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You’re Doing It Again

Simon was going on and on with his long explanation about his newest favorite Sci-fi fantasy show and how the undertones were symbolism for the problems in our world. His hands frantically moving as he spoke, he continued to describe the genius of the show with great enthusiasm and then he just stopped.

“You’re doing it again”, he looked down at his coffee and away from the heavenly face of his watching boyfriend.

“Doing what?”, Jace laughed, his breath making the strand of hair that had fallen out of place fly up before he tucked it back out of his way.

Simon continued to avoid his eyes or he’d falter, looking everywhere but at Jace. He picked at the seam of his jeans nervously, fidgeting and evading. 

“What’s wrong Simon?”, Jace spoke gently, his hand finding Simon’s to still it. 

He was always quick to laugh when Simon was being absolutely nerdy but perhaps it was the wrong thing to do. Jace never really thought of it before, he’d always been a confident guy, his smile and laughter getting him out of trouble more times than he could count. But maybe this time, with this relationship it was actually getting him in trouble. 

“Please look at me”, Jace almost begged.

With a sigh and a gulp Simon looked up into Jace’s worried face and sighed. Simon was a goner for those eyes, an almost shocking blue with a magical splash of brown spiking out into the lower portion of the iris in his left eye, Jace was an original for sure. His glasses were slightly askew, but before he could fix them Jace reached up, brushing his fingers along Simon’s cheek, and put them right.

“What did I do? You said I was doing it again, did I do something wrong?”, the concern was evident in Jace’s tone.

“No actually”, Simon straightened his posture, one side of his mouth going up in a lopsided smile. “You did something right”.

“Then why did it make you act like that?”

“Because you’re looking at me that way - me - Simon Lewis. You - golden boy Jace”.

Jace caught on after that. There must have been an expression he made that had Simon all a flutter. Of course it bothered him a bit that Simon seemed to think he was lucky to be with Jace, in fact Jace thought it was the other way around. He - Jace Lightwood - was the lucky one, because he had someone sweet, adorable and passionate in his life. 

Jace wanted those thoughts to leave Simon’s mind right away. So he put on his most sneaky grin and winked at Simon knowing it would make his boyfriend forget anything upsetting him in mere seconds.

“So how was I looking at you?”, Jace made his voice low and husky as he moved closer to Simon his hand sliding up his boyfriends thigh just a bit. 

“T-that s-smirk”, he stuttered before regaining his composure and rambling in perfect Simon fashion. “You know the one where you seem to be annoyed at me for going on about things you don’t care about or don’t want to care about - but then there is this smirky smile on your lips that you’re fighting to keep in check - and you hold your body in a rigid form but your eyes are soft and you’re looking at me and I just - I just - I know you’re really enjoying yourself even if you’re putting on a front. It makes me happy”

Simon shrugged as he finished his eyes now on Jace’s hand that was rubbing gentle circles into his thigh. Jace leaned in to whisper into Simon’s ear causing a shiver to run through his body.

“It’s not that I don’t care about what you’re saying, it’s the fact that you’re so cute when you get into it. You know I love your nerdy side, babe. I may not get half the stuff you’re saying but I love seeing you talk about it”.

Kissing the corner of Simon’s mouth Jace leaned his head onto Simon’s before giving him the sweetest peck full on the lips and pulling away. 

“So you like that look huh?”, Jace teased.

Simon could only nod because the look Jace was giving him now was one that made Simon feel a whole other way completely. 

“And you like this one too”, Jace smoldered his sexy pout in full force.

Simon gulped again and nodded fervently before finding his voice and it was surprisingly strong. “Can we go home?”.

Jace raised his brow and smirked “Coffee date over?”

“Coffee date over”, Simon nearly growled making Jace bite his lip to keep from groaning in public.

Simon may be his sweet little nerd, but damn he was so hot, especially when he was turned on. Jace only had a few seconds to throw a twenty down on the table before Simon was tugging him towards the door insistently. 

@kinqdanny GUESS WHOS SAVANT PAR TRASH STILL!!!a few more ideas to throw into the mix:
•Danny having a breakdown and flying to Tucks house in the middle of the night
•Sam, always the photographer, having her camera out at all times just in case Tucker and Danny do something cute
•Danny having to float a little bit in order to kiss Tuck ((bc he’s super short and also so mad Sam and Tucker are way taller than him))
•Ghost powers can always be used for cute fluffy things?? Invisible kisses! Danny putting his ice cold fingers on Tucker’s neck when he isn’t suspecting!! The possibilities are endless with these two tbh

Stop tucking in your uniqueness, your strangeness, your difference, in doing so you conceal your essence, your gift, your magic, your power. Your comfort zone is that thing that makes you different, not the thing that makes you the same. There is no security or joy in hiding who you are, that’s pseudo freedom, it a lie, a sham the world wants to convince you is your truth.
—  let your freak falg fly babe!

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hi I was wondering if you could do some dad!warren head cannons please? i really need it in my life!!! thank you

MMM i feel u

  • He is the reason your child’s first word was ‘fuck’
    • Warren didn’t mean for it to happen it just kind of did. He always meant to watch his language but he never did. Old habits die hard.
  • When you’re absolutely exhausted and you just can’t get up, he takes care of the baby when it cries in the middle of the night
    • Your first child, Olivia, was colicky and constantly cried through out the night and the only thing that consoled her was Warren flying around with her, tucked close to his chest.
      • When you first found out, you freaked because, even though you trust him wholeheartedly, that is your daughter and you are scared shitless that he might drop her
      • He never dropped her though
        • You feel better about it when he promises to only stay a few feet off the ground with her
    • He sings Olivia and Benjamin to sleep quite often
      • Mostly rock songs but also the occasional lullaby
      • He sounds like an actual angel to you even if he sings just a bit gruffly
    • You sing mostly off key disney songs
  • He is his kids #1 supporter
    • He wants his kids to have a better childhood than him. He doesn’t ever want them to ever feel unwanted or unloved
  • Warren is scared to death he is going to be like his father
    • You know better and have no problem reassuring him
  • The kids are fascinated with his wings and will beg him to fly them around because they had developed a love for the way their hair feels in the wind and the rush that they get just like their father

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I just really love mess. like after a crazy week you finally settle into the end of it and look around; mugs stacked on top of each other, sweater from Tuesday on the floor and your bra on the door handle. like everything went so fast and you were just so involved with life that you didn’t clean up, fly aways tucked behind your ears and untameable frizz of hair. it’s messy but it’s so human and real and that’s why I love it

Y'all are doing the most over this Ruby Rose girl. She’s pretty. But if I see one more girl on my TL talking about “OMG I’M GAY NOW SHE’S SO HOT SIT ON MY FACE LOLZ” while knowing good & well they’d hop skip fly run tuck and roll away from the pussy if one was put in their face imma scream