flynn concept

Concept art by Kevin Nelson drawn on September 10, 2008.

This, my friends, is where we got the name Corona. It’s in the concept art. (There’s probably more with the kingdom’s name on it somewhere, but this is the piece @forever-tangledup found while we were searching together.)


Flynn & Yuri Concept Art – Childhood and Teenage years

from Tales of Vesperia: Genealogy of the Condemned Volumes I and II

(scans by me, feel free to use)


Here are all the un-hung pieces I have. In most cases, I need to get frames (I refuse to stick thumbtacks through them or put anything tacky on the back, even if it’s supposed to clean up easily.) A lot of it is small and won’t take up much room, even framed. But boy howdy, is there a lot of it!

  1. The lithographs @forever-tangledup just sent me for my birthday! The last one is the inside cover of the envelope, and I’m seriously considering cutting it and framing it, too.
  2. A selection of cards, both greeting and little things you can.could pick up seasonally at Walt Disney World.
  3. Post cards I got from Wonderground at Downtown Disney. I intend to get a single frame for all of them.
  4. All Tangled Ever After stuff. The wedding poster is the certificate of authenticity for my 17″ LE Rapunzel wedding doll. the other two are the front and inside of a “wedding invitation” style announcement the Disney Store had when TEA was about to come out on video. (Those two I want to frame together, but they are also the least urgent of my collection.)
  5. A movie poster a piece of film strip I got as a birthday present last year. I want to build a light/shadow box to keep it in, that I can illuminate from the back when the mood strikes me.
  6. The top on is a door prize concept art print I got when I saw Tangled and TEA at the El Capitan as part of the Countdown to Zootopia promotion this year. The bottom one is a 3D lithograph I got at Disneyland. I technically have a frame for it, but it’s a tight fit, and I don’t want to force it and risk scrunching the thick foam matting.
  7. A print of a Victoria Ying piece I got at Wondergound.
  8. Various fanarts I’ve received as gifts, purchased for myself, and even commissioned.
  9. This is the frame these silhouettes will go in, but I need to get good scrapbooking paper as backing.
  10. I will also be getting a pin board to properly display these and my other fantasy and trading pins.


A promotional piece painted by Linda Hee for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. This is only a print.