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What if a guardian found out that one of the FR Gods was its charge?

It could theoretically happen, since a guardian’s charge can really be anything. The official encyclopedia even says that it can be an object, an individual, or a place even, so it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch.

A guardian wandering through the Starfall Isles to the Observatory after seeing the Arcanist in a dream, spending years learning ancient tongues in hopes of communicating with him, sits at the edge of the island to wait forever if need be.

A rugged guardian, feet sore from trekking, finally makes their way to the World Pillar, then searches for an eternity through boulders and cracks for the calcified form of the Earthshaker, whose image they saw carved in the stone. It doesn’t matter to them how long it takes.

A collier guardian, who thought that their charge was an oddly glowing ember, sees the Flamecaller in the fires of their forge, and lays down their tongs to travel to the Great Furnace, ready to dive into the volcano just to see her.

A fur-clad guardian entering the Fortress of Ends, despite being warned and cautioned endlessly, because they’ve gotten this far and they can’t stop now, not when they can feel the Icewarden’s eyes locked on them, not even when they know that they’re potentially walking into a cold demise.

A quiet guardian who banished themself to the Sunbeam Ruins becomes enamored by the Lightweaver, and goes to the Beacon of the Radiant Eye every few days, never expecting her to show herself to them, but reading to her their favorite tomes and sonnets. Some days they think they hear her humming contentedly.

A guardian toiling endlessly in the Shifting Expanse, never stopping nor faltering, because they saw the Stormcatcher in the crackling lightning, and they hope that if they work until they bleed, until they can work no longer, then they could catch his eye. Anyone who insults the Stormcatcher in their presence will regret it.

The gentlest of guardians, who feels connected to flora and fauna, seeing the arching branches of the Behemoth and feeling nothing but peace. They sorrowfully know that the Gladekeeper would never reveal herself, so they protect the entire forest with unending passion.

A slightly demented guardian, travelling through the Scarred Wasteland, gathers bones and alien branches and wears them proudly, eating any rotting meal they come across in hopes of mutating themself with infection, to appease the Plaguebringer, who they know they will find at the center of it all.

An aggressive guardian who was cast out of their clan swears vengeance, and ends up wandering alone through the Tangled Wood. They end up seeing an ancient rendering of the Shadowbinder, and they dare through the darkness and the thorns. Finding their charge is an afterthought, what they want is to prove their worth.

A superstitious guardian sees the Tidelord in a vision upon the waves, hears an echo of his booming voice, and becomes enraptured. Never a day came when the guardian could not be found flying over the sea, listening, waiting, and watching, because maybe he’ll come to the surface, if not today then tomorrow…

A guardian with a missing leg finds immense joy in flight, something they can do just as well as the most skilled skydancers, and soars in the winds of the Cloudsong, knowing without doubt that their Charge is the Windsinger, swearing to any dragon they meet that the Windsinger has flown with them and laughed with them jovially.

At sea aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73) Nov. 26, 2002. – Two F-14B “Tomcats” assigned to the “Jolly Rogers” of Fighter Squadron One Zero Three (VF-103) fly over the Mediterranean Sea. VF-103 is part of Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW-17), embarked aboard George Washington. CVW-17 and the George Washington are nearing the end of a scheduled six-month deployment after completing combat missions in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Southern Watch. U.S. Navy photo by Captain Dana Potts. (RELEASED)


Fly over a sea of clouds filling the valleys near the Pokut Plateau, Turkey

Dragonkin Fitness
  • Martial Arts: Not only are they great for dragons that love to fight and have aggression they need to vent, they’re also great for fire breathers! Many styles incorporate a strong cry the comes from the diaphragm, and that’s the closest I’ve ever felt to roaring/breathing fire in this life. (Granted, I don’t know what it’s like to breathe fire. But the analogy has been made by others.)
  • Running: Even on a treadmill! I find it extremely motivating to visualize myself flying over the sea when I run. It spurs me on to go even faster! Try visualizing flying or sprinting across your territory when you run!
  • Swimming: Kind of self explanatory for aquatic beings! Even more though, it is very close to flying. I suspect that Wyverns might find the motions in the Butterfly stroke kind of familiar ;)
  • Hiking/camping: Get closer to nature! I like to go with friends as a bonding experience, but it’s also great for solitary reflection (so long as you don’t go too far alone! Be safe!)
  • Dancing: Doesn’t matter what style, so long as it makes you happy. Dancing reminds me of the coordination and grace that I once possessed, and makes me feel so free that I could liken it to flight. If what you miss most is feeling majestic and unfettered, then dancing is worth a try!

Otherkin feel free to reblog with more fitness ideas for your kintypes!!!


Exmate Messenger (Part 5)

Taehyung X Reader

In a world where Soulmate Messenger —A text messaging service that connects you to your soulmate — dominates the dating industry, you find yourself receiving an interesting text from a very familiar number.

A/N Okay so I literally couldn’t end this with texts, I tried and tried but it just wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to, so I wrote a lil ending to it (I’m not a writer so sry if it’s terrible lol) but this brings us to the end of all the soulmate series, wowza. Idk what I’m going to write about now lmao. I really hope you all have enjoyed them though, they were a pleasure to make 🤗

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

“Sure thing, ready when you are!” You typed. The elevator dings and the doors open, making your heartbeat skyrocket into your throat. Why were you doing this? It was so unlike you to fly over seas for something so ridiculous, but here you are anyway. Your phone rings right as you step into the elevator and you cross your fingers, hoping that he doesn’t catch onto your plan.

“Hey baby!” He sounds so tired, his voice low and rough, granted he had just been on stage not even two hours earlier. A pang of guilt strikes you, he’s probably exhausted, you should let him rest not bother him.

“Hi Taehyung.”

“Ugh, I’ve missed your voice so much this past month. I can’t wait to come home and hear that voice every day.” He was sitting on the bed in his hotel room, a pillow in his lap and his computer placed at the foot of the bed. “Are you in an elevator right now? Is this a bad time?”

“No no not at all!” you jump at his question, almost too quick to answer it. “I’m just on my way to see some friends who are visiting from out of town.”  God you were such a terrible bluffer, internally cringing at your unconvincing lie. “But it’s not like they’re waiting on me, I have time to talk for a minute.”

The elevator stops abruptly as the doors slide open, bringing the 12th floor into full visibility. You step out slowly, almost as if you’re trying to stall the inevitable just a little bit longer. “Oh, well I just wanted to see your face is all. And to tell you I miss you.” he smiles, that big, boxy smile making you weak at the knees every time. “I miss you too, Tae. I hope the tour is going well for you and the boys.” He sighs, though it’s hard to tell wether it’s good or bad. Hugging the pillow into his chest tightly, he speaks. “It’s been really great so far, we’re all having a really good time and meeting so many of our fans, like I couldn’t ask for more. But I can’t help but feel super guilty for leaving you so soon.”

“Tae no, it’s okay. I’m fine and happy knowing that you’re doing what you love, plus it’s not like you’re going to be gone forever.” you try to assure him, though it seems like it’s not doing much. I find yourself walking down the expansive hallway as you check each room number. Room 1243, 1244, and so on and so forth till you find it. Room 1248. You shift nervously in front of the door as your pulse rises, this is it and there’s no turning back now. “Hey, Tae I have to go, I think I’m at their room. But I’ll call you tomorrow, yeah?” he face sinks and the guilt rises in your stomach. Why were you playing with him like this? It was Jungkooks idea in the first place which explains some of it but still, your heart can’t help but sink a little bit as you watch the disappointment on his face.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.” he smiles softly, trying not to show his sadness and utterly failing at it.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Tae.” And just like that the call ends. You look up at the door in front of you, still processing that fact that you’re actually here. You stall for just a moment longer, trying to think of what you’ll say. “Deep breaths Y/N, you don’t have to say anything.” you tell yourself as the building adrenaline pushes you closer to the entrance. “Just do it already.” and with one finally push from the voice in the back of your mind, you knock on the door.

You’ve forgotten how tall he’s is, his sweats ridding low on his hips and his hair in his eyes. He is literally a piece of art standing in the door way and you can’t help but freeze at the sight of him. His eyes grow wide as he begins to register the situation at hand, it clearly being just as much of a dream for him as it is for you. Not a word leaves his mouth, nor a movement from him body, he just stares.

“Hey Tae.” And that was all he needed, burying his face into your neck as he pulls you in and shuts the door behind you both.

Enthralled: A Jonerys FF

Summary: Jon Snow needed the help of Daenerys Taragaryen in order to defeat the threat beyond the Wall. Little did he know she would be his undoing

Rating: M (duh..#.boatsex)

Word Count: ~2900

A/N: Guess who’s back??!! Hopefully this is a good sign! This is the first thing I’ve written in almost 4 months, so go easy on your girl, especially since I’m delving into new territory. This is basically my homage to the Jonerys relationship. I cover it from start to what we have now. I had this headcanon, thought, of Jon having a thing for Dany’s hair, so added that in there, too. 

Thanks to Bianca, aka @shipsxahoy, my love, my beta, and the Mulan to my Ruby. AND to one oldest and dearest, Justine, aka @bisexual-pirate-queen for looking after this. 

**All italicized dialogue is from the show** 

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Jon Snow had no idea what to expect when he traveled from Winterfell south to Dragonstone. He heard the tales of the Mother of Dragons and how she rose to power. He hoped beyond all hope that she would help him in his efforts to rid Westeros of the threat of the Night King and his army. Jon knew how demented he sounded to those who had not borne witness to the terrors beyond the Wall, but he came here with a purpose: to form an alliance.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, he was bewitched by Daenerys Targaryen.

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Helicopter flying over sea ice off Baffin Island, Canada - looking for polar bears

distantly remembering

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Title: distantly remembering
Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader
Genre: Prince!AU
Summary: Two members of two kingdoms decided to date one another, but they had to wait until marriage to display any sort of affection. What will the impatient prince Kwon Jiyong do in this situation?

The soft swing of the liquid that filled his cup was enough to show the colors of the drink, a little bit on the darker violet side and the shade contrasted a lot with the white silk that was under Jiyong’s hands in case he dropped something. His lips twisted once he tasted the sangria that was on said cup and he looked around the ballroom, seeing a few people dancing with one another as he sat there, waiting for someone to arrive and make conversation with him. His eyes dart towards the groups of people that wore dresses that were too puffy for his liking or suits that fitted nicely, looking like a better version of themselves and between them, he sees her sitting on her at her own table, biting the inside of her cheek when one of the kings was talking to her in a language she couldn’t understand. The small trembling of her eyebrows as well as the continuous nods that followed every sentence the king said made him laugh. Jiyong was seeing his future wife there and it could be said that the two were in a relationship, but they were too far away from each other to even call it that way.

Their parents had agreed to their decision of picking who they wanted to date and decided that they had to marry as soon as the pair turned eighteen, but they declined every sense of affection between the two, pulling them apart until the marriage happened. Jiyong couldn’t say he didn’t even get a kiss once, he had been able to steal one or two kisses when the two passed by each other in those types of parties, but she was working with her duties as a princess in a land not too far away and he was doing the same thing as well. Whilst the two were three hours away from one another, they saw each other quite frequently and talked about anything, but they were often seen by the butlers that took care of them. Jiyong could barely hold her hand without seeing a butler shaking his head at the young man and he scoffed all the times that said thing happened. He stood up from his seat on the empty table as he walked through the groups of people until he finally reached her, seeing her widened gaze once a question was sent her way and she couldn’t answer.

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YES THIS IS 100% REAL. It is funded by the Pale Sea Institute, so tell ALL of YOUR FRIENDS AND REBLOG THIS LIKE CRAZY !!!!

necrosuarusrex  asked:

Are you a fan of Dad jokes? Cause you're about to read one. Why do seagulls fly over the sea? BECAUSE IF THEY FLEW OVER THE BAY THEY'D BE CALLED BAYGULLS.

Guess I really have daddy issues…

Liverpool Bay, England

Burbo Bank windfarm on the Burbo Flats is pictured from the the window of an aircraft flying over the Irish Sea

Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

In 2000 On January 10th, several people in Pennsylvania encounter the Jersey Devil in a park.
A young girl sees a creature with “a head like a dog and face like a horse” sitting on a fence in Leeds Point on January 12th.
On January 16th, a couple hears screeches and sees a horse-like creature on two legs run past them in Batsto.
On February 1st, a man feels “stalked” and sees a creature outside his home in Mays Landing.
A series of strange Jersey Devil related incidents occur over February 4th - 5th in Holmdel.
Seven people witnessed the Jersey Devil visiting Philadelphia as he flew overhead on February 24th.
A pizza deliverer saw and heard a strange creature in the woods in Great Meadows on February 25th.
Three men heard something, and witnessed a creature that fit the Jersey Devil’s description fly over their heads in Morristown on February 27th.
A boy and his dog were chased by the Jersey Devil on April 15th in Toms River.
A guy and his sisters hear and witness the Jersey Devil by the Bayonne Bridge on April 28th.
One man watched a creature fly overhead in Paramus on May 11th.
Two travelers drove past a strange creature perched in the woods in Gibbstown on May 22nd.
A couple encounters the Jersey Devil in Leeds Point on June 23rd. An out-of-state cop watched something fly over the trees in Sea Breeze on July 1st.
Two drivers see a creature sitting on the side of the Garden State Parkway near Atlantic City on July 2nd. A girl is approached by the Jersey Devil in Hillsboro (reported July 7th).
Five guys were chased in their jeep while off-roading in Wharton State Forest on July 17th.
Two hikers encountered a strange feathered creature in Leeds Point on October 3rd.
A college student sees a strange, deer-like creature on the side of the road in Whiting on November 11th.
Two boys hit a strange creature while driving in New York on December 11th.
Two girls discovered a strange creature sitting in an abandoned car in the woods in Toms River on December 13th.
A girl and her friends see a strange shadow in the woods in Southampton on December 15th

Of Words and Swordplay

Chapter 4 Summary: Daenerys has her first lesson with Jon, sparring with swords and well as words.

Chapters 1-4/? on a03!

The weather on Dragonstone was fairer than it had been, so Daenerys had Jon Snow summoned outside for her first lesson. She was waiting in a private courtyard—private for all except the dozen Dothraki warriors she had along the perimeter for her guard—thinking it should be the northman waiting on her, not the other way around. Even so, taking Jon Snow as a sword tutor was already unconventional. A queen waiting on one of her rebellious lords couldn’t make things any more unconventional than they were.

Nevertheless, as she ran her hand over the pommels of the training swords set into the wrack she’d had carried outside, Dany couldn’t help but be anxious to begin. She was anxious to have her lessons completed, and to take Drogon out and avenge her allies. She refused to feel anxious about the northman.

“Your Grace,” he called from behind her. Daenerys turned just as he stepped out from under a stone archway, pulling on a glove. His dark hair was pulled back from his face as it always was, and when he stepped into the sun its light made the scars on his face seem darker against his pale skin.

Dany wondered when he got those scars—where he was and how they happened. She wondered if she would ever know.

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