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A Perfect Reunion

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Part One here!

Request: anon asked “Part 2 for perfect arrangement: after they’re married & the war breaks out but the reader is captured during one of the battles & taken back home to kings landing where she’s kinda held hostage since she’d rather be with Robb. They have a baby boy who looks a lot like Robb, reminder of him. She hears of plans for the red wedding so she packs up & runs away with their son to go rescue him even though she’s heartbroken to hear about Talisa & Robb who’d presumed his wife dead.  Talisa still gets killed but Robb still has his army so he continues to fight the war and they win eventually. But Robb and the reader grow closer despite his infidelity, and Robb bonds with baby boy (awwwww) and yeah you can end however you like and change anything up if you’d like! Thank you, I love your writing!”

Warnings: reader is held hostage

Word Count: 2119

Notes: i realize that i made the reader’s escape very unrealistic but since i outlined it i knew this fic was going to be long so i tried to condense it.  bear with me D:  hope u still enjoy the story, it was a toughie!

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I saw the crazy enfp post&wanted to share: my best friend is one&I still dont comprehend how we get along bc I'm a textbook intj&she one day decided to buy a tent & fly out to Iceland&just walk across the whole country A week later she did exactly that w/o telling anyone It took her a month or 2&suddenly she was just back at university as if shed never been gone She didnt sleep indoors a single night Meanwhile I was writing my doctors thesis on dark matter we dont really have much common ground

Day 260 Quake Lake to Old Faithful 123K

Hat, gloves, merino base, top layer, fleece, shorts, leg warmers, two pair of socks. Check. Right time for bed! The temps plummet as soon as it’s dark. I am still at 2500 meters, so you would expect night chills. Daytime it’s around 10/15, night below zero. My sleeping bag is a bit lightweight, or I am getting soft. Probably a bit of both. I was woke up this morning to a buzzing noise, I thought it was a drone. When I got out of the tent I realized it was several humming birds, bright green, flying around the tent. For a small bird, they can make quite a bit of noise.

When camping there is no need to hang around, transition is quite easy really. Roll out of the tent, pack tent, clean teeth, basically keep the same warm cloths on and start riding quickly to get the blood pumping.

I rode down to West Yellowstone, sun was out and the going was good. I came across 4 birds of pray, wings out warming themselves in the morning sun. I know how you feel chaps. I rode alongside a large lake that was formed due to a 7.5 earthquake in 1959. Strange to look at this huge expanse of water and think it’s only a year older than me!

I soon arrived at West Yellowstone. How can I say this, Yellowstone seems a little like Disneyland of parks. Buses of tourists and t shirt shops. I paid my 20 bucks to ride through the park. I am used to riding amongst very few cars recently, so Yellowstone was quite a shock. I can’t imagine what it is like when the holiday season kicks in. As I rode through the park, I passed lots of Bison, huge beasts not taking much notice of the cars. However, they don’t like bikes and as I rode by one it panicked and started running up he road on the opposite side of the road which spooked two others. Oh crap, when you see the size of these things running at full pelt it’s a bit intimidating. There were signs saying don’t walk and stay in your car in this particular area, bears feeding. Hello, I am on a bike here, what do I do? Eyes peeled, left and right, watching for any movement, whilst trying to stay on the small hard shoulder! Not sure if I want to see a bear or not, if I do I hope it’s from distance!

I got to Old Faithful, famous for its spouting geyser. There must have been 500 people waiting for it to explode, which it does every hour. Actually, before the earthquake it was on the hour, now 15 past.

I walked over to the lodge on the off chance they had a room. They had a last minute cancellation, happy days. It’s a beautiful building, the oldest in the park. No hat in bed tonight!.

I think tomorrow I will out of Yellowstone. To be honest, so many people in cars makes me nervous. It will be good to push on and not to be regulated by the park.

In School Suspension ||Sammy Wilk smut

“Y/n and Sammy, tisk tisk tisk. Why cant the both of you stay out of trouble? I just dont understand it.” The school disciplinarian asked Sammy and I.

She looked at us and raised a curious brow. “In the last five months both of you have been in my office seventeen times. Thats record braking.” She spat. “But both of you will be in, in school suspension for 2 weeks with Mrs. Trish.” She declared 

I groaned and sat back in my chair “Your the one who chooses to make bad decisions and you must deal with the consequences.” She snapped. 

“Alright go to the ISS room Mrs. Trish should be in there.” She instructed pointing her bony finger at the door.

Sammy and I got up out of our chairs. I smoothed my hand over my uniform skirt and walked out of her office. 

We walked through the silent halls together. He leaned over and whispered into my ear. “Damn y/n you look so fucking good in that skirt I might nut off in my pants just looking at you.” He whispered sneaking a quick slap to my rear end.

I took a seat in one of the 10 empty desks in the ISS room, Sammy sat in the desk to my left. I was surprised to see that the room was completely empty except for Sammy and I and Mrs. Trish, who was sitting behind her desk attacking a salad. 

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Watch You Come From Above (And the Devil Makes Three- Part 8)

Based on Skin on Skin by Queens of the Stone Age

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Summary of Part 8: In the last part, Dean sought comfort in Cas, who he has clearly found comfort in before. This has clearly only added to his problems. Dean is still dealing with the fall out from his encounter with Lucfer, but now turns to the reader, with whom he has no history.

Warning: Canon divergence, spoilers for seasons 1-5, angst, so much angst, smut, using sex as a coping mechanism

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N:  Tagging the creator of the playlist that inspired this, @littlegreenplasticsoldier​ , who I cannot thank enough for helping me with this story, because I am having so much fun writing it.You guys into it so far?

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Lights flashed and crackled from Bella’s monster-sized tent, sending out bright rays to illuminate the darkened camp. Sleeping children and wary adults snapped to attention, flying out of their tents and standing wide-eyed with weapons in hand! But.. well, they weren’t expecting this exactly when they heard all the ruckus; They were positiviely bewildered and backing behind walls, huddling together as they watched sparks fly from the hungover cloak.

Snap! POP!

With one final flash, the spontaneous light show came to an end. 

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💞- A memory about their children

With a shout of rage the bottle went flying across the tent, by pure chance colliding with the nearest support beam, the sound of smashing glass proving to be incredibly satisfying. Edward stood in the middle of his tent, fists clenched at his sides as he took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself. His ships would mobilise in the morning, regroup with Flint and then move on to retake Nassau. And by God Woodes Rogers would regret his decision to have Charles hung. He would personally see the man suffer for his crime. Many years ago, when he had still been a young man eager to learn about the world through books, he had stumbled across an old text hidden at the back of his father’s bookcase. 

The book was a detailed account by King Aelle of the arrival of the ‘Vikings’, savage Pagan men from the North, and their way of life. Yet it had not been the account itself that proved to be so interesting, rather the record of the King’s death included at the end. Aelle had been executed by way of ‘Blood Eagle’ a vile and barbaric method that saw the man’s back sliced open, his ribs hacked away from the spine and the lungs drawn out and draped over the shoulders. It had haunted his dreams for a week following his discovery of the book. It had been years since he had last thought of that book, but now the Blood Eagle seemed to be the only suitable punishment for the would-be-Governor. 

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Hands Entwined

Request: Monty one shot? He’s so adorable and he does not get enough love. Just something cute and fluffy. Monty and reader where they meet after the drop and both really like each other but they’re shy so they’re really adorable about it just little touches and cute flirting and there’s a storm or something and readers tent gets ruined so he says she can stay with him and they’re really awkward trying to sleep like 10 feet from each other but end up cuddling and kiss and monty is just so precious I can’t.

A/N: Sorry I was absent for so long, but notice it was shorter, I’m getting marginally better :P Thanks so much for requesting, and feedback is totally appreciated. 

Word Count: 1083

Warnings: Storm, fluff?

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Fire N’ Golden Hair

“Remind me again why I let you convince me of this madness?”

“Because you love me.”

Cat grumbled something under her breath that even Kara couldn’t catch, as the green scenery flew past.

They were driving deep within Yosemite National Park with gray pines, and blue oaks lining the dirt road they were traveling on.

Kara breathed in the clear, clean air coming in from the rolled down windows, excitement bubbling in her chest.

She gently grabbed Cat’s free hand, and considered the fact that the older woman didn’t yank it away a victory.

“Honestly, only you would consider going camping while in full human condition.” Grumbled the CEO from the driver’s seat – eyes never straying from the road –, an imperceptible tightness in her jaw her only sign of distress.

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My Promise - Fred Weasley Imagine


Could you make a Fred imagine where he and the reader go to the Burrow for Bill and Fleur’s wedding? One where they start talking about marriage and the like, and end up talking about the inevitable war. They dance together and enjoy the wedding for a while, but are interrupted by Kingsley’s warning.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Beautiful! Are you ready yet?!” I heard Fred yell from downstairs “Yes Pumpkin! I’m coming down!” I screamed smiling to myself. I’ve been in front of the mirror for an hour doing my makeup wanting to look presentable for the wedding. Everyone thought that Bill and Fleur were out of their minds for thinking that they should have a wedding at this time of history. Lord Voldemort was on the loose leading his followers a.k.a Death eaters to peoples doom. It put witches and wizards everywhere into a panic just to know that the deaths of the muggles is just the beginning. War is coming and there’s no denying it. But everyone must fight together if we want to get through the war alive. I slap on a layer of red lipstick, and slip on my silver heals. I was wearing a knee-high black lace dress that had sleeves, I left my hair down just the way it is. I make my way down the stairs to where Fred was waiting impatiently. I heard a gasp making me look up quickly to see Fred with wide eyes and his hands over his mouth. “You look amazing!” He exclaimed hugging me “Thank you Freddie. You don’t look too bad yourself.” I smiled making him smirk. “My lady.” Fred said in a royal accent bowing lowly with his hand out in front of me. I grab his hand and bow lowly too, Fred always likes to make me feel like a princess and it makes me happy. We walked hand in hand out of the house all the way to the white tent that was probably fifteen feet away from the house. Once we entered the tent we started to look for a seat in the crowded tent but couldn’t due to one of Fred relatives. “Aw! This must be (Y/n)!” Fred’s Great Aunt Muriel screeched shaking my hand vigorously. “I’ve heard all about you! Your dating my grandson George Weasley!” She said loudly making people turn their heads turn towards us. “No aunt Muriel! She dating me! Fred Weasley!” Fred yelled trying to make sure that his aunt got the message. “What?!” She screamed not able to hear Fred maybe it’s because she’s older. “Nothing” he mumbled, “hey look!” He told his aunt pointing his finger at the people in back of her. She turned around quickly as Fred grabbed my hand and dragged me off to the side where she can’t find us.

“Oh Seats!” I said excitedly telling Fred to sit down before someone else gets them. The ceremony was beautiful, Fleur came in and the look on Bills face was priceless. We all stood up as she walked down the aisle “That’s gonna be us soon” Fred whispered in my ear wrapping his hands around my waist from behind, I turn my head kissing him on the lips eagerly “I hope so” I smirked laying my hands on top of his hands. After the ceremony was done, everyone went to their tables and begun to eat what they were serving, then it came to cake. Fred dipped his finger in his slice of cake and put it across my cheek. Two can play this game. I put three fingers on top of the cake getting more frosting than he did, and smashed it on his face covering it completely with white frosting. I laughed hysterically before Fred grabbed both sides of my face kissing me roughly, his grip was strong enough to keep me in place. He soon pulled back when we were both out of breath, my face covered in the same amount of frosting as Fred’s. We started laughing together grabbing a napkin to wipe each others frosting off. After most of the people were done eating cake they went to the dance floor, but me and Fred stayed down in our seats wanting to dance later. “Fred?” I asked “Yeah” he smiled “If we ever get married where will it be at?” I asked, he grabbed my waist and threw me on his lap making me squeal. “Well where ever you want it to be.” He smirked “I could see us,” he said wrapping his arms around my waist while I laid my head in the crook of his neck taking in his scent, the best thing I’ve ever smelled. “Married, in a big house, with a million gingers running around.” He smiled as I slapped him on the chest “We are not having that many kids” I smiled shaking my head “Fine,” he pouted “One hundred” I slapped him again and looked him in the eyes “How about three?” I asked “Okay, let’s get to work!” He said excitedly kissing me roughly making us both smile into the kiss. “Fred. When the war starts. Promise you’ll never leave me.” I whispered, sadness building up in me just to think about Fred dying in the war. “I promise. We’re gonna have a hundred… I meant three kids, and we’re gonna live in a big house and were gonna get married. Remember?” He whispered soothingly into my ear pushing a piece of my hair away from my face making me laugh sadly. “Promise you’ll never leave me” he whispered “I promise” I smiled sadly a few tears leaving my eyes “Hey, don’t cry” he whispered softly wiping my tears away with his thumb. He gave me a tight hug before standing up with me in his arms. “Let’s dance beautiful” he smirked grabbing my hand in his leading me to dance floor where other couples were dancing with a slow song playing.

I wrapped my arms around Fred’s neck while Fred wrapped his arms around my lower back burying his nose into my hair. I laid my head on his chest, slowly swaying to the slow song that was playing making me feel comfortable and safe in Fred’s strong arms. The song ended only to be replaced to an upbeat song making me and Fred smile at each other, we started to dance around making a few people back up out of our way “Sorry!” I squealed as Fred spinned and dipped me, I laughed as Fred grabbed my waist lifting me high in the air then quickly putting me back down on the ground. We continued to dance in circles making both of us laugh, everyone started clapping at a fast rhythm that was as fast as me and Fred’s feet. The song ended with me dipped in Fred’s arms, everyone clapped for us as we stepped off the empty dance floor. We were dancing so crazily I guess nobody wanted to get hurt. “I’ll be back. Want a drink?” Fred asked “Yes. Please.” I panted still out of breath, he ran off and disappeared into the crowd of people. I took off my right shoe and massaged my foot, but I quickly put it back on when the whole tent became silent and dark, the only source of light is a bright blue ball right in the middle. “The ministry has fallen….. The minster is dead….. Their coming….. Their coming….. Their coming…..” I heard the voice of kingsley shacklebolt say. When the lights had been restored everyone started screaming and pushing, I heard loud cracks indicating that people were disapparating. “Fred!” I screamed trying to make my way through the screaming crowd, “Fred! Fred where are you?!” I screamed. Someone pushed me making me fall on the ground, I felt heat come near my face. The tent was on fire. “Fred!” I cried, I looked around to see a death eater in front of me. He looked at me intently, his wand raised at me “sectumsempra!” He yelled. I jumped out of the way groaning holding my hands against my stomach. I picked up my hands to see them covered in dark red blood, he caught me. I groaned again due to the searing pain in my abdomen, I scooted away from the death eater until my back hit the cold material of the tent. “Fred” I whispered “Stupefy!” I heard a familiar voice yell sending the spell at death eater making him fly through the tent wall. I squint my eyes and saw Fred running towards me “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He cried taking out his handkerchief and putting it on my wound making me hiss in pain. “Hey, I’m alright. It’s - it’s just a cut” I whispered, he pulled me into a tight hug, almost to the point where I can’t breath but it makes me feel safe and a bit better. “Don’t you dare die on me” he said seriously “I can’t, remember? I’m keeping my promise weasley” I whispered making him smile at me sadly “Hold on tight” he whispered burying his head in my neck, “okay” I said quietly clutching onto his shirt. Then we were swallowed into darkness.


•If some of you don’t get it, swallowed into darkness means that they disapparated. Sorry for the cliffhanger, I know I suck… A lot.•

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Hey there! Can I have some NSFW of Kagami and Kuroko with their fem!S/O? Thank you!

I assume this is poly?

It was no surprise Kagami would initiate sex with you without Kuroko. That’s how you found yourself half naked and pinned to the wall. Kagami’s lips attacked your neck as his large hands held you up by the thighs. Your legs wrapped around his waist in a vice grip as you both ground against one another. “Taiga…” you breathed out his name in a needy voice. His loins burned with need in response to your sweet voice. “I know, I need you so bad too” he growled against your skin.

With all this going on, you both neglected to hear Kuroko quietly unlock the door and walk into the apartment. He glanced at you both before shutting the door quietly. He shuffled over without alerting you both and stared at your body. Kagami had left quite a few hickeys in his wake, prompting something to grow in Kuroko. His hands moved you your shirt and quickly found your chest. He pinched your nipples and tugged lightly. “Don’t pull so hard Taiga…” you moaned running your hands through Kagami’s hair. “Pull on what?” Kagami mumbled against your skin.

You both took a brief moment to glance at the pale hands on your chest. Kagami would have dropped you if not for Kuroko popping into view. “Kuroko! what the hell?!” he yelled pulling away from your neck. You sighed at the loss of stimulation but forgot it as Kuroko continued to play with your chest. “I didn’t say stop,” Kuroko said now opting to fondle your breast. You released a shaky mewl as you shifted in Kagami’s grasp. “Damn, let’s go where there is more room,” Kagami said carrying you to the couch.

Kagami deposited you on your knees as Kuroko climbed in front of you. Without hesitation, he pulled you into a deep kiss. When you tried to break away for air, he followed only leaving you a small moment to gasp for air. Kuroko’s hands went to his pants as he undid his fly. His erection tent through his boxers as if calling out to you. He began to pump his shaft while you continued your make out session.

Behind you, Kagami made quick work of his pants. His hands grabbed your ass and massaged the cheeks gently. His fingers rubbed against your folds slowly, teasing the now hot flesh. He heard you moan against Kuroko’s lips as he moved faster. When he slid one finger into you, a muffled scream came from your joined mouths. “Damn, she’s so wet I can’t help myself” Kagami smirked bringing his face to your pussy. His tongue shot in alongside his finger and explored you.

Kuroko continued to swallow your moans of pleasure. He grew irritated by the fact Kagami was making you unravel. His hand guided one of your free hands to his crotch. You fondled with the materials of his underwear until you felt hot skin. You freed his hard on and pumped it desperately. Kuroko moaned in response and fondled your breasts roughly with his hands.

Soon enough, a watery noise made it’s way to your ears as Kagami was overpowered by your juices. He began slurping loudly as he continued to pump hi finger inside you. You broke away from Kuroko’s lips are moaned Kagami’s name loudly. Kuroko gave your breasts a hard squeeze to bring your attention back to him. His pre-cum coated your hands and provided sinful lubrication for the hand job.

“___” Kuroko choked out as his length began to throb violently. You felt the heat pooling in your stomach become unbearable and let out a whine to warn Kagami. On cue, Kuroko shot his cum all over your hand and a bit hit your chest. You came as well, hearing Kagami slurp vigorously as cum poured out.

You fell forward onto Kuroko’s lap, disconnecting you from Kagami. “Next time tell me” Kuroko panted with an annoyed look. You and Kagami both hung your heads in shame.

seeing is believing - Olicity OHP Prompt

Team Bow and Brains:

Love Trope: Red String of Fate
Word Count: 1268

Read on A03  

Title: Seeing is Believing 
Summary: The Red String of Fate talked about two destined lovers who would fall in love no matter what the circumstances. Felicity’s told she has one, but she’s pretty skeptical of carnival psychics.

The gypsy tent was full of incense and the sharp scent made Felicity’s eyes water. She shuffled uncomfortably, turning behind her to look for Oliver and Diggle after Sara abandoned her. She was the ones who pushed her into this fortuneteller’s tent, claiming that not seeing a fortuneteller at a carnival was sacrilege and then unfairly mentioning that she loved fortunetellers before she got on the yacht with Oliver, and the mixture of pleading and sorrow (and cunning) got Felicity to agree.

Thus, the tent.

The actual fortuneteller was nowhere in sight, and Felicity leaned back in her seat, eyeing the crystal ball with a little bit of disdain. She really doesn’t like fortunetellers. They always used intellectual guesswork to read your palm and they took in the clues around you to figure out your “past” and made up bullshit about your future. Plus, they were false. Fake, fake, and did she mention fake. So fake and false and wrong. There was nothing scientifically proven about fortunetellers, and she could probably look into a crystal ball and guess her future just as accurately as they could.

Felicity looked up again and saw the tarot cards, and rolled her eyes as she looked behind her again to see the flap of the tent. Maybe if she shouted Oliver or Diggle could come in here and save her?

The incense felt like it was burning her nose and Felicity got up, frustrated. She remembered the last time she came to a fortuneteller. She was fourteen and could build a computer like a pro and was really excited to start high school so she could get out of this place, and the fortuneteller glanced at her and took one good look at her mother and declared that Felicity would never be more than a simple cocktail waitress like her mother. Don’t bother looking for marriage either, unless she wanted one death and one divorce lying on her hands.

She hated her. Hated her so much that to this day Felicity always promised herself to at least try not to go back and shove her M.I.T. degree and Queen Consolidated badge in that woman’s face.

Felicity sighed. Sara could suck it, to be honest. She was going to just grab her bag and go—

… Felicity carefully looked at the chair she was just sitting on and then crouched down to look under the table, but her bag was missing. What the hell? She definitely brought it in. She was fiddling with the strap just a second ago!

“You can have your bag back when you’re done.”

Felicity almost bumped her head on the table and she struggled to stand up and face the sudden appearance of the woman. Felicity gulped. She looked like a regular stereotypical fortuneteller, with the bandana and one hoop earring and long shawl that covered her body. Except there was something very… predatory about her. Her eyes were such a light gray and it was a huge contrast to the olive skin and the wisps of dark hair that escaped her bandana.

“Have a seat”, the woman said, motioning to the seat that Felicity just got out of.

“Um no thanks… Just give me my bag and I’ll go”, she said warily. The woman shook her head.

“I don’t have your bag. But you will get it back when we’re done, I promise.”

Felicity gulped again, and looked behind her carefully.

“Mr. Queen and Mr. Diggle will find you when the time is right, do not fret.”

“How do you know my friends’ names?”

The woman looked at her exasperatedly, as if she thought Felicity was a fool for asking her that. “Sit down Miss Smoak.”

Okay she was officially freaked. She slyly looked around for her bag again but decided to just sit down when she couldn’t find any sign of it. Maybe if she just did what this woman asked, she’d get her bag back and then get revenge on Sara for making her come here in the first place.

The woman extended her palm out and Felicity blinked a few times before realizing that the woman expected her to give the woman her hand. Felicity sighed deeply before doing so, and she watched the woman curiously before opening her big mouth.

“So you know my name… As creepy and freaky was that was. What’s yours?”

The woman coolly glazed at her hand and then moved her eyes up her arm to settle on Felicity’s face. Felicity shuddered when the woman’s cold eyes stared at her with no feeling. It was almost as if she was staring right through her, and Felicity just wanted to get out of there. She didn’t have time for this freaky magic mumbo jumbo shit.

“Names have power, Miss Smoak.” A manicured finger slowly traced the lines on her palm and Felicity struggled not to pull her hand away immediately. “Do you know the origins of the red strings of fate, Miss Smoak?”

In fact, she did. But only because she wanted to prove them wrong in college. “I do… It’s an… An East Asian myth that said that the gods tied a red cord around the ankles or little fingers of a person, depending on which version you’re talking about”, Felicity gulped as the woman quietly continued to trace her sharp nail on her palm, while the woman’s other hands were tightly encircling her wrist. “And the people tied together are uh, destined lovers.”

The woman just nodded slowly, her grey eyes never leaving Felicity’s face. “Did you know that you have one?”

This was ridiculous. Felicity could feel her heart hammering in her chest as she struggled to answer coherently. “There’s no red string around my pinky finger.”

The woman almost smirked but her face stayed unmoving and it freaked Felicity out even more so than possible. “That’s because you can’t see it, little one.” The woman lifted her hand and placed her fingers on top of Felicity’s pinky finger, slowly circling the finger as if she was … as if she was feeling out a string.

This woman was nuts, Felicity thought. Certifiably insane.

“Don’t believe me?” the woman asked haughtily, even though Felicity didn’t say anything but hey, she guesses she had a pretty expressive face that called out bullshit. “How’s this? I’ll pull on the string. and your destined lover will come flying through my door.”

Felicity raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. As if the logistics of her pulling some other person from whatever they were doing and then bringing them here made any sense. “Go ahead.”

The woman felt out what Felicity assumed was the hypothetical red string and twisted her finger around it, before giving Felicity another look and finally pulling on the string.

Nothing happened for a minute, just like Felicity expected it wouldn’t, and she was opened to make some sassy remark to the crazy woman when all of a sudden Oliver came flying into the tent.

“Felicity?” he asked from his position on the floor where he fell. “What’s going on?”

Felicity gulped. No. This was some kind of twisted joke. A coincidence, even! “What are you doing here?” she choked out. “I thought you were finding me the biggest teddy bear they sold here.”

Oliver blinked confusedly, and just shrugged before looking around the tent. “It was really weird. Felt like something was… pulling me.”

Felicity froze and slowly turned back to look at the woman, except she vanished and the only trace of anything ever happening in the last few minutes was Felicity’s missing bag sitting on the table.