flying lessons


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the signs as terrible stage cues from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Aries: “Its a lame trick. Everyone enjoys its lameness.”
Taurus: “And suddenly a flying lesson is happening with MADAM HOOCH.”
Gemini:DRACO MALFOY, his robes perfect, his blond ponytail precisely placed…”
Cancer:SCORPIUS runs on –– with big hopes and an even bigger case.”
Leo: “She picks up a Pumpkin Pasty. She throws it like a grenade. It explodes.”
Virgo: “Ron enters on a staircase, his side parting now super-aggressive.” 
Libra: “PROFESSOR McGONNGALL is full of unhappiness, HARRY is full of purpose, GINNY is not sure what she’s supposed to be.”
Scorpio: “DRACO bounces HARRY up and down on the table.
Sagittarius: “ALBUS hands SCORPIUS some green foliage in a bag.”
Capricorn: "SNAPE and HERMIONE both know what this means.”
Aquarius: “DRACO walks up to the stage and stands beside GINNY. This is almost a Spartacus moment. There are gasps.”
Pisces: "RON is sitting on HERMIONE’S desk, eating porridge.”

Flying lesson
  • Madam Hooch: Longbottom, come back down!!!
  • Neville: What?? I can't hear you from here!
  • Justin: aow. It'd be useful to have a megaphone.
  • Draco: Idiot. Muggle stuff don't work at Hogwarts..
  • Hermione: Got it, Malfoy! *high five*
  • Draco: *high five back*
  • Draco: wait, why are we high-
  • Hermione: ehh..
  • Draco: let's forget this, alright?
  • Hermione: ..
  • Draco: Hermione?!
  • Hermione: ..
  • Draco: ehm, Granger?
  • Hermione: ..
headcanon 1st yr, charms and booms
  • -Charms Class-
  • Ron: Wingardium Leviosa!
  • Hermione: You're saying it wrong...It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the "gar" nice and long.
  • Ron: (-.-)
  • -Flying Class-
  • Hermione: Up! Up! Up! *broom bounces around the ground*
  • Ron: *mimicking Hermione* What a bloody shame. You're saying it wrong. Its uP, not uPA, make the P pop don't dragged out. Like this...
  • Hermione: (>_<)
  • Ron: UP! *broom snaps up and smacks him in the face*
  • Harry: hahahahahaha
  • Ron: Shut Up Harry *broom hits his face again*
  • Hermione: Haha, maybe it is You who should Shut uP! *broom snaps up into her hand* :O
  • Madame Hooch: Very good Miss. Granger, see you just need to mean it when you say it.

(¾) “One night it got so bad that I got a gun and pointed it at him. I didn’t know how to use it. I didn’t even know if the safety was on. My son walked into the room at the time and tried to stand between us. Donald jumped over him, grabbed the gun, and pistol-whipped me. After that I tried to run away again. While Donald was taking flying lessons, I packed everything into a U-Haul and drove away so fast that the trailer came apart on the highway. When Donald discovered I was gone, he sent some goons to my brother’s house and beat him up in front of his entire family. When they finished beating him, they told him that my mother was next. So I went back. After that Donald didn’t trust me anymore. He made me start traveling with him. He didn’t give me a choice. He’d say: ‘Pack your bags. We’ve got business.’ He involved me with everything. He made me stand there while he dealt the drugs. He made me call people and relay messages for him. He had me make deliveries. I did everything he told me to.” (Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn)