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May I please get a userbox? I'm kin with Ares from The Underland Chronicles book series and I would like the text to say "This user is Ares and they love their Gregor!!" The colors can be blacks/grays with maybe reds or greens, but the colors should be dull/diluted. For the icon, any Flying Fox Bat should do! It should mostly be black, though. Thank you so so much!!!

There you are.

STEAL HIS LUNCH MONEY (standalone picture from this post)

@koryos from what you’ve written about working with flying foxes, they seem the type to bully some poor nerd.

a thing about bats that I completely forgot earlier: not only are their knees backwards, but their whole legs and feet are backwards– gr8 for hanging upside-down from stuff, absolutely terrible for being drawn standing up. Bats, god.