flynn smith


Drawthread: Santa Suits

- Judy Funnie (Doug)
- Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls)
- Courtney (Total Drama Island)
- Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
- Summer Smith (Rick & Morty)
- Frankie Foster and Imaginary Frankie (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends)

MediBang Paint Pro

Merry Christmas.


love is beautiful

‘Around here we don’t look backwards for very long…we keep moving forward, opening up new doors  and doing new things because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths’ -Walt Disney

the signs as disney princes

aries: simba

taurus: naveen

gemini: flynn rider

cancer: adam

leo: john smith

virgo: prince charming

libra: eric

scorpio: kristoff

sagittarius: aladdin

capricorn: shang

aquarius: hercules

pisces: phillip


Assassin’s Creed meets Walt Disney
Edits made by me :)


DONNA: I’m from Twin Peaks. Actually, I was born here. My father delivered me. He’s a doctor. Where are you from?

HAROLD: I grew up in Boston. Actually, I grew up in books.

DONNA: There’s things you can’t get in books.

HAROLD: There are things you can’t get anywhere. But we dream they can be found in other people. Continue.

DONNA: Maybe our dreams are real.

Twin Peaks. Episode 12  ‘‘The Orchid’s Curse’’ (Dir: Graeme Clifford, 1990)

Disney Princes

They’re not all technically princes…

Aries: Aladdin

Taurus: Philip

Gemini: Simba

Cancer: John Smith

Leo: Flynn Rider/ Eugene Fitzherbert

Virgo: The Prince (Ferdinand)

Libra: Eric

Scorpio: The Beast

Sagittarius: Naveen

Capricorn: Hercules

Aquarius: Kuzko

Pisces: Prince Charming