flying tackle


He had been gone for three hours. Three. Hours! The sudden and intense feeling of loneliness wasn’t normal for her, not when it had only been three (terrible, heart-wrenching, foxless) hours. But there was nothing interesting to do without him today!
 The sound of the key in the lock and the muttered curses of her fox made her ears perk and her heart quicken. She felt just a little insane when she hopped down from the couch and head to the door.
  “You wouldn’t believe the traffic,” he was saying, not paying attention as he set the precariously balanced and heavier bag of groceries on the floor. “And I think that buck at checkout was wondering why I smell like bunny… Sweet cheese and…! Omph!”
  She didn’t mind when the contents of the smaller bag spilled out everywhere when she tackled the startled fox to the ground. An apple rolled away, unnoticed as she burrowed into his chest, breathing his foxy scent. Of course, it didn’t take him long to wrap his arms around her, chuckling as he squeezed her close.
  It wasn’t the first time she’d tackled him at the door, after all.

Written by the legendary @kulkum

Art by @alpicture

Druid Week: Druids in the Game

As a DM:


Druids already have a huge part in most roles, so they don’t need much in terms of catering. A bard might need to feel more involved in a campaign, but a support druid can also provide utility, tankiness, damage… they can Wild Shape or cast a spell whenever they need anything! They are one of the most versatile classes in the entire game. If they need encouragement, give them a variety of challenges (as you should always be doing, really) to force them to take more creative problem-solving measures.


Make unique landscapes and environments for the druid. You don’t have to do it every time, but every once in a while feel free to go overboard. Floating midair land masses, waterfalls that flow upward, geysers of acid, an insect hive the size of a city… just describe some beauty shot that can really tug at the druid’s magic-strings. They will be interested in the unique plants and animals and magic there, which can influence how you populate such a land. Not to mention the other players will love such a wondrous place, too.


One thing a lot of DMs forget is to give druids a place to excel. Druids fall flat inside an enclosed dungeon. Give them space out in the open; in the wild. Give the druid some non-magical beasts to interact with. DMs always forget that regular threats like lions, tigers, and bears exist and with a druid, these often turn into roleplaying encounters rather than combat ones. Speak with Animals, Animal Friendship, Beast Bond, Beast Sense, Animal Messenger, Dominate Beast, Locate Creature, and Commune with Nature can all interact with beasts in some way. Beasts are everywhere if the druid is looking for them.


Another thing to keep in mind is plant life. I just did a whole two-part post about Herbalism as a more fleshed-out system for 5e. Part 1 is just a pipeline of dice tables to make up new herbs. The herb could play a minor role in a story or adventure, or it could simply be a useful tool that exists in your world. For instance, I once had some herbs with yellow flowers that would act as healing potions, but you could only eat them twice within 24 hours or you would get sick. Ever since then, the players could find those herbs elsewhere and have a unique source of HP instead of a boring old potion. Plus they have the a-ha moment of realizing they found something useful on their own instead of opening a chest and finding it there. Part 2 of the Herbalism Guide was more about how to use the herbs as potion ingredients, as medicine, and as spell components. If you want to go the extra mile or want ideas for what herbs could do, use it!


Just like clerics, druids can have supernatural senses that can add to the mood of an adventure. Imagine if you were a druid PC and the DM says “The druid senses something off about this forest. It makes you feel sick.” or “This jungle is in agony. You empathize with its pain, which feels like insects stinging you all over your body, and you can almost hear the wails of the trees.” Druids could make an Insight check to try and feel how a beast is feeling in the same way. It singles out the druid, identifies the problem as environmental corruption, and enhances the mood. What more could a DM want.

As a Player:

Get the Most Out of the Game:

Ask your DM questions about the flora and fauna and traits of the setting. When you travel to a new area in-game, be sure to cast Commune with Nature and get a lay of the land. This can add to the experience and provide vital information on targets for Locate spells, herbalism, and beast-influencing spells. Don’t be afraid to ask your DM for strange things that might not exist in the standard rules like “Can my druid think of any herbs that could cure paralysis in this environment?” The DM might find that intriguing and make it a plot point (making things a bit easier on the DM and giving you a potential solution to your problems to boot).

Don’t be afraid to request unique creatures to Wild Shape into, even if they aren’t in the book! I don’t see jellyfish in the Monster Manual but if a player asked me for it, I would just turn them into a Poisonous Snake with no land speed and 10 ft. swim speed, but maybe increase the poison damage a tad. And heck, who says there aren’t Giant Jellyfish in the realm of D&D? Use a Giant Poisonous Snake for that! You could easily reskin monsters like that, especially for cosmetic reasons. In the tropics? Turn into a Giant Parrot instead of a Giant Eagle. In the tundra? Turn into a Snow Hare instead of a Badger to better hide in the snow. In the desert? Turn into a Coyote instead of a Wolf. There are so many animals in the world, there is no excuse for creativity on your end as a druid!

Wild Shape:

Optimize the usage of your Wild Shape. Pick the right animals for the right jobs!

  • Mobility/Scout: Giant Elk, Deer, Hyena, Horses, Flying Snake, Giant Owl, Giant Eagle, Giant Badger, Ape, Panther, Giant Toad, and Giant Crab all have either fast movement or unique movement (fly, swim, climb, burrow).
  • Tackle: Lion, Panther, Allosaurus, Giant Octopus, Crocodile, Giant Constrictor, Giant Toad, and Giant Crab can all knock enemies prone or restrain them.
  • Poison Damage: Poisonous Snake, Giant Scorpion, Giant Spider, and Female Steeder (OotA) all have poison that can deal damage to those not resistant.
  • Sustained Damage: Wolf, Giant Crocodile, Tiger, Giant Boar, Ape, and Dire Wolf all deal reliable damage and have adequate tank.
  • Tank: Warhorse, Black Bear, Giant Constrictor, Rhino, Ankylosaurus, Whale, Elephant, Hulking Crab, Triceratops, and Mammoth all have a bunch of HP and AC.
  • Spy: Mule, Horses, Cat, Frog, Crab, Snakes, and Spiders are great at hiding and some have blindsight! Crag Cat (SKT) has Nondetection as well!
  • Thumbs: APES HAVE THUMBS. Which means that they can manipulate things other animals can’t. Also: You can wield your weapons while in Wild Shape!

Other tips: use summoned minions or your allies to help flank enemies while in Wild Shape. Cast buffs before you Wild Shape, make sue they don’t require concentration if you want them to stack, otherwise you can at least concentrate on one thing while in Wild Shape. If you are in a long dungeon with little to no rest,  save Wild Shape for big fights when the tank is worn down or save it for utility when the other casters are low on spells. Also for grappler beasts knock the enemies down before you grapple. Then they can’t move and when they break grapple they can’t get back up as easily!


Buffs: Druids are great for buff spells. Be sure to buff yourself before entering Wild Shape! ex: Enhance Ability, Faerie Fire, Longstrider, Barkskin, Stoneskin, Protection from Energy, Antilife Shell

Zoning: Druids have crowd control spells, but many of them control crowds through zoning. Take advantage of the fact that you are the largest influence on the surrounding environment. You get to change the battlefield to your advantage! These are big, flashy spells that make the druid fun. Use them to put obstacles in front of creatures to slow their advances, make it harder for creatures to dodge, provide cover for your party, or force enemies into a trap. “Oh there’s a Wall of Fire there I better go around it” [gets bottlenecked by ranged PCs instead of taking fire damage] ex: Wind Wall, Wall of Fire, Entangle, Plant Growth, Spike Growth, Flame Sphere, Sleet Storm, Insect Plague, Wall of Stone, Wall of Thorns, Bones of the Earth (such a cool spell)

Minions: In D&D 5e, most ACs are nearly the same thanks to Bounded Accuracy. So more attack rolls equals more damage. Minions help with this, and druids can get plenty using Conjure Elementals, Conjure Fey, Conjure Woodland Beings, and Conjure Animals! Not to mention spells like Awaken and Dominate Beast to get more allies.

Healing: Druids are good at healing. Note that Healing Word is a bonus action and has range, unlike Cure Wounds. Druids also get the Restoration spells and Reincarnate, which is less powerful than Resurrection and such, but hey it’s something!

Damage: Druids can output damage, mostly through their zoning spells, but also with some neat single-target spells. Note that Moonbeam and Blight are rare sources of Radiant and Necrotic damage, respectively.

Utility: Druids have utility. Various divination spells can break the game if you are clever. Several spells help you get where you want to go or get rid of enemy spells. Use them liberally unless you have a Wizard to lighten the necessity for utility spells. ex: Speak with Plants/Animals, Water Breathing, Animal Messenger, Pass Without Trace, Find Traps, Locate Object/Animals/Plants, Gust of Wind, Detect Poison/Disease, Detect Magic, Dispel Magic, Meld into Stone, Scrying, Tree Stride, Commune with Nature

The Sight of Blue

What happens when @azure-mirror tells me she has yet ANOTHER Voltron au to share with me. 

Keith paced impatiently across the floor of the infirmary, arms over his chest and worried gaze flickering to the pod that Lance was in, lips pursed. “How much longer?” he asked Allura. “It’s been almost three days, what’s wrong?”

Allura spread her hands to either side of her, shaking her head. “I don’t know,” she promised. “His vitals are entirely normal, his brain waves appear to be functioning as per usual, and he is mentally stable. But the computer says he isn’t fully healed.”

“How long has it been saying that?” Pidge asked from where she and Hunk were playing a card game on the floor.

“Since yesterday morning.”

“That’s over 24 hours,” Shiro pointed out, standing with his hands in his pockets and his eyes gazing over Lance’s prone form. “Maybe it’s malfunctioning? We can take him out, and if anything is seriously wrong we could just put him into a different one.”

Allura furrowed her eyebrows and looked to Coran, who had been uncharacteristically quiet for the last three days. She knew he thought of Lance like a nephew, knew he treasured him above the other paladins, even if he would never admit it, and she was worried about him. The only one who had rivaled his depth of concern outwardly was Hunk, which made sense. “Coran? What do you think?”

Coran glanced up from the book he had been reading and gazed at Lance’s pod for a long minute before answering. “I think we should try what Shiro said,” he agreed.

She took a deep breath and nodded, hovering her hands over the override controls on the pod. “I’m going to turn down the lights,” she decided at the last moment. “He’s been asleep for quite some time, I don’t want him to be disoriented.”

The rest of the group huddled around the pod, Shiro and Hunk on either side to grab Lance when he came out, and Allura dimmed the lights before hitting the switch. The pod hissed open with a blast of cool air and Lance stumbled forwards, straight into the reassuring arms of his best friend. The blue paladin groaned and pressed both hands to his head, voice hoarse when he spoke. “What happened?”

Everyone relaxed a little once they heard him speak, Hunk adjusting his grip on him so that he was no longer basically bear hugging him from behind. “You uh…you got hit pretty hard by a Galra, man.”

He didn’t say what everyone else had been thinking. Lance had jumped in front of a shot meant for Pidge, plowing her out of the way of a blast that would have stabbed her through the chest. It had glanced off his head instead, leaving him unconscious and very bloody, something that had made Hunk pass out the moment he saw him.

Pidge stood silently to the side of the group, palms pressed firmly together to hide how much she was shaking and fingers pressed to her lips. “How are you feeling?” she asked timidly.

Lance huffed and dragged his hands down his face, straightening up just a little and glancing around. “I feel fine…why is it so dark in here?”

“Oh!” Allura yelped. “Sorry! I wasn’t sure if the lighting would hurt your eyes or not, so I turned them down. One moment.”

She twisted to the control panel and turned the lights on quickly, making the rest of the paladins groan in irritation at the suddenness. Lance, however, stood perfectly still like nothing had happened. “Any time now, Allura.”

Shiro frowned and turned to look at Lance. “Lance, she already- holy shit.”

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Crickey! Lookit this fella! I'm gonna wrassle 'em. *flying tackles Dre*

〈 He’s surprised, but hasn’t moved an inch. It’s like tackling a fire hydrant. 〉


YOUUUUU—-!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH *Mizar.exe stopped working*

A warm special greeting for my dearest friend amigo, pal, floof señor, hunter lord. Kai is also way to excited!!! @huntertale-au. Also it says “WELCOME <3″, take out your shoes, if you wanna I can take them off for you, OH NO YOU HAVE BLOOD LEMME CLEAN IT *LICKS IT GROSSLY*

“Buried” (Chapter Twelve)

Shorter chapter this time, but 160 likes and 60 reblogs and I’ll post Chapter 13 too!

Excited to hear what you guys think of Bucky!


Enjoy :)


“Damn it.” Steve put his head on Tony’s shoulder. “Damn it. Tony I have to–”

“Yeah.” Tony ran a shaking hand through Steve’s hair. “Yeah, no you have to get that. Could be Buck.”

“Could be Buck.” Steve repeated, but then he shifted on top of him and Tony groaned and wound his arms around Steve’s neck again and Steve bent his head to kiss him–

–and the phone kept ringing.

“Go.” Tony pulled away, closing his eyes and throwing an arm over his face. “Fuck. Go answer it.”

“I don’t want to answer it.” Steve nuzzled into his neck. “They can call back.”

“Steve.” Tony tugged at his hair. “Real life time. This is fun but we have got to get out of here, remember?”

“Real life time?” Steve stared down at him and Tony ran light fingers over his jaw, smoothing through the dark hair on his beard and the want in his eyes faded to something like resignation.

“Real life time.” He repeated. “Time to get out of the jungle and back to the world.”

“But Tony–”

“Answer the phone.” Tony said firmly, and just like that, the moment between them was over, relegated to something not real so they could focus on more important things.

Steve knew if he moved, if he rolled off of Tony and answered his phone then whatever this might have been would be over. Real life time.


“Please.” Tony whispered, and sounded so fragile that Steve thought he might actually break. “Please answer the phone.”


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Voltron- TransLance Headcannon

When Lance was going through Garrison training and first meet Hunk he was the only one to immediately accept his identity with no problem. Hunk even went out of his way to treat Lance like a real friend when he didn’t have a reason too. Like some people snickered at Lance one day at school and Hunk went off on them and probably would have gotten into a fight with them if a teacher hadn’t been there. Lance just constantly flirting with girls thinking its the “manly” thing to do, and Lance really suffering with the issues of toxic masculinity.

Lance getting angry and frustrated during the fitness part of the their training because he can’t keep up with the squad, well that is till Hunk looks back and see Lance catching his breath and he runs back to keep pace with him. Just Hunk being the greatest emotional support when Lance fails their first fitness test as Lance doesn’t feel like he’s good enough. 

Lance seeing Pidge at the garrison and giving her pointers on how not to look like a girl and convince people that she was a man. Pidge nearly jumps out of her skin when lance calls her out on her disguise but then realizes that of all the people that wouldn’t try to out her it was Lance. Lance and Pidge really bonding together at the garrison. Lance overcoming the predigests placed on him and he starts to excel at the garrison with pidge and Hunk’s support.

Like Lance and Hunk doing extra training because Lance doesn’t feel “Man” enough and Hunk reassuring him its ok to not be able to wrestle a bear, but still being there and supporting him through his workouts. Lance and all his hard work paying off later on when he outscores everyone on the next test, Lance running up to Hunk and giving him flying tackle and Hunk catches him and spins him around their both so happy.

Lance getting a letter one day from home and Pidge and Hunk walk in on Lance crying and they immediately assume that someones dead or something but Lance just laughs and points to the letter from his family and they read the first lines “To our patient and loving son, Lance.” and Lance is just so happy its the first time his parents call him their son, and then Hunk and Pidge hug him.

And then they go off and have episode 1 happen and Keith and Lance just constantly arguing and having their “Rivalry” happen and it 100% stems from Lances crush on Keith that they’re both oblivious too. When Lance finally does acknowledge his crush he tries to suppress it because it makes him question his identity “Why did I go through all this just to love a boy again?”, “Does this make me less of a dude for liking dudes?” and just Lance having breakdowns in space wondering if he’s good enough or if he’s a real and valid person.

Then we get to episode 6 where Keith goes to untie Lance but when Keith unhooks Lance he notices how he’s all moody and down. And Its because Lance feels so useless being the “Damsel in distress” and it makes him not feel like he’s living up to “Being a Man”, and as Lance always does he brushes off his emotional instability with jokes about how Keith’s worrying too much. And then after Crystal Venom Keith finds Lance in his room crying because “I had to have someone save me again why can’t i be good enough?” and Keith comforts Lance and helps him break down toxic masculinity because living in multiple foster homes really forced Keith into developing those same attitudes and he had to eventually over come them. And Keith reassuring Lance that it’s ok to not be Mr. Macho and no one of the team thinks any less of him for anything he does. And Lance takes Keiths advice, he stops flirting with every alien female he sees, instead he flirts with Keith every chance he gets. 

Actual Grandpa Martin Stein

- makes sure everyone is eating enough on board.

- goes on long rambly rants about science and old timey things but he’s so adorable no one feels right telling him to shut up

- “Jefferson where is your coat” “Gray we’re in Nebraska in July” “I don’t care its nippy out!”

- Jax wears the coat

- doesn’t put up with Snart or Mick’s shit

- “If you two don’t stop stealing priceless historical artifacts I swear to Einstein I will time jump you right into a jail cell.” They believe him

- simultaneously cares about their well being

- “Mr. Snart that is not a lot of food are you sure you don’t want anything else? Also, where is the jacket you constantly insist on wearing? Aren’t you cold??”

- “Mick, put the matches- MR. RORY. YOU WILL BURN YOURSELF!” *flying tackle*

- doesn’t put up with people insulting his crew, especially when they find themselves in less than hospitable places for Kendra and Jax

- “What did you say about this young lady? Does it LOOK like she’s interested in the likes of you?”

- “I can handle myself, Martin.” “I’m aware of that Sara but to be frank he was pissing me off.”

- no one really knows what to do when he swears

- once he lost his glasses in 1705 and they spent two days looking for them before they remembered Gideon could just duplicate a pair

- makes nerdy science jokes alongside Ray at bad times

- “You could say this is…atomically bad.” “Wonderful, Raymond!” “That doesn’t even make sense!” “Nonsense, Jefferson, it makes perfect sense!”

- picks up cute knick knacks in various time periods for Clarissa. Everyone starts to keep their eyes out for ones she might like. Rip is irritated by the growing amount of ceramic cargo he’s carrying.

- knows that Jax never really got a dad. Tries his damndest to be a father figure to him.

- “Jefferson, I believe there’s a drag race in town and the Captain doesn’t need us for this particular mission. Would you like to go?”

- “Uh…Gray….it’s not the car kind of drag race.”

- “….oh. I apologize. The ad was misleading.”

- “It’s cool, Gray. It’s cool.”

- it doesn’t always work out like he plans, but Jax loves that he never stops trying.

n-x-northwest  asked:

For the timestamp meme - in alleyways and payphone calls, either the train ride back to Hasetsu after Nationals or Phichit telling Viktor more about the Yuuri Katsuki Hotline in Beijing.

omg I am so blessed re: all these ‘alleyways’ prompts *_* SO WHY NOT BOTH.

(timestamp meme! and the original fic is here.)

Beijing, China

“So,” Phichit says over Chris’s peals of laughter, “obviously I was like, Yuuri’s at a competition, Thad, he’s not coming home this weekend? And he just.” He mimes a despondent sprawl and lowers his voice an octave. “Then I’ll stay here until he does.”

No,” Victor breathes, delighted. “Did he?”

“He got hungry eventually. Thank god,” Phichit says. “But he literally lay across our welcome mat for like… four hours?”

Yuuri’s glance darts helplessly between them. “This was really Hockey Thad?”

Yuuri!” Phichit says, over Victor and Chris’s renewed howls. “Seriously? There was only one Thad!“

“Perhaps you’ve confused him with someone else.” Chris swipes at the tears streaming down his face. “You’re a mass murderer, pumpkin. I couldn’t be more proud.”

“I– don’t–” It is, as it turns out, hard to be indignant with Victor Nikiforov giggling into your shoulder. Yuuri tries anyway. “First of all, I– don’t know if we should be laughing at Thad.”

“Oh, Yuuri.” Still beaming, Victor lifts his head. “Don’t you think it’s a little late to worry about Thad’s feelings?”

Phichit laughs so hard, he hiccups for the next twenty minutes. It serves him right.

Fukuoka, Japan

tfw they told you he died in the Great War @v_nikiforov @katsukiy

figure skating twitter please calculate exactly how many days they would have been apart for

literally a week and a half max. I have gone that long without talking to my actual roommate

The Twitter screenshot, naturally, comes from Phichit. Below it, he types, can I tell them about the Barcelona afterparty where Victor left for five minutes to pee and you drunk-sobbed about how much you missed him.

Yuuri regards his phone with narrowed eyes for a long moment. “Can I delete Twitter,” he asks.

Victor, happily retweeting a .gif of their flying tackle, doesn’t hear him.

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Soooo, 'theforcegives'...what happens if Palps decides on a last ditch effort to get rid of the pesky Jedi and activates Order 66? Out-right failure? Partial failure? Dead clones from fighting Jedi/each other/the order? Angry clones tracking down the origin (thanks Cody!) and taking care of the problem? Complete 'nope' all around? WHAT HAPPENS?? Cue: suspense, terror, fluff?? Thank YOU

“Commander Cody, initiate order 66.” Palpatine murmured, face grim in the holo and Cody was about to respond with a ‘yes sir’ when his entire being seemed to grind to a halt.

Order 66…

That would…

No, no Cody couldn’t…

His entire being felt like it was on fire and his mind was screaming at him from all directions or so it felt like.

“…Cody?” A gentle hand touched his elbow and he managed to flicker his eyes to the concerned green ones meeting him.

Obi-Wan Kenobi.






Mate, mate, mate, matematematematematemate!

“Commander initiate order 66!” The Chancellor barked, eyes wide as it was clear that Cody was fighting it and Cody was not the only one, every clone in hearing distance tense and spasming as Obi-Wan stood there with his hand on his alpha’s elbow with wide worried eyes as he reached for his own comms to call…someone…

Faintly Cody hoped he was calling Skywalker or Tano or the Jedi Order, someone from the council…

“KILL THEM COMMANDER!” The man finally snarled and Cody felt something in him snap, throwing the holocomm to the ground and smashing it into two parts.

“NO!” The Commander snarled, Obi-Wan flinching beside him before exposing his throat to the alpha.

He gave a small, almost frightened whine when Cody dragged the man into his arms and buried his face into the redhead’s pale throat. “No no no no no…never hurt you, never harming you. Not you, my mate, my General, my Obi-Wan.” He rasped out, feeling something wet coat the others neck though he wasn’t sure if it was tears or blood or what.

A hesitant hand gently cupped the back of his head before another stroked his hair slowly. “No… No you won’t. Not my Cody, not my men.” Obi-Wan tried to assure, an awkward purr starting in his throat as the rest of the 212th growled and twitched around.

Cody just kept Obi-Wan trapped in the circle of his arm, face pressed into his neck to breath in the scent of sweet of his mate, of cotton and pears and sweetly blooming fresh flowers.

“…Cody? What’s going on?” Obi-Wan whispered and the Commander slowly lifted his face up to meet the others eyes, watching how his omega’s eyes went wide before reaching towards the clones nose. “Cody you’re bleeding.”

Cody licked his lips then stared at the blood on Obi-Wan’s neck. “…General… the Chancellor just tried to make us kill the Jedi…”


It repeats with several clones.

The chancellor attempts to make them act against the Jedi they so love and care for but more then that, against omegas who are sweet and wonderful and no biochip can override the natural instincts of the ancient instincts of the Alpha’s when confronted with harm towards omegas considered pack.

Sheev Palpatine is subdued within a day, a combined force of Jedi and clones bringing him down with Anakin Skywalker outright tackling the man reveled to be a Sith and a traitor, the actual leader of the Separatist.

And then Skywalker punches him until the man’s face looks like a bloody piece of uncooked hamburger, snarling in rage while yelling about keeping at Palpatine to keep his grubby hands away from Anakin’s kits.

There’s something amazingly horrifying about a four month pregnant omega doing a flying tackle and then punching the lights out of another man.

“…I don’t know if I’m proud of horrified.” Obi-Wan noted slowly while rewinding the clip of Anakin flying at the former chancellor to rewatch it.

The blond just snorted, curled up in Padme’s lap, sporting a black eye that had her fussing all over him along with his curved stomach now clearly visible since he was only in the thin shift of his tunic.

Tilting his head, Obi-Wan considered the clip. “…Good form though, I’ll give you that.”

Padme laughed quietly, shaking her head while rubbing Anakin’s stomach tenderly. “Did you hear that he’s apparently no longer an alpha? About a day after he was put in prison the scent just disappeared from him.” She told them.

“…Fake scent?” Obi-Wan questioned in surprise. “It would explain the chemical trail I could detect…” He mused.

Anakin just grumbled and tucked his face into Padme’s neck. “Less talking, more petting.”

Over his head, Obi-Wan and Padme exchanged amused look even as Obi-Wan tried not to feel exasperated as he felt Cody’s Force presence prowling around outside the apartment.

But then again… if he was feeling a bit protective… who was Obi-Wan to deny him.

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Hi, hello, you glorious person you who has pulled out my heart and stomped on it with Ludwig feels. May I request a drawing any time you are able to of Ludwig getting all the much needed hugs, blankets and Mohnkuchen plz? This poor science old-man baby needs protection... I need a bigger sword so I can protect him from the feels.

Spoilers you don’t need to protect him from feels.

You need to protect him from me. :D

But here’s some well-deserved hugs for our darling Austrian professor!

(Webby saw what was happening and came in for the flying tackle hug.)

Jonerys AU 8/? : Bookstore

Jon has been working at Beyond the Page, a small family run bookstore in the middle of a (semi) big city for as long as he could legally. It’s a nice place because his Uncle Benjen is the owner and he gets access to all the free books and coffee he wants, it’s almost never busy so he can read in the aisles during his shift, and it’s a safe haven from the boys who make his life hell outside its walls.

That is, until he finds himself fighting with one of his customers for the first copy of the latest book in the hotly anticipated Wings of Fire series. Who cares about whether or not she’s a customer-he’s been waiting a year for this book and this copy is his.

Dany wasn’t expecting to start her morning wrestling with some psychotic bookstore employee in an aisle but she won’t let herself give up the book-even if he does have very nice hair. As she makes a weekly habit out of coming to the bookstore and drinking coffee she realizes Jon is hiding a secret from her-and she might be the only one who can help him fix it. 

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Do you think Damian knows his mom raped Batman? How do you think he found out/ will find out if at all?

I think Dick would do literally anything to shield Damian from that information. You see Damian is deep down a pretty sensitive person, which is something Dick understands even if other people don’t see it. So Bruce is like “Damian there are somethings about your mother you should know-” And Dick flying tackles him off the ledge the bat computer is on and down a 50 foot hole. Jason’s like “Dami your mom totally roofied-” and Dick grabs a silver serving tray and throws it like discus and nails Jason right in the gut. Tim opens his mouth in the middle of a fight with Damian and Dick grabs him by the ear and drags him away “Timbo and I have to do math! bye!” 

so hopefully Damian never finds out because he’d be super upset by it, thinking he wasn’t wanted and shit like that 

Isabelles Halloween Take-home

Nick: Phew well you got quite a lot there squirt. *Nick says dragging in pillow case, the size of Isabelle, full of candy* 

Isa: I think I beat my take from last year! *she chimes happily*

Judy: Well don’t forget, we have to check each of them to make sure they’re safe to eat.

Isa: Yeah, Yeah, I know. *pouts, taking off her witch hat, her ears folding down* 

Judy: Don’t worry, you can have as much as you want tomorrow, besides you’ve been snacking all night. *judy say, nuzzling Isabelle nose, giving it a small kiss* But for now, time for sleep, its past your bed time. 

Isa: *Giggles* Okay Mama. *leans up and kisses Judy on the cheek, then runs over and kisses Nick on the cheek* Nighty night! 

*Isabelle runs half way up the stairs before running back down*

Isa: And don’t touch my candy!

Nick: *Quickly pulling back his paw* I wasn’t, I wasn’t! 

Isa: *gives a small growl before running back upstairs*

A few hours later

*Nick Stretches as he looks over at Judy, who is asleep beside him on the couch. He glances at the bag of candy that they had just sorted through, other than a few that were bad, there wasn’t anything wrong with the candy. Except its underlying temptation…*

Nick: *licks his chops as he glances over at Judy* *his tail gives a small twitch as he looks up at the stairs and listens…nothing* Sound asleep.

*Nick reaches into the bag as quietly as his hustling hands will let him and slowly pulls out a small Henreys bar.*

*very soft, rip*

Stomp! taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! 

Isa: *Jumps down from stair case and runs at Nick, full speed* AHHHHH! *Flying Jump, tackling Nick to the ground, nipping at his ear*

*Sounds of Isa and Nick fighting for the chocolate: 

Judy: *looks at the ground, seeing Isabelle latching on to Nicks ears* She told you not to touch her candy, let alone the chocolate. *lays back on couch*

(Happy Halloween @trashasaurusrex and @zootopia123 😁Lets be real, babes would totally do this 😂)