flying with his own wings

tfw your brain gets stuck thinking on some heavy angst and youre just like why

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Hey, possibly a redundant question but I'm not entirely sure and really curious, is there any correlation of birds/bird symbolism with Loki (whether traditional, recon, UPG anything really)?

Loki is associated with air and flying quite a bit in the lore. One of Loki’s heiti is Sky-treader (which was also sometimes translated as Skywalker before Star Wars happened. lol.) At other points, he’s called Hawk’s Child and Vulture’s Path. (See this post for the original Old Icelandic terms.)

Furthermore, Loki actually transforms into a bird a few times. He borrows Freyja’s falcon cloak to scout for Thor’s hammer and to rescue Idunn from Thjazi. Interestingly, Thjazi is in the form of an eagle when he abducts Loki and Idunn to begin with.

In the Prose Edda, at least, Loki also owns a pair of magical shoes that allow him to fly on his own.

Some people think the Winged Man of Uppåkra is a depiction of Loki wearing the falcon cloak. But the piece could also be Volund the Smith, or some other figure.

In a less direct connection, Loki is known as “the Raven God’s Friend”, in reference, of course, to his blood brother Odin. Many modern devotees associate Loki with ravens as well for this reason. Alternatively, some associate Loki with crows and/or magpies, since they’re the raven’s wily corvid relatives.

If you’re interested in exploring the connection further, we encourage you to read the stories yourself. You can find links to some public domain translations on our reading list.

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Seriously compare Obi-Wan and Anakin with Daedalus and Icarus though. Icarus did fall because of his own hubris, his own desire to grasp something he couldn’t obtain. He didn’t listen when Daedalus told him to fly between two extremes (the ocean and the sun), to find balance between them. However Daedalus was the one who gave Icarus his wings and taught him how to fly. So his own actions led to Icarus’ fall as well, and he blamed himself for it.

Finally finished the fluffiness. One of the many reunion scenes I’ve been imagining for Rey and Finn, hopefully in Episode VIII.
I guess Rey will start out wearing the last outfit she used in The Force Awakens. My mind insists in putting Finn alongside with Poe, flying his own X-wing, so here he uses the pilot’s attire, but it’s not complete, for some reason lol. Rey is rocking a new hairstyle, as practical as before, yet very beautiful. I love braids!!!
Well, thanks to the lovely glamaphonic for helping me with part of the text, so it could be more comprehensible to everyone.

I hope you all enjoy!

Back in season 4, episode 20 Jimmy was shot and about to die but then he was possessed by Castiel again and it looks like he was fully healed. So if a vessel is injured before an angel possesses them, the vessel is healed once they’re possessed. But it seems like this only immediately happens when the angel is at full power since Gadreel was hurt when he possessed Sam and had to slowly heal Sam over time instead of right away.

Castiel isn’t at full power and his wings are hurt. Lucifer appears to be a full power since he was in the cage at the time Metatron cast the spell closing Heaven plus he’s an archangel. If Lucifer is possessing Castiel does that mean Castiel is fully healed? Are his wings okay now? Can Lucifer even fly right now? I didn’t really notice how Lucifer is traveling around but I don’t think he’s driving around in a car or anything. 

If Lucifer is flying around is he using his own wings? I mean if angels have wings and one angel possesses another angel do they have two sets of wings all of a sudden? How does that work?

I’m probably overthinking this but if anyone has some possible explanations or further thoughts that would be great.