Kylie’s nursery room is pastel! I added a lamp in that gives the room that magenta effect, because her favorite color is hotpink. I think I always like to do rooms off of their favorite colors. It helps hahah. It’s a fact that Kylie is full girlygirl lmao

Also, I looked at Kylie’s mother’s nursery in suninyoursky’s legacy, and I thought it would be a nice touch if I put a ‘K’ on the wall to respresent the similitarities between the two. There’s a picture of Keeley as a toddler, and her nursery here

DFJSDJKFKSDFSDF OKAY SO THIS IS THE POST I’VE BEEN DYING TO LIKE, POST. It turns out Keelee had twins when I wasn’t playing her! Meet Jacob and Lilliana Lucas Coleman. They are the new addition to the family, OH MY GOD. And I’m so shocked cause I said I didn’t want any twins in generation three,  plus this is the second time I’ve ever had identical twins in my game cause they always end up fraternal, ALWAYS. 

Edit: Oh ok well supposidly boy and girl are considered fraternal so nvm


Keeley wanted a family right away, even if they were low on money. Flynn didn’t see why not, they could use more excitement and energy in the household.

So.. not so soon, Keeley was pregnant and gave birth to a babygirl, named Kylie Lucas Coleman! Her favorite color is hot pink, she likes cheese-steak, and indie music.  Really happy to be  seeing more girls this generation, cause there weren’t very many in generation two.

Jacob: I don’t want to share a room just us much as you don’t. So here’s the rules:

Lilliana: Sigh..This again?

Jacob: You stay on your side of the room, and I’ll stay on mine. You don’t get into my items, and I won’t get into yours. No snoring, and no sound soothers, I like to sleep when it’s quiet. Also, no friends in here unless you tell me first cause I don’t want them in my things either.

Lilliana: ok.


Introducing Kylie’s younger brother Oliver Lucas Coleman. Favorite color is irish green, he likes chinese music, and crepes. Traits are absent-minded and athletic, zodiac is Libra. I had Keeley, and Flynn try for a kid while I was playing with Tanner and when I came back they had a boy. Might have them try one more time, and that’ll be it for Flynn. 

He looks a lot like his Mom thouuuuugh. :D


You can tell by the last picture, Kylie was pretty much done.

These were the last photos I took before exiting the game. All these new Coleman kids make me want to make poses, but I’m trying to wait for Tanner. Which will be awhile lol..

Anyway, yeah. Keeley is pregnant again! But this time I won’t be with her when she has him/her and I will not be taking nursery snaps for them, like I did with Kylie. But I’ll probably check up, and see who they are later. I’ll do Ireland and Connor Jr. next for the side story thing.  Cole probably won’t have any!


Before I get Tanner and Jai’s life situated I’m trying to get all the other Coleman brothers into place since I don’t use the story progression mod. It lags my computer and it’s always that concern where it does something that I don’t want it to do when it continues the story for you. So I guess you can consider these side pictures of them as chronicles.

Anyway there are A LOT of brother’s and I don’t feel like making 4 different females myself, so as a third place winner, suninyoursky has given me Keeley from her Lucas legacy to put with Flynn. She had four different rewards to choose from and this was one of them, but sadly she doesn’t get the benefits that the winner gets!

I made out Flynn as being poor than the rest of them, he didn’t want to ask Cameron for help in money, he wanted to start fresh on his own, which meant instead of a house built for them, he bought a two bedroom home with Keelee off of his own money, But Keeley is a little high maintenance, she doesn’t like it at all! As you can tell.


Keeley and Flynn Coleman (top) Again, Keeley is from suninyoursky’s Lucas legacy! 

bottom is Oliver and Keeley.

I was trying to get a family photo but Kiley had already taken off to school ugh lol. I might do a shoot with all of the generation 3 kids one day kinda like I did with generation 2. Its just really time consuming cause I have to get everyone of them on one lot together, fjksfsfk.