Video reveals UFO sighting in Toronto, where lighted craft ( ? ) form as DNA , strange yet interesting, fake or real it doesn’t matter, the truth of universal truths is within the spiral , the ladder to heaven, kundalini, serpent rising, spiritual etheric electromagnetic fields composing both physical and nonphysical matter- a matter that science is confused about at this time, simply because they haven’t expanded their consciousness - the topic of superconductive fractals, hypercubes and crystalline structure is a real technology that is already in motion within our earths grid networks and within the universal galactic existence - A Reality you must face within yourself, within your own illuminated pituitary gland - with the brightness of your heart the truth comes alive in Vision, the fear no longer exists- the initiation into the true art starts with yourself and Nature. All around you - the signs are, the signs are revealing - and the signs are in the geometric nature of existence - This video was formed to remind humanity that we are being upgraded and updated by Forces of light-
All that is required is the meditative art and the inward sight, for if Eye is One , Body shall be full of light -
The Oneness is a real experience where there is only One consciousness guiding, healing, restructuring and adjusting the Earths System. We are One with this.
Ehani is One with the Family Of Light who CARE for all life, and want Life to flower and blossom in the times to come.
One Light and One Love to All who visit this channel and this video-
There is only Peace, Wisdom, Truth and Art here - Creativity from the Heart-Minds of Many, Collaborating over the course of many years to form a Galactic Database of Universal Communion. 

‘chemtrails’ are actually called contrails and are just condensation from the hot air from the jet or ufos (not saying aliens, just other flying objects) and water vapor in the air.

the only plausible ‘chemtrail’ theory is it contributing to global warming because of the jet exhaust.

whatever that was was most likely just expelling hot air and exhaust

Fallstreak holes are natural phenomena that often get mistaken for UFOs. These ‘hole punch clouds’ occur when water droplets inside a cloud freeze and fall beneath it, creating a large gap that looks like a perfect hiding place for a flying saucer.

Aliens, obvi.

The rarity of fallstreak holes is what tends to throw people.

That paired with the tendency to look at anything in the sky and cry ‘UFO!’ is the perfect makings of a false alien alarm.

Sometimes these clouds have little rainbows inside.

They aren’t always circular, though…

They make all kinds of crazy shapes.

Including airplane/sword/cross/wieners.

Photos via: Rantplaces



You may have seen images of these cars circulate on tumblr before, but do you know the story behind them? The UFO Response Team is a privately owned organization that is currently based in Portland, Denver, Washington, and California. Their main goal is to collect information from individuals who may have had an encounter with any unidentified flying objects to prove that the existence of them are real. There is not many information on the internet about this bizarre team, except for their incredibly outdated and vague blogspot.

Check it out here


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Happy World UFO day, everyone.

Because LIFE didn’t cover UFOs (they managed to cover basically every other topic)We’re celebrating the next best thing: readily identifiable, albeit unusual, flying objects. Blimps big and small; early helicopters; jet packs; and other devices that have helped humanity — if only for a moment — slip the bonds of earth.

Pictured: Flying platform being tested at an Air Force base, 1956.

See the photos on here.