Ahaha, that first photo came out great thanks to Ada leaping over as soon as she heard the camera to try and rip out the shutter. I finally discovered how all the little toys end up in their favorite sleeping pouch–it’s Hedy! She grabs them in her little tail and runs/flies them all the way to the top of the cage, stopping every now and then to flip them over her head so she can chew on them. Just ridiculously cute.

The Madagascar Sucker-footed Bat, Old World Sucker-footed Bat, or simply Sucker-footed Bat (Myzopoda aurita) is a species of bat in the family Myzopodidae. It is named for the presence of small suction cups on its wrists and ankles. They roost inside the rolled leaves of palm trees, using their suckers to attach themselves to the smooth surface. Later scientists discovered that this species doesn’t use suction to attach themselves to roost sites, but instead uses a form of wet adhesion by secreting a body fluid at their pads. (Wiki.)


he was on our porch and we saved him I’m so happy. His name is peanut and he is an Evening Bat and they are itty bitty and adorable and eat all the nasty bugs outside.

He’s stunned from the cold so we’re keeping him warm in the garage until tomorrow!

Yes this is what living in Florida is actually like. Its like being perpetually in an episode of The Crocodile Hunter.

Creature Feature #492: Namdapha Flying Squirrel

The beautiful Namdapha Flying Squirrel is a large flying squirrel, endemic to India. She is shy and nocturnal, found only in dry deciduous
forests near water. Her gliding membrane extends from her forelegs to
her hindlegs. Whilst this allows her to parachute from tree to tree, it
does inhibit her agility through the branches. It is for this reason
that she, and all flying squirrels, follow a nocturnal lifestyle. Due to
her limited range and the wide occurance of poaching within this range,
she is classified as Critically Endangered.


Last night I was deep asleep when I was awoken by a rustling sound in my room. It sounded like a very large mouse in my walls. I was going to ignore it until the rustling grew louder and I realized it was in my room. I turned on my light and discovered a bat flying circles in my room. I slid out of my bed and onto the floor (I never realized how low my ceiling was until I had a flying mammal in my room). Luckily the bat decided to sit on top of my bookshelf for a few minutes so I was able to walk out of my room. I went and woke up my mom who put a towel down on the floor in front of my door and told me to go sleep in my sister’s room. At some point in the night I heard something fall in my room. My first thought was my Legos! Luckily the bat had just knocked a few spoons off. But now it is morning. The bat is no where to be found. But I know he is lurking somewhere in my room just waiting until the next time I come home and have to sleep in my room.


Well I fell asleep this morning at like 12:15 am. And at 2:20 my uncle comes down stairs (he had taken my bed) and woke me up, saiyng I had a BAT in my room. Im like ’…a REAL bat?’ he said yeah, and I got excited because omg animals. so went upstairs and there wAS A BROWN BAT UNDER MY SHEET… like at a corner of my bed. I felt it over the sheet, then slid my hand under the sheet and pulled him out. omg he was sooo cute and little and clicking and stuff. And he goes and nips me : [ Understandably, I know. And then I just yknow let him go, at my Balcony (im assuming he came in when I went out onto my Balcony that evening).

Next morning I post the ideal on facebook because I had to share it.. and right before we leave to tke me to work, my aunt calls, freaking out and telling  me I need to go to the hospital in case of rabies! We check online and yeah it says to gO NOW and get treated because Bats are big carriers of rabies! So we went to the Adult Emergency care and they didnt have any Rabies meds or Immunoglobulin so we had to drive to the ER.

So, we go, get in. And I get 8 fuckin shoootsssss. 7 of Immunoglobulin (which is like a super booster for my immune system) and one that is the rabies vaccine. Oh and I didnt go to work. That was the biggest highlight haha. and the fact that everyone in the ER was talking about the girl who was bit by the bat XD

Also I still have 3 more shots to get *huff*

tldr; Jordi is a derp who has no inhibitions with animals that may carry harmful disease, and is now being vaccinated for Rabies VuV

I would say I learned my lesson but. Yeah I’d handle a bat again… also since Im getting all these shots all I’d need is a rabies booster next time it happens.


“Nestled, right up into my mesh.”