flying over planet earth

DAY 2628

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 24,  2015              Wed  8:27 pm

Birthday - EF Agnes James & Ef Donna Lisch .. you have been wished and given greetings for a wonderful day .. the day has ended but not the love and wishes from us all ..

The dexterity with which all of us and this generation per se, have acknowledged and adapted to modern technology is not just a wonder but indeed a revelation. Each hour of our passing, has seen in these times, the extreme power of the mind, the brain and the thinking of the human being. Each moment in various laboratories and institutions some one somewhere is devising an equipment that shall eventually make our lives and living easier and comfortable and convenient ..

One such that continues to amaze us common denominators is the communication device that has been appropriately titles the ‘mobile’. Its mobility is without any doubt and neither is its functioning. In time, it threatens to become that mythic ‘Adam’s Rib’, which has been generalised to be the finite expression for the female gender through the ages. Yes .. it has become an inseparable part of our system and our persona and our being ..

The mobile conveniences devised for connectivity, emerge each couple of months with greater benefits and designs and a vast array of applications that the human now desires to take care of and to find an easy solution to, his or her daily regimen. The connect is fine .. the storage is fine .. the applications are fine .. but what really has been its growth factor is the CAMERA !! 

This generation of the 21 st Century has become the ultimate documentator, the historian, the informative librarian, teacher, educator … all, in one remarkably compact gadget .. 

Never before in the history of the world has there been such a vast volume of image documentation, than now.

No one … but no one shall have the ability to remain away from it, or avoid it .. for posterity it shall be the veritable Bible of record keeping, not by professional keepers of the world, but the world itself ..

Which incidentally includes ‘yours truly’ ..

The imagery that follows below are my attempts through this magical camera - the mobile !! And so … be it the beauty of the land mass below you at an elevation of 40,000 ft, be it the divine presence of Christian divinity in the interiors of a Church, this little ‘rib’ has documented it for life … 

The sand blown land visuals that envelope and embrace the truest blue of the waters, are pictures above the Saudi Arabian peninsula, the Red Sea, reaching out to the Arabian Sea and the Gulf States further ..

A wondrous site, that justifies the ethereal beauty of our planet .. its texture, its grace, its vastness and its unique planetary presence ..

Above, the fulfilment of extraordinary excellence - what else can you call it.

But below on the level of the ground, few would imagine, that just a day before, a terrible tragedy occurred on the Red Sea, when a passenger boat travelling across it sank, and killed over a hundred estimated humans …

And that not far lower down on the map, humans fought with one another, demolishing and eliminating their own, in a horrid battle that still ensues as we fly over the region ..

This Earth, this galactic wonder, this planet that professes to be one of a kind .. harbours too the evils of devastation, war and misery, by the very that inhabit it !

How ironic then that what follows soon after, is the calm and peace and the prayer of worship and divine belief ..

Life shall ever be challenging .. it is HIS way of our test .. we must and will appear for these examinations and commander credit and ultimate results of success .. 


Good night .. and rest well .. in peace and love and togetherness and respect and giving .. and care and consideration ..  sacrifice and understanding .. compassion and empathy ..

Amitabh Bachchan