flynn x rapunzel


Sometimes when a great post comes across your dash, you just can’t help yourself. Credit for the great idea/fancanon goes to @darknessandterrorandkittens !

I couldn’t decide what gender is their kid, I just kept calling them THEM in my mind. xD They looks pretty genderneautral/fluid, no?


@incorrectrotbtdquotes​ has a lot of brilliant quotes, but some of them are short, so they are the reason for this small so-to-be-called Collection of one-short (hehe ‘one-shot’, get it?) quotes.

They are a nice way to draw something quickly when I have time, or when I have an artist block. xD

Imagine your OTPs
  • Person A: I'm kind of tired of walking.
  • Person B : well if you tried you can always get on my back and I'll give you a piggy back ride.
  • Person A: Okay! * gets on person B' back*
  • Person B: * starts running with person A on their back*
  • Person C: quick person D, let me get on your back!<p/>
  • Person D: Why?
  • Person C: so we can race those idiots, so come on we can't let them win!
  • Person D: .... Okay! *Let's person C on their back and starts chancing Person A and B and all four start racing*

Favorite disney songs: 23/∞ →  I see the light

And at last I see the light. And it’s like the fog has lifted. And at last I see the light. And it’s like the sky is new. And it’s warm and real and bright. And the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different. Now that I see you…


Disney Bed Cuddles   

Belle & Adam 🌹 Ariel & Eric 🐠 Anna & Kristoff 🥕 Mulan & Shang 🐉 Rapunzel & Flynn 💜