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She did fly back private because her strategy has taken a huge curve ball with the Kim and Kanye media backlash. She can't stunt with Tom right now. They need to figure out what is next. All she had to do was fly to Australia with him. Go to dinner once. They get pap'd separately and you think they are together for weeks there. No she was there doing business in a country that is second biggest fan population to her. She was smart to go there and get publicity. They did not even see each other.

Everyone, get your tin hats out. 

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(at Chicago O'Hare International Airport)

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The airplane thing is a troll. Assuming T&T are flying private jet, they would likely have to refuel in Hawaii, go through customs there, continuing on to CA to a private airfield, most likely Van Nuys. They would NEVER pay to take a private jet and then fly into LAX. You don't pay private jet fees, likely $200,000+, for that flight to fly into LAX. Taylor certainly has the means and the celebrity to go off the radar. It seems like she is doing that in this case. My two cents.

^^^^^ ohh, thank you

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Last commercial flight from LAX to Sydney is at 10.50pm and to Brisbane (no first class) at 11.50pm. If Tom was flying to Oz alone he would take a commercial flight but if he's in Nashville the jet should've left by now to drop him off in time at LAX but it hasn't. Which probably means he's flying private to Oz and only reason he would fly private there is if Taylor was with him. Things are looking good guys!


jet smarter

It’s an app that offers great deals on flying private & I’m looking into getting a membership but wondering what people’s experience is with it.

I think it has lots of great benefits, have any of you guys tried it? Thoughts?