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Lily is 11 and she doesn’t like boys. She loves Sev but that’s different. She loves him the way she loves Petunia, the way Petunia doesn’t love her back. She likes the way the the concrete feels in the summer, it burns her feet but she dances on it anyway. She likes pressing her fingers to her veins and trying to feel the magic. She likes the dark blue curtains in her living room that her mum constantly complains about. She likes the funny chocolates they have at school and the way they jump around. She likes running late to classes with Marlene and laughing at Mary’s attempt to cover for why they were not on time. She likes Alice’s soft voice that reminds the rest of them that they have plenty of homework as they lounge in the common room. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he struts about thinking he’s so grand and funny, she knows grand and funny it’s her and her friends and most definitely not him.

Lily is 12 and she doesn’t like boys. She still loves Sev the same way as she always has but no longer the way she loves Petunia. Petunia makes her heart hurt as she spits out the word freak and makes witch sound like its poison in her mouth. Lily loves Petunia sadly and Sev happily and she thinks she’s okay with that. She likes baking with her mum and licking the spoon and fighting her dad for the bowl. She likes hiding behind the blue curtains after sneaking a frog in Tuney’s shoe. She likes the way her dad can’t stop laughing as he tries to scold her for it. She likes drawing pictures on the window of the train. She likes that her friends all try to guess what it is before she’s done, Alice always gets it right but that isn’t hard when Marlene and Mary are fighting to figure out who can come up with a ruder version of what it is. She likes eating in the great hall and feeling so apart and at home in something. She likes mimicking Marlenes snores with Mary at all times of the day especially in class. She likes quidditch and watching the games but severely less so when Potter is playing. She doesn’t like Potter no matter how good he is at the damn sport.

Lily is 13 and she’s starting to like boys. She likes them differently than Sev. Sev doesn’t make her palms sweat or her stomach do tumbles, he steadies her and lays with her and he loves her- more than Petunia ever has. He’s her real sibling, well the only one that really loves her and Lily thinks she’s okay with that, its better than having no one after all. Lily likes the breeze on her thighs when she wears her skirts. She likes the way the grass feels against her legs as she lays with Marlene in the courtyard skipping yet another divination lesson. She likes making up wild stories of what their futures probably hold including but not limited to, Marlene marrying a giant and becoming a giant queen, Lily sprouting wings and becoming accepted amongst the dragons, Alice turning out to be a unicorn in disguise, which they both agreed would be too plausible for it to be considered actual divination, and Mary one day waking up with a third leg to kick them both with. She likes telling these theories to try and get a laugh out of a begrudging Mary who actually DID go to class and was left by herself. She likes the way Alice dances with Marlene to make Mary smile which eventually leads to the four of them dancing and laughing all night in the common room. She likes the way Potter and his friends are totally bewildered by it asking loudly what the hell had gotten into them, she knows he could never understand the pure joy of dancing with your friends. She likes the way Marlene tells Sirius she’d rather dance with a pig’s privates when he asks if she has any moves left for him. She likes painting Alice’s nails and listening her talk all about how much she loves her little brother and wondering what it must feel like to have an older sibling that not only tolerates you but actually loves you back. She likes chasing Mary’s cat, Sniffers, and complaining loudly when he won’t let her hold him. She thinks she may like Remus Lupin a little more than she previously thought. She’s always liked how kind and smart and quietly hilarious he is but she’s only just realized how cute his nose is and how she thinks she may want to hold his hand. She likes that he’s different from his total gits of friends but remains loyal to them. Loyalty Lily knows is one of the most important things in a friendship, which is why she doesn’t let her friends judge Severus. She likes that she can tell Alice about her crush on Remus without her making fun of her or suggesting that she do something crazy like fling her bra at him to make him love her (something Marlene and Mary promised would do the trick). She likes transfiguration because Remus sits next to her and tells the funniest jokes quietly so only she can hear. She likes that she spends most of the class laughing at him which may be why she isn’t doing her best, Potter on the other hand excels in transfiguration which is something that really grinds her gears, probably because it’s the one class he doesn’t laugh much in, for some reason he spends most of it quiet giving her and Remus rather annoyed looks.

Lily is 14 and she likes boys. Not the way she likes Severus, whom she still loves… despite everything. They’ve been fighting quite a bit lately mostly because he’s been hanging around with scum and Lily can’t understand why he can’t see that they’re scum. They tell him she’s dirty and disgusting and not a real witch and he hangs around with them anyway it infuriates her and he hangs around with them anyway. But even though he has his flaws and can’t see how disgusting his new “friends” are, Lily loves him anyway. She loves him because he brings her her favorite sweets and let’s her hold his hand and listens when she cries about Petunia, even though she’s found she never likes what he ends up saying about Tuney. She loves him because they’re siblings in every sense of the word so she guesses that it’s ok that they argue, after all they don’t argue nearly as much as her and Tuney do. Or did rather, after all petunia hasn’t answered a single letter Lily has sent her this year and she stayed at a friends house during Christmas holiday to avoid her. Lily thinks she’d rather Petunia call her a freak everyday and spit in her tea twice every hour than have her deny her existence, it would hurt way less. Lily likes dancing. She likes stepping on her dads feet as he twirls her around the kitchen. She likes potions. No lily loves potions. She likes to see the magic actually being created right in front of her she likes that she can hold it and see it and it’ll never stop amazing her. She likes Benjy Fenwick and his bright blonde hair. She likes his small smile and big blue eyes. She likes the way her stomach flips when he’s around. She likes the way her friends act more excited than she does when he finally asks her to Hogsmeade. And she pretends not to like the choruses of “Lily and Benjy sittin in a tree”. She still likes Remus Lupin even though she’s over her crush. She likes studying with him in the library and debating and debating about all the injustices going on in their world. Injustices that were really starting to scare her. Against her better judgment she’s found that she also likes Sirius Black and Petter Pettigrew. For completely different and all around confusing reasons. She never really thought much of Peter, he was just one of potters friends. She assumed him to be an intolerable arrogant git and she found herself to be so wrong. It was when she was assigned to sit next to him in charms after causing too much of a ruckus near Marlene. The first day he nearly made her pee from laughing so hard. She liked that he always brought an extra quill because he knew Mary would forget one. She liked how he copied an extra set of notes for Marlene the day she was sick, something Lily herself hadn’t thought to do. She liked how pretty soon he was joining in on hers and Lupins study sessions which would leave them all doubled over laughing. She found that she liked Sirius and that he really wasn’t as much of a prick as she assumed. She liked the way he over dramatized everything and she was actually growing to find him funny. Of course not nearly as funny as he thought he was but funny all the same. She liked that he spent more time in detention than her, (which she’ll admit she was in quite a bit) him James and the rest of their lot always got in trouble for their pranks. But it was their fault they had to boast and let everyone know it was them. Her Mary Marlene and Alice on the other hand pulled off far better pranks with far less the track record, a feat she liked a great deal. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he arrogantly asked her on a date while she was holding hands with Benjy. (She did however like her response to the question which included several curse words and threats to his well being).

Lily is 15 and she hates boys. She’s rocking back and forth and tearing at her hair and sobbing so hard she can’t catch her breath. Because he said it, he really said it. She couldn’t believe he actually said it. Her throat is raw from her screaming into her hands.He became the thing he promised he never would and he said the word. No matter how hard she shut her eyes she couldn’t get the image of his face out of her head. The word was stuck in her ears repeating itself over and over again. Mudblood. She felt like her stomach was in the floor as she laid her head in her knees and sobbed. Petunia still looks through her instead of at her. She had lost both of her siblings. Lily laughed out of the sheer irony of it all, because Severus and Petunia did have something in common after all, they both hated her. She disgusted the both of them and if it wasn’t for her friends she might have began to disgust herself too. Lily likes Alice. Soft and timid Alice who could never hurt a fly, was lying in the hospital wing getting her bloody knuckles bandaged. She was a different kind of calm than Lily was used to, no perky smile or scrunched nose sat on her face. Instead her eyes had this fierce fury, she sat perfectly still and the combination made her look deadly. “He’ll never say that word again Lily” she whispered. Reaching up to wipe her face with the back of her hand she only managed to smear it with blood. Lily likes Mary, who always butters her toast for her because “honestly Lily watching you do it is so slow and painful and look!! You’ve got chunks that won’t taste right just let me do it Merlin”. Lily likes Marlene especially when she’s yelling and fighting with all the professors, “I certainly do not think my skirt length has any effect on my ability to do magic. And if you don’t stop looking at my skirt I’ll show you just how capable I am at charms and charm your foot up your arse!!!” Lily was forced to charm Potters head to his desk in order to get the same two weeks detention that Marlene had gotten for that rant. Something Marlene was quietly greatful for, the two never spent a detention without the other. Lily likes rock n roll. She likes blasting it from her room and complaining to her mum that that’s the way it needs to be heard when she’s chided to lower it. She likes painting her nails black so they look especially badass when she flips Potter off. She likes going for car rides with her parents. And it’s ok that Petunia never comes because she gets to lay down in the back seat and dangle her feet out the window. She likes sneaking out at night with all her friends just to lay on the grass and look at the stars. She likes daring Alice to skinny dip in the lake and loves when she actually does. She likes that it took only seconds until the rest of the jumped in after her. She likes that Sniffers finally lets her hold him. She likes that Alice held her when Benjy cheated on her, she didn’t even like him that much but it hurt all the same. Mary and Marlene had left the common room quietly together and when she asked where they were going they both only shrugged. She liked that after only an hour later they returned with all of Benjys clothes, “we left his stuff from second year for him to wear tomorrow” Marlene said proudly as they all died in laughter. She liked Mary’s loud comments at breakfast the next morning, “Oi! Cut back on the breakfast Benjy looks like you’ve put on a few pounds. Your jumper buttons are ready to burst!” She yelled it while she buttered Lily’s toast with a smile. Lily secretly liked the way Potter threw death glares in Benjys direction mumbling about how he was an absolute fucking idiot, not that she’d ever admit that to anyone. She still didn’t like Potter not one bit, not even now that he’s grown to be so tall.

Lily is 16 and she can’t help liking boys. Not Severus though who she refuses to so much as glance at. Sure he tried apologizing several times but it was just too little too late. Petunia’s actually been civil lately, she made Lily a cup of tea without being asked. It might not be love but lily was sure it was something. Lily likes tea and pouring as much sugar in it as possible. She likes when her mom tells her that she might as well drink the sugar packets instead. She likes when her dad comments on the situation by doing just that and drinking the sugar. She likes the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and loves playing all the music for her dad to hear. She likes that he’ll sit with her for hours and just listen to the songs and talk about them. She loves when he surprises her with band tshirts that she wears until they’re ripped and faded. She likes chocolate and competing with Marlene to see who can stuff more of it in their mouths. She likes Marlene’s signature victory dance she does every time she wins. She likes Alice’s yells that they’ll both get stomach aches and ruin their appetites. She likes sitting up late at night in bed and talking to the rest of them. They can talk about anything and everything and they do. She likes the way Alice bashfully told them that Frank Longbottom had asked her out. But what she liked even better was helping her get ready to go. She liked the way Mary did Alice’s hair as Lily did her nails. Marlene watched them work and told Alice detailed stories about all the sex her and Frank would soon be having and not to worry cus she’d gladly tell her what goes where and how to do what and what boys like. She only stopped because Alice was blushing so hard Lily couldn’t do her makeup. Lily likes Sirius, loves him actually. They’d become very close over the year. She likes the way he gives her piggy back rides to class and his sharp wit. She likes that they can insult each other all day and know the others joking. She likes the way he’ll dramatically fall into a chair in the common room and claim he’s died of boredom. She likes that he understands. When she talked to him about Petunia and about how much it hurt to have a family member not love you back he actually understood. She nearly cried when he told her about his family but she was guiltily grateful to finally have someone who could relate. She likes James Potter now. They’ve decided to become friends. Just friends. That’s it. She doesn’t like him anymore than that. And if she has to say it again to Marlene or Mary or Alice or Remus or Sirius or Peter or any one else in this goddamn school she’s going to completely lose it. She likes that they’re friends he’s actually a very good friend. She likes the way he laughs. He does it with his whole body so his long legs kick up and his glasses nearly slide down his nose. She likes when he makes her laugh which is almost every minute of every day. He’s constantly whispering something in her ear or yelling across the dining hall or sneaking her notes in class. She likes the way he defends his friends so fiercely and loudly. When Alex Benditen made a nasty comment about Peter’s weight James made his stomach grow three times the size. She likes the way he runs his hand through his hair just to mess it up. She likes the way he’s constantly tapping his foot or his pen. It’s as if he just has so much energy it’s ready to explode right out of him. She likes his eyes and the way he looks at her like no one else does. She likes Potter, likes him a lot actually. But only as a friend of course she reminds herself, only as a friend.

Lily is 17 and loves her boys. Not Severus, who she barely even thinks about anymore, but Peter and Sirius and Remus and James. She loves Petunia and she’s starting to think that Petunia just may love her back a tiny bit. But it’s ok if she doesn’t lily decided. She’s finally content with being the sister who waits the sister who loves more freely. Lily likes going for walks at night. She likes grabbing her ratty pair of sneakers by the door and sneaking out. She likes the way the streets look when no ones on them. She likes the peace of it all. She likes the way the night air gives her a feeling of suspense. The night makes her feel like anything is possible and anything could happen at any moment. She likes do laundry with her mum. She likes sitting on the dryer and folding the clothes that her mum passes her while she tells her stories about when when she was younger. She likes the warmth of the clothes and the smell of the laundry and the sound of her mums laugh. Lily likes socks. She likes wearing the ones that are mismatched and the ones that have holes in the toe. She likes stuffing the dirty ones in Mary’s face for her to smell. She likes falling asleep in places that aren’t her bed. This particular habit happens to be one that she shares with Remus. The result of this led to a chart being made by Sirius and Marlene. Next to Lily’s name was, common room floor, Mary’s bed, staircase, great hall, peter’s bed, floor of boys room, floor of girls room, library, and charms class. Remus was the clear winner next to his name he had, every class he has ever taken, common room floor, every seat in common room, courtyard, astronomy tower, quidditch pitch, great hall, Sirius’s bed, boys floor, library, three broomsticks, supply closet, and a few passages. She liked the chart and the memories and teasing that went along with it. She liked napping next to Remus in the common room and the way he looked so peaceful. She likes firewhiskey. She likes the way it warms her all the way from her stomach to her fingertips. She likes proclaiming loudly and often that she could drink anyone who dares under the table. And she liked even better that she actually could, a fact that Sirius still gripes about. Lily liked dares. She liked both getting them and giving them. Her favorite dare to date was the one she gave Marlene the first week of this year. Marlene and Sirius had been loudly and aggressively flirting for the past year and a half and lily was tired of neither of them actually doing anything about it. So one night after a few bottles of firewhiskey she dared Marlene to give Sirius a Lap dance. Marlene was never one to back down from a challenge drunkenly stood up and Sirius nearly passed out before she even walked over to him. The music played and she swayed her hips and not even thirty seconds went by before he grabbed her and the two were heatedly making out. She liked the way the rest of them yelled and laughed and the choruses of finally. She liked the two of them together they were loud and obnoxious and completely in love. She still likes dancing in the common room. She likes twirling so fast that her skirt goes up and laughs at the hoots and hollers of her boys. Lily likes Mary and she couldn’t give less of a fuck that Mary liked girls. She liked that none of them cared at all and instead we’re always in constant search of finding Mary a girlfriend, something that always led to Mary blushing and hiding her face in her hands. She likes when they all play hide n seek like they’re little kids again. She always hides with Peter because he some how manages to find the best hiding places. She likes the way everyone groans that they win every round and the way Peter holds her hand up in victory. She likes Alice and Frank together. She likes watching them talk quietly to each other and giggle. They’re both soft and kind and absolutely perfect for each other. She likes cauldrons. She likes talking constantly about all the different makes and models and the proper ways to clean them and the slight effects each has on every different potion. The only person that will ever listen to her drone on and on about them is James. She likes James more than she’s ever liked anyone else before. She first kissed him after the first quidditch game of the season. James had been very worried before hand and was constantly griping about how essential it was for them to win. Lily showed up to every practice beforehand to scrutinize and give her advice. It usually led to the two of them arguing but she did it anyway. At the last practice before the game she told him that he needed to do a full roll fake out before shooting to avoid a defender. “ I can’t do that do you even know how hard that is?!” He had yelled back at her. “Liam pofcery does it all the time!” She answered arms crossed. “He’s been a professional for ten years how am I supposed to do that?” James had groaned. But at the game she watched from the stands and he did it and they won. She sprinted on to the pitch afterwards jumped onto him nearly knocking him over and kissed him. She liked the way the world stopped for a moment when she did it. All the people screaming seemed to blur for a moment and all she could see was him. She was kissing James. She liked his stupid face of surprise right before she did it. She liked the way he immediately kissed her back fiercely and intensely. She liked the way he grabbed her tight as if she might let go or change her mind and pull away. She had no intention of doing that because she liked the way he kissed way too much. She likes kissing James. After the first one it all started to rush into place. She could finally admit to herself all the things she liked about him. She liked his eyes and how they were always bright as if he just told a joke. She liked his hands and how they were big and rough from holding a broom. She liked his hair and the funny way it stuck out at all ends. She liked how fucking tall he was and how she had to pull his tie for him to lean down and kiss her. She liked laying with him at night and hearing him breathe. She liked pushing him off the bed when he snored and laughing when he tickled her in retaliation. She liked the way he exasperatedly yelled her name when she made him mad. She liked that he’d twirl her in the common room and on the quidditch pitch and in the astronomy tour and anywhere else he could think of. She pretended not to like when he constantly went around and told everyone she was his girlfriend. She liked that he was bestfriends with her friends and she with his. She liked how everything was perfect. Even when it wasn’t. Peter served detention four times for cursing Slytherins who threatened her. Which was three less than the 7 times Remus served for doing the same thing. Mary and Marlene both were in the hospital wing twice with broken knuckles. But nothing beat Sirius and James’s 10 detentions and 3 hospital wing visits in the matter of four months. Lily yelled at all of them that she didn’t need their help that she could take the insults and threats just fine and handle herself perfectly on her own. But she liked the way they all rolled their eyes when she screamed. She liked that when the letters from the Order came they all said yes without hesitation. None of them needed a second to think or consider it. They were all ready to get out of school and start actually doing something to help. They were all ready to fight. She liked the way they spent their last few days in school. They broke out every night and drank and danced in the courtyard. She dared Alice to skinny dip again and soon they were all freezing and splashing and dying from laughter. The world was fucked up and the war was coming but for those few nights they were kids in love. In love with their friends, in love with the night and the stars, in love with the laughter that gave them aches to their bones, in love with the naive idea that they’d all be ok that this and them would all last forever. She liked remembering those nights and that feeling right before she went to sleep. She liked sleeping with all of the blankets wrapped around her, a fact that always led to James complaining. She didn’t like James Potter at all. She loved him.



Bước chân vào thế giới tình yêu nhiều màu sắc, nếu không hiểu rõ “thế địch” các cáo tơ rất dễ bị “out”. Các anh chàng hào hoa không thiếu nhưng cáo muốn thành công nhất thiết phải nắm được “thóp” của họ


1)Cáo phải có Bản sắc riêng

  • _Đừng đánh mất điều làm nên con người bạn. Trên thế giới này, không gì quý giá hơn một người phụ nữ biết cho người đàn ông của mình thấy rằng cô ấy vẫn sống tốt nếu không có anh ta.
  • _Các cô gái đôi khi muốn dành thời gian cho riêng mình, chỉ một mình mình được đánh giá là vững vàng, độc lập và tương đối bí ẩn.

2)Cáo phải Tự tin : có tự tin nghĩa là có được 80% cái  Đẹp

  • _Lúc nào bạn cũng phải giữ phong cách tự tin ấy, nó toát ra từ ngoại hình của bạn, từ cảm xúc của anh ấy tới bạn và từ nhất cử nhất động của bạn nữa.
  • _Làm đẹp cho mình, nhưng đừng nói không tiếc lời về nó, cũng đừng phàn nàn hay cáu giận. Người phụ nữ luôn cho rằng “trông mình rất tuyệt” trong bất kỳ hoàn cảnh nào chính là người phụ nữ thực sự sexy.

3)Cáo đừng gọi điện cho con trai

  • Mẹ đã dạy: con gái không chủ động gọi cho con trai bao giờ. Hãy để anh chàng đó nghĩ rằng anh ta không phải mối quan tâm số một của bạn. Khi quen biết anh ta, đừng quên tất cả những thứ còn lại trong cuộc đời mình. Bạn sẽ quay lại với anh chàng lúc nào có thời gian.

4 )Cáo phải nhớ : Đàn ông yêu bằng mắt

  • Một khía cạnh nào đó, câu nói này có lý. Lối hành động của người đàn ông bị ảnh hưởng bởi những điều có khả năng hấp dẫn anh ta. Họ sẽ không tiếp cận bạn bởi vì bạn trông thông minh, tốt bụng hay vững vàng. Thực tế đơn giản là: Nếu đàn ông thích cái mà anh ta nhìn thấy, anh ta sẽ theo đuổi nó.

5) Cáo phải biết : Đàn ông không muốn “làm bạn”

  • Nếu anh chàng nói muốn làm bạn, hiển nhiên là anh ta đã nung nấu ý định “tiến xa hơn” rồi. Trường hợp xảy ra khi cuộc tổng tấn công của chàng vào trái tim nàng thất bại. “Làm bạn” lúc này giống như cách chàng dùng để được kề cận bên nàng nhiều hơn.

6) Cáo phải hiểu : Đàn ông không biết họ muốn gì

  • Hầu hết các hành động của phái mạnh mang tính bốc đồng, vì thế nếu có được điều mình muốn quá nhanh, họ sẽ chóng chán. Vậy nên mới có một nguyên tắc là: Hãy bắt đàn ông chờ đợi.

7)Cáo đừng quên : Đàn ông là sinh vật dễ “dọa” nhất

  • Sự thành đạt, sức mạnh và trí thông minh của người phụ nữ có thể là thứ khiến người đàn ông hoảng sợ. Đây cũng là một trong những “vấn đề” chính của người phụ nữ hội tụ đầy đủ các phẩm chất trên nhưng mãi vẫn chưa kiếm nổi một mảnh tình.

8) Cáo luôn trong tư thế Lã vọng : Chờ cá cắn câu

  • Đàn ông không mấy nhiệt tình với những cái “sẵn có” hoặc “dễ có”. Đừng dễ dãi trong việc ra ngoài với anh ta dù bạn rảnh rỗi suốt cả cuối tuần.
  • Không bao giờ “ok” lần đầu tiên anh ta mời bạn ra ngoài. Hãy để anh chàng thấy rằng bạn cũng có cuộc sống riêng của mình và cần thời gian “sắp xếp” cho anh ta một chỗ hợp lý trong đó.



1) Lừa tình:

Chiêu này dùng khi nghi ngờ giai đã có ý định gì với mình hay chưa

  • -Khi đi chơi với giai,theo kinh nghiệm của tớ,nên tránh những nơi ồn ào đông đúc.Đối với giai mà mình thích ý,thì ko nên rủ giai đi ăn,vì khi ăn rất dễ lộ nhược điểm của chị em.Như tớ chẳng hạn:ăn nhiều,ăn nhanh…nếu ko biết kiềm chế mình,sẽ làm giai sợ,nó sẽ tránh xa bạn
  • -Nói chuyện gì khi đi chơi với giai?Đừng để câu chuyện của cả 2 đi vào ngõ cụt,cũng đừng đi vào lối mòn như:Anh thích màu gì?Anh thích tuýp người con gái thế nào?…Hãy khai thác những vấn đề gì chung nhất của 2 người.Ví dụ như,2 người quen nhau qua 1 người bạn,hãy tập trung vào nói xấu người bạn đó,như:eo,con A(thằng hôm nọ ăn bún đậu mắm tôm bị tả đấy anh,mà em thấy con(thằng) đấy …Hoặc nói về phim ảnh,diễn viên.Giai thích xem phim chưởng,bạn nên khai thác triệt để vào vấn đề này.
  • -Bạn nên tỏ ra như thế nào?Nhí nhảnh cá cảnh,ngây thơ(ko phải là ngu đâu).Giai nó hay thích thể hiện,bạn đừng tỏ ra biết nhiều hơn nó,sẽ chạm vào lòng tự ái của nó đấy.Thái độ trong lúc nghe giai nói chuyện: nhét 1 ngón tay vào miệng,mắt mở to,chớp chớp->đảm bảo cá sẽ cắn câu.

Sau khi đã đi chơi nhiều với giai,thời cơ chín muồi,chuẩn bị kế hoạch tác chiến:

  • -Hãy tạo ra nhiều đối thủ cạnh tranh(ĐTCT) cho giai(mặc dù ko có cũng phải bịa) để giai thấy rằng bạn là most wanted của khối thằng.Thế này: Anh ạ,hôm nọ em đi xem phim với thằng bạn.Eo ôi ngại lắm ý,em chỉ đừng đến vai nó(điều này để chỉ ra rằng ĐTCT của giai là 1 thằng cao to cho giai sợ),mà nó đẹp trai thế,mãi chẳng chịu yêu ai,bao nhiêu em...Hôm nọ nó lại ntin cho em thế này,nó ntin tiếng anh,em chẳng hiểu gì cả,anh dịch hộ em nhé!Lúc này trai sẽ thể hiện,mặc dù nó ko biết tiếng anh,nhưng nó sẽ giúp bạn.Cái tn đó do bạn sắp đặt từ trước,vì giai ko biết tiếng anh nhưng ít ra nó cũng biết từ “love” là gì,nên bạn cứ tương 1 đống từ “love” vào…Lúc giai nó đọc xong tn này,nó sẽ nghĩ 1 lúc rồi lạnh lùng bảo: Anh nghĩ thằng bạn em thích em đấy!Lúc này bạn đừng dại dột mà nói: Em cũng nghĩ thế! Mà phải giả vờ ngạc nhiên: Ôi buồn cười quá,làm gì có chuyện đấy,em với nó là bạn mà! ->giai sẽ ko nói gì,nhưng nó sẽ nghĩ: á à,em này cũng ngon đây!->cá đã cắn câu…
  • -Thời gian đầu quen nhau,giai sẽ có lần nt hỏi bạn:Em đang làm gì đấy!

->Khi thời cơ đã chín muồi,bạn sẽ ntin lại: “em đang nhớ 1 người"Giai sẽ tò mò,nó sẽ nhắn tin trêu: ”nhớ anh à?“bạn:"có thể” và nhanh chóng nhắn 1 tin khác nữa cho giai ngay lập tức,nhắn 1 tin bày tỏ tình cảm của bạn thông qua 1 bài thơ,bài hát,ví dụ:“hoa rơi hữu ý,nước chảy vô tình”.Và sau đó bạn chờ…

  • =>nếu giai thích bạn:nó sẽ nhắn tin lại,chẳng hạn: nước chảy ko vô tình!->thế này thì đã thành công!chúc mừng!
  • =>nếu như 24h sau,giai ko nt lại,tức là nó chưa sẵn sàng với bạn.Sau 24h,bạn hãy nt lại cho giai:“ôi chết em ntin nhầm,em định ntin cho con bạn em,nó hỏi em nội dung bài thơ ý mà”->lúc này dù bạn đã thua cuộc nhưng vẫn hiên ngang ngẩng cao đầu.Và tiếp tục cho những kế hoạch tán.Lúc này giai sẽ mơ hồ về bạn,nó sẽ ko chắc là bạn có thích nó hay ko,và nó sẽ nghĩ về bạn nhiều hơn.Bạn hãy tỏ ra mơ mơ hồ hồ,hư hư thực thực,nhí nhảnh cá cảnh,rồi sẽ có ngày cá sẽ cắn câu

2) Bẫy tình:

  • Sau khi tìm đủ mọi cách lừa tình ko được,bạn hãy dùng chiêu thức này.
  • Chờ khi giai có chuyện buồn,bạn hãy ntin cho giai: anh ơi,em buồn quá,mình đi uống rượu giải sầu đi!
  • Tất nhiên,lúc này giai đang buồn,lại gặp người có cùng cảnh ngộ,nó sẽ đồng ý đi ,lúc bày hãy chia sẻ với nó ,tỏ ra là 1 cô gái đáng yêu,ngây thơ,trong sáng,yêu giai thật nhiều,tự nó sẽ hiểu……..
  • (cái bẫy tình này có nhiều chi tiết 18+ nên em không dám post )

Những qui luật mà GIrl nên quan tâm

1. Trưng bày tài sản quý giá nhất - nụ cười. 

  • Cho dù bạn gặp anh ấy tại quầy bar hay siêu thị, thì nụ cười thân thiện bao giờ cũng là một trong những cách tốt nhất để thu hút sự chú ý của chàng trai. “Cười là một trong những cách tán tỉnh hiệu quả nhất và là thứ dễ nhất để thu hút sự chú ý của đàn ông”, Michael Christian, tác giả cuốn Nghệ thuật nụ hôn, cho biết. “Nếu bạn cười với anh ấy và anh ta cười lại, như vậy là giữa 2 người đã có sự trao đổi”.
  • Tuy vậy, cần phải đảm bảo rằng bạn nhìn thẳng vào mắt anh ấy khi cười. Điều này cho thấy bạn đang trao đổi trực tiếp với anh ấy, chứ không phải liếc mắt đưa tình. Và một khi anh chàng đã cười lại, anh ta đã hé mở cánh cửa để bạn bắt đầu cuộc tán gẫu.

2. Thể hiện sự hài hước.

  •  Đàn ông yêu những phụ nữ đủ tự tin để đưa ra những lời nhận xét bông đùa. Sự hài hước sẽ là một cách thu hút khôn khéo một người lạ mặt trong một đám đông. Hoặc cũng có thể nói một câu chuyện vui về một đồng nghiệp nào đấy khi 2 người đang đứng chờ thang máy.
  • Sau khi đã “moi” được nụ cười từ đối tượng thì có thể bắt đầu một cuộc nói chuyện nghiêm chỉnh khác. “Sự hài hước là một trong những cách phá băng hữu hiệu nhất. Nó cho phép bạn đặt một chân vào cửa và từ đó tiếp tục một chủ đề khác thích hợp”, Christian nhận định.

3. Trêu chọc anh ấy. 

  • Đàn ông thích được thách thức và trêu chọc chính là một cách khiêu khích thú vị. “Nếu một anh chàng nào đó điển trai thì hẳn luôn nhận được những lời ca ngợi. Làm anh ta sửng sốt vì một lời nhận xét trái ngược và nó chắc chắn sẽ gợi sự chú ý của anh ấy”, Christian khuyên nhủ.
  • Tuy vậy, cần thận trọng để lời nhận xét không quá mỉa mai, châm chọc. Cũng cần cảnh giác rằng anh ta có thể trêu lại bạn. Một lời trêu đùa vui vẻ có thể khởi đầu một màn đối đáp thú vị giữa cả hai.


Nessian Collab. Part 12

Collab with the oh so brilliant @cataclysmic-star

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (Part 13)

Cassian POV (1038 Words)

Kissing Nesta was unlike kissing any girl I had ever kissed before. I was still a little out of breath from the flying and lying on my wings meant that I was balanced uncomfortably where the muscles jutted out from my back, Nesta was inexperienced and lying on top of me, so by all accounts, most people would have viewed the kiss as awkward and sloppy, but with the intensity of the mate bond sitting between us, it was magical. I was still out of breath from the flying so I had to pull away sooner than I would have liked, but that wasn’t the only reason I regretted it. With her lips free of mine, Nesta resumed her speech and I was powerless to stop it. As she spoke, she sat up and though I was glad of the release of weight from my wings, every inch of me mourned the loss of contact.

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Day 5 - “Over the Airwaves”

Super late again, but hey, figure I might as well put it up anyway! Still got two more fics to post (day 6 and 7). As a note, this piece is set in early days of Overwatch, probably a month or so after McCree was recruited. Hope everyone enjoyed R76 week!

“Over the Airwaves”

If there was a hell, Gabriel’s version of it would be filled with paperwork. Miles and miles of it, stacks upon stacks, as far as he could see – not so different from his current situation, come to think of it. Slumped over his desk, Gabriel gave a sigh. His back had a crick; Angela would no doubt lecture him about his posture next time he visited her, when his pain-killers ran out. It wasn’t like he could help it when he kept having all this paperwork thrown at him. Every shot fired, every safe-house visited, every piece of intel retrieved – all of it had its own elaborate set of paperwork to be carefully filled out, signed, sent on to higher-ups in the U.N. and Dios, Gabriel hated it.

As his eyes scanned over the half-finished report he was currently working on – without catching a single word of it – he gave a long sigh. Idly, he wondered if Jack had to fill out as much paperwork as he had to, and the idea made him smirk; at least that was one horror they both had to face in their respective positions. His communicator gave a blip, interrupting the thought, and he looked across at it with a frown as the screen lit up, flashing the initials JMc. With a huff, he abandoned the report, reached over, and brought the device to his ear.


“Well ‘hello’ to you, too, boss.”

Gabriel’s frown deepened. “I’m writing reports, Jesse. What is it?”

“Jack’s interview just started on the radio, thought you might want to tune in.”

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Learning Curve: Chap 1

Ok so @my-fire-dragon-breath requested that I post the first chapter of my batdad story Learning Curve. I searched in my archives and only found it once I realized I only published an untitled, first draft version. So I’m just reposting the first chapter and the rest if anyone is interested.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

“So Dick, what’s your favorite kind of bird?” Bruce Wayne asked hesitantly. Inwardly he was grimacing at the childish question but he supposed he could be excused as he was talking to an actual child. His new ward didn’t say anything and instead walked silently behind Bruce in a manner that was eerie even for the Batman. He’d found in his meager experience with children that they tended to be loud, but seven year old Dick Grayson had hardly made a sound since he came to Wayne Manor a week before. Of course he didn’t expect the child to be completely well after getting a front row seat to his parents’ murder but his behavior was becoming worrisome. Bruce frowned as he took in Dick’s blank face and wondered if everyone was right. Alfred, Leslie, Lucius, even the damned tabloids, all questioned his sanity when he decided to take in the traumatized orphan. He thought he could offer some kind of help to the boy, or least offer him something better than the local boy’s detention center. But watching Dick’s sallow face now, Bruce couldn’t help but wonder if Dick would’ve been better off in a more open home.

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Are You Scared Of Flying?

“You excited?” Jack jumped when he heard Joe’s voice suddenly, and he tore his eyes from the plane sitting on the runway to look at his smiling boyfriend.

“Yeah.” Jack offered a weak smile, eyes darting back over the plane. “Ready to be somewhere warm.” He joked, trying to calm himself.

“And we don’t have to worry about being quiet.” Joe smirked, standing in front of Jack to wrap his arms round his waist, reaching up to kiss him quickly. “Just the two of us.”

“About time.” For a moment, Jack forgot about everything except for the man standing in front of him. They were heading off on holiday together, just the two of them, no one else. And Jack was excited, he honestly was. It was just the matter of transport that was bothering him. And as the boarding call came over the speakers, his fear returned.

But Joe didn’t know about his fear, so Jack plastered a smile on his face and followed the smaller man, who had begun to ramble on about what they were going to do while on holiday.

Jack was sure if he was listening, he would have caught on to the subtle hints through Joe’s words about what they would doing that should not be heard by other people, but all he could hear currently was the blood rushing through his ears and his heart pounding as they moved closer to the plane.

It wasn’t until they were settled in their seats, with Joe in the window seat because Jack didn’t think he could handle watching the plane take off or land, that Joe picked up on something.

“You alright?” He frowned over at Jack, placing a hand over Jack’s shaking one.

“Just so excited.”

“I didn’t realize you shook while you were excited.”

“Time to learn something new, huh?”

“Jack,” Joe’s eyes bore into his, “Talk to me.”

“I’m fine. Honestly.” Except he jumped when the flight attendant walked by, his nerves on high alert.

“Are you scared of flying?”


“Stop lying.”

“Maybe a little.” Jack finally admitted, smiling sheepishly at Joe, who sighed and shook his head.

“And of course you tell me after we are already on the bloody plane.”

“I didn’t want to ruin our trip.” Jack mumbled, flipping his hand under Joe’s so their fingers can twist together.

“It wouldn’t ruin it, but it would make for a more enjoyable time for you.”

“I’ll be fine. I promise.” Except that was when the plane began to move, and Joe winced at the sudden grip on his hand. His face softened as he looked over at Jack, who had closed his eyes tightly and had gone quite pale.

“Hey, listen to me.” Joe spoke softly, his free hand moving to rest on Jack’s arm. “You’re okay. I’m right here. Everything will be fine.”

“I know. I know.” The younger man mumbled, but his eyes remained closed, although his grip did loosen slightly on Joe’s hand, to the point where he could now feel the blood returning to that limb.

“Jack, look at me.”


“Jack.” Finally, he opened one eye enough to look at Joe, who then smiled softly at him. “I swear, nothing bad is going to happen. It’s just you and me, going on a holiday. Think of how much fun we’ll have.”

“You really want to talk about that right now?”

Laughing, Joe shook his head. “I meant the stuff outside of the bedroom, love. We’re going to a beach! Didn’t you want to go scuba diving? Or try surfing? Maybe we can find a boat to rent or something.”

“Jet ski’s?”

“Now that sound’s like a good idea. What else do you want to do? Talk to me.”

And so Jack did, stuttering slightly at first as his nerves still had a tight hold on him, but slowly, as Joe continued to ask him questions and talk to him, Jack felt himself relax.

He did tense up at the brief bit of turbulence they hit, but Joe talked him through that again, getting the younger man to look him in the eye instead of closing his own.

When they ran out of stuff to talk about for their holiday, Joe brought up past memories, which encouraged Jack to share some of his.

By the time it came for them to land, he felt as if it had just been him and Joe lazing around at home, talking about anything and everything.

“Shit.” Jack mumbled as they felt the plane dip into its descent.

“Think of it like a roller coaster.” Joe said, “You like roller coasters.”

“Roller coasters can’t fall out of the sky from thirty thousand feet!” Jack snapped, but regret flashed across his face instantly. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright. You’re freaked out. But you need to stay calm. Besides, think of it this way, we’re almost on holiday!”

“Remind me to never do this again.”

“It’ll be fun and you know it.”

“It’s a damn good thing you look good tanned. And that you wear very little clothes when it’s warm.” Jack’s words caused Joe to blush, but he couldn’t help but smile still, because it meant that his boyfriend wasn’t nearly as freaked out as before.

“Well,” Joe leaned closer, his lips brushing against Jack’s ear, “I’ll wear absolutely nothing for you if you can stay calm during landing.”

This time, when Jack’s grip tightened on Joe’s hand, it wasn’t from fear.

And well, Joe ended up being naked quite a bit during their holiday.

The Substitute (Gally imagine #15)

Prompt: Gally is a sub teacher at the readers college and they have a special connection. Loads of smut please ;)
A/N: This prompt was so fun! Teacher Gally is hot Gally. There is a lot of smut so you’ve been warned. Just to clarify, I was thinking the reader would be around 22 and Gally only 27. I hope you guys enjoy!

        “Shit, shit, shit!” I cursed to myself as I sprinted across campus. It was the first day of the new semester and I was already running late to my first class. The building finally came into view and I ran inside, looking for room 134B. Finally finding it, I quietly opened the door trying not to disturb the class. It seemed as though I had successfully snuck in until I tripped on one of the steps, falling to the ground as my stuff went flying. Lying on the ground I wanted the Earth to swallow me up and save me from the embarrassment I was already feeling. There were a few snickers here and there as I slowly got to my feet and scrambled to collect my things.
“Excuse me, and who might you be?” asked a deep voice, from the front of the lecture hall. Looking up I locked eyes with a gorgeous man. He was probably a few years older than me and wore a red flannel shirt that had the sleeves rolled up, revealing his beautifully toned arms. He had piercing green eyes and short brown hair. “Did you hear me or do I need to ask again?” he asked, seeming to grow more irritated by the second. “Um, Y/F/N Y/L/N…” you replied nervously. “Well Miss Y/L/N, welcome to Sociology 101. I’m you’re new teacher, Mr. Johnson. As I was telling the rest of the class before you made your grand entrance, I’ll be subbing for a few months while your actual teacher is on maternity leave. Care to take a seat?” he asked while gesturing to an empty seat in the very front of the class. All I could do was nod dumbly as I made my way to my new seat.
           The rest of the lecture went on fine, but I still couldn’t help but be devastated about my “grand entrance” as Mr. Johnson had so kindly put it. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he weren’t so damn good looking… Just as the thought crossed my mind I made eye contact with him and felt my cheeks immediately burn up. He continued to hold my gaze until I looked away, causing him to let out a small chuckle before addressing the class again. 45 minutes passed and we continued to make eye contact every so often. I didn’t know if I was just imagining things, but it seemed like he was purposefully seeking me out. Almost as though he was trying to flirt with me. He looked at me again and instead of looking away, I decided to test the waters. I held his gaze and slowly licked my lips, then winked. Shock briefly crossed his face, but it was quickly replaced with a smirk. “Alright class, that’s it for today’s lecture. I will see you all tomorrow.” He said, smiling warmly at the rest of us. I started to gather my things until a large hand all but smacked my folder back down. Looking up surprised, Mr. Johnson stood there looking at me intently.
       “Miss. Y/L/N, would you mind staying behind for a few minutes. I’d like to discuss why you were so late to my class.” He had that same smirk on his face and all I did was nod in response. I sat there waiting for the rest of the students to leave, as did Mr. Johnson. When the last kid had left through the door I immediately started to apologize. “I am so sorry that I was late earlier Mr. Johnson. I promise it wont happen again”! He laughed a little before heading to his desk and leaning against it. “You can call me Gally. No need to be so formal, Y/N.” His voice was like silk and I couldn’t help but stare at him. The way he was leaning against the desk showed off his beautiful physique. His arms were practically bulging with muscle as he supported himself. The flannel shirt he wore also showed off his obviously toned chest, leading to his long strong legs. He was fucking gorgeous.
“So Y/N”, he asked pushing himself off the desk and walking towards me, “How can we make sure this never happens again”? He was now right next to me, whispering into my ear. I definitely wasn’t imagining things before; he was flirting with me! I looked up at him, biting my lip. “I don’t know, Gally. Maybe you could punish me?” I asked, trying to sound as sexy as I could. He looked conflicted for a moment; unsure of what his next move should be. I didn’t let him think any more as I stood up from my seat and pulled him into a kiss. Because he was so tall, I had to pull him down to my level. Instead of going along with the kiss, he stood frozen on the spot. “Oh god, I just kissed my fucking teacher!” I yelled at myself internally. I started to pull away but was stop when Gally’s hands grasped my waist, pulling me into him to deepen the kiss. The kiss was sloppy and needy. Our tongues battled for dominance as we somehow made our way towards his desk.
       “I normally don’t do this,” he said, breaking away for air. “It’s just that you’re so fucking gorgeous” he rambled. I let out a small laugh in return. “I don’t do this ever.” I said, trying to lighten the mood. That seemed to do the trick because he was back on me in an instant. Never breaking away, he picked my up as he pushed everything on his desk to side before placing me down. I now sat on the edge of his desk, as he made his way in between my open legs. His hands soon made their way to the buttons of my top as mine headed to the zipper of his pants. Before I knew it, we were both stripped of our clothing, only left in our underwear. Gally’s hand went to my breast and started to massage it, earning a loud moan from me. “Turn around and put both your hands on the edge of the desk” he grunted out. Not wanting to disappoint, I did what I was told. He stepped back to let me reposition myself and I suddenly felt very self-conscious.
“Don’t be shy, you’re beautiful,” he said, as if reading my mind. Taking a deep breath I turned around slowly and put my hands on the edge of the desk, making sure to wiggle my ass a little. Gally must’ve liked it, because he let out a loud moan before coming behind me and attacking my neck with kisses. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, his tone a little softer than before. “Teach me a lesson, Mr. Johnson” I said in response. That was all Gally needed and he suddenly ripped away my panties, and slowly teasing my entrance with his tip. “P-please” I whimpered out as my back arched. “Please what?” he whispered in my ear, and I could’ve sworn I heard the smirk on his face. “Please fuck me Mr. Johnson!” I all but screamed out. Without any hesitation he slammed into me and stretched me to my limit. I let out a loud shriek, followed by Gally’s loud groans. He pumped into me as fast as he possibly could, sending my upper half onto his desk. “You like that babe?” he asked as he gripped my hair. “Yes, yes, yes!” I replied. I was so close and Gally could feel it as my walls clenched. “Fuck, youre so tight Y/N!” he groaned out before my orgasm washed over. He soon followed and we both collapsed onto the floor.
       “That was…” I started before Gally interrupted, “Fucking amazing”! I smiled and we both started to get dressed. “You know, normally I don’t ask my students out but I also don’t fuck them on my desk, so would you like to go get coffee?” he asked as he buttoned up his flannel shirt. My eyes widened before a large smile crept onto my face. “I would actually love to!” I replied, a little too excited. Gally laughed before pulling me in for one last kiss. “Tomorrow after my last class at 5?” he asked and I nodded. “I’ll try not to be late tomorrow,” I said to him as I smirked. “Well, if you are I could always punish you again?” he offered with a crooked smile. “Hm, I wouldn’t really call that a punishment…” I said playfully, kissing him one last time before grabbing my things and heading towards the door. “See you tomorrow, Mr. Johnson,” I said making my way out of the classroom. “I’m counting on it, Miss Y/L/N.” he said from the front of the room.
       Finally exiting the classroom I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe being late wasn’t as bad I thought it would be.


I USED to be a HUGE nalu shipper. But lately i the thing i am seeing and how the nalu fandom is, i feel terrible for being there. I am new to Fairy Tail and i loved nalu ever since however looking at the thing and how the nalu fans act scares me. They way the portray other characters just for nalu….. how aggressive they are….. how hateful they are……I only see this will nalu to be honest. It hurt to see my 2nd otp fans ruin it. As i  view more of these thing i begin to start hating them. I don’t even want them to be canon, because i just wan to show the ignorant brats that think they have everything. I see people 16+ how act like little 12 year old fuckboys who think that they are so fly on ….. I hate seeing all of the nalu shippers gang up on an innocent individual for taste… it’s sad. And the fact that these people are 16+ is terrifying me to where this world is going

I honestly want Mashima to do what HE wants and not the bratty fans

“Isn’t it a wonderful day, -kkkzzzzzzzt-?” The familiar voice from the radio chimed around Camp Crisis, unfortunately covered by static. “Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and Summer is just around the corner! I hope you have your sunscreen ready, because if it’s anything like this next track, it’s going to be a hot one.”

Ramón was laying next to her radio, flying the lying robot above her head. “You’re so dummmmb, VonVon.” The cyborg groans, bonking the radio lightly. “You can do better than that.”

Static rang out after that bonk, making the kid shift to her knees and grab the device with a worried flash of expression. Oh crap, did she break it?? Nononono, nono, n-

“..and folks, again, I have to interrupt the tunes,”  Ramón sighed with relief! Yeeees, it wasn’t broken! It was okay, it was oooo-kaaaaay. She hugged the radio close and curled up into an itty, bitty ball. “but I have to ask again that you all keep an eye out for me. My little sister Ramón is still missing and my dad is still -kzzzzzzzzt-”

Ramón frowned.

“–  Ramón, if you’re listening, I’m begging you honey. Call home, message dad, message me. I’m sorry. I know we argued and it’s all my fault. I’m sorry, darling. Please, please come home. Please someone -kzzzzzt-”

The cyborg shrunk, planting her face against the radio. “i’m here.” You just can’t hear me.