The Daily Fix: The Fly


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There are few things that can be said about Cronenberg’s opus “The Fly” that hasn’t been said already, so I’m not gonna even bother. Long and short of it, you need to watch this, it’s such a great movie, beginning to end. Goldblum is at the top of his game with this one, and let’s not forget how hot Geena Davis is here…jeez. Though Cronenberg’s kind of toned back his gore of late, he still manages to make movies that kind of make you uncomfortable to sit through. “History of Violence” is a perfect example of that I think, that movie got right what 8mm did not (or depending on who you ask, could not thanks to Schumacher –sir, why do you have to always make things awkward? you used to be a great director..what happened?). While I still hope that Croenberg returns to his sexually charged gory days of yore, I’m not holding my breath. I mean we really don’t need another “eXistenz” do we?