flying lessons

Flying lesson
  • Madam Hooch:Longbottom, come back down!!!
  • Neville:What?? I can't hear you from here!
  • Justin:aow. It'd be useful to have a megaphone.
  • Draco:Idiot. Muggle stuff don't work at Hogwarts..
  • Hermione:Got it, Malfoy! *high five*
  • Draco:*high five back*
  • Draco:wait, why are we high-
  • Hermione:ehh..
  • Draco:let's forget this, alright?
  • Hermione:..
  • Draco:Hermione?!
  • Hermione:..
  • Draco:ehm, Granger?
  • Hermione:..
headcanon 1st yr, charms and booms
  • -Charms Class-
  • Ron:Wingardium Leviosa!
  • Hermione:You're saying it wrong...It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the "gar" nice and long.
  • Ron:(-.-)
  • -Flying Class-
  • Hermione:Up! Up! Up! *broom bounces around the ground*
  • Ron:*mimicking Hermione* What a bloody shame. You're saying it wrong. Its uP, not uPA, make the P pop don't dragged out. Like this...
  • Hermione:(>_<)
  • Ron:UP! *broom snaps up and smacks him in the face*
  • Harry:hahahahahaha
  • Ron:Shut Up Harry *broom hits his face again*
  • Hermione:Haha, maybe it is You who should Shut uP! *broom snaps up into her hand* :O
  • Madame Hooch:Very good Miss. Granger, see you just need to mean it when you say it.

I think Rhys is going to teach Feyre how to fly in book 2.  Sarah has been posting a lot of pictures of girls with wings on her pinterest (one of which is called “Feyre”), and we already know that only High Lords are able to transfigure other fae into animals (e.g. Tam turning his sentries into wolves). Even though Tam has the ability to give her wings as well, it makes so much more sense that it would be Rhys.  Rhys, who is the High Lord of the Night Court, who loves flying so much that he only tells (let alone shows) very few people his wings for fear that they will use his wings against him.  Rhys, who has already shown Feyre his wings multiple times in book 1.

I don’t know.  Just the idea of them flying makes me happy.  After all the darkness and death Under the Mountain, they deserve to find some happiness, and what better way than the metaphorical happiness of flight?  I see a lot of possibility for mocking, bantering, and bonding if he does teach her. (on top of the dreaded [for Feyre] reading lessons and magic lessons that I bet are coming) :)

Flying Lessons | Aiden & Lark

Aiden had sent Lark an owl the other day to set up the a time to give Lark some flying lessons. He had meant what he’d said at the sleepover about wanting to get him over his fear of heights. At least that way he’d be able to come and watch some of the Quidditch games. Aiden had set a time fairly early in the morning, before classes started, and was now waiting at the Quidditch pitch for Lark to show up. He’d brought his broom, which he trusted more than the school ones, and was trying to figure out the best way to help Lark learn to fly. He was sure Lark knew the basics, they all had flying lessons, so it was really working on getting him over his fear.

Aiden hummed to himself as he sat on his broom, zipping across the field, flying low to the ground so he could easily hear and see Lark when he got into the pitch.