flying wheel

maggie: babe, i know i said i wasn’t ready before when you asked me, but i’m ready now. i love you so much, and i’m so happy with you, and these two years have been the best of my life–

alex: ohhhh my god

maggie: so, alex danvers, would you make me the happiest person in the world, and marry me?

alex: oh my god, y–

*alex is cut off by her phone ringing with the urgent DEO sound*

maggie: you’ve got to be fucking KIDDING me

alex: *puts phone on speaker* someone had better be dead, i swear

deo: supergirl may have just lost her powers. she fell 300 feet into a national city landmark. she took down almost the whole building. all we can hear through her comms is screaming.

alex: *hangs up phone, frantically dials kara. no answer*

maggie: if she’s not dead, i’m going to fucking murder your sister

alex: i’ll help

*they hop on alex’s motorcycle and race to the collapsed building*

alex: *sees supergirl staggering out of the rubble* oh my god, kara, are you okay? are you hurt? what was all the screaming? did you lose your powers?


alex: …whaaa?

maggie: oh hell no


maggie: superbitch say you didn’t


maggie: NO

alex: you destroyed…a national city landmark…and nearly killed yourself…because you heard maggie…propose?

maggie: i cANNOT BELieve you 



maggie: hey great talk, so this is like super fun and stuff, but you falling on this building actually means she hasn’t answered my fucking question yet, so if you could just run along and fix the tower or some shit, alex and i need to finish our convo. cool?


alex: *to maggie* please don’t divorce me


working in hell becomes tiring after a while
(poe removes the 5 sin points when ranpo isn’t looking though)

bsd underworld AU character notes part 2: tanizaki, yosano, poe and ranpo
(part 1 HERE)

Concerning their designs: characters who appear more will get less complicated designs, and vice versa. i’ve put comments in the captions this time if anybody’s interested

also faq #1: why is chuuya dead? answer: they’re all dead

Chinchilla Ownership Pros and Cons

I’ve wanted to make a post about the joys and perils of Chin ownership for a long time! 

Let’s start with the positives:

  • Chinchillas live a really long time! A lifespan of 15 or more years is common! My last chin lived to be over 13. 
  • Chinchillas are pretty low maintenance. Once you have a cage set up, all they need is refilled water, food, and hay every day, and weekly cage cleanings & new things to chew. 
  • Chinchillas can live in same-sex groups, pairs, or alone. Some chins even prefer being solitary! 
  • Chinchilla poop is hard, easy to clean, and has no discernible smell. They’re like little brown grains of rice!
  • Chinchillas are not susceptible to pests such as fleas. 
  • Chinchillas are very clean. They love to bathe and their hair is so dense it doesn’t get very messed up, provided weekly dust baths. 
  • You can give them dust baths as much as you like! It’s adorable and they love it. 
  • Chinchillas smell really good. Unlike most other rodent pets, they and their cages smell fresh and clean. Even their pee is pretty close to odorless. 
  • They are incredibly soft. 
  • They’re the best looking animal on the planet. Blending the awkwardness of a squirrel with the plump sweetness of a bunny, a chinchilla is truly the whole package. 
  • They are pretty affordable to keep, once you’re set up
  • While they enjoy playing and can form close bonds with their humans, they also are just fine chilling out in their cages for extended periods and won’t get depressed if left alone a bit. 

And now the negatives!

  • They have very specific dietary needs and delicate GI tracts. Unlike many other pets, you cannot give them bites of human food, even fruits or veggies. Pellets, Hay, and safe treats are it. 
  • Very few treats are safe for them. Most available in pet stores are loaded with sugar and fat, which their bodies can’t digest well. The only safe treats are: oats, plain shredded wheats, dried goji berries, and rosehips. 
  • They need to have plenty to chew, and will chew everything. That means no plastic or easily torn fabrics in the cage, and a regular supply of safe wood chew toys. 
  • They must be closely observed during play time to ensure they do not eat anything unsafe, destroy furniture or power cords, or climb into small spaces never to return. 
  • They can squeeze into very small spaces and hide there, despite their chubby appearance. Don’t let their fluffy butts fool you. Their ribs are collapsible so they can wriggle in passages of two inches or less. 
  • They poop a lot. Those chocolate tic tacs are gonna be everywhere. 
  • They like to throw hay, bedding, and poop outside of their cages. 
  • They waste a lot of hay. Their instinct to forage makes them very picky eaters in this regard. 
  • They can develop diabetes if you do not feed them well. Again, simple pellets, hay, and safe treats only. No foods filled with added fruits or puffs. 
  • They often fall prey to dental problems. If their teeth grow too long or at an odd angle, this can even be fatal. Tooth spurs are also a problem. 
  • They hide illness very well. Like most prey animals, they have an evolved tendency to obscure any signs of weakness. This means you may not catch illness until it’s too late. 
  • You should be prepared to cage every chinchilla separately at any time. Even if two chins got along as cagemates for 10 years, they may begin to fight seemingly out of nowhere and need to be split up. Their relationships are complex!
  • Cage set up is expensive! A chinchilla needs a place to sleep/hide, multiple safe ledges, chew toys of wood, pumice, and other safe materials, an exercise wheel or flying saucer, a food bowl, a hay rack, a safe water bottle (glass), and a place to take dust baths. Expect to spend $300 or so at first, on top of the cost of the chin itself. 
  • Chinchillas are not great with kids or other pets. 
  • Chinchillas are not cuddly lap pets. They like to roam around and hang out in their cages. If you bond really closely with one, it will let you hold it and may even sleep in a blanket on your lap…but this level of trust can take literal years to develop.
One Bad Decision

a small fic based off of this prompt submitted to the wonderful @taylor-tut! i had such an urge to write it when i saw it, so here it is. enjoy!

Lance was absolutely trashed.

When his buddy had said the fraternity on the edge of campus was having a little get together and a few beers, he had agreed to join them. What he hadn’t expected was for the frat house to be holding literally the biggest party since he started.

The music was shaking him to his core as the bass pounded and rattled the house, all fragile items having been removed from places where they could fall, as he stumbled through the crowd of people dancing and drinking.

Another shot was shoved towards him, and before he could process it the clear, burning liquid was flowing down his throat and warming his insides. “Hey, dude,” he calls over the music to his friend whom he had come with.

“I’m gon’ get goin’! Got work t'morrow at 10.” His voice came out slurred and barely recognizable to himself before he waved and stumbled out the front door, feet dragging down the stairs. His limbs felt heavy with alcohol.

In the back of his mind his conscience something told him to not drive, that it wasn’t safe, but the drunk devil overpowered that voice. Instead, he grabbed his keys from his pocket.

His vision was blurred and doubling from the sheer amount of alcohol in his bloodstream, hands shaking slightly as he struggles to slide the key into the lock of his shitty car.

After a few attempts the metal finally lined up and he slid it in, unlocking the car and hopping inside. He repeated the struggle once he sat inside the hunk of metal and tried to start it, finally managing to turn the car on after 10 minutes of failing miserably.

Smacking his lips, lids drooping a bit, he pulled out of the crowded driveway and down the busy street, doing his best to avoid the cars that lined the sides as he headed out onto the main road.

Humming gently he flicked on the radio, clicking onto his favorite station to listen to something as he headed back to his dorm. Bobbing his head a bit to the beat, he saw his phone brighten out of the corner of his eye.

Turning to the phone to read whatever message had popped up, he saw that a friend of his was telling him to make sure he got home safe. He merely nodded before turning back to the road– just as he ran the first red light.

Thankfully it was late and there was no one else at the intersection, he told himself quietly as he proceeded on to the next light. This time he slowed to a stop– or rather, slammed down on the brake, and watched other cars zip past.

As soon as his light turned green he sped off, feeling the wheel jerking a bit beneath his hands and causing the car to swerve as they moved along the road.

One second he was coming up to a third light, the next second there was a car in front of him.

Lance all but screamed as he yanked to a hard left and the car skidded across the pavement as he tried to avoid the other person in the intersection, the front of his car smashing into the rear side of theirs.

He saw debris flying as he was sent into the front window due to not wearing his seatbelt, feeling the glass crack beneath his weight before his body was thrown around the interior like a ragdoll while the car skidded again and began to flip rapidly.

He knew he must have been screaming as it happened, as glass dug into his skin and his head thudded against the roof over and over, but he couldn’t hear it. All he could register was the pain, the blood, and the second car incoming as his own finally landed upright.

The moments blurred together as a skid was heard from outside and this new victim slammed into the front of his already wrecked car. He felt his body fly forward while the wheels rolled back, watched himself crash through the broken front window and roll down the hood before landing onto the ground with a thud.

In the back of his mind he heard yells from the people that had gathered, distantly registered the sirens as they called the paramedics, and stared up at the stars in the sky that spun around him like the world was just moving without him.

His vision went red as blood seeped down his forehead, sticky in his hair, and into his eyes. Then everything went black.

Hunk groaned loudly as his movie night was interrupted by the phone, slowly removing himself from the couch where he sat with his housemates Shiro, Pidge, and Keith. He usually also shared it with Lance, but Lance had said something about going out and coming back late.

Quietly he grabbed the phone and paused the movie, much to the dismay of Pidge who had been very into it, and answered the phone. “Hello?… Yes, this is him.”

He felt eyes on him as he listened to the woman on the other end, feeling his stomach both drop and rise to his throat all at once before he slowly hung up and looked at them in horror. The words kept playing in his head, and he couldn’t help but echo them as he whispered out a response to their confused and worried expressions.

“It’s Lance. There’s been an accident.”


Motherduckers by jdragon122
Artwork by @dragonpressgraphics :D

Summary: Dean’s gone through hell, been to purgatory, stopped the apocalypse, but never could he hope to say no to the combined force of Castiel and Sam Winchester. When it came to pets, Dean had always had a strict rule. But for whatever reason, now had to be the time he broke that rule… and thanks to Cas, it seemed the Winchesters first pets would be a group of tiny, fluffy ducklings.

Notes: So this was inspired by a conversation between me and pherryt/dragonpressgraphics :D Started off as being annoyed at autocorrect and then spiraled into using “duck” in place of “fuck”. Then pherryt came up with the brilliant idea, why can’t you use both? And I had to write for it :) And she also provided me with this lovely fanart to go with it, so a big thank you to her! Enjoy :D

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Gah, that run was trash. Supposed to be a 6-mile tempo at 6:15. Close on the first couple and then the wheels went flying off.

More humid today than it’s been the last week, so that has something to do with it. Mostly I’m just out of gas from too many early mornings and Tuesday’s speed workout. A good night of sleep would do wonders for me right now.

Just because it’s written on the plan doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen! Some days you only get what your body will give you. That’s why you run easy when you can and save yourself for the key workouts.

Düsseldorf on the Rhein river is the capital of Nordrhein-Westfalen in Northwestern Germany. It’s one of Germany’s economic centers in the densely populated Rhein-Ruhr region. The city is famous for its nightlife, carnival, shopping, and for fashion & trade fairs like the Boot Messe (one of the world’s best trade fairs for boats & watersports) and Igedo (world leader in fashion). Every year, more than 4 million people visit the Kirmes fun fair which runs for 9 days between the 2nd and 3rd weekend of July on the banks of Rhein, featuring roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, a flying jinny, beer gardens and food stands. “Pink Monday” is the day of lesbians and gays at the fair, Friday features firework displays. Düsseldorf’s Kö shopping district is internationally recognized for its high fashion stores, and is sometimes referred to as the “Champs-Élysées of Germany”. There is a large Japanese community here.

At the moment, Düsseldorf is also hosting the Tour De France.

The Sun Will Set || Part 2 || BTS Gang AU ||

Originally posted by toniattihesselschward

A/N: YAAAAAY FINALLY PART 2!!!!!! I am so excited about this chapter, because this is where the plot finally gets set into motion. I’ve spent many hours working on it, so I would really appreciate any feedback you’re willing to give me. Seriously. Please. I beg of you. Let me know what you think. 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS. 

Word Count: 7,349 (I’m so sorry, there’s just a crap ton of information in this chapter)

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff (but mostly Angst)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue |

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Valentine's Sabezra Fic!

Hey guys - if you don’t wanna read it just scroll past it but here is a fic i did after trials of the darksaber, and I hope you enjoy it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sabine sat on the edge of the Ghost’s ramp, trying not to process what had happened that day. But it had happened. She broke down and let everything, everything go. She had sobbed till she couldn’t hear herself think. It wasn’t often that her guard broke down like that; in fact, it never happened. She pushed everyone away, and it hurt. And now that it was out, it still hurt like hell, viciously tormenting her. The look on Kanan’s face when she exploded, disarming him with her raw emotion. The look on Ezra’s face when she finally admitted what he had been pressing her about for so long. Her mother. Her father. Her brother. Betraying her and leaving her to rot, as if family didn’t matter. It was too much to bear.

Oh gods, Ezra. She didn’t mean to lash out at Kanan like that. And to be reminded that Ezra was an orphan… It wasn’t their fault. Her demons still plagued her after 4 long years, and it ate at her to know that she could have hurt them. She apologised profusely to Kanan, but Ezra was still busy with… whatever he was doing. He probably thought to left her alone for once. And this time, she wished he hadn’t.

She held her head in her hands, and decided she had 5 more minutes of weakness and then would get on with her life. She would paint, and then… Well, she would decide that later. Sabine Wren didn’t do crying unless it was in the dead of the night, where no one would see or hear. The night was often a sea of comfort in which she could wash away her nightmares and pain. But her emotions got the best of her, and she was determined it wouldn’t happen again.

Then a slight cough and some whistling of a familiar tune woke her out of her stupor. There was Ezra, walking along in that easy-going lope of his towards her. It reminded her of how he seemed to sway with the wind on the fields of Lothal. Their eyes met, and Ezra gave her a soft smile.

“Hey there. You… uhm, okay?” he asked. She folded her arms and nodded. “Fine.”

He shook his head. “No you’re not. And that’s why you’re coming with me.”

Sabine snorted. “Going where, exactly?” He shrugged. “Offworld. It’s time we caused some bucketheads a little more trouble, don’t ya think?”

She stared at him. “Are you for real, Bridger? Hera’s going to kick both of our butts worse than I kicked yours today.”

Ezra grinned and leaned down. “Why don’t you ask her, then? Oh, and I kicked your butt first. Rookie.” Sabine elbowed him. “Call me rookie one more time, I dare you.”

Ezra’s gaze turned mischievous. “C'mon. Where’s your sense of adventure, ‘Bine? Its been a while since we did anything… fun.” She snorted. “Right. Fun. No time for fun in a rebellion.”

He scoffed. “Oh, come on! Let’s face it, you’ve probably had the roughest day, like, ever. You need to de-stress. Oh, and Kanan’s cool with it. Just so you know.”

She considered what he was saying a little less disbelievingly. “Are you sure you’re not just lying your butt off to take me out somewhere and disobey orders 'cause you’re in this whole rebelling phase again?” Ezra’s eyes widened and he raised his hands in a who, me? gesture.

“Ye of little faith. I promise you we got permission from both Hera and Kanan. And Chopper is coming with us. It’s all for you - no selfishness included. So whaddaya say? Wanna cause some trouble with me?”

She laughed a little. Okay, maybe she did need some kind of break. From… everything.

“You had this whole thing organised, didn’t you?” she asked, while Ezra shrugged sheepishly. “Alright, Bridger. Let’s go somewhere.”

Ezra pumped his fist in the air and whooped, while Sabine shushed him - “You’ll wake up Zeb!” They walked over to the Phantom, where Chopper and Hera were waiting for them. Hera had warmth in her eyes when she said, “All right, I had to tweak a few things to get you two out of here. As far as anyone knows, this is a recon mission as well as getting those DLT-19’s out of the system - so I want at least two bags of joguns, waffles, chili dumplings, dried kelp strips for Kanan and yes, Ezra, you can get a Bantha burger. ”

The padawan jumped up in the air and hugged the twilek. “You’re the best, Hera!”

Hera smiled. “Don’t get caught by the Empire. That’s all I’m gonna say - this is a one off for you two!” Ezra mock-whispered, “Meh, she’ll cave in next time.”

Hera gave Ezra a steely look. “Don’t wreck the Phantom, hotshot.” While Ezra protested, Sabine smirked. “He won’t. I’m flying.” Ezra wheeled around.

“Oh no you aren’t. You don’t even know where we’re going!” he retorted. 

Sabine raised an eyebrow. “So where are we going, oh Master Tracker?”

Ezra wiggled his brows. “You’ll see. Time to fly, boys and girls - uh, should I say, droids and girls. This pilot’s got a few tricks up his sleeve." 

Sabine rolled her eyes as she entered the Phantom, while Hera watched on amusedly. 

Garel, Evening

Garel’s city lights twinkled and glowed lilac, while the sea was a wash of black and blue. Since the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron had left, the number of Star Destroyers had lessened quite a bit,  though Imperial presence was still notable. Sabine looked over to Ezra, who was humming to himself. "By the way, Chopper got your sprays on board - just thought you’d want to know.”

Sabine turned to Chopper. “What the - Chopper! You know no one is allowed to touch those!” Chopper warbled his reply, and the Mandalorian wrinkled her brow, and then burst into laughter. 

“Ezra, is that what you were getting at this whole time? Seriously?!” Ezra grinned modestly. “What can I say? It’s been a while since we defaced some Imperial property. I also brought some explosives - y'know, just in case we need them.”

Sabine felt something a lot like joy creep into her heart and swell up inside. Before she realised what she was doing, she ran up to Ezra as they landed and wrapped him in a fierce hug. “Woah there!” he laughed, and something warm and gushing filled his eyes as he embraced her back.

She quickly broke away, slightly embarrassed and said, “I can’t believe - I mean - ” Ezra stopped her, his mouth twisting into a lopsided grin. “You can thank me later. Chopper, let’s roll!”

They jumped out of the Phantom, and put on their helmets, Ezra’s the scout trooper helm Sabine painted for him, and Sabine her Mandalorian helmet. They grabbed 3 detonators each, and Sabine got her paint canisters out along with her sprayer. “Oh, it feels GOOD being able to use these babies properly again!” she exclaimed, and Ezra’s eyes sparkled. He loved making her feel better; so often she’d comforted him when he was down, so what better to help her than by doing what she loved best  - mixing art and explosions.

“Remember the old days when we were tagging and blowing up crates on Lothal?” Ezra asked as they snuck around the backstreets. Sabine gave a breathy laugh. “Those were the days. Small rebellion, huh?”

“It’s a big one now,” Ezra replied. “But, we can always revert juuust a little bit.” With that, he leaped up into the air and onto the roof of a building. “Show off,” Sabine said, and climbed up the stalls to join him. They spotted their loot, and got going.

Two heads hung upside down off the roof of a building. Quietly, Sabine crept down and dropped, light as a feather on the ground. Ezra followed, only missing his step slightly and almost doing the splits. Before he could cry out in pain, Sabine pulled him into a side street, trying not to laugh. “ I see you’ve still got your clumsy face on,” she teased. “Oh, shuddup,” he grumbled good-naturedly, and Sabine got to work.

The quiet sound of paint swishing across the crates of DLT-19 guns alerted three troopers to her whereabouts. When they saw her, one gave an audible gasp, and Ezra swore he could see the wide grin beneath Sabine’s helmet. They recognised her, alright - or at least knew of her. 'The Artist’. 

“Hey boys. Did ya miss me?” she asked, cockily, in a way that Ezra absolutely loved. The troopers took a step back, and the tallest stated, “Call for back up. One Mando female - it’s the Artist!”

Sabine felt her smile grow wider. “Ah, good to know my rep still stands. And you’ll be glad to hear I’ve brought back-up of my own.” She pressed a switch and somersaulted out of the way, as the first detonator went off, blasting the crates sky high. Ezra dropped like a stone from the roof and landed splat on one of the troopers, successfully drop kicking him. “Hah! Made it!” He exclaimed triumphantly. 

The Mandalorian tilted her head. “A bit sloppy, but that was a first. Now come on!” She grabbed his hand and spun him around as they ran towards the  bay parallel to where the Phantom was. The thrill of the chase rushed over them, and Sabine found that she was laughing when the second crate blew up, and Ezra bowled her out of the way. “Oh, oh, we should do that again -  over there!” Ezra raised his eyebrows. 

“Well you’re having a good time now, aren’t you?”

She let out a wild laugh. “Are you kidding? This is the best I’ve felt in ages - oh, don’t let it get to your head, blasterbrain.” Ezra flashed her his best grin. “You know you love me.”

She pressed the button a third time and Ezra swung his arm, using the Force and letting the blaster jelly go flying into the air; landing on an oncoming tie.

 It spontaneously combusted in colours of orange, purple and bright pink, flashing across the sky, as if the stars were setting alight. Both of them paused in their run, letting out a sigh of pleasure as they saw just how beautiful Sabine’s creation really was. The padawan noticed how the orange reflected off her eyes and danced between them. He was more than glad to see her like this, to be doing something that she really loved. He snapped out of it when Chopper arrived in the Phantom, ready to pick them up and go. 

Sabine’s eyes twinkled even more as she replied, “Do I know that? Maybe I do.” She danced into the Phantom, and Ezra shook his head, gazing up, his heart feeling as though it were going to shoot into the sky amidst the explosion. Chopper’s grumpy beeps urged him up, and they were soon off and being chased. 

“Ready for the last one?” Sabine asked, and Ezra gave her another of his lopsided smiles. “Ohhh yeah. Hit 'em with it 'Bine.” She paused. Her eyes seemed to give him a look of, thank you, and she leaned out of the Phantom. “Hey bucketheads! Eat THIS!”

The final explosion was the brightest Ezra had seen in that entire time, and he watched as the Imperial compound flashed blue and gold. The Ties kept chasing, and the pair high-fived before buckling in as Chopper went to hyperspace.

“So… I never got to say thank you,” Sabine began, mid-hyperspace. Ezra turned round from the pilot’s seat and folded his arms. Amusement danced in his eyes, as well as that strange fondness that seemed to glitter whenever they spoke. “For what?”

She raised her eyes to the sky. “For - you know… teaching me how to use a stick.”
Ezra raised both eyebrows. “A stick? Just a stick?” Sabine huffed good-naturedly. 

“Not just a stick. The lightsaber forms. Even for a person who isn’t a Force-User. Also… for this. It actually felt really, really good to be messing with troopers and helping put an end to those shipments. Also, tagging my art again.”

Ezra’s eyes twinkled even more. “Anything for you, 'Bine. Maybe it was just an excuse to hang with you.” She rolled her eyes as he flicked her on the shoulder. “Although we still need a round two of the sticks. Gadgets or no gadgets, you know I’m gonna beat ya.”

“Oh yeah? You’ll be begging for mercy before YOU know it, Bridger.”

“You would know,” He responded cheekily.

“Oh, shut up.”