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Everyone Lived.

Everyone lived, and James and Lily rocked Harry to sleep on the night of his second birthday by quietly humming lullabies to him. The moon spilled through the window and bathed his crib with a soft blue light, and Lily had never seen something so peaceful. The rest of the evening was spent slow dancing to one of Sirius’ old records. That Halloween, Harry dressed up as James’ favorite member of the Cannons. Not that he had much of a choice in the matter. 

Everyone lived, and Padfoot and Moony, known more affectionately to little Harry as “Poof” and “Moo,” took him to ice cream every Thursday afternoon. Sometimes, Sirius would put him in the sidecar of his motorcycle and fly low over the neighborhood before dropping him off (Don’t tell Lily). Harry was the ringbearer in Sirius’ and Remus’ wedding, much to James’ objection (“I would make a much better ringbearer than a toddler. Come on Padfoot.”.) 

Everyone lived, and Harry and Neville spent their fifth birthdays together. Lily and Alice thought they both looked just smashing in their matching blazers, but Neville was too busy throwing dirt at Ron to care. Molly baked a cake that was taller than Harry, and it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Lily invited Narcissa to her weekly book club that consisted of all the moms getting wine drunk and complaining about their husbands. Neville, Draco, Ron and Harry would eavesdrop and report to their dads later that day with everything they heard. Cue an unnecessary amount of shocked scoffing from James (”I do not do that, Lillian!”).

Everyone lived, and  Harry had a whole gang of people come to see him, Ron, Neville, and Draco off on their first year at Hogwarts. When Draco was sorted into Slytherin, no one made too much of a fuss because, as Ron claimed, maybe Draco and Harry would bicker less like an old married couple if they weren’t rooming together. As a group, the five of them, including Hermione later that year, broke the school record for most detentions in a month. James was angry, but only because he had been the previous record holder. Lily was angry because she was called in twice for a meeting with the headmaster to discuss Harry’s actions.

Everyone lived, and Christmases were full of light and music and shy kisses under the mistletoe. James, Sirius, and Remus all got drunk together before the Christmas party even started and by the time all the guests had arrived, there had been four proclamations of undying love made from the kitchen counter (three of them were Sirius confessing his love for James.)(One of them was from Sirius to Remus.). Molly knitted everyone a Weasley jumper. Harry stole some firewhiskey from James and shared the bottle with Draco later that night in his room after everyone left. They were both so drunk they weren’t really aware they were kissing until it was too late to take it back. Harry’s face was red, and no one could be sure if the flush in his cheeks was from the alcohol or the snogging. Fifth year was full of a series of not-so-secret makeout sessions in empty classrooms. No one said anything about it.

Everyone lived, and during sixth year when Draco and Harry finally admitted they were dating, no one batted an eye. Lucius groaned, and James winked reassuringly at the two of them, and Lily was grinning from ear to ear. Sirius and Remus were so proud. They had all seen it coming from a mile away.

Everyone lived, and though no one was able to fully escape heartbreak, or tears, or nightmares, everyone had each other. Harry’s memories were not haunted by cramped cupboards or loneliness but warmed by smiles and magic and feathery soft kisses on cheeks, on lips, on foreheads. 

Everyone lived, and Harry didn’t have to be the savior. He just had to be Harry, and that was just fine.

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Honestly, Junkrat and Roadhog deserve way more credit for evading the authorities, and not just because they’re 7′3 and 6′6 with easily distinguishable tattoos and features. No, its because of they’re motorcycle.

Look at this thing.

Not only does it have the the most conspicuous sidecar humanly possible, but it also touches the ground. In a future purposely created by Blizzard so that all the cars are flying cars, they have a giant motorcycle with regular old wheels. How hard would it be to tell people to be on the look out for a non-flying motorcycle with a bright yellow smiley face sidecar?

But nope, Roadhog and Junkrat still don’t get caught. Even with all the odds against them, they’re both able to outsmart the authorities and that itself deserves some praise.

Gift Giving - Drarry Valentine’s Day Ficlet

(Or read on AO3 or FFnet) Hope this fits the criteria for the @slytherdornet Be Mine Challenge (it’s a bit fluffy, right?).

Gift Giving - 559 words

By the time Harry had shut and locked the shed door, Draco’s exhilarated expression was fading. Before he could ask what was wrong, Draco punched his arm.

“Ow! What was that for?” Harry exclaimed, rubbing the sore spot.

“You absolute bastard!” Draco hissed. “All I got you was a box of bloody chocolates!”

Harry fought to keep himself from rolling his eyes. “They were very ni—”

“I figured you’d either forget it was even Valentine’s day, or get some stupid card, or something cheap and last minute!” Draco continued, building steam and stomping into the house. “A flying motorcycle. A flying motorcycle, you arse!”

“You said you loved it! You were always looking at the photo of Sirius’ old one, and saying you wished you had one. What’s the problem?” Harry asked, following him through the house, and into their bedroom. Draco rifled through the wardrobe, surfacing with a coat. “Where are you going?”

“Shopping,” Draco snapped. “Where else?”

“Don’t be daft,” Harry snorted. “You don’t need to get me something else. I’m happy with—”

“I will not be out-gifted by an emotionally constipated Gryffindor on Valentine’s day!” Draco said, all in an angry rush, while pulling on his coat roughly. “I underestimated you. You git. I bet you planned this.”

“—the choc—” Harry blinked at him. “A what? I am not emotionally constipated, you bloody twat!”

“Chocolates. Chocolates!” Draco muttered, heading back through the house to the front door. “Unacceptable exchange. Completely unacceptable.”

Harry groaned as he followed. “Is this another stupid pureblood thing? Is there some gift giving rule that I broke?”

Unacceptable!” Draco hissed over his shoulder. “You bastard!”

Harry stopped following him. “Fine! Go be a stupid overreacting twat! I look forward to what the papers will say about you shopping last minute on Valentine’s day.”

Draco whirled around and glared at him. “This is your fault, and I will make sure they know it! This is our engagement all over again!”

Harry felt his face go red. “Hey, you leave that out of this! You were too bloody subtle! How many times do I have to tell you?”

“Emotionally constipated Gryffindor bastard!” Draco hissed. “Three times. Three times!”

“Oh, for the love of—” Harry cut himself off with an angry sound, and pushed Draco to the door. “Go then. Go repair your wounded pride. I’m going back to bed. I was up all night sneaking that bloody motorbike into the shed. Wake me when you get home, you silly tosser!”

“You’ll be lucky I don’t throw whatever I get you at your stupid head!” Draco snapped, walking out the door and slamming it.

Harry groaned, sticking out his hand and summoning Draco’s wand. He took a couple of deep breaths as it flew into his hand from where Draco had put it down in the bedroom.

When the door opened again, Harry grabbed Draco by the collar and snogged him before he could spill anymore insults.

“I love you, you stupid twat,” he said, pushing the wand into his hand. He pushed him back out the door, and closed it behind him.

“I love you more, you bloody bastard!”

He heard the words through the door, and chuckled to himself at how silly Draco would look yelling that at the door. Shaking his head, he went back to bed, grabbing chocolates as he went.

i think my favorite scene in shadowhunters by far has to be clary and jace on the flying motorcycle like everything about it is so good and fun and pure and they’re both laughing and even if it’s just for a minute, they forget all their problems and everything is great in the world and you can actually see them beginning to fall in love im cryign i love clary fray and jace lightwood so muhc

Jasper and Lapis are that Slytherin couple who are always sniping at each other and/or bragging about how much better they are than everyone else. Jasper brags loudly and often (probably because underneath all that bravado, she’s not nearly as confident as she seems) while Lapis prefers snide comments and withering stares.

Lapis flies better than anyone at Hogwarts, but she doesn’t play Quidditch. Lapis simply doesn’t see the appeal in competitive flying–but Jasper certainly does. She’s a Beater on the Quidditch team; not the most graceful creature on a broomstick due to her sheer size (to be honest, she’d probably prefer a flying motorcycle) but no one can rocket a bludger across the Quidditch pitch like Jasper. No one can take a hit like her either; she’s been known to dive in front of her teammates to absorb the bludgers she can’t knock away, and she’s broken her nose more than once. Lapis marches into the Hospital Wing after every match and lectures Jasper for being so careless.

Jasper’s favorite subject is Herbology–like her little sister in Gryffindor, Jasper was simply born to get her hands dirty. The Quartz Sisters might have been sorted into different houses, but you’ll still find them together in the gardens, digging up rare plants and scaring off the gnomes.

Lapis prefers the Care of Magical Creatures. She’s completely memorized Newt Scamander’s written work and has a particular affinity for dragons, hippogriffs and merfolk. She’s drawn to their raw, untamable power–which might explain her attraction to Jasper.

On the weekends the visit Hogsmeade, and when the weather is rotten they wear their House scarves in matching silver and green. Jasper helps Lapis bundle up to her ears and though Lapis’ eyes are narrowed in annoyance, it’s quite possible that she’s smiling beneath her many layers. They both want to hold hands, but it’s far too cold and Lapis is far too practical–and Jasper, too stubborn. So they trudge through the snow with hands stuffed inside their robes, and when they reach The Three Broomsticks Jasper lifts two pints of Butterbeer from a hovering tray and Lapis leaves four Galleons in their place.

It’s not difficult to find a seat. A group of third-year Gryffindors clear away as Lapis and Jasper approach, not because they’re Slytherins but because of the rumor going around that Jasper is half giant, which wouldn’t bother her so much if they would leave Amethyst out of it. Jasper settles in across Lapis and sets their drinks on the table, holding hers between two massive palms and grimacing at how small the pint looks in her grasp.

And Lapis reaches out at last, takes one hand in her own even though both of them are still trembling, still pink and red from the cold.

💖A Day With Sirius When He Gets Out Of Azkaban Would Include...
  • Being so incredibly happy
  • But feeling incredibly worried about him
  • Because he’s about half the size he used to be
  • And he looks incredibly poorly
  • But he’s still the man you love
  • And want to be with forever
  • The longest, tightest hug ever
  • In the world
  • Both of you crying
  • Happy tears, of course
  • The last 12 years seeming to have disappeared
  • Because you were together again
  • Getting onto his old motorcycle and flying away
  • Wind in your hair
  • A lot of laughing
  • Him being overwhelmed when he sees how you’ve fixed up Grimmauld Place for his arrival
  • A lot of kisses and hugs
  • Him not wanting to let you out of his embrace
  • Because it’s been far too long
  • Sipping tea together

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