flying on a mongoose

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Headcanons for the Flash with daemons? (Bonus if its the Superflarrowverse)

Thank you for your patience, dear nonnie!  As a bonus, I threw in the Earth-2 versions of Barry, Iris, Joe, Caitlin, and Cisco.

Barry Allen: polar bear
Iris West: barn owl
Joe West: white rhinoceros
Wally West: jaguar
Cisco Ramon: honey badger
Caitlin Snow: fennec fox
Jesse Quick: clouded leopard
HR: black palm cockatoo
“Harry” Wells: ball python
Julian Albert: three-toed sloth
Eddie Thawne: alaskan gray wolf
Cindy Reynolds:
bearded dragon

Earth-2 Barry: harp seal
Earth-2 Iris: asiatic lion
Earth-2 Joe: grizzly bear
Earth-2 Killer Frost: flying fox
Earth-2 Reverb: wolverine

Oliver Queen: silver-morph red fox
John Diggle: siberian tiger
Felicity Smoak: blue-and-gold macaw
Lyla Michaels: red-tailed hawk
Laurel Lance: black-footed ferret
Thea Queen: platypus
Roy Harper: spotted hyena
Rene Ramirez: northern flying squirrel
Curtis Holt: nine-banded armadillo
Evelyn Sharp: banded mongoose
Malcolm Merlyn: eastern diamondback rattlesnake

Sara Lance: african lion
Kendra Saunders: caribou
Carter Hall: eastern mole
Nate Heywood: sea otter
Ray Palmer: coati
Amaya Jiwe: mountain lion
Mike Rory: anteater
Leonard Snart: emperor penguin
Rip Hunter: american alligator

Kara Zor El: grey seal
Kal El: leopard seal
Alex Danvers: wombat
Maggie Sawyer: echnida
James Olsen: bearded emperor tamarin
Winn Schott: peccary
J'onn J'onnz:  american bison
Mon El: reindeer