flying punch


just a character that was wandering in my head by some day now,

he’s Abel the Angel: his aspect is around 20 years old,
it’s not clear what are his love preferences,
angelic at sight but a real motherf**** in the attitude and temper;
he’s in the same toon universe of Bendy, Mickey, Cuphead, Betty Boop and others.
No long in cartoon business, he took a lonely path to stay away from the humans he despise,
he gets angered by being treated as a sissy angel with harp and will show his sadistic part towards his offender, he can use his wings to fly and punch, his pure aspect to fool.
he doesn’t show much of his feelings, but he’s capable to show pure hatred and poison towards who wants him to be “good”,
he doesn’t melt like Bendy, being more detached and stable with his ink, but can transfer some of his ink to other fellow toons if they’re in need (he eventyally will mask the moments of tenderness for mere cold mercy),
still not sure if his life will be long or not
(probably he will be heartbroken for a failed love declaration)

andreil: baltimore

happy baltimore day! here’s my contribution to fandom on this beautiful day, the day neil josten is finally in the system to become a real person

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

The words echo in Andrew’s head as soon as they leave Neil’s mouth. He doesn’t say anything else, but Andrew can tell there’s something more he’s itching to get out. There’s something in his eyes, something in the way they flicker from the rest of the foxes to Andrew, that stops Andrew from pressing for more. This isn’t the place, not right now. Maybe on the bus. They have all the time in the world for answers. And Neil promised Andrew anything for shutting down the goal.

As they’re shepherded out and towards the bus, the chaos that surrounds the team jostles Andrew and he blindly follows the orange uniforms. He can’t look out for the others, for Neil, and he spares a moment to hope that they’re capable enough to survive one rowdy crowd. As long as Kevin makes it to the bus, it’ll be okay. Andrew isn’t responsible for anyone else’s safety. Neil isn’t under his protection anymore.  

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  • Jimin: Jungkook seems tough, but he'd never hurt a fly
  • Jungkook: *punching the air* yeah right, I'll kick your ass, I'll kick everyone's ass, I'll kick my own ass
Young Avengers Trailer Pitch


We start with a quick shot of the current Avengers (in a possible future MCU line-up) being captured. 

Next up, we are in a dark basement, where MARIA HILL and CLINT BARTON are meeting up, both look tired and banged up. CLINT is wearing a hearing aid, has a white strip over his broken nose and his chugging a big cup of coffee.

CLINT: So what now?

MARIA: There’s something you need to see.

She drops a bunch of files on top of the table he’s sitting at. 


We see BILLY sitting on the buss, red hoodie thrown over his head, headphones on, blackened eye.

MARIA (Voice Over): William Kaplan. Code name: Wiccan. He’s a reality warper.

Shot of BILLY talking to CLINT in some diner. 

CLINT: Are you even actually wicca?

BILLY makes a funny face and shrugs, shaking his head. Next shot, BILLY is flying through the air, hands shining blue as lightning crackles around him. 

MARIA (VO): Thomas Shephard. Goes by Speed. 

TOMMY, identical to BILLY, sips around a room full of bad guys like a blur, stops in a corner, leaning cheekily against the wall.

TOMMY: You guys didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun without me, did you?

MARIA (VO): Teddy Altman.

CLINT: Hulkling?

TEDDY sits on a couch, arm wrapped around BILLY comfortably. 

MARIA (VO): Kree-Skrull hybrid, shapeshifter. 

Quick shots of TEDDY in his green alien form, flying around, fighting aliens; punches through them with a roar. Next up, a CLOSE UP of BILLY looking shocked.

BILLY (aroused): Whoa.

MARIA: Next, there’s Hawkeye.

CLINT looks confused.

MARIA: Kate Bishop.

CLINT: You mean like Hawk-girl or Hawkete.

MARIA: No. Hawkeye. 

Shot of KATE, looking preppy and beautiful with purple sunglasses. She smirks, arching an eyebrow. 

KATE: Believe me, I’m the better Hawkeye.

Quick shot of KATE, jumping though the air and shooting arrows, looking badass. 

We return to the first shot of her in civilian clothes.

KATE: Barton’s got nothing on me.

CLINT drops the files on the table with a grunt. 

CLINT: You gotta be kidding me. Who’s next.

MARIA (dropping the next file in front of him): Miss America Chavez.

CLINT (arching an eyebrow): Related to Cap?

MARIA: Who knows? We’re still not sure where she came from, or exactly what she can do.

Appears AMERICA, dressed in stars and stripes. Slams her fist against the ground, making it tremble with waves. She flies off to punch a bad guy. When she turns to the next one, her eyes light up but don’t see any of her star portals yet.

Shot of the YOUNG AVENGERS sitting together in some sort of lair. KATE sends AMERICA a look. 

KATE: So what’s your deal?

AMERICA (with a wink): Wouldn’t you like to know, Princess.

Back to the basement with CLINT and MARIA.

CLINT: Who the hell put this kids together?

MARIA quietly hands him one last file.

We see the YOUNG AVENGERS back at the same lair. Someone stands in front of them. We see CASSIE LANG facing them, suited up in an Ant-Man suit.

CASSIE: I need your help to find my father… Are you in?

The YOUNG AVENGERS share a confused look. BILLY, nervous, finally takes a step forward and nods.

BILLY: We’ll stand with you.

CASSIE smiles.

Series of shots of the YOUNG AVENGERS in battle against assorted bad guys (humans, aliens, monsters).

Next, we see a young boy with dark hair and green eyes, standing in front of them, both hands behind his back.

LOKI: You are going to need help in this new endeavor of yours. I could provide some assistance.

AMERICA pushes her way to the front of the group to face the kid, a glare set on her face.

AMERICA: Oh, no way we’re falling for that, Chico.

BILLY: America, c’mon, he’s just a kid.

LOKI smiles, pulling out his hands behind his back. His fingers sparkle green. Without missing a beat, AMERICA punches him hard, sends him crashing back through several walls.

AMERICA: No. He’s not.

More shots of the YOUNG AVENGERS fighting. Next, a wide shot of them standing in front of an entire army of aliens, flying towards them. CLINT is standing with them, next to KATE.

CLINT: Okay, this looks bad.

TEDDY: Guys! We need a plan!

AMERICA: Punch everyone.


New quick glimpses of them in battle.


TOMMY: No way are we calling ourselves that.

We see CASSIE growing suddenly for the first time. The rest of them gasp as she towers over them. 

BILLY: I didn’t know you could do that!

CASSIE: Neither did I- Watch out!

She moves quickly to step on a group of aliens that were about to attack them. 

TOMMY: Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!


If you let the punches fly from far away, but swing carefully when you are close in, you can reduce the chances of being countered. Knowing the most effective range of your favorite ARMS is the first step to victory!

Close Encounter

Summary: In which Bucky and Y/N find themselves in a bit of an awkward position. 

Bucky Barnes Masterlist


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

“Hey,” Sam said, flinging himself onto the armchair. “Where are the girls at?”

“Kitchen,” Steve mumbled, his mouth full of crisps. Sam rolled his eyes.

“Thought you were supposed to be a gentleman.”

Steve merely shrugged in response, shoving another handful of crisps into his mouth. Bucky shook his head in amusement, before checking his phone.

“So, Barnes,” Sam said, leaning towards him with a shit-eating grin on his face. “What’s going on with you and Y/N?”

Bucky raised an eyebrow and glanced up at Sam, not saying a word. Steve looked at Bucky, an amused smirk on his face.

“What do you mean?”

Steve and Sam shared a glance, before looking back at Bucky.

“Well…. you know,” Sam said suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows.

Bucky frowned, before putting his phone down.

“Do elaborate.”

Sam and Steve shared another knowing look, before looking back at Bucky once more.

“You guys seem… friendly,” Steve said, causing Bucky to shrug.

“She’s nice.”


Bucky huffed and rolled his eyes.

“She’s a nice person and a skillful agent.”

“Right,” Sam said, his eyes still on Bucky.

Bucky turned his attention back to his phone.

“Alright, alright, alright,” Natasha sang as she entered the room holding a bottle in each hand.”

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(A/N): i find this gif really pretty and precious idk why.

You and Peter used too be best friends but he starts ignoring you at school and doesn’t answer any of your texts or calls. This of course doesn’t go unnoticed by you and your heart breaks because of the boy you thought cared.

word count: 1,892

warnings: swear words, slight violence, bullying (nothing major)

disclaimer: it’s currently 4am and i proofread this like 5 times but it’s still shit okay bye.

Peter Parker was, without a doubt one of the best things in your life. He treated you like you deserved to be treated and always put you first, making sure you were okay and if he saw something was bothering you he wouldn’t stop pestering you about it until you finally cracked and told him what was wrong.

And even if it was something that you believed was incredibly stupid he always reassured you that it wasn’t and would talk it out with you and hug you when you needed it, that’s why it broke your heart when Peter suddenly started distancing himself from you.

He ran away whenever he saw you coming towards him and left you on read whenever you messaged him. So this basically left you with no friends at all.

Peter had been the only friend you had since no one wanted to hang out with the ‘nerdy chick from science’ and Peter had been the only person who accepted you for who you were, and didn’t judge you for your nerdy side and you had now lost him— the only person who had ever shown the slightest interest in you had now decided to abandon you just like everyone else had.

Your heart was shattered, broken in two because of a boy you thought had cared about you but apparently never did. In total It had been exactly 4 months and two weeks since you last talked to Peter. So here you sat alone—picking at the food set out in front of you glancing over at Peter and Ned every once in a while wishing you were seated next too them.

But your thoughts were quickly interrupted when you felt someone smack the back off your head, harshly “ow” you muttered turning around only too see the one and only Flash Thompson standing behind you. He was smirking evilly down at you and you gulped turning back around.

“Ah Y/N alone again I see” he laughed sitting on top of the table you were seated at. You didn’t say anything instead you just started picking at your food once again not giving him the attention he wanted.

“What? you think just because you’re a girl i’ll go easy on you” He said pushing you off of your chair causing you too let out a startled scream as your bottom hit the tiled floor, this gaining the attention of almost everyone in the cafeteria.

You were quick to scramble back to your feet, starting to pick up all the books that had fallen out of your bag when he pushed you. When you had finally managed too gather all your things together you turned around only too see Flash standing directly in front of you.

“Aw loser Y/N all alone with no friends at all, geez even Penis Parker couldn’t handle being around you and that says a lot” Flash laughed and so did all the people that had begun to make a small circle around the two off you. 

Those words really hit you hard and you felt your throat run dry and your eyes well up with tears.

“Jesus what a crybaby” he snickered when he saw you desperately try to blink back the tears that were threatening too spill out of your eyes any second now. “Leave. Her. The. Fuck. Alone” you suddenly heard a voice growl and you turned around only too see Peter storming towards Flash.

“What are you gonna do about it? huh Parker” Flash threatened swinging his fist towards Peter’s face but before it could even touch him his hand went flying up blocking the punch Flash had directed towards him.

At this point Peter didn’t care if he used his spidey strength against Flash, he only cared about protecting you and making sure you were okay so when Flash tried to punch him again he grabbed his hand with his and squeezed it as hard as he could before kicking him too the floor.

You saw Flash’s eyes widen as he tried too stand up only too have Peter kick him down again. You quickly ran too the both off them and put your hand on Peter’s shoulder. 

His head whipped around and his eyes softened when they met yours. He turned fully around setting his hands on your shoulders scanning your face for any injuries or anything of the sort.

“Thank you Peter” you mumbled pulling your hand off of his shoulder and shrugging his hands off of you. Peter nodded before taking one last glance at Flash who was now shaking as he laid on the floor putting his hands up in surrender.

You quickly made your way past Peter and sped walked towards the double door that led out of the cafeteria. Everyone was staring at you and Peter shocked at what they had just witnessed.

Peter, the scrawny kid from gym class had literally just knocked a guy twice his size onto the floor with ease. 

Ned quickly made his way through the crowd of people and dragged Peter along with him out of the cafeteria and away from the students who had already begun too gossip about the entire ordeal.

“Dude what the hell was that?!” Ned questioned as soon as the doors closed and they were alone in the empty hallway. “What do you mean!?, he was hurting Y/N!” Peter yelled, Ned sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

“I know Peter but you can’t just go around using your spidey strength because you want too! People will start asking questions and soon enough they’ll figure out that you’re the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” Ned scolded trying to knock some sense into the hopelessly in love teenagers head.

Peter nodded knowing Ned was right and that he could have handled the situation better. “But I have too talk to her Ned, I just stopped hanging out with her without giving her a reason and she probably hates me” Peter sighed ashamed of himself.

“You’re probably right Peter so go and talk too her! I know you can trust her, Y/N would never tell anyone about what you really are so go and make things right” Ned smiled as he put one hand on Peter’s shoulder knowing this was the right thing to do.

When you finally stepped out of the school you felt tears fill your eyes and you covered your mouth with your hand as a shaky sob escaped your lips. 

You didn’t want anyone too see you like this so you ran towards an empty alleyway that you had often went too to study in, since it was peaceful and quite and you hadn’t once ran into anyone there.

You leaned your back against the concrete wall and you let yourself slide down it loud sobs leaving your mouth as you let your tears fall freely. “Well what’s a pretty lady like yourself doing here all alone” you heard a mans voice and your eyes snapped open only too see five men surrounding you.

You quickly got back up too your feet and searched frantically for any way out of this situation but the men had you completely surrounded. “Please don’t I don’t want any trouble” you whimpered backing as far into the wall as you physically could.

The men all laughed before one of them walked up too you and started too remove the jacket you were wearing. You tried too protest but he would slap your hands away before pinning them above your head.

You started screaming for someone too come help you but the guy that held your hands tightly above your head covered your mouth with his free hand before whispering in a threatening tone “shut the fuck up or i’ll beat you so hard you won’t even remember your own name”

“Now that’s no way to talk too a lady” you suddenly heard a very familiar voice say causing all the men to turn around only too be faced with the one and only Spider-Man. 

When the guy that had previously been holding you let your hands go you immediately fell down onto your knees and started rubbing your wrists that had already begun too turn purple from his hard grip on you.

Spider-Man noticed this and took them all down with ease, and in record time he had them all webbed too the concrete walls. His gaze soon fixated towards you and he quickly crouched down in front off you taking your hands in his too observe the damage.

“Are you okay?” he finally asked his voice soft as he ran his thumbs carefully over your bruises. You were going too say yes but something just cracked inside you causing you too leap forward and throw your arms around his neck pulling him into a bone crushing hug whimpering a small ‘no’.

He wrapped his arms around your waist as he helped you stand back up allowing you to sob into his shoulder. A few minutes had past when you finally pulled away from him and immediately you noticed the wet spot that had appeared on his red suit from your tears.

“Oh god i’m so sorry” you muttered trying your best too rub the wetness away but Spider-Man pulled your hand down and placed it back on your hip. He was in complete awe, you had literally just had the worst day ever and here you were worrying about something that would most likely dry off in ten minutes.

“That’s nothing too worry about Y/N” Spider-Man chuckled slightly before he realized what he had said. The eyes on his mask widened and he quickly pulled you into his chest before pulling you both up and onto a rooftop where he knew no one would see what he was about to do.

“H-how do you know my name?” you asked as soon as your feet landed on top of the building he had pulled you up too. Spider-Man sighed before slowly pulling his mask off, Peter. “Oh my god” you gasped putting both hands over your mouth as your eyes widened in shock.

“Is this why-” you started but he cut you off already knowing what you were going too say “yes it is. And i’m so so sorry i wanted to tell you i really did but i have a lot off enemies that—if they ever found out about you they would use you against me and I couldn’t let that happen so instead off handling it like i should have i stopped talking too you and for that i am truly sorry i hope you can find it in your heart too forgive me because everything just sucks without you it-it just isn’t the same. You’re my world Y/N and i love you” He finally finished but his cheeks turned a deep shade of red when he realized he had basically just confessed his feelings too you.

You nodded your feet suddenly becoming the most interesting thing that you had ever laid your eyes on. “I-i uh i love you too Peter” you managed to strangle out your eyes soon finding Peter’s brown ones.

He smiled and pulled you as close as he could to him never wanting too let go off you again. “Can i kiss you?” he finally broke the silence his breathing fanning your face as he tugged one strand off your hair behind your ear. You nodded putting both your hands on the back off his neck your lips meeting in a long awaited kiss.

occasionally-surskit  asked:

Blush.. wouldn't.. hurt a fly.. would she? With those buff arms??

I’ll punch a fly idgaf 

(Today’s daily was guest drawn by @vulpixesdaily!)

Basic Training

Inspiration from a twitter convo with @rboz

Looking at herself in the mirror was a bad idea. The mottled purple and blue flesh did little to hide the swelling of one side of her face, and only served to emphasize the black eye and scrapes along her delicate features. The worst part was her lower lip, badly split from a poor attempt at dodging. She whimpered as she poked at it, wincing as fresh blood gushed forth and down her chin.  

She wondered what Gajeel would say if he saw her now; if he’d act concerned for her or tell her that she needed to be faster. She sighed as she pulled a paper towel and ran it under cold water, hissing as she dabbed the blood away. The latter was true; she did need to be faster. But she hadn’t expected an all-out assault in her first day of basic training, let alone getting her butt handed to her. She wondered if all new recruits had to suffer the same, and if they were better at avoiding the rapid-fire punches flying their way. It had been all that she could do to avoid her trainer’s brutal attacks, but with magic being forbidden in basic, there was little else she could do. Not that it had helped much.  

Even biting her tongue instead of her lip hurt. She gulped back the urge to give in to the tears, not wanting to fall into feeling sorry for herself again. That had been nearly disastrous, and it was by sheer luck that Gajeel had found her when he did. And though it had been the sprout that bloomed into love, it was glaringly obvious afterwards that she needed to try more. Of course, her training for the Games didn’t really result in combat, something that she had been secretly grateful for after seeing the competitors. But after the guild disbanded and they had joined the council, she had felt the little niggle of motivation to try again rise and fester. So much so that she begged Gajeel to start training her.  

That had resulted in a lot of resistance for his part, much to her disappointment. She couldn’t really understand why, except that it was due his insistence that he couldn’t hit a girl. Of course, she had backfired with the snarky comment that he had hit her before they actually met. The look he had shot her filled her with instant regret; it was so hurt and heartbroken. She rushed to apologize, only to have him ground out to find someone else before he turned and stormed off. After that, he didn’t show up too much, making the nights difficult for her to sleep; she couldn’t believe how stupid she had been to blurt it out.  

She always prided herself on forgiving others, no matter what. She thought that she had gotten past that, but she had been so angry with him for refusing her that she just… blurted it out, like it had festered secretly. Needless to say, she would never forgive herself for such a cruel thing.  

It seemed like he was slow to forgive her as well, making his absence more noticable with each passing day. Soon, she’d only catch glimpses of him across the cafeteria or hall, always busy or looking elsewhere. Whenever she’d call or try to catch up, he would disappear or she would be intercepted by another member. Then, the days would add up without a sight of the dragon slayer, adding another stab of hurt to her aching heart. She missed him so bad on those days, it was hard not to break down while working.  

“Stupid Gajeel…” She whimpered, grimacing till her lip pulled apart again. She hiccupped pitifully, unable to stop the tears that rolled down her face. Her shoulders curled inward in an effort to stop the sobs from escaping her, her body shaking as it ached. She inhaled deeply, holding her breath before letting it out in a shaky huff. She squinted at herself again in the mirror, and with a start, realized that her headband was missing.  

Her favorite headband that he had given her on their first day as council members.  

A choked sob broke loose, and she whipped up a fist to stifle it before she could wail. It must’ve fallen off while training, she thought as she ran her bruised fingers through her dirty hair.  

She had indeed found a trainer for basic combat training, needing it rather than wanting it to distract her from her feelings. She hadn’t expected the intensity of the training at all, being assured by Jura that it was for beginners like her. She belatedly recalled his warning regarding the course; it was hard, and few ever graduated it without visiting the hospital wing, if they were lucky. But she had been desperate, and threw herself in headfirst, and thus, here she stood, broken and battered.  

She wavered, suddenly exhausted from everything now. Sleep sounded nice, actually. Far nicer than trying to feed herself or clean up. She nodded to herself in the glass, her mind set on finding her cot to collapse in and losing conscious for a long time. She sighed, then slowly turned, wincing as her body screamed at her.  

Since it was dinner time in the chow hall, the main halls were thankfully empty, allowing her to slip through unnoticed. Which suited her fine, she could barely walk without limping or gasping at a hurt she couldn’t feel beforehand. And the rush of the crowd would’ve added to her hurts, not too many people were conscious of her to not ram her over or trample her.  


She froze, her breath caught in her throat as she recognized his voice echoing through the hall. She hadn’t heard him utter one word to her since her careless remark, and it tore at the edges of the wound in her heart, she had missed it so much. His footsteps were coming closer from behind, fast and intent on their destination. She sucked in her breath, willing herself not to cry and trying to swallow the lump that lodged itself in her throat. He had stopped behind her now, silent. She wondered if he was trying to figure what to say to her, and dreaded what it might be. Please, I’m so sorry, sorry, sorry! She wanted to cry out, but her throat closed on the words. Please!

A flash of pink flapped in front of her eyes, startling her. It was her head band, dirty and torn, with bit of her hair stuck to little clots of blood. Tentatively, she reached out to grasp it, tugging on it. Yet, he didn’t release his grip.  

“Some fucker had this tucked into his belt like a fucking badge,” he growled, and her breath hitched. “When I asked him where he got it, y'know what he said?”  

She shook her head, breathing deeply to try and calm herself.  

“He said it was from a new recruit who was stupid enough not to duck.” The anger in his voice was palpable, and she cringed, nearly whimpering when he tugged sharply on the ribbon. She could feel his hand slide gently onto her shoulder, gripping gently. “Y'know how good it felt to smash his face in?” He asked, his voice softer now. She inadvertently bit her lip, gasping when the pain flared over her lip. She didn’t resist his hand tugging her around to face him, shaking as she felt the last of her reserve crumble. Tears blinded her as she heard him inhale sharply, cursing under his breath as he cupped her swollen cheek gently.  

“On the other hand, I oughta bury the bastard,” he growled. She hiccuped, reaching out for him and grasping the edge of his jacket. Was it real? Was she dreaming? She couldn’t tell if she had fallen unconscious in the hall due to her injuries, but it sure felt like it was. His other arm was coming up to support her as she leaned towards him, sobbing softly. Then, he was lifting her up, cradling her in his arms and rushing away. She figured it was to the infirmary, but she wasn’t sure anymore and she stopped caring; he was here, talking to her and holding her. And god, it felt good to be held by him again.  

Her breath hitched as her emotions flooded over her now, more painful than her actual injuries. She curled against him, her body drinking in the warmth she desperately craved. She’d never let him go like that again, never be so cruel when he needed love, not bitterness. She slipped one arm around his neck, sobbing harder when he hugged closer, muttering oaths under his breath.  

“I’m so sorry,” she blubbered between sobs. “So, so sorry.” She heard him grunt, then sigh deeply as he nuzzled his jaw over her head gingerly.  

“Me too, shorty,” he murmured, almost too quietly. She sniffled, settling down enough to lean back and consider him, panting to catch her breath. He inclined his head to face hers, his face drawn and tired. It was enough to set her off again, and she buried her face in his neck, whimpering.  

“I thought you hated me,” she hiccuped, her hands clenching his jacket lapel tightly. Her lip tickled as blood trickled down her chin, fresh from her injury splitting open again.  

“I was pissed at first,” he admitted after a pause, his voice weary. “I didn’t wanna start something I was gonna regret, and hurt ya even more. I was tryna cool off for a couple of days before talkin to ya, but it didn’t turn out that way.” His voice was soft, regretful even. She shook her head, denying him.  

“But after all this time?” She asked, her voice small.  

“Poor as fuck timing,” he grumbled. “I tried, then we got busy. I looked for ya, but the stupid fucks in the force needed a babysitter, and then when I was freed up you got tied up.” He sighed, his breath brushing through her locks.  

“And then,” he said, his voice growing hard as she watched him. His eyes sparked with fire, and his jaw clenched. “I could smell your blood, and you weren’t around.” His eyes flashed to her wounded face, his brows furrowing as he took in each bruise. He leaned forward to gently nose her black eye, growling as she winced. “That was when I needed ya, needed to know where you were at, but instead I find the fuckface with your head band, drinking himself stupid, and I saw myself right there.”  

She choked, reaching out to hug him, desperate to right the wrong she had done, but he was shaking his head, grinning sardonically. “So, I did what I’ve wanted to do to myself for ever laying a hand on ya. Though, he deserves a fuckton worse than he got,” he said, his voice quiet.  

“I’m so sorry, Gajeel,” she whimpered.  

“Tch, you were right. But since you’re apologizin,” he murmured, leaning forward to press his lips against her forehead. “It’s my turn to be the forgivin one, eh?” He kissed her again, brushing his nose over the spot he’d kissed.  

She was frozen stiff, completely stunned by his actions. She couldn’t believe that it happened, that it was still happening as he kissed her nose. When it finally clicked in her mind that it indeed was happening, she sagged in his arms in stunned relief, just as exhausted as she had left the locker-room. But instead of sorrow, a wild happiness was blooming inside her, bright and brilliant as the sun itself.  

“After we get ya patched up, I think it’s time to start yer trainin,” he said, his voice warm and gentle. She looked up at him, confused.  

“Ah, I thought you didn-”

“I’ll handle the dodgin, Lily’ll handle the sparing,” he cut in, beating her to the punch. His brow furrowed in annoyance then. “Damn cat nearly tore my head off when I told him about you wantin to train and goin elsewhere.” He huffed, pouting so much that she giggled. And giggled.  

She was giggling so much it hurt, but it felt so good after so long that she’d be bent over howling if her body would allow it. She knew she looked like a fool, but with the release came more tears, and she couldn’t stop laughing, she was beyond happy now.  

Her laughing died down after a bit, leaving her limp in his arms, panting from the crazy roller coaster of emotions. She snuggled against his shoulder, content to let him carry her where ever. She could feel the pull of sleep tug at her senses now, so she pulled herself up enough to plant a kiss on his cheek before settling back, succumbing to the irresistible urge.  

“Sounds like a plan to me,” she murmured, letting go of the last lingering finger of consciousness.  


I got a few requests for this fanfic! I’ll give it a go!

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, Maybe Southside High was where he was meant to be. These people, they were like him, damaged, dangerous , the very definition of wrong side of the tracks. They liked him, they thought he was funny and when they laughed they were laughing with him not at him. So what was the problem?

Thoughts of shiny green eyes and long honey blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail ran through his mind. The image of his beautiful girlfriend made his palms sweat and his heart ache. Betty had cried for him, fought for him, she never gave up, not even when he gave up on himself. And then there was Archie, no matter what happened he would always be his best friend. Pulling his attention back to the conversation in front of him, Jughead couldn’t help but laugh at the groups crude humor.


The beanie wearing boy whipped around,
Archie, Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl were all standing behind him, sticking out against the beat down high school and grungy students.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asked, standing from his seat as the people at his table watched cautiously, silently.

Archie stuttered, speechless. Cheryl shoved past him and stood before Jughead.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed Jones, but your girlfriend hasn’t answered her phone in two days and she didn’t show up for school today. I had one of my vixens stop by her house this morning and ask that lunatic mother of hers to speak to her and the blonde stepford wife claimed Betty was at school. Newsflash? She’s not.” Cheryl angrily stabbed Jugheads chest as fear flashed in his eyes.

“What do you mean she’s not in school? And she’s not at home?! I don’t have my phone. It’s at home. I thought she was just busy, I was going to go over tonight.” His eyes were frantic as Veronica pulled out her phone.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

Kevin ran over to the raven haired cheerleaders side, reading the message on her phone.

“Oh god” he gasped.

“What?!” Archie asked.

Veronica held up her phone and showed the group the text with shaky fingers
“It’s betty”

“Thankyou for being an amazing friend, you’ll do fine V, just stay true to who you are. I love you”

Jughead ripped the phone from her hand,
“Where is she?! Where could she be?! We have to go. NOW.” He shouted, speeding through the halls and heading for Archie’s beat up truck.

Everyone was scrambling as they got into the car, ideas bouncing off the walls of where Betty could be, suddenly Cheryl spoke evenly.

“Sweet water. She’s at sweetwater.”

They all turned to her, Archie not giving it a second thought as he sped through the streets of Riverdale, making his way to the river.

“Why would she be there?!” Kevin was texting Betty profusely to no avail.

Cheryl pulled her own phone out and began texting Betty

“It’s the easiest way to go, with the ice.”

Veronica gasped, shivers racking her body.

Jughead stared blankly out the window, his body tense. No. no, not like this. Not Betty. How could he have not seen? How could he have been so neglectful to not notice his own girlfriend was drowning. She had so much going on, it was too much on her and he did nothing to alleviate that stress. He didn’t deserve her, he never deserved her.

Archie parked haphazardly, his truck skidding to a stop as all the teens hopped out.

“Split up!” Archie called, sprinting through the snow, slipping and sliding as he searched desperately. Jughead pounded through, the cold seeping through his boots.


Veronica’s distinctly feminine voice called from his right as she pointed to a shadowed figure a few feet away. Jughead tripped up falling to his knees as he ran towards her.

“The ice!” Cheryl screeched “its cracking! Separate.”

Jughead couldn’t hear her he was running towards Betty, she was looking at him now, big, terrified eyes.

“You don’t have to do this! Bets please! Come here. I’m right here! I’m here for you! I’m so sorry.” He cried desperately, his arms extended as he reached for her.

She looked at him with such blank eyes he stopped dead in his tracks
“I’m sorry.” She mouthed.

She was gone, fallen through the ice, engulfed in the current as Jughead watched horrified.

“NO!” He screamed desperately, dropping to his knees as he dug through the snow, his fingers red and raw.

Veronica and Archie were beside him, kicking and clawing at the snow searching the ice. Kevin was holding a weeping Cheryl.

“I CANT SEE HER! I CANT FIND HER” Veronica cried as Archie pushed the heavy snow aside

“Right here! She’s right here.”

Jughead shoved Archie aside, his fists flying as he he punched at the ice, blood flying before he stood and kicked the ice sending it shattering, he reached into the water gripping an unconscious Betty by her shoulders and laying her on the snow.

“Come on, come on!” He brought his lips to hers, breathing air into her lungs as his tears dripped onto her face. “COME ON” suddenly her eyes flew open as she spit out water, gasping for air. Jughead dropped his forehead to hers and gasped.

“Oh my god” Veronica breathed and Archie wrapped Veronica in his arms.

“We have to go!“ Kevin said “she’ll freeze if we don’t get her someplace warm.”

Lifting the frozen blonde up bridal style, the group raced through the snow, depositing Betty into the truck, Jugheads denim wrapped snugly around her shoulders as she drifted off

“Stay with me Betty. Stay with me.” Jughead mumbled into her damp hair as he held her to his chest. Everything going black.

When Betty woke up she was sitting up beside a fire, her back resting against a strong familiar chest, slender hands wrapped around her, steady breathing in her ear.

Glancing up Betty looked around, Veronica and Archie were sleeping on the couch, sharing a blanket. Cheryl was on the floor beside Kevin both sleeping as well. Jughead had her wrapped up in his arms, his eyes fluttered open and got wide.

“You’re awake.” He breathed a sigh of relief, his arms squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry.” Betty whispered tearfully. Jughead lifted the beautiful blonde up and onto his lap

“Don’t you dare apologize, this is not your fault. It’s mine. I didn’t see you crying out for Help, you saved my life and I couldn’t even be there when you needed saving.” He cupped her cheek, his eyes desperately guilty.

Betty covered his hand and leaned into his palm

“Technically you did save me.” She smiled softly.

Jughead rolled his eyes,before they softened

“Please don’t ever do that again, please just.. I’m so sorry Betty.” A single tear slipped from his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m okay Juggie. We’re okay.”
She whispered, dropping a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I love you Betty Cooper” he whispered

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”