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Your thrifty father insisted on buying 2 jugs of milk this week. To your horror, both jugs of milk expire in a week, and your family has barely touched any. You want to know what kinds of delicious treats and baked items require copious amounts of 2%.

Just off the top of your head you’d say: puddings (vanilla, chocolate, etc.), chocolate cream pie, vanilla cream pie, kheer (when you’re in the mood for an Indian treat), rice pudding, bread pudding, ice cream (yes, 2% can work), Dulce de Leche… y'know, not that you’ve thought about this or anything.  Nope. 

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O HAY. Since when did you like PJatO?

I actually love it as a series, I guess. *shrugs* It’s interesting. Also, it’s fun. I’ve never actually watched the movie but still. And I don’t get why Annabeth ISN’T blonde o_o and why they look like they’re already 16. Hurr.

Whoops, I accidentally published this. What do I do…