flying jellyfish!!!!!!

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With everything that's been going on, I believe you're due for a vacation. Might I recommend going to the Outrealms and travel to the Alola region. It's a tropical paradise with very exotic creatures, unique culture and food so great, you'll wake up 3 in the morning to eat. I heard rumors of Outrealms opening up in the sky and summoning flying jellyfish or mosquitoes with the bodies of bersekers, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

“…I believe I shall pass. A true knight knows no reprieve from his or her duties save the grave… and this Alola region sounds to be an unnecessarily early invitation to said grave. The tropics tend not to agree with me, good stranger, as heavy armour and padding typically make the simple act of standing about a hot, sweaty nightmare. The culture and food sound pleasant enough, but the prospect of flying jellyfish and burly mosquitoes (gods’ breath, I never thought I’d say that aloud) are a definite repellent.”

“No, I believe that I shall do with my free time after the war what I originally had planned: patrol the capital, lend the common folk a hand, and perhaps pay my mother a visit if time permits it. Heavens help you, good stranger, if end up taking your own advice by going to that hellish ‘paradise’. No doubt you will find it brimming with miscreants, monsters, and lax law enforcement… gods know we Shepherds do whenever we travel through the Outrealm Gate.”

A flying jellyfish! Quickly done, i wanted to try stuff

It” not really a jellyfish, it’s more like a huge symbiosis beetween numerous living entities, mostly vegetal bacterias and cells, but also fungus. It produces it’s energy with photosynthesis and some organisms use a part of the energy to create methane gas, wich allows the jellyfish to float in the sky.

Land of Apparitions and Bioluminescence

LOAAB faces a nearly perpetual dusk and faint fog. To light the way, the creatures of the land, including the consorts (which are purple flying jellyfish) emanate a sort of bioluminescence. 90% of the land is covered in water, and landmasses are rocky outcroppings with derelict stone structures. Other landmasses take the form of floating mountains (think James Cameron’s Avatar), some of which are actually apparitions. The depths of the water are semi-visible due to naturally bright rocks, as well as the creatures beneath the surface. The player’s house would be situated on one of the tangible mountains.

This one was fun. Lots of tweaks and changes, and an awful lot of shading. 

The fog was the most interesting feature to add - everything else needed tweaking and changing to improve visibility once it was in. Some things remained crisp, but others just vanished into the murk.

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Does Giorno have the potential to be the creepiest/scariest Jojo?

I’m not sure I really understand what you mean with this question so I hope my reply is related to what you actually wanted to know.

It depends on what you mean by creepy and scary, but the way I interpret those, I would personally say yes. If you mean creepy as in “could turn your clothes into millipedes and let them crawl into your eyes if he really doesn’t like you” yeah, probably. Giorno seems to favour a lot of creepy crawlies or “gross” animals when it comes to giving life to things and use them in battle (off the top of my head: frogs, a fly, a jellyfish, snakes, scorpions, piranhas, African termites and the flesh eating beetle that I love to bring up). He seems more like the type to turn something into a tarantula than into a fluffy cat, so that has the potential to be creepy to a lot of people.

As for scary, I again would say yes. Thinking a little deeper for a second - kids who grow up idolizing criminals and dreaming to become gangsters, no matter their end goal, have ultimately internalized a certain type of violence. It really is no wonder that Giorno is the least merciful of all the Jojos. And I don’t mean that as in “he cannot feel sympathy for other people”, because he clearly does! … But you have to fit certain criteria to be shown that side of Giorno. He does suggest to kill civilians who get in their way without even blinking, and states Cioccolatta doesn’t deserve mercy. Cioccolatta is a literal monster, so of course we as the reader, cheer for Giorno when he kills him, but let’s think of Jonathan for example, since he’s the one people compare Giorno to: Do you think Jonathan would have gone back on his word once he promised (because Giorno promised) to spare someone like Cioccolatta? Of course not! Jonathan would have kept his word and handed Cioccolatta to the authorities because that is the right thing to do and criminals belong in jail. Meanwhile, Giorno gets so much satisfaction out of seeing Cioccolatta’s face fall when he stutters “but you promised!!

I lied

Giorno is the only Jojo who, while a kid, yes, also grew up wanting to be a criminal. For the greater good, maybe, but he has assimilated and internalized criminal methods, and not only that but once you think of him critically for a second and especially compare him to other “civilian” Jojos, you see he has no second thoughts when it comes to not only applying but also living by those methods and codes.

He’s not like Jonathan who kills Bruford almost as an act of mercy, and weeps when he supposedly kills Dio, the ultimate evil, because he wishes there would have been another way. He’s not like Johnny who yes, does not hesitate to kill, but only when it’s been proven it is the only way out. This, along with the fact Giorno has the kind of determination that allows him to unblinkingly tear and cut off his own limbs when he’s only 15 without a split second of hesitation, could very well make him, in my opinion, the scariest Jojo.

….. And yeah, GER can trap you in an eternal loop of un-death. There’s that too.

Another Burton and Cyb story, where our two heroes(?) travel to yet another alien planet to pull a scam. Here, they get their pet flying jellyfish to attack this outpost, convincing the people that they need the weapons they are selling. Classic scam with an alien twist.

I love this page because it just screams Silver Age, even though it categorically isn’t. Segura really loves his earth tones.

(Heavy Metal issue #121, July 1989 - Page 81 The Jellyfish from Space by Segura and Ortiz)

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