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Happy Birthday @lilith5th! You are the person who introduced me to MM and BNHA which basically means I owe you my life and the next. Ti voglio bene, my dear friend ♡


Okay. God damn. I loved that movie. I watched it tonight at a theater where people have more fun (yell and clap and stuff) than normal theaters. It was a good time. I laughed so hard so many times. I can’t even tell you how many times I gasped. WOW.

I can say one of my favorite parts of the whole thing was the fact that literally everyone has a crush on Finn because same. He looked damn good in that black imperial uniform.

I love Finn x Poe so much and I think they’re adorable.

I’m so conflicted about Reylo. On one hand I see how they are the light and the dark. They are the ultimate balance. I understand Ben’s backstory and why he turned. I get that they are both alone and their forcebond is comforting. I get it all. But then again it’s just weird to me. Like he tortured her in the force awakens??? And he just wants to rule the galaxy? I just feel like they don’t actually care about each other. They just like the idea of each other. But I did like the scene where they took down all the imperial guards. That was cool.

Also, YODA! I MEAN. YODA? dang that was awesome (one of the times I gasped) that surprised me. Plus he straight up hit luke across the face with his cane. I mean.

I also just have to say luke fighting kylo from the rock on his island was the most badass display of the force probably in all the movies. Damn that was cool.

I just really enjoyed a lot of the movie. Sure there was a lot going on and there were a lot of plot that got diluted because of it. I’m not sure where the next movie is going to go. It’s not perfect and i recognize that.

But there were so many things about it that were good:

  • Poe rubbing bb8’s belly like a dog (adorable)
  • Laura Dern flying the rebellion space ship into the star destroyer at fucking light spead. And then the whole scene going completely silent with gorgeous graphics. (The whole theater gasped then chuckled in awe)
  • Luke being the sassy, whiney, Jedi master we all deserve
  • Finn and Rose just completely annihilating the casino planet for just overall being awful people.
  • Luke and Leia reunion scene
  • Leia bring one with the force and sensing whenever something happens
  • Daisy Ridley being an absolute babe the entire time
  • Rey using Kylo’s lightsaber for a second
  • The perfect description of the force

Overall, no the last jedi wasn’t perfect, but it was a damn exciting movie that I loved every minute of.

SAM: Well, the broom stopped flying.

LAURA: What do you mean?


TRAVIS: Are you saying we should hide, Percy?

TALIESIN: We should go.

MATT: Clutching the broom in your hands, as you emit the phrase that you’ve known to bring it to vibrant magical life…




MATT: The broom jumps to life.

(cheering and laughter)

LAURA: Thank you, Matt, for saving a marriage.


Did you know: Every time I use my powers on this show it is funny because when you don’t have the special effects there you’re literally just… doing that [heat vision stance]. And Laura Benanti and I, the first time we’ve – the first fight scene Astra and Supergirl had together we said they’re just having staring contests and tickle fights and blowing contests with the freeze breath. Because that’s what it feels like, it’s so silly when you’re doing it without any visual effect added on.

Somebody asked for a transcription of the scene with Kima and Allura in the ocean, so here you go!

[Matt: She gets down and begins marking out a symbol on the ground. When she finishes, you watch the arcane flash. (rolls a die, sits back for a long moment)]

[Travis: No. No.]

[Matt: She steps onto the circle and vanishes off of the teleportation circle. Kima’s about to go behind her.]

Kima: I don’t… it doesn’t usually look like that.

Keyleth: What?

[Marisha: Allura didn’t vanish, did she?]

[Matt: Allura stepped onto it after casting it and vanished. There was a weird spark of magical energy.]

Grog: What do you mean, it doesn’t look like that normally?

Kima: I don’t… I don’t know. I don’t know!

Keyleth: Do we follow or do something else?

Vex: I don’t understand.

Vax: Where’s she gone?

Vex: No, Kima–

[Matt: Kima just walks in after her.]

Keyleth: Kima!

[Matt: And sparks flare once more.]

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