flying irish

so, today on our hack I had to go slow due to 28 degrees outside, which made me bored and got me singing ‘fields of Athenry’ (that’s a /bad/ Irish folk song)

… some kid heard me before I noticed him

I can’t sing for shit

He didn’t say anything.


Caitlin Simpson’s reel is stunning :D

Fairies are considered flying insects to demons, and despite Bendy being so friendly and charming, they’re fair game for him to kill.  Sure, Bendy has weaseled out a sinner’s souls in the past few centuries, but if you thought demons were bad “the fae” as they used to be called are JERKS!  Bendy typically smacks with with a newspaper and light it on fire by snapping his fingers and starting a spark of a flame. If a mushroom fairy ring is growing in the yard, Bendy will ‘borrow’ Boris’ lumberjack axe to smash it into submission.  Or he’ll just do the frog thing and snatch a flying fairy out the air with his tongue. -Admin Lei

Legendary Creatures [B]

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