flying saucers are real

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Hey! I love your blog, very full of info. Just wondering if you would be willing to share some of your sources with me? Keep up the great blog!

Hi! First of all, thank you very much! And of course, these are a list of some of the sites i usually browse to find UFO sightings, they’re updated very often : (its in French tho)

This one is a huge UFO database (with graphs and shit, pretty cool!) :

These are more specific cases, Roswell/Area 51 :

And then, for all the ufo culture stuff, i got Flying Saucers are Real! by Jack Womack, Saucer Attack! by Eric Nesheim and Leif Nesheim; also i read Fortean Times haha. 

39. Things you said in the backyard at night

With his ears deadened by the inane chatter of strangers all around him, Mulder almost misses the quiet snick of Maggie Scully’s back door closing. He’s pretty sure there’s only one person it can be, and a quick glance around the room, at all the distant relations and family friends he’s never met- or heard of, even- confirms it for him: Scully’s fiery hair is notably absent. Looking over at Mrs. Scully, he sees her daughter’s exit has not been wholly unnoticed, and with a quick jerk of her chin, Maggie gives Mulder permission to go after her. Which he does. Gladly. He’s a curiosity to these people, Dana’s crazy partner who believes in flying saucers. More a museum exhibit than a real person.

Scully’s an exhibit, too, in her way. Poor Maggie’s daughter who’s dying of cancer.

No, not dying. Don’t say that. Don’t even think it.

Outside, his breath clouds the air in the February chill. The yard is completely dark; Scully didn’t turn on the porch light before her escape. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust enough to make her out, sitting on the porch steps, her back firmly to the warmth and light inside the house. Mulder slowly crosses the porch and sinks down next to her, his side brushing hers, just barely checking the urge to put his arm around her shoulder. She doesn’t want that, not now- he can see it in her face.

Never mind that he wants it. He needs it.

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