flying sting ray

IMFL Pre-Race

I haven’t posted a Ironman Florida race report yet. I think it’s because the day was so long and weird that the story would be too long and boring. So I’m just going to post some pictures and some quick thoughts in a series of posts. Here is a first installment.

The expo was fun, as usual. I opted to not sign up for next year, as this was my third IMFL in a row. It was fun shopping knowing that I’m already an Ironman. I finally feel like I “fit in” and that I’m not a poser when I walk around with the other athletes.

The weather was gorgeous and the ocean was like a swimming pool, with flocks of sting rays flying through the water like flocks of birds.

I got to swim and a ray jumped up and flapped at me…

and spend time with Mike…

and spend time with my parents who came down to sherpa and cheer.

We turned in our bags and racked the bikes…

And went to bed knowing that the forecast for the next day was terrible.

Thoughts leading up to the race:  For the first time, I was more excited about doing an Ironman than I was nervous. It was great to have my parents there and the nice weather leading up to the race made it feel like a mini-vacation. The weather forecast of high winds knocked out just about any possibility of posting a PR, so I could just concentrate on doing my best and not worry about my times. 

It was also different knowing that I wasn’t going to be doing this again for a while. I’ve really enjoyed my training and will continue to train for Boulder 70.3, but I’m ready to take a break from 5 and 6 hour bike rides for a while. 

Next time, the swim that wasn’t a swim.