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The Flying Graysons

Prompt: Batmom meets Dick Grayson.
A/N: This is the first part of my new series, which is mainly about Batmom meeting the batkids. I’m going in order, so Jason is next!

When you first heard that Haly’s Circus was coming to Gotham, you had immediately begged Bruce to go with you.

It’s been ages since the last time you both did anything fun. Usually, you’d only go out in public for galas and charity balls, but now that the circus was in town, there was no way you’re missing out on it.

Luckily for you, Bruce gave in to your begging, much to your satisfaction.

“Bruce, come on!” You ushered, pulling on his arm to try and make him walk faster.

Bruce chuckled, “The show doesn’t even start until 7:30, and it’s not even seven yet.” He said, amused by your eagerness.

The billionaire knew exactly why you were so excited. Today might be your only chance to see the Flying Graysons up close and personal. Ever since little Richard joined in on his family’s performances, the act had gotten more popular, and you were one of their biggest fans.

“We need to get good seats.” You said, trying to defend yourself.

Your husband gave you a ‘really?’ look. “Did you suddenly forget who you’re married to?” He asked teasingly.

You stuck out your tongue childishly and continued to drag him closer and closer to the large tent.

As soon as you were inside, you picked the seats closest to the front and sat down happily.

There were already several people inside waiting for the show to start, some of them even pulled out their phones and started to not-so-subtly take pictures of you and Bruce once they caught sight of Gotham’s most famous couple.

Bruce wrapped his arm around your shoulders and started to whisper random things in your ear.

One of the main reasons why he even agreed to go with you was because of the publicity, which sounded bad but you understood. He was the Batman. The more Bruce Wayne went out in public with his wife, the less people were suspicious of him.

Time flew by fast as more and more civilians entered the tent. You caught sight of familiar faces such as those of the Drakes and their young son, Tim.

You weren’t particularly close to them, but Tim was just so adorable. So when he waved and smiled toothily at you, you couldn’t help smile and wave back.

A minute later, the ringmaster appeared and you looked up at Bruce with an excited grin. He affectionately smiled back down, happy to see that you were happy.

You watched in wonder as the opening acts came out and performed. Though you hadn’t exactly came here for them, their performances still had you blown you away.

When the ringmaster finally announced the Flying Graysons, the whole tent bursted into cheers.

You and Bruce watched as the family took their place atop the trapeze.

After seeing how small Dick Grayson actually was, you couldn’t help but worry about his safety, even though you knew acrobatics was probably second nature to him.

The crowd cheered loudly in amazement as Dick started the performance off with his famous “Quadruple Flip of Doom,” a maneuver that only the Grayson family was able to perfect.

You sighed in relief and clapped as Dick swung to safety, causing Bruce to chuckle amusingly. Seeing you so worried about a child’s wellbeing brought a warm feeling in his chest. ‘She would be an amazing mother,’ he noted.

John and Mary Grayson, Dick’s parents, prepared to attempt a simultaneous triple flip.

The two acrobats smiled lovingly at each other before swinging out together, earning ‘oohs’ from the crowd.

Everyone waited for the two to land, but they never did.

Not even a second later, you and Bruce heard a terrifying snap. The both of you immediately tried to find where the noise was coming from, but in the end all you could do was watch in horror as the two Graysons plummeted several stories to their deaths.

Screams erupted and many began to rush out of the tent, not even giving a second glance back at the scene before them.

It was like a switch flipped in your head. Your eyes instinctively sought for Dick, who had been watching from above with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Without even thinking, you ran from Bruce’s side and climbed up the ladder while ignoring his calls for you. Your first priority was the hysterical boy grieving all by himself.

Once you reached the top, Dick’s head snapped from his parents’ bloodied bodies to you.

The pain in his eyes reminded you of Bruce’s right after his own parents’ deaths.

Your lips quivered at how utterly broken he looked.

You knew you couldn’t offer him much, but what you could give him was comfort.

No words needed to be spoken as you bent down in front of him and embraced him in the tight hug. He wrapped his shaky arms around you, crying excessively into your shoulder.

You could care less about the tears and snot getting on your expensive clothes. The only thing that mattered was the sobbing boy in your arms

Nightmares. (The Walking Dead)

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Dad was quite overprotective of us all, even before the outbreak. Once we realized there was a sickness going around infecting our loved ones, dad was even more strict about us leaving the house alone. I didn’t think it was a sickness though. Our family wasn’t the same after they got infected, but no one would listen to me. A disadvantage of being the middle child. On the other side, because I was the middle child and all the attention was on Maggie or Beth, I managed to leave the house a little more than they did. No one wanted to tell me that my dad didn’t love me as much as he loved my sisters, but I already knew. I wasn’t as smart as Maggie or as charming as Beth. I wasn’t enough.

It was easier to leave when Rick’s group showed up and stayed on my dad’s farm. They were a distraction for him, something else for him to worry about and stress over. I hated being held up in that house and not being able to do anything or go anywhere. Of course, I wasn’t dumb enough to go on my own. Usually I would convince Daryl to accompany me. Daryl was a skilled tracker and he was always able to tell when a walker was around.

“Next time you wake me up at the ass crack of dawn, I’m gonna have Maggie lock you out of the house.” Daryl muttered as we walked quietly into the woods.

“How is that any form of punishment?” I asked curiously, looking around at the damp, dark forest surrounding us.

“You’ll sleep on the floor and realize how damn hard it is to find a comfortable spot to sleep on.” he explained. I chuckled and suddenly heard a shuffle behind me, but when I turned there was nothing there.

“There aren’t any walkers around, are there?” I asked Daryl hopefully. Daryl shook his head.

“Not that I can see. You scared?” he smirked over his shoulder at me and I rolled my eyes at him. Then he quickly pushed me to the side but not before I felt a painful sting in my leg. I fell on my ass and cried out in pain as the legless walker chomped down on my calf, dragging itself to grab a hold of my leg. Daryl shot an arrow into its head and then pulled it away from me. “Shit.”

“Shit!” I cried. My body was shaking and I couldn’t stop crying. “I need to get to my father.” I choked out to Daryl. There was panic and fear in his eyes, but he nodded and picked me up quickly, trying to be as careful as he could without wasting time.

Daryl ran back to the farm calling out for help and my dad came out, turning pale as a ghost followed by Maggie. My vision was fading now and I had a hard time seeing and listening clearly. The last thing I remembered was my father yelling about incompetence and irresponsibility while Maggie cried. Even on the verge of dying, I was a disappointment and burden to my father.

When I came too, I didn’t know how long I had been out of it and I didn’t exactly remember what had happened. Maggie was sitting on the chair across from the bed with a gun in her lap while she hid her face in her hands. I choked out her name weakly and she immediately stood up and aimed the gun at me.

“Maggie,” I mumbled, reaching for her. Maggie’s eye widened and she set the gun on the nightstand. Her hands caressed my face, feeling for any drastic change in temperature. “Maggie, I’m thirsty.”

Maggie grabbed a glass from the nightstand and sat me up carefully, tilting the glass so I could feel the cold liquid against my dry lips. I downed half the glass and sighed as she laid me back down. “Are you feeling okay?” she asked, her face was still pale, as if she were talking to a ghost.

“Yeah, I’m okay. My leg is a little numb.” I touched my right thigh and lifted the sheet to see my calf wrapped in gauze. The imprint of the walker’s teeth were slightly visible through the bandages. “What’s wrong?” I asked Maggie when I realized she had started crying.

“We thought you were going to turn like mama did.” she cried softly. “We thought we lost you, Y/N.”

Once everyone found out I was still alive, they came to see for themselves because they just couldn’t believe it. Especially Rick. He wouldn’t say why, but he just couldn’t seem to grasp that I hadn’t turned. Daryl came to see me too. He apologized for not keeping a better eye out.

“It’s okay, Daryl.” I reassured him for what felt like the tenth time. “I’m okay. You got me here just in time.”

Daryl shook his head, fidgeting with his fingers. “Your father yelled at me for being irresponsible. Said I wasn’t allowed to ever talk to you again.” My dad hadn’t been upset with me, he had been upset with Daryl. My chest filled with an odd happiness and I gave Daryl a small smile.

“He must’ve just meant that in the moment. You’re here now.” I said. Daryl chuckled and nodded.

“Everyone’s a little spooked about you not turning.” he told me. I raised an eyebrow. “They don’t think it’s normal.”

It wasn’t normal. There had never been a case in which someone didn’t turn after being bitten by a walker. This was probably the first time it ever happened, but we couldn’t be sure. “I don’t think it’s normal either, but I sure am glad I’m alive.”

“Me too, kid.”

There was a knock on the door and we looked to see my dad standing in the doorway. There was a look of guilt on his face. Daryl stood from the chair next to me and gave me a small nod as he headed out. My dad took the empty seat and we sat in silence before he started crying softly.

“I thought I was going to lose you, sweetheart.” he choked. His shoulders were shaking and I was shocked. I had never seen my dad cry like this. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had lost you. I couldn’t have gone through that again.”

I rested my hand on his and he looked up at me. “I’m okay, daddy. Please don’t cry. I’m right here.”

“I know I’ve been hard on you in the past and perhaps I didn’t give you an equal amount of attention as your sisters, but it was only because you’ve always been so strong. I didn’t think you needed me as much as your sisters do. I thought you hated me for a long time.”

My eyes burned with hot tears. “Dad, I could never hate you. I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. I promise, I won’t ever let you get hurt again. I’m going to take care of you, darling. I can’t lose you.” His arms wrapped tightly around me and I felt alright. I felt complete.

Rick’s P.O.V

It was thundering out and I stared at the opening of the tent with apprehension. There was a strike of lightening and silhouetted against the tent was the form of a girl. Her hair unkempt and her hand reaching for the zipper of the tent. The fly moved down until Y/N jumped in and pounced on Carl. My voice was caught in my throat and I couldn’t move as I watched her tear into him with her rotted hands. She had turned.

I woke with a start drenched in cold sweat and panting heavily. I turned to look at Carl and found him sound asleep next to Lori. My heartbeat returned to normal as I left the tent with my gun in hand and I stared at the dark window of Y/N’s bedroom. What if she turned eventually?

Lori’s P.O.V.

A cold wind brushed over my arm and I opened my eyes to see Y/N standing over Carl, staring at him quietly until he began to stir and then she bit into him with an animal-like hunger. I jumped up and lunged towards her only for her to turn on me and attack me along with a turned Carl. I screamed and thrashed, calling Rick to help me, but when Rick came to my side he was also a walker. His teeth dug into my arm and I felt myself turning.

A firmer grip grabbed my arm and I sat up immediately, gasping and staring into Rick’s blue eyes, filled with light and life. My breath left me in a relieved sigh and I caressed his face gently. “I had a dream.”

“About Y/N?” he asked. My head tilted in confusion.

“How’d you know?”

“I had one about her too.”

Shane’s P.O.V.

Y/N was walking towards the woods with Lori and Carl following close behind. I followed them deeper and deeper into the dark forest, but I lost them quickly. The more I walked in the louder I heard them screaming. I started running, but I couldn’t seem to get any closer until I looked down and found Y/N ripping Lori’s limbs off as if they were toothpicks. Carl’s mangled corpse was laying a few feet away, and then he turned. His blank eyes met mine and then he attacked me.

“No!” I shot up in my tent and looked around, reaching for my gun and listening for any odd sound. I heard voices from Rick’s tent and made my way over, cautiously. “Rick, you okay?”

Rick came out of his tent followed by Lori. “We’re fine, are you okay?”

“Fine,” I lowered my gun and sighed, scratching the back of my neck. “Call me crazy, but I had a dream that Y/N had turned into one of those walkers.”

“We did too.” Lori said.

Rick nodded and looked at the farmhouse. “We can’t live like this. We can’t sleep with one eye open for the rest of our lives.”

“What should we do?” Lori asked.

Rick and I shared a look and I nodded slowly. “There’s only one thing we can do.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Word had gotten around that people were having dreams, or nightmares, about me turning into a walker. They were scared. I was too. I went to sleep each night praying I wouldn’t end up turning somehow. But now that other people feared I would turn, that wasn’t so much my biggest concern.

“Are they going to try and kill me? Like they did mama and everyone else in the barn?” I asked my father who was cleaning up my breakfast tray. His eyes met mine.

“They’ll get to you over my dead body, I promise you that.” he kissed my forehead and left the room, locking the door behind him. Maybe it wasn’t just the people out there that were scared of me. Maybe my own family was scared too.

Maggie’s P.O.V.

Y/N had been isolated in the house ever since Daryl brought her back. Her bedroom door locked and windows barred. We felt guilty, there was no denying it, but we needed to take all the precautions necessary to keep not only us safe, but her too. No amount of locks or bars could help keep our minds at ease.

Everyone seemed to be having a similar nightmare in which Y/N turns and kills someone. We wake in cold sweat and wonder ‘what if?’ I could feel the tension amidst the group. The question as to why Y/N hadn’t turn was in the back of everyone’s mind, keeping us up at night because we were scared this was a false alarm. Everyone else had turned, so why hadn’t she? I understood people were scared, but I’d be damned if I let any of them hurt her.

Rick had shared the group’s concerns with my father. I heard them talking on the porch. Lori, Shane, Daryl and Glenn were with him. “I’m not letting you go in there, Rick.” my father said. “She’s my daughter.”

“We don’t want to hurt her, Hershel.” Rick reassured, shaking his head and propping his right foot on the bottom step of the porch. “We just want to see how she’s doing and make sure she hasn’t actually turned.”

My blood boiled and I went out and stood next to my father. “She hasn’t turned and you aren’t going up there.” There eyes fell on me and Glenn took a step back. I was angered that they weren’t glad Y/N was alive. Why did they want her dead?

Rick spoke up. “How else are we supposed to deal with this? I don’t believe she’s not immune to-”

“Why? Why can’t you accept that maybe she got lucky? Why don’t you want to accept that she’s alive?” I demanded.

“It’s not that we’re not glad she’s alive, but it is concerning.” Lori started. “We’re not sure if it’s real, we’re not sure if she’ll turn later when we let our guard down.”

“She won’t turn. Why is that so hard for you to believe?”

“Because we’re all infected! We all carry it. Whatever makes us turn when we die. We all carry it!” Rick exclaimed.

“What?” Daryl asked.

“Jenner told me at the CDC. We all carry this infection that brings us back as walkers when we die.” Rick explained. It was silent for a long minute, all eyes were on him now and my heart skipped a beat. If we were all infected, why hadn’t Y/N turned?

“Then maybe she’s immune. Maybe she was born without it. We’re not all the same, Rick! So leave my sister alone!” I turned and marched upstairs to Y/N’s room, slowing down the closer I got. I stopped in front of her door and sighed, resting my forehead against the cool wood.

Why hadn’t she turned?

Requested: Reader is Maggie’s little sister and is found to be immune after being bitten by a walker. The rest of the group has nightmares about Reader turning and attacking people in the group. I wasn’t sure how to end it, but cliffhangers are always fun. Regardless, I hope you like it! I really liked this one. Thanks for requesting! xx

A Perfect Reunion

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Part One here!

Request: anon asked “Part 2 for perfect arrangement: after they’re married & the war breaks out but the reader is captured during one of the battles & taken back home to kings landing where she’s kinda held hostage since she’d rather be with Robb. They have a baby boy who looks a lot like Robb, reminder of him. She hears of plans for the red wedding so she packs up & runs away with their son to go rescue him even though she’s heartbroken to hear about Talisa & Robb who’d presumed his wife dead.  Talisa still gets killed but Robb still has his army so he continues to fight the war and they win eventually. But Robb and the reader grow closer despite his infidelity, and Robb bonds with baby boy (awwwww) and yeah you can end however you like and change anything up if you’d like! Thank you, I love your writing!”

Warnings: reader is held hostage

Word Count: 2119

Notes: i realize that i made the reader’s escape very unrealistic but since i outlined it i knew this fic was going to be long so i tried to condense it.  bear with me D:  hope u still enjoy the story, it was a toughie!

Your name: submit What is this?

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Rock Step, Triple Step

“You’re a wonderful dancer, Mr. Graves,” Tina gasps out, accepting a glass of wine from a house elf, grin still settled on her face. Percival laughs, running a hand through his hair, “You aren’t so bad yourself, Miss. Goldstein." 

[The idea of Tina and Graves swing dancing grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let me go, so I drummed this up. As per usual, edited only by myself, but I have to let it go because I’ve got other things to do.] 

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Anatomy of a PR Suicide, Part 2

Word Cloud for Harry’s 2016 Tusk Force One article:

The keywords are elephants, helicopters, flying, mission, daring, endangered, tents, rough, protection,  working, camp, tents, low-key and team. There are lots of African location (Liwonde, Malawi, Nkhotakota, savannah) and action words.

Word cloud for Emily Andrews’ African Engagement Holiday exclusive:

The keywords are royal, holiday, together, hell (not sure why that word appears, honestly, but it’s kind of funny), safari, destination, birthday, couples, Suits, honeymoon, and filming. No action words (instead there are a lot of non-action verbs like planning and filming) and Africa is one big blob. There’s also a lot of “hype” words like heighten, speculation, popular, hugely.

So from daring and low-key prince working with endangered elephants and protecting nature to hyped romantic safari holiday destination prince hell (I think maybe “hell” is the word cloud program’s version of the “he will” contraction, as in “he’ll propose”) in less than a year.

The funny thing is that 100% of EA’s exclusive was dictated by Meg’s pr people (same way the DM’s Africa article was dictated by KP). I think the goal here was to make Ms. Markle look like a conservationist. It achieved the exact opposite effect and turned Harry into a rich celeb dilettante. Thumbs up, Hazza!

More “Markel Effect.”

In School Suspension ||Sammy Wilk smut

“Y/n and Sammy, tisk tisk tisk. Why cant the both of you stay out of trouble? I just dont understand it.” The school disciplinarian asked Sammy and I.

She looked at us and raised a curious brow. “In the last five months both of you have been in my office seventeen times. Thats record braking.” She spat. “But both of you will be in, in school suspension for 2 weeks with Mrs. Trish.” She declared 

I groaned and sat back in my chair “Your the one who chooses to make bad decisions and you must deal with the consequences.” She snapped. 

“Alright go to the ISS room Mrs. Trish should be in there.” She instructed pointing her bony finger at the door.

Sammy and I got up out of our chairs. I smoothed my hand over my uniform skirt and walked out of her office. 

We walked through the silent halls together. He leaned over and whispered into my ear. “Damn y/n you look so fucking good in that skirt I might nut off in my pants just looking at you.” He whispered sneaking a quick slap to my rear end.

I took a seat in one of the 10 empty desks in the ISS room, Sammy sat in the desk to my left. I was surprised to see that the room was completely empty except for Sammy and I and Mrs. Trish, who was sitting behind her desk attacking a salad. 

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Open rp || Lenin & ______

Disaster. That was to say the least. Lenin looked around. The catering was late, his best man was obviously drunk and it started to rain during their outdoor wedding. So, there he sat, soaking wet, on a small cliff, looking over the beach. The entire crowd ran under a tent, staying away from the rain, just to have the tent fly from out of the ground, making everyone under scatter to find a dry area. His hair slicked back, with the tapping of the raindrops on his head and shoulders. He looked over to his now wife. 

He reached his hand out, slowly moving her wet hair out of her face. He then looked at all the people who scattered around. He let out a soft sigh, with a small grin. He started to laugh. “This is a disaster.” He chuckled, looking at her, then leaning in and kissing her. “I love you.” He said, pulling back and smirking.

Watch You Come From Above (And the Devil Makes Three- Part 8)

Based on Skin on Skin by Queens of the Stone Age

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Summary of Part 8: In the last part, Dean sought comfort in Cas, who he has clearly found comfort in before. This has clearly only added to his problems. Dean is still dealing with the fall out from his encounter with Lucfer, but now turns to the reader, with whom he has no history.

Warning: Canon divergence, spoilers for seasons 1-5, angst, so much angst, smut, using sex as a coping mechanism

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N:  Tagging the creator of the playlist that inspired this, @littlegreenplasticsoldier​ , who I cannot thank enough for helping me with this story, because I am having so much fun writing it.You guys into it so far?

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Hands Entwined

Request: Monty one shot? He’s so adorable and he does not get enough love. Just something cute and fluffy. Monty and reader where they meet after the drop and both really like each other but they’re shy so they’re really adorable about it just little touches and cute flirting and there’s a storm or something and readers tent gets ruined so he says she can stay with him and they’re really awkward trying to sleep like 10 feet from each other but end up cuddling and kiss and monty is just so precious I can’t.

A/N: Sorry I was absent for so long, but notice it was shorter, I’m getting marginally better :P Thanks so much for requesting, and feedback is totally appreciated. 

Word Count: 1083

Warnings: Storm, fluff?

Originally posted by intostarlight

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Fire N’ Golden Hair

“Remind me again why I let you convince me of this madness?”

“Because you love me.”

Cat grumbled something under her breath that even Kara couldn’t catch, as the green scenery flew past.

They were driving deep within Yosemite National Park with gray pines, and blue oaks lining the dirt road they were traveling on.

Kara breathed in the clear, clean air coming in from the rolled down windows, excitement bubbling in her chest.

She gently grabbed Cat’s free hand, and considered the fact that the older woman didn’t yank it away a victory.

“Honestly, only you would consider going camping while in full human condition.” Grumbled the CEO from the driver’s seat – eyes never straying from the road –, an imperceptible tightness in her jaw her only sign of distress.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe you can do that thing I forget what it's called but it's like a giant airplane rig the you ride in but it's sort of a flying tent

that’s scary though