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Okay so I’m 15 (16 in less than a month) and i am also 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
All the people in my town are really lame and so basically I’m really lonely and would like to make some new friends.
And the best thing about the internet is you can’t tell how awkward I really am irl.
I’d really like to make friends with some people. Boys, girls, flying manta rays, transsexual buses. Literally anyone.

It would also be pretty cool if someone around my age talked to me I guess. Like, even if you’re in a similar situation as I am and have some questions id be more than happy to answer them. Although I guess you guys don’t really know my situation. You could always ask. Seems like an interesting conversation starter maybe.
Anyway, I’m looking for friends. Other teen mums, teen mums to be, or even people a bit older than teenager.

Basically, notice me so I don’t feel so insignificant PLEASE.


In popular culture UFOs are assumed to be artificial crafts piloted by extraterrestrial beings. But what if the truth of these anomalies is even weirder? What if they are themselves living creatures?

In the October 1959 issue of Flying Saucer magazine, a letter appeared from an anonymous reader- later claimed by various sources to be named Don Wood Jr.- detailing his encounter with a bizarre pair of otherworldly creatures on top of a Nevada mesa in 1925. According to Wood, he and three other men were flying a set of Curtiss JN-4 airplanes- commonly known as “Jennies”- over the desert. The men decided to touch down on top of a mesa to explore the landscape. They had not been on the ground long when a red disk, 8 feet in diameter, descended slowly from the sky. As the strange object touched down, Wood and his colleagues realized that it was some sort of animal. It appeared to be “breathing” by raising its top half up and down, creating a six-inch opening all along the rim in a manner that Wood likened to a clam opening and closing its shell. A large chunk had been bitten out of the creature’s side, and its body oozed a metallic-looking froth.  After about twenty minutes of rest, the animal began to glow bright red and attempted to float up into the air. Its injuries were apparently too severe, however, because it quickly sank back down.

As the stunned men watched the creature, a shadow fell over them. They looked up to find an even larger disk-shaped being floating down from the sky. This one ignored Wood and his companions as it settled over the injured creature and latched onto it with four sucker-tipped tentacles. In a burst of speed, the newcomer flew straight up with its smaller counterpart in tow and vanished into the sky. Whether the larger disk was helping or attempting to eat the other creature, Wood could not say.

The idea that UFOs could be living creatures, rather than extraterrestrial crafts, has been proposed by several paranormal researchers. Proponents of this theory point to the way many of these objects appear to dance around or chase each other in a manner akin to animals playing. Others have cited the appearance of “star jelly”- strange, apparently organic slime-  falling from the sky or being found on the ground after a flurry of UFO activity (I do need to point out, however, that many samples of star jelly have, in fact, turned out to be slime molds, colonies of Nostoc bacteria, bird vomit and other Earthly biological substances. So this line of evidence is rather dubious).

Author Trevor James Constable believed that many if not all, UFOs were actually gigantic, amoebae-like organisms that were normally invisible to the human eye. Using infrared photo filters, he claimed to have taken hundreds of pictures of these creatures completely filling the skies over Earth.*  Other people have also claimed to witness bizarre, organic-looking beings, collectively known as atmospheric beasts- drifting through the sky at high altitudes.

A fairly recent phenomenon may be further evidence of these supposed atmospheric beasts. Within the last few decades, several people have reported sighting what appear to be flying manta rays. The creatures are usually described as being flat gray and translucent, with large fin-like wings, but no discernible heads, tails or limbs. Are these creatures related to Woods’ flying clams? Are both perhaps part of an unseen aerial ecosystem existing miles above our heads much like the “air jungles” of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story The Horror of the Heights.

  • <p> <b>me:</b> *desperately trying to sleep*<p/><b>brain:</b> HEYA, BUDDY! YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO THIS!!!<p/><b>me:</b> what now?<p/><b>brain:</b> mmkay, so manta rays, but like, doing moth things, being moth sized, little flying manta rays just flapping around and looking at flowers and things.<p/><b>me:</b> as cute as that is, what am i to do with this information?<p/><b>brain:</b> :)<p/><b>me:</b> fuck, fuckity fucking fuck now im awake, fuck<p/></p>

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Either 29 or 7, Ten x Rose if that's alright!

TenxRose is ALWAYS all right!  (You may have noticed, even when I try to write something else it still ends up coming back to them…) @starry-nightflyer

This ended up being TenToo, so I’m tagging @doctorroseprompts and @timepetalsprompts

#29 (hiking) for the Autumn fic meme (feel free to send me another!)

She woke to the feel of soft kisses being pressed against her neck, just behind her ear.

“Wha?”  She mumbled, rolling back slightly into the Doctor where he sat behind her.

“Rose, wake up.”  He whispered softly, brushing a stray hair from her face.

“Whasgoinon?”  She slurred, leaning into his touch while trying to burrow down into the blankets.

“Do you trust me?”  He asked, and if she’d been more awake she’d have rolled her eyes.

“Mmhmm.”  She sighed, already drifting back to sleep.

“Then come on, get up. I want to show you something.”  He tried to pry the covers away from her, but she held on tight.

“Now?  Cannit wait?”  She whined.

“Please?”  His puppy-dog, pleading eyes were generally more effective when her eyes were open to see them, but in this case there must have been something in his tone that made her comply.

“All right.”  She slowly crawled out of bed with a groan.  “But I’m gonna need tea.”

With a quick kiss to her forehead, he bounced out of the bedroom towards the galley while she did the bare minimum to get ready.

Ten minutes later, slightly more awake, she met him in the console room where he was waiting with the requested tea.

Taking it with a murmur of gratitude, she quickly drained the mug while he fidgeted impatiently, glancing towards the doors every few seconds.

“Ready?”  He asked the moment she placed the mug on the console, and her answering grin brought a matching one to his face, before he grabbed her hand and pulled her laughing out the door.

It was dark as anything out, and she could barely see, relying on their joined hands to guide her safely.  He hadn’t given any indication of where there were or what they were doing, but the TARDIS had laid out jeans, hiking boots, and a parka that she was almost immediately grateful for.

He led her up a path, side by side, hands clutched tightly as they chatted in the pre-dawn stillness.

They came up to a plateau, and just before the level ground was in sight he pulled her to a stop.  Before he could even ask, she closed her eyes and held out her hands expectantly, entirely confident in his ability to lead her safely the rest of the way.

Touched by her obvious trust, he needed a moment to in his emotions before taking her hands and leading her the rest of the way.

Relying on his remaining time senses, he waited until only a minute before his surprise to guide her hands away from her face.  When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was him, standing in front of her, beaming that happy smile he got whenever he was about to show her something.

Somehow, that tease from their first trip (You think you’re so impressive.  I am so impressive!) had struck a nerve, and he always delighted in trying to amaze her, never realizing that he himself was thing to beat.

Her heart thudded painfully in her chest, and before she could give into impulse to kiss him, he spun away to her side to give her a look at the view, still holding tight to her hand.

Her delighted gasp alone made the whole trip worthwhile for him, let alone watching her face as she took in the scenery, the grand canyons and natural rock sculptures far better than anything on earth.  Never mind the flying manta rays gliding through the sky.

Right on time, then, the sun started to creep into the sky, and she stared at it, transfixed.

Eventually, she turned her attention the animals in the sky, and he couldn’t wait any longer, afraid his chest would burst.

“How long are you going to stay with me?”

Her head turned slowly to face him, and she sent him a loving, gentle smile.

“Forever.”  She promised, remembering a similar moment. Then, they hadn’t had to hike to the spot, having landed on the shore; it had also been sunset.

Now, a new day was dawning, and they stood ready to face it together, hand in hand.

They were going to have a fantastic life.

Absolutely fantastic.

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I'm curious, what dragon tropes do you like, and what ones don't you like?

The first one is kinda tricky because as someone that loves monsters in all forms, I’m in the camp that goes “if you wanna take something and name it a dragon, do it” So you want classic winged reptiles? Giant mutant worms? Fire-breathing flying manta rays? I’m game

What I don’t like is the “dragons are inherently better that humans” thing. Everyone that does that basically makes up dragons as fancy elves, and elves are just so uniformly BORING. It’s why I am so much into old medieval bestiary dragons. Bring back the nasty assholes!

Oohhhh myyy goooodddd

Z nation is starting out freaking STRONG this year!!! Loving Doc and Sun Mei working together in the refugee camp, living 10 and Red’s relationship (though it does seem that they’ve got a little issue revolving around 5k), and I am loving, fucking LOVING, the relationship between Addy and Lucy. Warren and Murphy are killing it too and bring back Dr. Teller, man that threw me for a loop! I have a feeling this season is going to be the bet one yet! I can’t wait to see the old gang develop more, can’t wait to see when Warren and Murphy get back to the group (because it seems like from the trailer they do find their way back). It looks like 5k was that sacrifice they were taking about, and it breaks my heart that he’s gone, but it’s given Red an outlet for further development which I love. I can’t WAIT to see what next week’s episode brings! This season’s opening didn’t break my heart like last year’s (not the flashback movie, the real first episode where we pick up with the plot), and it just gets me freaking pumped!

Also, WHAT WAS WITH THE FLYING MANTA RAY, anyone have any idea what that was related to?!

Here is my completed “Amazing, Beautiful Creatures” project as an A2 wall chart!

There may be as many as nine million different species of animal on Earth, and yet many of the most interesting and beautiful creatures get overlooked in favour of those more familiar too us. This is my attempt to introduce some of the less well known ones, although there were many more that I would have liked to have included. I hope that most people will learn a fact or two!

Sadly, many of the creatures I’ve covered, such as the Dugong, Gharial,and the Leatherback Turtle are all threatened with extinction. Hopefully by learning more about these creatures we can help prevent this from happening.

Hope you enjoy, I have learnt a lot making it.

Super high resolution version.

Guess who just hit max rep Rank 7 with the Kojin?

EDIT: So, turns out despite the big finale-looking mission, the achievement with a different name than the rest, and the title that goes with it… Sworn is apparently not the highest rank for the Kojin. At least one more to go.

… Maybe that one will give me that prayer emote and my magic flying manta ray.

mama-jiru  asked:

Do you have any original characters or personal story ideas? I know you did flight but I was curious to know more c:

Boy do I! :D

The main thing that is rattling around the back of my head is called Jellybots- there are drafts and thumbnails and…it’s a long story. It is always on and off the backburner…

More art on that here.

Then there are Alfonse & Domingo- a boy and his flying manta ray. Two of my earliest OCs that originated from some comics I did in school a good many years ago here and then here :) 
They are never far from my mind :)

You mentioned Hollow Men, from Flight- which was a dream-come-true project for me :)

There was once this idea I toyed with called Kojo: Monster Puncher…it’s still lurking around the recesses of my brainspace

And that weird, wanna-do-it-in-watercolor, melancholic road-movie about an old hound on a houseboat called Wanderhome that I feel I’ll write some day…

That’s more or less the rundown- I really want, someday, to get to tell all these stories in some form or another! That’s the dream, anyways :)


So I saw moana recently, and it was awesome, and I really loved her in her power – this teenaged girl speaking to the sea and the sea /listening/. And part of what made that wonderful is that she was so /normal/ the rest of the time, so human.

And then I wrote a tiny thing about how people would react to that confluence of identities. It – could use a bit of work, a little rounding out, but, oh well. Don’t have the spoons for heavy editing right now.

@counterpunches and @silenciadelumbrae

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