years, now, of watching her ignore injuries and stiffness and pain, so you aren’t fooled for a second, especially because you know every single detail—backward and forward—of her acl tear and its reconstruction and her very stubborn recovery. 

‘can i see?’ you ask, and she shrugs but kind of sticks her leg out a little exhaustedly. you’ve just finished medical school, just got your residency, so you’re not really a super qualified person for this, but you know basic things to look for and lexa trusts you. she’s a professional athlete, an olympic level athlete, so she has the best doctors and surgeons and physical therapists in the world, but you’re there at home, when she’s sore and stubborn and tired, to make sure she gets better. 

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