#tbt 1977 FMF Team Replica. Aluminum frame, Speedo dual dropout forks, Araya 7B rims with 105G spokes, Shimano front hub and coaster brake, Takagi cranks, Addicks nylon sprocket and seatpost clamp, Union rattrap pedals, aluminum “butterfly” bars, a chrome Cebe doubleclamp gooseneck and original Oakley grips…my dream bike in 1977. Ridden by my first BMX heroes: Scot Breithaupt, Stu Thomsen and Jeff Utterback. So elusive to a kid in Michigan (there was no where to buy one). I’ve had this one a few years, a collaboration of sorts, between friends. I think Jeff V. really owns most of it. Todd Britton gave me the grips. It just sits in my office but it takes me to very real places in the mind. Dreams do come true. (Old Style can not applicable). #fmf #flyingmachinefactory