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Real~ Part 13 of Sami/Finn Series~ Final Chapter

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Part 12

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He held the small box in his hands, feeling the softens of the cover from the box. Looking out of the view of your backyard, his mind running with many things. He has been with you through a lot, he loves you and would do anything for you but he was still in the way. Their friendship broken or torn over you. A women that was amazing, strong facing her battle, putting everyone first before herself held that smile on her face that he loves. 

He watches you play with Kol, Kol has grown up a bit. It has been a few months since everything has passed. 

Seth has been calling you nonstop, leaving you gifts, you found out it was him. It was getting tired of him calling you but you couldn’t talk to him. Seeing him would be too much for you to handle. 

“ Mama” Kol started to say, it was his first word. It brought warmth to your heart. “ What’s the matter baby boy?” He pointed behind you, you turned your head, a smile reaching your lips seeing Sami standing behind the glass doors with something in his hands. 

As soon as he saw you looking, he hide it in his pocket. You squinted your eyes to get a glimpse of the small box. 

“ Dadda!” He shouted, Kol had started to call Sami dad, it brought tears in your eyes. Finn hasn’t been much around Kol, it was like he vanished.Getting up from your knees, you offered a hand to Kol. “ Come on, let’s go inside.”

Kol took your hand, you led him up the steps, “ One, Two and Three!” You counted as he giggled. Sami opened the back door, sticking out his head. “ Come on bud, it’s getting late." 

Kol ran the rest of the way to Sami, who picked him up once he was inside. You walked inside, laughing seeing how happy your son was around Sami. Closing the door behind you, locking it seeing Sami lift up Kol into his arms doing airplane noises and flying him around. 

” Mama, wook" He called out to you, giggling as he and Sami passed you. You tired to catch him but Sami ran away. 

“ I’m going to get you" 

” Run! Mama’s coming!“ He shouted running up the stairs. You chasing them into Kol’s room as he put him on the bed.

He already had ate his dinner, Sami preferred to fed him, he makes transportation noise so get Kol to giggle. It was the cutest thing ever. 

“ Bedtime Kol” Kol whined on his bed, he reached out for Sami. “ I’m sorry bud but what your mom says go’s.”

You walked over to his closet getting out a set of pjs. 

“ Come on, let’s go take a shower” He loved showers and water running straight to the bathroom. Sami and you shared a laugh before you followed Kol.

Your phone kept ringing and ringing, reading the caller I.D, it was Seth again. What did he want? You weren’t in the mood for any talking. 

Sliding the button to answer the call, it was now or never.

“ What?” 

“ Y/N, look we need to talk. I can come over or..” He says getting to the point. Sami walked into the room hearing Seth’s voice, he took one look at you confused to why you were talking to Seth.

Shrugging, you looked down at your hands that were on the counter. 

“ I don’t know if coming over is a good idea..” Looking at Sami, he was thinking it over. “ Is Sami there?”

“ I’m here” Sami replied. Seth became silent, only breathing. Last time Sami almost killed him well that was Dean but still. 

“ Come over Seth, if you try anything. I will make sure to rearrange your face for you” Seth gulped on the other line before responded, “ I’m on my way.”

The call ended, Kol was over your dad’s house, your family moved closer to be around Kol and you. “ Are you sure this is good idea?”

“ Y/N, you need to straighten things with him. You can’t keep holding a grudge forever.”

“ I know but he hurt my baby” Sami nodded.

“ I know, I was with you through it. Grudges aren’t good to keep, you don’t have to forgive him if you don’t want to. But talking to him is a start”

“ Your right, what am I going to do without you?”

“ You don’t have to. I’m with you, always” He send you that smile you loved, wrapping his arms around your waist leaning down he pecked your nose.

Silence was filled in the room, Seth was standing staring at the floor like it was the most interesting thing in the world. He had his hand in his pockets, his hair up in a bun, it looked like he just got back from Cross Fit. 

Sami sat on the couch, his hands clasped together over his mouth as he stared between you and Seth. You were standing near the table, being really awkward because you didn’t really know how to start the conversation. 

“ So..” Sami started instead. 

Seth sighed as he took his hands out of his pockets of his sweats. “ This isn’t easy for me to say this Y/N. I’ve caused you a lot of pain, I know that. I’m sorry for it. I am truly. The reason I did what did was I wanted to feel loved by you. You were this beauty coming into the business, smiling and laughing. I wanted to be a part of your life. Be there for you then Finn waltzes into your life, I was jealous. A jealous prick then you picked Sami. The Canadian hero to your heart, I wanted to be the winner to your heart. I noticed you didn’t want me, I saw the look in your eyes when you looked at me. It wasn’t the same when you looked at Sami. I’m sorry again for what I did, I wish I could take it back but I can’t”

“ I appreciate you coming to apologize, I can learn to forgive you but not right now. I’m still healing from the damage that was done before. Why did you hurt my son?”

“ I was so angry at everything and at everyone that I didn’t think. I didn’t want to drop him and shake him. He looked so much like Finn and I couldn’t handle it all”

A car pulled up to your drive way, looking at Sami in confusion. Was he expecting someone?

“ Is it for you?” Sami shook his head standing up, looking out the window. When he turned back to glance at his face went pale, a little. “ What’s wrong? Who is it?”

Instead of answering you, he walked to the door greeting the person. You were in shocked when you heard that Irish accent. Finn. What was he doing here?

Your heartbeat picked up at the sight of him, he looked back. He looked like he just rolled out of bed. Bags underneath his eyes, his eyes lost the excitement in them, he was growing a beard which didn’t suit him that much. His clothes were wrinkled and he looked really tired. 

“ Finn.. “ You whispered his name, just his name rolling off your tongue made yo u feel a shiver. “ Y/N” He nodded turning his attention to Seth then you, pointing at Seth he asked, “ What is he doing here?”

“ He came to explain” 

“ Dere isn’t an explanation for what he did. He hurt our son!” 

“ He’s my son! Where were you when he asked me, “ Where is daddy, mommy? I told him daddy doesn’t want us in his life. You know know he calls Sami daddy because Sami has been with him through it all and with me! And where were you?”

“ I needed time on my own” 

“ If you say so, why are you here?” He scratched his beard swaying on his feet a bit. “ I came here to fix things, to build a bridge between us”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ He wants to be friends again” Sami said. “ Why would I want to be friends with a jerk like him?”

“ Because deep down ya know dat Kol needs me” You knew he was right. When Kol grows up and still calls Sami daddy, he’s going to ask why he looks so different. Kol needed Finn and right now you needed to fix him. 

“ Fine, but right now you need to clean yourself up” Walking towards Finn, turning him around but he didn’t budge. “ Finn! Come on!” He turned around wrapping his arms around you, hugging you to him. 

“ Thank you Y/N” He whispered against your ear before he let go. He walked upstairs, you yelled to him, “ The bathroom is on the right. Shave your beard too!” 

You forgot Seth was in the room, turning to him, he was looking straight at you. 

“ I can learn to forgive you Rollins but it’s going to take some time. But I will never forget the damage you caused me and my son” He hung his head, nodding his head.

“ Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out” 

You needed a drink after this. A real one. 

Who then better to call for a drink then Dean?

He had his own stash at his house, that’s where you were finishing on telling him about Finn and Seth being in your house this morning.

“I’m surprised you didn’t claw their eyes out” 

“ I’m just getting tired of it all. It needs to end. I’m finally happy and in love”

“ Good to hear, another one?” You nodded moving your glass towards him. “ I don’t want to get you drunk, one more then that’s it” 

“ Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” Dean laughed shrugging, “ I care about you Y/N, your emotions are all over the place. The last thing you need is to have a hangover in the morning. I know how much you hate them.”

“ You know me so well” 

“ I’m your best friend after all” 

“ Cheers” You clinged your glass with his before downing your drink. 

Laying your head on Sami’s chest as you made random patterns on his skin.

“ What are you thinking about?” He raked his fingers through your hair watching you trace patterns. “ I was just thinking about how things were going to be okay after all.” 

“ They are, I am so proud of you” Glancing up at him, a smile reaching your lips. “ Me too, I’m glad you were there with me. Thank you.”

“ No need to thank me, I do anything for you” 

Pecking his lips, he smiled at you staring into your eyes.

“ I love you so much”

“ I love you too”

“ Get some sleep, you had a rough day after seeing Finn and Seth in the same day” You chuckled laying back on his chest.

“ Your right, hey, where did Finn go?”

“ He and I had a chat, he wants to put the past behind us and I thought it was a good idea”

“ I’m glad” 

“ Where are you taking me?” you giggled, your hands are in Sami’s as he led you somewhere. You were blindfolded walking with him, wherever he let you.

“ Just trust me on this, you’ll love it” 

“ This better be good” you had dressed up for the night, Renee had came over to help you get ready. You asked her what this all was about but she simply smiled at you. 

What was going on?

“ Stop right here” You stopped walking as Sami went behind you taking off the blindfold around your eyes, the sight blew you away. There was a table, with lights around, pedals around the floor with a path way leading you to the table.

“ This is amazing, you did this all?” Turning to face him, he nodded his head moving a piece of hair that the wind get getting in your face. “ Wow, this is romantic. I never knew you could be a romantic”

“ You never know. I am full or surprises” Tonight was a special night, Sami had something in his pocket of his trousers that he afraid to show you. He was more afraid of your answer. 

He held out a chair for you to sit down, “ Thank you.” He leaned down pecking your lips. Sitting across from you, you noticed he looked extra nice tonight. But he always did look great. 

“ Sami?” 

“ Hmm?” He sat down across from you, you notice the nervous look on his face. “ Are you okay?” Reaching for his hand, it was sweaty. He was nervous all right. 

“ I’m fine” He ran a hand through his hair. He did that too when he was nervous.

“ Whatever is bothering you, you can tell me” He nodded. 

Someone came up to the table serving you drinks with one hand and placed a plate in front of you. Your eyes traveled upward to the arm seeing Finn in a mustache and a chefs hat on top of his head.

“ Finn?!” You bursted out laughing, he looked down at you. A smile on his face, then his mustache fell off making you laugh harder. He put it back on before serving Sami and running off. 

“ What was that?” Sami shrugged, his leg was bouncing now. “ Love, what’s the matter? Your making me nervous” He sighed scratching his beard before he stood up walking around the table.

“ I really wanted to do this later but I guess it’s okay now. We have been together through all our battles, you have loved me like no other women I wanted to love me. Your one of the most inspiring people to me, you came into my life and I was so happy to see you smiling around me. It made me feel fuzzy and happy inside. We had our ups and downs, our moments where I just wanted to be with you forever. I do, I want you to be in my forever. I want you to be my last. I want you to be my never ending story. I want you to be the mother to my kids. I want you here and forever. Marry me Y/N?”

He kneeled down on one knee, opening the box revealing a diamond ring. A hand went over your mouth, your mouth felt dry, no words were coming out of your mouth. 

“ Yes” You whispered, nodding your head. He smiled wide, getting the ring out of the box putting it on your finger before wrapping his arms around your waist leaving down capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. 

Out from the bushes came your family, Kol , Finn, Seth and a few other friends cheering for you. 

Kol ran right over you hugging your leg and Sami’s. The both of you looked down at him, “ I wuv you.”He said. 

You laughed, picking him into your arms. “ We love you too” Sami kissed his cheek before he glanced at you, remembering this moment.

He wanted to remember it forever. 

You were his forever.