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clumsy-giraffe  asked:

Hello! I am new to the Sherlock fandom and I'm curious if there is like a starter pack for people who are already soul deep in Johnlock? Are there any must read fanarts, or popular head canons, fanart, or blogs I should follow? Thank-you :D

Oh my goodness, hello! This is so exciting! Disclaimer: I’m an oldie Johnlock fan at this point so I might not know the hip new trends but as for essentials, I’d say…..


  • PIALR (fave, 11/10, have reread 15+ times although it’s 150k+)



  • thetwelfthpanda (I might be biased! But she’s kind of the best!)
  • reapersun (she’s been phasing out of Sherlock for a while, but her stuff was A+++++++ EDIT: it’s also NSFW omg how did I forget)
  • flyingrotten (famous for her amazing were!john au)
  • archiaart (there’ve been arguments that she draws questionable stuff but eh, I think her art’s fantastic)
  • theillustratorisoutofcontrol (few posts but pure, gorgeous nsfw)
  • kriskenshin (somehow has drawn everything you want??)
  • deebzy (everything adorable)
  • sweetlittlekitty (cuteness. smut.)

As for headcanons, there’s no real briefing I can provide haha. You’ll find them quickly and effortlessly. Most popular one I can think of is asexual Sherlock, but there are so many fantastic meta posts out there that I can’t just skim them, but I’m sure you’ll discover them on your own! (I remember getting really absorbed in a post about how John probably quit being an army doctor after a few years and joined back up as a regular recruit, and then got shot, but I can’t remember where I saw it…)

Anyways, welcome to the Johnlock fandom~

I can’t even begin to cover all of the essentials though, so anyone that wants to add on should go ahead!