get to know me meme- [2/5] favourite movies: Flypaper (2011)

“ We always said that we would bail on any job if the intel sucked. Already the vault specs are shit, we’re behind schedule, our number 3 guy Lancelot is a fuckin’ psycho. We got two hillbillies in the lobby playing with weapons-grade plastic explosives, our faces in the the open. Ten years ago we would have bailed.”

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Dreamcatchers have been described as “flypaper for nightmares” more than once. I expect a nightmare…

Me too. Especially given that the show has already associated dreamcatchers fairly strongly with Neal, and Emma’s past with Neal. The look on her face when she sees that dreamcatcher in his apartment again… ouch.

It’s typical, really. Dreamcatchers are supposed to catch the nightmares and keep you safe from them. For Emma, that particular dreamcatcher is a symbol of a nightmare she lived, in many ways. Nothing and no one that was meant to keep her safe ever did.

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Turn left

The wizard squinted.  She knew this was important, she should remember these things, these things her precious son told her, but more and more she found that the information that had once stuck in her brain like flies to flypaper were ripping away, dissolving.  She squinted at the young woman, trying to place her name– someone had told her the girl’s name, surely? She had been so good at names, collecting names, pronouncing names… how could she have forgotten?

What else had she forgotten?

No, no no, better not to think of such things. That was the sacrifice she had made, to be with her Thomas, to protect him.  Some things had to be sacrificed, only blood sacrifices would keep monsters at bay and she had blood to give.  

She’d tried to warn him even, when he was a teenager and finding himself interested in the fairer sex- in sex in general.  She’d tried to warn him, but she couldn’t find the right words, the way to show him how important it was that he listen to her, that she could still save him.

Lara had accused her of frightening him and sent her away. She must have been sent to her lover because she didn’t remember much else; only that that was the last time she had been allowed to be alone with her son.

Something inside of her screamed and cracked, and she could feel it breaking, but she no longer had any idea what it might be.

The wizard squinted at the girl, trying to remember her name.  She was important.  She was close to Thomas.  If Margaret could impress her, maybe she could see him again; maybe all the blood would have been worth something.

It started with an H, right?  


Where I’m From

there is a little motel on the back highway,
seven cabins and a clubhouse and a pool.

Cabins three and six pulse with flypaper
every September but they’re rarely booked

except for high school homecoming and
after prom in the spring when the sunflowers

are a distant postcard. An RC Cola machine
hums outside the front office, the blue and red

faded from too many summers and too few
quarters dropped into the slot week in and out.

Where I’m from progress is measured via
stringers of panfish and the price of gasoline.

Time forgets and timekeepers make slingshots and
whiskey cocktails and egg concoctions, hoping

for a FedEx delivery of chirking cheer among the
football fall and pending river freeze. The motel

is called the Sail Inn. The sheets are blue and have
sailboats and life preservers repeating crosswise.

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I have this friend of mine, she's a crush on Patrick Dempsey and she goes on the whole day like "Aw, I love him, I'll marry him, I'll get hit by a car so I'll meet dr. Shepherd <3" and such. Yesterday I convinced her to watch together "Flypaper", and when she left she was like "Uuuh, that sexy tattooed ridiculously blond robber, he's so hot and lovely, aaaaw the neck tattoos, hakuna matata motherfucker--". I'm proud of myself, lol. Another poor innocent girl has been mattryanized ^^

One of us. One of us.

Ten People I Want To Get To Know Better Meme

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Name: Taylor, Drake

Time/Date: 08/28/15 12:49 am

Average Hours of sleep: 3-4 on work nights, 9-13 on non work nights

Last thing I googled: Asus gaming laptop reviews

Birthday: May 31, 1994

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Not sure

Height: 6’ 1.5" (1.866 meters)

Favorite color: Sky blue, royal purple, and jade green.

One place that makes you happy: Theres a street in my town that has sakura trees on both sides and a bench near them. I like sitting there and reading when possible.

Favorite movie: A movie called Flypaper. It’s about a bunch of bank robbers trying to rob the same bank on the same day.

Last book I read: Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Most used phrase: Bro is all I can think of atm.

Favorite beverage: Celestial brand Bengal Spice chai tea.

Favorite food: Chicken fried steak or chicken and dumplings. Or biscuits and gravy. Mmmmmm.

Dream wedding: Honestly, affording a wedding that makes whoever I end up marrying is a dream itself. But if I had to choose, I’d pick somewhere in Japan when the sakuras are bright pink.

Dream job: A big league voice actor. Although I doubt it’s possibility. But being an English teacher was always something that made me happy thinking about it.

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Name: ski
Nickname(s): lulu, punk, satan
Time/Date: 11:51/8-20-15
Average hours of sleep: 6-7
Last thing you googled: cm punk 2013 (lol)
Birthday: sept. 27th
Star sign: libra
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: asexual homoromantic
Height: 5′1
Fav color: red/blue
Lucky numbers: 12
Word/s that comes to mind: donuts.
One place that makes you happy: gamestop/library
How many blankets you sleep with: 1. it’s fucking hot at night.
Favorite movies: labyrinth, flypaper, gotg, avengers
Last book you read: do fanfics count
Most used phrases: i mean… you’re not wrong, forreal, i think that just gave me cancer
What you last said to a family member: yeah cool
Fav fictional characters: pff. cm punk, dexter, john constantine, dean winchester, the doctor, jim moriarty, gregory house
Fav famous people: cm punk, chris pratt, ginnifer goodwin, jensen ackles, adam levine
Fav book: ender’s game/storm front
Fav beverage: milk.
Fav food: ramen
Fav band: avenged sevenfold
Last movie you watched: the interview
Dream vacation: scotland/england
Dream wedding: pff. marriage.
Dream job: already doing it c:
Tagging: no one bc i’m p sure everyone’s done this already. if you haven’t… do it B| this is me tagging you.

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Have you seen Matt in Armistice??? If so, was it any good? I'd like to watch something other of his work, rather than just rewatch flypaper again....

I have literally seen Matt’s entire IMDB

and yes I have! It’s a good movie, I haven’t seen it again since I bought it but he’s only in flashbacks and he’s the narrator of the journals. The movie focuses more on Joseph Morgan, but Matt’s performance really fucked me up

Massive tumblr blog event planning that drains any incentive to work hard ever again in addition to the most irritating and itchy mosquito bites in the world will be the cause of my death.

It’s 85 degrees in my house so I’m pretty much flypaper.

Current status is half-zombie.

1k followers may be close, but I’m so out of it and practically blind the 9 and 6 look the same.

I really hope that my thing won’t end in disaster. My 16 yr old brain can’t take any more names.

My keyboard and I need a divorce. Pronto.

Macy's Twitter and Facebook Pages Overrun With Anti-Trump Comments

Macy’s Facebook Page and Twitter stream have grown to be overrun with comments associated with spokesperson Jesse Trump, whose critique from the Federal Government has sparked someone petition asking the store to “Dump Trump.” Like other brands at the time of debate, Macy’s social networking outreach is becoming flypaper for that debate. Regardless of what the communication, fans turn the topic to Trump. A Facebook update asking fans to participate Macy’s because of its Spring 2013 Workshop, for example, Find out more at

URBAN PLANNING: Playing with cities as if they were gardens, to make up for the fact that 70 years ago they played with cities as if they were factories. The ideological re-definition of a city, village, or township to accommodate fair-trade coffee-shops. Today, a tender, gentle occupation for those who vote centre-left and see potential in the “creative class”. Flypaper for homeless people.

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Primeira tatuagem.. e segunda também. Uma honra poder fazer parte de algo tão importante, honra maior ainda por ser em dose dupla e em alguém por quem tenho um carinho e admiração tão grande. E que venham outras… #TXDznhs #minimalism #flypaper #airplane #tattoo #inkgirl #tatuagensfemininas #tatuagemparamenina #skins #artenacional #pernambucano #artforlife #cutetattoo

“The verb of secret science
Is bubbling under my coat!
The fire, my tubes of bloodtumbling
Bloodtumbling buckets of sky!
The sun drinks me deep!
I carry the night air on my back,
My skin electric with flies!”

bedecked with chance companions
from the thingdom he collects
just as things collect him—
both unlearning any difference.
“No worry why or what but THINGS
because,” he says, “because they are.”

He walks like a saddle-sore dude
to keep his pantlegs from sticking together
and pastes his name into the Bible
everywhere Moses is supposed to be
with the mouth-glue of spiders
he squeezes with special tweezers.
No-one, he fears, could completely create the world.

His thoughts are in negative.
He has to talk backwards to make
any sense so he rarely does.
But he only just as rarely loses his
temper or causes unpleasant scenes,
understanding you perfectly if you aren’t careful.
No-one, he fears, could completely create the world.

The rouge under his eyes is a buttress;
it prevents the hat from obscuring
his face of unfurling leaves and care-
ful footsteps in his father’s garden.
He trims his nose-hairs regularly
and without ceremony (the laugh
of his bicycle through the windstops).

His hands at times seem white ornaments
for the frilly cuffs of even two strange faces–
one burly, the other mystical but timid.
Invisible hands, at times, but hands for certain
for he rides his bike around tight corners
without a footbrake, slow like a cold clean
object sets its weight in invitation.

A monarch butterfly embroiders itself
on his lapel and his sleeves wax
photosynthetic with leaves. He can’t
or won’t remember why he wasn’t born
with a skin of things (his father’s feasts
of sardines and potatoes). “Some poetry,” he says
“is like taxidermy. Some is like a real animal.”

Brushing the lint
From his flypaper lapels
Dabbing the donut crumbs
On his flypaper cummerbund
That unpainted glass eye
A blank white marble
Lying around his head.

—  Terry Murcko, “The Man in the Flypaper Tuxedo”