flying irish


A boy and his flying pig.

As promised during the weekend, @mspoodle1 here is your wish of flying pig spam granted.
Have some completely unedited shots from my game.
Sorry I had no chance to do anything better right now, as I am super stressfully running out of time to make my 12billion Halloween pictures ready, for Halloween spam tomorrow.

so, today on our hack I had to go slow due to 28 degrees outside, which made me bored and got me singing ‘fields of Athenry’ (that’s a /bad/ Irish folk song)

… some kid heard me before I noticed him

I can’t sing for shit

He didn’t say anything.


Caitlin Simpson’s reel is stunning :D


hey if you haven’t seen the video of the bat flying around an irish family’s kitchen, please do yourself a favor and watch it now

Legendary Creatures [B]

From Wikipedia, See the Full Alphabet HERE

Liverpool Bay, England

Burbo Bank windfarm on the Burbo Flats is pictured from the the window of an aircraft flying over the Irish Sea

Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Got back from Belfast earlier today. Belfast definitely knows how to enjoy the night and the Irish country side and coast is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Thanks for having me!

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Off to Belfast on Friday Morning! Had to wake up at 4:30 am…

The wall that separates the Protestant Loyalists and the Irish catholics from violence that happens even to this day. Look up the “troubles” in Northern Ireland if you have never heard of it, it is very eye opening.

Belfast City Hall

Me near one of the many castles on the coast

The Irish Coast line, which is littered with many beaches, both rocky and sandy. This is on the Causeway Scenic Highway.

The Giants Causeway! All natural hexagonal rock formations.

Irish Farm

Hanging out at the Belfast Botanical Gardens

anonymous asked:

Hello I am the Anon who asked about Traditional witchcraft as someone who is of African descent. First thank you for the help offered especially since I know its not your expertise. I appreciate your effort and what you offered helped me alot I just had one more question if you dont mind. How does one use the information offered. I have found alot but am unsure of how to incorporate what I found into my craft. Any advice or clarification you could share would help. Thank you again

You employ the methods spoken of in the folklore. 
If it gives specifications on flight, spells, spirits, etc, you use them. 
Just as a folk tale tells of Irish witches flying with red caps, so some Irish trad witches might use red hats to take flight. 
You take them and apply them to your craft.