flying was awesome


The abandoned Sanzhi UFO resort in Taiwan, which halted construction in the early eighties due to lack of funds and apparently numerous accidents, deaths and suicides on site.
Some reports claim that the chain of misfortune was due to the resort being built upon a cemetery, others say it was a result of disturbing a sacred statue.
The UFOs were photographed by before being demolished in 2008.

here we go with the hybrid AU.
i’m having a half-done Delirious too.

Ok, so I have few things to point out from the Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer.



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I might never get over that. Immigrant song is the one I used to drive my parents nuts as a teenager LOL

Ok, to the trailer.

I took few screencaps because these images caught my eye.


Is this Valkyrie riding in to fight Hela on flying horses? If yes - Awesome

She loses her sword in the battle, so I assume she is also stuck on the Grand Master’s planet. That would mean there’s a reason she captures Thor to fight against the Hulk.


Is Hela the most badass villain of badass villains? I mean





Jeez. Loki has found a worthy competitor.


I never imagined Heimdal with long locks and I am so sorry I never did.

Last but not least - LOKI




Everything is SO swoonworthy

I love it that they used this particular design of the helmet. Because it lets those locks FREEEEEEEEE!!!!

And now excuse me I have to go and drive hubby mad by playing Immigrant song on repeat for the rest of the evening


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Me: I love Ochako Uraraka so much, she’s so soft and sweet and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has fought an asshole that can make explosions out of his sweat without a single hint of fear or hesitation and with every intention of winning. And the plan she came up with in order to win involved letting the aforementioned asshole make a bunch of debris with his explosions so she could drop it on his head. And the only reason she lost was because she collapsed from exhaustion.*

Me: -gentle and she wouldn’t hurt a fly-

Ochako Uraraka: *Has faced off against a psychotic serial killer with no time to prepare and no warning and with only one other person to help her and came out of the encounter relatively unscathed apart from a single stab to her thigh. And that was after she had technically already beaten the aforementioned psycho by slamming her face on the floor with a martial arts move in about half a minute.*

Me: -and she has so much love for her family and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Her goal in becoming a hero is to make enough money to help her parents’ construction company that is facing major financial trouble. To that end she also goes to extreme lengths to save money which include living close to her school so she won’t have to use the bus, only buying the most cheap foods she can find, sleeping any chance she gets, and even starving herself.*

Me: -her relationship with her friends and her class in general is SO GOOD AND LOVELY and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Works herself to the bone in her studies and training along side her classmates and has excellent teamwork even with students she doesn’t interact with too often. Also her sending Kurogiri, an adult villain who made it very clear that his and his groups’ intention was to kill everyone present, flying during the USJ incident so Iida could run away and get help probably saved everyone’s lives.*  

Me: -her relationship with Izuku is the best thing ever, its so wholesome and pure and-

Ochako Uraraka: *Stopped some random kid she didn’t know from falling on his face for seemingly no reason other than being nice, later saved his life by making him float before he broke his neck on the ground even though the strain it put on her quirk made her vomit, tried to help him pass because she thought he might have failed because he saved her even though it could have hurt her chances, and then turned an abusive childhood insult into an affectionate nickname with just a few kind words and minimal-to-no knowledge of his history. All of this happening over the course of less than THREE DAYS OF GETTING TO KNOW HIM.* 

Me: -seriously she loves him so much its so good-

Ochako Uraraka: *Realizes she has feelings for her friend in the middle of a very important and intense exam, and instead of panicking she get her shit together, pushes her feeling down so she can focus, and passes with flying colors, because she is AWESOME.*

Me: -also she sleeps with mittens so she doesn’t make herself float in her sleep how adorable is that?   

Ochako Uraraka: *Is the best.*