flying prince

I’m not even really into this ship, and I’m sure the whole “Prince Ali” thing has already been done to death, but I just couldn’t help myself.  XD 

Anyway, here’s a super quickly drawn Rose and Prince Ali from Miraculous Ladybug helping me beat a dead horse XD


Today we lost one of the most legendary entertainers of all time. His incredible innovation and immeasurable talent changed the industry forever. It seems like we’re losing all of the legends, and I never thought we’d lose this one. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace and fly high, Prince Rogers Nelson 💕

A One Room Infinity

I find myself at a crossroad of time.

With the past to my left,

and a world about to burn just behind me.

The smell of chocolate and cream waft through the air

With not a voice risen above a whisper.

Yet I’m surrounded by the cries of poets long gone,

and authors waiting to be heard.

I’m encased in the feeling of something baking.

The warmth of the oven echoes through the room,

The comfort of having done something productive sitting in my stomach

The atmosphere thick with a multitude of flavors.

I sink into the scene,

vanish into the shelves,

No one can find me here.

Bad news cannot touch me.

Here nothing,

and everything is real.

Here witches cast spells,

dragons and space ships fly over head,

Prince charming attends high school,

and super heroes keep evil at bay.

Here tomorrow will never come,

and yesterday never happened.

The worlds not collapsing,

it’s just being built.

Here a new home costs between four and twenty four dollars.

A whole world is wrapped up in a convenient little package,

Which I now hold in my hand,

and it’s mine to keep,

mine to stay the same.

To be opened or untouched.

It’s my choice,

it’s my world,

it’s my story,

it’s my book.