OK guys. So I just got back from a meeting with some of my old cast mates and my directors about a new show that we’ll be putting on that I signed up for.

So this show will be overlapping with Aladin, our school play this year (The one mentioned above is a side Christmas show) so they’ll both be overlapping.


I might not be able to post a lot when they start overlapping. I mean, it shouldn’t be too too bad, I just might not be able to post. Like, at all. But it depends. 

Everyday though, I’ll try to set up a queue if I can, if I have time to come on and do that. But I will be asking my lovely friends (Kella, Erika, Arielle, etc.) to try and blog-sit for me, if they can. If they can’t, that’s totally awesome, and I’ll try my best, but if they can, that’d be awesome, too. 

But that’s besides the point. Basically, I’m just saying that my blog probably will be getting a little more inactive as November approaches, so yeah. It’s just a warning. 

Have a lovely day guys ;)