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Diving into New Magnetic Territory with the MMS Mission

Our Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, or MMS, is on a journey to study a new region of space.  

On May 4, 2017, after three months of precisely coordinated maneuvers, MMS reached its new orbit to begin studying the magnetic environment on the ever-rotating nighttime side of Earth.

The space around Earth is not as empty as it looks. It’s packed with high energy electrons and ions that zoom along magnetic field lines and surf along waves created by electric and magnetic fields.  

MMS studies how these particles move in order to understand a process known as magnetic reconnection, which occurs when magnetic fields explosively collide and re-align.

After launch, MMS started exploring the magnetic environment on the side of Earth closest to the sun. Now, MMS has been boosted into a new orbit that tops out twice as high as before, at over 98,000 miles above Earth’s surface.

The new orbit will allow the spacecraft to study magnetic reconnection on the night side of Earth, where the process is thought to cause the northern and southern lights and energize particles that fill the radiation belts, a doughnut-shaped region of trapped particles surrounding Earth.  

MMS uses four separate but identical spacecraft, which fly in a tight pyramid formation known as a tetrahedron. This allows MMS to map the magnetic environment in three dimensions.

MMS made many discoveries during its first two years in space, and its new orbit will open the door to even more. The information scientists get from MMS will help us better understand our space environment, which helps in planning future missions to explore even further beyond our planet. Learn more about MMS at

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In every age, mankind attempts to fabricate great works at once magnificent and impossible. On desert sands, from mountains of stone a pyramid, from flying buttresses alone a wall of light, a chapel ceiling screaming one man’s ecstasy, one man’s ecstasy. Miracles them all, China’s endless wall, Stonehenge, the Parthenon, the Duomo, the aqueducts of Rome. We did not attempt to make with mammoth blocks of stone a giant pyramid. No, not a pyramid, nor gothic walls that radiate with light. Our task was to dream upon and then create a floating city. Floating city, a human metropolis, a complete civilization. Sleek and fast; at once a poem and the perfection of physical engineering. At once a poem and the perfection of physical engineering.

Ok so I REALLY overanalyzed the Super Mario Odyssey trailer and here’s what I found:

  • A shop named “Crazy Hats” is going to be somehow important to gameplay. So far I’ve found a “Crazy Hats” in New Donk City, the Desert, and the Forest
  • The hats in general seem thematically important. Obviously Mario’s hat plays a large role and Bowser has a fancy top hat. Peach has a new crown. The evil bunnies all have hats, as does the big pink bird. Even some random missile launchers in New Donk City have hats. Hats are important
  • The Day of the Dead skull species appears to be an entirely new species, not a variation of Toads (this was something I thought, probably an issue specific to me)
  • The pink bunnies from Super Mario 64 at least exist in the Pastel Food world
  • All the humans in New Donk City seem like they’re wearing the same outfit (In different colors)
  • The Evil Bunnies
    • A family(?) of 4, three boys and one girl. 
    • All are dressed up in fancy clothing, but the tallest one with long hair looks more rural than the rest
    • The Green and Blue bunny are wearing Bowser’s spiked bracelets
    • They have their own airship that matches the color scheme of Bowser’s airship in this game 
      • Their airship has a bunny face instead of Bowser’s face as the figurehead
      • It’s the face of the blue bunny, you can tell by the spiked hair
    • I theorize that the blue bunny is the leader of the four evil bunnies because of the figurehead on the ship
    • It’s hard to tell but I’m pretty sure that the spinning boss spitting purple goo during the boss sizzle reel is the blue bunny
    • I theorize that the evil bunnies are the Bowser jr or Koopalings of this game; they’re Bowser’s 2nd in command underlings
  • The rideable Lion-Sphinx in the desert heavily resembles King Totomesu, the first boss in Super Mario Land
  • I theorize that the desert may have some connection to Sarasaland, the country Daisy rules. In addition to King Totomesu, the flying upside down Pyramid reminds me of the aliens attacking Sarasaland
  • The Day of the Dead town is part of that desert; the upside down pyramid can be seen in the background of a shot of the town
  • There’s a new Hammer Bros variation that wears a chef’s hat and throws frying pans
  • I theorize that New Donk City is where Donkey Kong took place
  • Besides the name “New Donk”, New Donk City contains numerous Donkey Kong references including “Dixie Street”, “Dixie Theatre”, and “Diddy [Something]” (I couldn’t read that billboard)
  • There’s a Mario Flag on Mario’s flying machine, and a flag with Bowser Jr’s face on it at the entrance to the Day of the Dead town. These flags resemble checkpoint flags from Super Mario 3D World, but I’m not sure what they mean yet
  • New species so far include: Real Humans, the rusty robots in the forest, the pastel fork creatures, the Day of the Dead skull people, the anthropomorphic bunnies
  • Finally, I theorize that New Donk City is the first world. The shot of Mario staring at the billboard for Bowser and Peach’s wedding seems like a plot kickstarter. Additionally the city seems like a fun general hub world and contains advertisements for several of the other worlds (There’s a billboard with one of the Day of the Dead skulls and one depicting a mechanical tree). If the shot of Mario bursting out of the sewer is in the game that could be Mario coming through the warp pipe that leads from the Mushroom Kingdom to New Donk City 

That’s everything I got from the trailer! Please add more if there’s anything super important I missed

If Guardian's powers were blessed to the point of becoming gods.

So after I read some AnonPigs lore on the jackals and how they are the true godlike darkness, I started listening to a song that just put an awesome vision in my head.

This Vision is of Guardians, already in year 10 where they must face the Jackals, the gods. And they are Blessed by Alpha Lupi herself and pushes their abilities to the point of their supers being the level of gods.

First Titans. In my vision I saw all the guardians in space, shining from within with florescent light, fighting the Jackals. Then their supers activate.

THE TITANS. The titan Striker activates his power by charging his light to his fist, fueled with light, he charges forward, flying towards a massive pyramid ship and strikes it, making the ship explode as hi melts through its inner walls in a fraction of a second.

The Defender titans super would be the ultimate defence. He charges his light and releases a massive sphere that engulfs the earth. The sphere itself is another demension, a pocket dimension where no outside force will ever penetrate it because the sheild essentially doesn’t exist in that plane of time.

The Sunbreaker titan flies away from his group towards a massive MASSIVE ship and for good reason. As the titan zips through space in an immeasurable fraction of time he reaches I to a small white star and pulls his hammer, which now shines and is see through, being created from the very essence of space and he strikes his hammer down on the ship. The Impact causes an explosion so immense that it forges the creation of a star inside the ship and expands at a rate so fast that even the enemy could not have time to think of what had just happened.

THE WARLOCKS. The voidwalker focuses his light to the palm of his hand and from within his palm forms a black hole. One with the gravity of a black hole that would be formed by the death of a super star but at 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th the size. He then throws the black orb of emptiness at the enemy, sucking in half of the Jackals fleet in mere seconds releasing a devastating jet that shoots out of the black hole.

The Sunsinger, after falling in the hands of a Jackal, is killed and erased from time as if the oracles themselves made the warlock cease to exist. Then from the nothingness that engulfs the universe, a giant hypernova occurs and the warlock himself , glistening and incandescent with light emerges through the fire of creation and burns away the enemy that ended its life and along with it, other millions of Jackals.

The Stormcaller. the stormcaller warlock rushes towards the armada of Jackals alone and activates his devastating powers . his light focuses around him cysimg space to bend light around him and from his palms emerges plasma in its hottest state. Lightning condensed to the point of pure plasma shoots out from his palms melting down even planets in the way of the beam that cuts reality and destroys the jackals.

THE HUNTERS.The goldengunner hunter reaches for his prized revolver, the gun that was forged with him from the beginning of his life, he puls it from his holster and upon activating it, massive heat spurges from him, his aura bending his image, the revolver now see through and glowing with the fire of creation shoots millions of shots at once equivalent to jets of light that shoot out of black holes after consuming a super star. The jets reach the far side of the the galaxies where the enemy is and erase them from existence.

The Bladedancer hunter pulls out his knife. His light binding around the blade sets the hunter into am adrenaline rush to the point of excess energy flowing out of him. Now the knife is no longer visable, he holds on to light itself in its purest form. He blinks forward and disappears the reappears near the armada of death and the hunter begins its dance of death, it wields that which reverses creation and slices reality, dancing towards the enemy being cut apart by the emptiness of space itself.

The Nightstalker hunter filled with light reaches out towards the nothingness that surrounds it and from that nothingness grabs onto the matter that makes up space, it holds this dark matter and from it, pulls a string that appears to be a rip in space. It pulls it as far as it can and as energy surrounds it, it let’s go of the nothing, and from the nothing emerged a beam. A beam which cut the fabric of reality towards the enemy. The beam makes contact with the last remaining Jackals and from The impact of the beam emerges a tear in space, the size of it sucks in the Galaxy where the Jackals were and pulled them into the nothingness where that which does not exist resides. And with that final strike, the darkness has been wiped from existence.

Thanks for reading. If you want to mentally imagine this with a the song I was thinking of, the listen to lost in time(instrumental version) , and end of an empire(instrumental version) by celldweller or guardians at the gate (dubstep remix) trust me you are gonna want to listen to those songs while reading this.


Gianni Denegri back when he coached Cheer Athletics Panthers in 1999 and was featured in Discovery Channels Documentary, On the Inside: Cheerleaders. Today he is 41 years old and filled in for Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones last minute at Worlds 2015. He is shown flying center in their pyramid and also threw a standing full in the routine.