flynn gen. 2

“Finally.” I sighed as I flopped onto the bed. Just as I got comfortable, my phone rang. “Hello?”

“Honey, are you okay? Did you un-pack already? What’s it like there? Is everyone being nice to you?" 

"Mom, yeah, I’m fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I haven’t met anyone yet, apart from the movers.”

“Oh… Okay. So you don’t need me to fly there and stay with you? You’ll be fine?”

“Mom. I’m 20. I don’t need you to stay with me. I’m fine. I’m meeting up with some director tomorrow to see if I can get a job. I don’t plan on partying at all, so don’t worry about that either. Just get some sleep Mom. It’s probably really late over there by now.”

“Alright, goodnight sweetie!”

“Bye Mom.” My mom was such an annoyance sometimes. Being an only child was difficult, all she did was smother me with love. I didn’t mind it of course, at least someone cared. Just the fact that she was quite embarrassing most of the time was the problem. I just wanted to sleep, it was starting to get dark anyways.