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Happy Earth Day from FlowersInUrbia! Look who’s watching 😄. This morning I saw a crow fly over carrying a large stick. She lost her grip and dropped it into a tree, then lit on the ground to look for it. Later, I spotted a bluejay foraging in the woods and a ruby throated sparrow gripping a worm. Birdsong and bug chirring are ever present hereabouts. Wherever I walk with the dog, a mockingbird follows and the cardinals call to each other, from one tree to the next, as we pass. Sometimes, a hawk or an owl calls out. Such is just a snapshot of the life we celebrate each and every day on our beautiful planet Gaia. I cannot imagine my life without the natural world and am so grateful I was able raise my children so close to the wild, as well.

Miccosukee Greenway.

Somebody asked for a transcription of the scene with Kima and Allura in the ocean, so here you go!

[Matt: She gets down and begins marking out a symbol on the ground. When she finishes, you watch the arcane flash. (rolls a die, sits back for a long moment)]

[Travis: No. No.]

[Matt: She steps onto the circle and vanishes off of the teleportation circle. Kima’s about to go behind her.]

Kima: I don’t… it doesn’t usually look like that.

Keyleth: What?

[Marisha: Allura didn’t vanish, did she?]

[Matt: Allura stepped onto it after casting it and vanished. There was a weird spark of magical energy.]

Grog: What do you mean, it doesn’t look like that normally?

Kima: I don’t… I don’t know. I don’t know!

Keyleth: Do we follow or do something else?

Vex: I don’t understand.

Vax: Where’s she gone?

Vex: No, Kima–

[Matt: Kima just walks in after her.]

Keyleth: Kima!

[Matt: And sparks flare once more.]

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I want Thor and Bucky to be friends. Actually, Thor should be everyone’s best friend.

 Bruce feels like he’s a monster who needs to isolate himself? Not on Thor’s watch: roadtrip! 

Bucky isn’t comfortable just spending time with the Avengers after coming out of cryofreeze? No problem, we’ll just go spar and trade war stories. Tell me more about when Steve did stupid things as a kid. 

Clint is having trouble finding time to spend with his family? Come on up to Asgard, we’ll ride six legged horses and go out on the flying boats. And then Laura can chat with Heimdal while Lila braids Volstagg’s beard and Sif shows Cooper how to hold a sword. 

T’challa has some serious matters of state to think through? Thor was raised to be king of an entire world, he knows what it’s like to make those decisions, he’ll lend an ear. 

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I think a fluffy Carmilla fanfic where Catmilla gets fleas would be interesting. Maybe she would need to wear a flea collar, or Laura would have to give her a flea bath? Either way, grumpy Carmilla would be frustrated, embarrassed, and adorable.


“You know…I kinda miss the giant mushrooms and zombies, at least they didn’t fight back when you hit em in the head" 

Danny sighed, wiping her dirty brow with the back of her hand holding a large trident covered in blood and fur. 

"Nice thinking with the bugs though…you’re sure they don’t eat humans right?" 

Lafontaine grinned, closing the jar which contained well over a million lab altered insects that were unleashed on the horde of were-bears that decided to attack the campus from the evil forest that decided to randomly appear behind the school. 

The 8 foot bears ran away screaming and scratching, like a scene out of a cartoon. Laf couldn’t look more pleased. 

"Nah, humans aren’t that tasty to these guys. I mean, they’re not quite ready for Ancient Egypt scarab type damage here but until then, they’re just really awesome fleas”

The Zetas and the Summer Society followed the bears with spears, tridents and screams, ensuring the school would be bear free. Unaffiliated but concerned students slowly began to disperse back to their rooms, to sleep or study, who knows, college is hard. 

Danny looked down at the happy scientist and held out her hand, “Nice”  
Laf smiled and hopped up to clap their hand against hers, “Science bitches!”

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I’m going to need some second opinions here but I’m almost positive that that’s a time turner necklace Elise is wearing in the photoshoot in which case I have A LOT of feelings about the reference to that and the passage of time and the fact that Carmilla can’t age but Laura can

There’s been so much talk about this already and how everyone looks older yet Carmilla looks pretty much the same and I have no doubt that this is going to be something that’s focused on in season two. I also have no doubt that season two is going to slay us all