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Yo, I want to throw my hat into the Harry Potter Overwatch AU pls, I know I mentioned it in a post a bit ago, but hey

Instead of students (because these are ladies in their 30s) how about sexy professors. Part of this is based on a lovely conversation with @theabsentmindedarchitect and some reblogs of @nofunhun

Widow is potions professor, went to Beauxbatons when she was younger. (Like c’mon fancy French school) Mercy is head of the school’s infirmary after a bit of working at St. Mungos. 

Uhhh what else did we have? Rein as care of Magical Creatures, Ana Defense Against the Dark Arts, headmaster Jack. Tracey was charms for time turner shenanigans. Pharah flying instructor/quidditch coach.

Also its mercymaker. They make out in unoccupied class rooms and traumatize Hana.

Comment/reblog what I forgot about lol :P I can’t remember the whole convo!

king-of-the-gay  asked:

I saw you do a fic rec and I wanted to know if you know of any good 8th year drarry fics or any drarry fics where Harry and Draco come back to hogwarts as professors

Anonymous said: Hiya! Do you know of any fics with Drarry teaching at hogwarts? Thank you!!

Anonymous said: So first of all, your recs are amazing and perfect omg 😍 and secondly, can you rec me your favorite fics where Harry is a DADA teacher (either with or without Draco being a potions professor).

HELLO, YES!!! Professor!Drarry is one of my favorite things ever!!! This list will cover all types of professing—all classes and some in which only one of them is a Professor :)

(Also for @king-of-the-gay, here are my 8th year drarry recs! I hope you enjoy both lists!)

Professor Drarry Recs

Professor Potter and his Magical Menagerie by dracogotgame (7.5K)- Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
THIS FIC IS A HILARIOUS ADORABLE MASTERPIECE. It’s one of my favorites and Draco is so oblivious and he thinks he’s feared and hated but really he and Harry are the students’ favorite Professors and it’s just SO CUTE. (Potions Prof. Draco and Care of Magical Creatures Prof. Harry!)

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (115K)- Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
I will never stop loving this fic. Contains petty pranks, one of those pranks going horribly wrong, Draco feeling guilty, a giant beetle named Stanley who is my favorite OC ever, Draco learning to be a fucking amazing Professor who cares, and hours of (Transfiguration) Professor Malfoy sitting by Flying Instructor Potter’s bedside. UTTERLY LOVELY.

The Re-education of Draco Malfoy by Veritas03 (31K)- In the aftermath of the war, it has been noted that many of the young witches and wizards who attended school during the second rise of Voldemort have received sub-standard educations. As a result, Hogwarts opens an adult education program in the summer to bring these students up to par in the workforce. Draco Malfoy, desperate to pass the NEWT for DADA, is among them. But his hopes are dashed when, on the first day of class, Draco discovers – to his horror – the new DADA professor has never even taught before – and is a student himself, still trying to pass Potions. And anyway – just how is Draco supposed to stay focused in class when Professor Potter is so totally hot?
I feel like the summary says it all for this fic. Being forced to go back to Hogwarts and Harry is Draco’s DADA Professor?! YES 100000000 TIMES

Newts by Astolat (14K)- “I’m twenty-eight!” Harry said. “I’ve been an Auror for ten years! You want me to go back to Hogwarts now?“
Pretty much the reverse of the above fic! Harry, on the cusp of becoming Head Auror, is forced to go back and get his NEWTS because of some ancient law. Potions Professor Draco does not make it easy for him ;). TRULY AMAZING!!

Homecoming by November Snowflake (27K)- Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.
The kids are great in this fic and the development of Harry and Draco’s relationship is (of course!!) fabulous as well. I especially love it because both of them interact a lot with each other’s children AS THEIR PROFESSORS <333

Healing Touch by Digitallance & Arineat (19.5K)- After an accident forces Harry away from professional Quidditch and back to Hogwarts, he discovers the healing abilities of a certain former Slytherin.
Found this fic while searching for massage!drarry (hehehe) and was NOT DISAPPOINTED. Harry is the new flying instructor and Draco is the potions professor who is quite willing to help Professor Potter with his injury ;)

In Pieces by dysonrules (85K)- Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA instructor, only to find his teaching efforts thwarted by a very familiar ghost.
THIS FIC THO! It is amazing and touching and it just took me apart and then put me back together again. It has all the angst you would expect to find considering Draco is a ghost but also I SWEAR THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING AND IT MAKES SENSE AND IS NOT PREDICTABLE OR CLICHE AND IDK HOW SHE EVER THOUGHT OF IT <3

More Than That by joosetta (11K)- This is a story about two 52 year old men who refuse to age gracefully.
Okay I love reading about middle-aged drarry, and they are at their best here. Harry is the new DADA Professor, Draco is horrified, and then their relationship develops slowly and it’s sweet and funny and everything heartwarming <3

Boom Clap (The Sound of my Heart) by @femmequixoticand @noeeon (39.5K)- Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.
Teaching fellows counts as professors, right? Right??? WELL I DON’T CARE because I love this fic and there is hallway patrol and EXPLOSIONS and pining!draco and I WANT YOU TO READ IT.

Transfigurations by Resonant (71K)- Five years after Voldemort’s defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.
First of all, Draco is the Muggle Studies Professor and BFFs with Hermione, and if that isn’t enough to draw you in (who are you?!), Hogwarts is newly reopening and there’s all kinds of daring, suspenseful adventure AND everything is exploding AND Harry is a pro at American magic, and you should really read it!!!!!

The Man in the Scarlet Cloak by @bixgirl1 (16.5K)- There’s usually a better time and place to participate in seduction than the Forbidden Forest. Unless, of course, it’s Mating Season. In which Draco is sneaky but not sneaky enough, Harry is confident but goes a bit mad, and the Trees are either incredibly romantic or just sort of perverts.

‘Twixt the Sun and Sward by November Snowflake (30.5K)- A potions mishap has Harry and Draco meeting on entirely new—or is it old?—ground.
This is not your typical Professor fic, because it has de-aged!Harry living with Potions Professor Malfoy, who is forced to take care of him and who slowly realizes that Harry’s childhood was not quite how he had always imagined. VERY CUTE. Also note that it’s marked as an unfinished series, but when I read it, it felt very complete! :)

Love Actually by DracoWillHearAboutThis (17.5K)- “Harry,” she said quietly. “How long have you been teaching at Hogwarts now?”
Harry frowned, caught off-guard by the question.
“Six years, three months, and I guess about two weeks?,” he answered hesitantly.
“And how much of this time have you spent pining over our Charms professor?,” she continued, eyes flashing dangerously.
When even Minerva McGonagall wants to have a conversation about Harry’s love life, Harry realizes that it might be time to actually do something about this little crush of his. Since apparently, everyone knows, anyways.
“Everyone?!,” Harry repeated, his voice uncomfortably high-pitched in his panic.

Drarry / Love Actually crossover in which they are both Professors and yes you DID need this in your life.

Lessons in Humility by playout (86K)- After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Very much so.)

YOI Fan Rec Friday

Thank you for all your recs this week! I can’t wait to read them all during my trip in Europe! If you didn’t know, I will be gone from June 17th-July 9th and may not be able to make fan rec friday or other lists while I’m gone! I will be bringing my laptop so hopefully I will be able to, but if not you now know why!

Rec’d by anonymous:
Six Hours Ahead by alipiee, Teen, 35k (WIP)
When Yuuri downloaded the harmless quiz app, he hadn’t expected to become best friends with the Russian boy who asked him for a rematch.

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Rec’d by @rogovich :
The Next Level by azriona, Explicit, 82k (WIP)
The skating season continues (as skating seasons are wont to do), while Victor and Yuuri negotiate the shifts in their relationship, their careers, and their home rink. Sometimes, things even go as planned.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Gentlemen and Businessmen by Theladyofravenclaw, Teen, 21k
Yuuri Katsuki is a businessman in desperate need of a date for the week and instructions around L.A. Victor Nikiforov is a prostitute just doing his best to find some work to help pay the rent. When these two cross paths Victor and Yuuri are set up for a whirlwind of events as Victor finds himself thrown into the world of first-class society and Yuuri starts to question whether what his company does is right or wrong as they both find themselves falling more and more in love with each other. But as they fall in love with one another they become more aware of the fact that they only have one week together. And it’s almost over.

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Rec’d by anonymous and @fisukisuki :
Driving Mr. Katsuki by CullinanKatsudon, Mature, 23k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki gets into Victor Nikiforov’s car, mistaking it for his Uber ride…and Victor doesn’t correct him. And then there’s a job interview, and mistaken identity, and some pole dancing, and ice skating lessons, and a Very Smitten Nikiforov, and a Nervous But Determined Katsuki, and what was supposed to be a quick, cute fic has turned into a novel, and that’s okay.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
viktor nikiforov is a nightblogger by thishasbeencary, Teen, 2.9k 
Yuuri started a mental list of the small things Viktor did that annoyed him about a week after going to Russia, and texted Phichit every time he added something new.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
To Yuri. by poppysicle, Mature, 5.2k (WIP)
Dear Yuri,
If you’re reading this, it will mean either two things happened. It was not in our control or you found this on accident. Before you start to freak out, we want you to know that we love you more than anything in this world. Our love for you has grown stronger than for each other. We will do anything for you if you asked us too. I found myself praying every night after finding you that we want to keep you safe.
You’ve become a big piece of our small, messed up life. We hope one day you will have a better one after being with us. We care about your happiness and well being. Please, never forget our time together and the love we built with one another.
To help, I am going to tell you a story about how our family became one.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Ptichye Moloko by lilithduvare, Melody_thysoulandthylove, Mature, 28k 
Viktor is a two time Academy Award winner actor who, while shooting a movie in Japan accidentally found a small cake shop Agape & Eros and instantly fell in love with the stunning desserts on display. He, however, did not expect to fall in love with the gorgeous but shy man who ran the shop.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
One Night With The King by Pjkal, Mature, 22k (WIP)
Katsuki is a poor boy selected from a giant pool of men and women to attempt to become the new spouse of King Viktor Nikiforov. Is he able to charm his way into the heart of the king while hiding his true identity of being in the lower class? He adopted the name Yuuri and sets off in his adventure in the giant halls of the king’s palace, while avoiding the scrutinizing eye of Prince Yuri Plisetsky. Winning the king’s heart becomes more than just a quest for love as Prince Plisetsky plans to enforce cruel laws against Katsuki’s people.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
of dusk and dawn and a love beyond by exile_wrath, Gen, 5.5k 
The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake.Victor cries and plucks wishes off the petals every time, remembering the time when once, they had been together.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Pigeon Alley by DiAnna44, Teen, 21k (WIP)
What’s meant to be will always find a way. Victor and Yuuri? They’re meant to be.

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Rec’d by @nursewives :
Ode To Boy by nursewives, Teen, 4.3k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov stands on the top of the music charts and the height of his life. Detroit has been good to him, giving him new sights to see and more songs to write. The Detroit Ice Castle Night Club is his only reprieve from the exhaustion of fame and constant harassment. Viktor’s life begins to bore him when the lull of routine sets in. His life changes with a video link, a club night, and a pianist named Katsuki Yuuri.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
‘Til I Tear the Walls, 'Til I Save Your Heart by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 9.4k (WIP)
A chance encounter with a mysterious, beautiful man gives Katsuki Yuuri far more than he bargained for. There’s only one way for them to find salvation—an act of love and bravery on Samhain. If Yuuri doesn’t succeed, then he and his beloved are doomed.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Night is Young and the Music’s High by opalish, Teen, 3k
“Best press conference ever,” the Japanese Nationals silver medalist says when asked. “Ten out of ten, would medal again.”
“I would die for Katsuki-kun,” Minami declares, with terrifying sincerity.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Lampadaires Sous la Pluie by xuantime, Teen, 37k (WIP)
Yuuri is an elite, the best of the Time Arbitrators. As the youngest member of the formidable Scythes Squadron, he swears loyalty to the all-encompassing Organization. At least until whispers of a silver haired man and long-buried secrets reach his ears. Even shadows can hide in light, and as the cold truth reveals itself, so can forbidden questions.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Ah, deceit. by Nikiforlove, Gen, 11k (WIP)
Viktor is the head of the Russian Mafia, charming, sleek and confident. He’s a very hasty man, and he prefers fieldwork over office work, and Yakov’s pissed. Surprise, surprise! Yakov signed a contract with the Yakuza without Viktor’s consent, to get him a right hand man who would maybe, just maybe, make up for what Viktor lacks. Oh boy, Viktor is pissed, he’s fuming. Damn, all he wanted was to go on a date with that bespectacled cutie he met the other day at the cafe.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Charm Your Way by OwlBeDamned, Mature, 8.3k (WIP)
It is a well-known fact that newly-appointed Flying instructor, retired Russian Quidditch legend and seven-time winner of the senior World Cup, Viktor Nikiforov, is heads-over-heels in love with shy Charms professor Katsuki Yuuri.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Precocious by EmmyLynna, Gen, 109k (WIP)
Whatever Viktor Nikiforov wanted, he would get. And the moment his eyes locked onto the cute omega, he knew that Yuuri Katsuki would be his. That’s why during recess he marched over, held his hands, and proclaimed, “Yuuri, starting today, I’m your alpha and you’re my mate!” Much to the shock of their classmates and teachers. So what if he was only seven-years-old and Yuuri was six?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
with these things i’ll never say by missmichellebelle, Gen, 1.8k
Yuuri has been Victor’s PA for well over a year now, but no matter how many times Victor has told him otherwise, he still leaves actual handwritten notes for Victor to find.

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Rec’d by @blue-and-ironic :
Sweet on You by fuzzycatsandgoofyhats, Teen, 2.5k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov is the owner of a popular bakery in St. Petersburg, and he loves it. But just when he starts to grow bored of the same routine every day a cute foreign college student comes to visit and suddenly becomes all Victor can think about…

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Rec’d by @aurajenkins :
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes by LinneaKou, Teen, 54k (WIP) ***Major character death
A game of cat-and-mouse, playing out in an alternate Gotham, with some different (yet familiar) faces…Viktor Nikiforov is a wealthy, eccentric socialite who picks up where the law leaves off. Yuuri Katsuki operates on an alternate revenue stream. They fall in love. And sometimes fight crime.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Cherry Wood and Golden Robes by Skowronek, Not Rated, 21k (WIP)
When the up-and coming Japanese wizard Yuuri Katsuki arrives in Sochi for his most important duelling competition so far, he expects to flub his duel, embarrass himself, and panic. He doesn’t expect to exceed his own expectations and gain a rival in the process.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Droplets between us (keeping us together) by Natsumi, Teen, 2.3k
If Victor could stop the world for just a second to allow Yuuri to catch his breath, he would. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. They’re both tired. There are ways to deal with it.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Victor’s Moving Castle by weeaboobiwrites, Teen, 28k (WIP)
A pointless war, a moving castle, a contract sealed in fire and a hood that can’t be removed. Yuuri can’t face anyone, Victor is an empty man with a deadline, and Yuri doesn’t know what he did to deserve being forced into the role of a wingman. This is the story of two boys, two curses, a cure that’s right in front of everyone’s noses, and the journey along the way.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
story of my life by vodkawrites, Teen, 5.3k
There are 3,140,000 results on Google Search for why you should meet your idol. Meeting your idol could allow you to tell them personally how much they mean to you and can inspire you to be more like your idol. However, there are 20,300,000 reasons why you shouldn’t meet your idol.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
My Boy Builds Coffins by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Teen, 4.9k (WIP)
Yuuri’s always dealt with a lot of (pun not intentional) grief about the family business, so much so he’s given up on making many friends or finding romance. But during one morning Starbucks rush, he meets a light-haired, blue-eyed man in dark colors and manicured nails who just might prove him wrong that no one will be able to get past his job.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Tale of Two Princes by VoidGlasses, Teen, 5.5k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov, Crown Prince of Petersburgia, is the most sought after Prince of all the kingdoms. He’s famous, gorgeous, and rumored to be rich. For years, he’s bought into and played up this image, but these days he’s losing interest in this life. It isn’t until a chance run in with Prince Yuuri of Yutopia that Prince Viktor realizes what he’s been missing. This tale follows the spontaneous Prince Viktor through his journeys with Prince Yuuri.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Chasing Moonlight: A tale of a Lost Prince by LiaoftheDawn, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Victor’s 27th birthday is approaching and all he wants for a present is a chance to see the lights up close. And maybe the handsome young man who somehow stumbled into his tower can help him with that.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Worlds Finest by counterheist, Teen, 1.8k
Intrepid journalist Yuuri Katsuki gets an assignment to interview billionaire international playboy slash ditz Viktor Nikiforov. Superman and Batman thwart a hostage situation.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

The amazing “YOI Fan Rec Friday” banner was created by @omgkatsudonplease! I love them a lot, check out their blog!

jungkook scenario | aureate

Originally posted by jkguks

❝ aureate: adjective. made of gold ❞

prompt: You’re athletically challenged, but cute as heck so I keep on picking you for my team in gym class quidditch… oh am I being too obvious?

pairing: ravenclaw jungkook x slytherin reader

requested by @stitched-yoongz and anon | 3.6k words | fluff, hogwarts au

[First year]

Jungkook is aureate. Untouchable. A pure blood wizard with the heavy weight of a proud family history resting on his sculpted shoulders. He’s cut from topaz and quartz, dipped in milk and honey, smiling from his spot in perfect paradise.

Achieving high scores in class, held in high regard by all the professors, and his looks getting all the girls high, with tittering over his strong brows, bright eyes, and occasional bunny-toothed smile to remind them of his softer sides – it’s enough for you to decide that you hate him at the age of eleven. Fresh faced and fuming, you want him in his place. Not under the gaze of every girl, causing a flurry of capes and fluttering of eyelashes every time he passes by, but rather, away from the limelight, with his golden name tarnished.

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Harry Potter, Hogwarts flying instructor & Draco Malfoy, Hogwarts Transfigurations professor

continuing my obsession with this podfic and all things Drarry, as well as thinking a lot about wizard fashion in general re: Fantastic Beasts (oh my god, I’m SO EXCITED), here are my two favorite wizards. There are rumors amongst the Hogwarts student body that professors Potter and Malfoy don’t get on, since they were enemies in their teens. Little do they know these two are thick as thieves and both love a good prank (and a good cup of tea). 

(p.s. I will be at RIPExpo in Providence, RI this weekend!! I’ll have this print and others for sale along with my Poe zine!!)

EXO as Hogwarts professors


~ flying instructor (first years)
~ he gets along AMAZING with lil kids, and gets excited every year to see new faces that he’ll be teaching
~ is very patient w/ the first years, never yells and acts sort of like a father to them
~ every Friday he lets the kids come up with their own games and play around the quidditch field where he watches them in amusement
~ is really quiet so you won’t see him hanging around many other professors, he prefers the fresh air where he eats his meals quietly near the field


~ charms professor
~ oh gosh he has the cutest lil grin when his students perfect a simple spell, and applauds them so loudly that the whole school can hear
~ goes out of his way to demonstrate the flicking of his wand (lmaooo) “see you bring it UP like this, then flick it to the right :)))”
~ gets really sassy when students interrupt him, and he does that sulky face until they quiet down
~ won’t stand to see any bullying, and will call you out if you were cheating or blatantly flirting with someone and totally embarrasses you


~ astronomy / Divination on the side
~ though his profession at hogwarts is astronomy, he still goes and does entertaining “fortune teller” presentations for Divination class
~ is always so dreamy and looks dazed 24/7, esp when he’s talking about his favorite stars
~ every other student is in love w/ him bc he’ll give extra credit for any assignment and always hands out good grades and weird tasting candy
~ people have spotted him sleepwalking/strolling ??? Through the woods hella late at night and no one knows what that’s all about but it’s professor Zhang so


~ transfiguration professor
~ will make his kids turn anything and everything into furry cute little animals
~ if you hear screaming and excited laughter coming from a classroom, it’s probably Mr. Byun acting a fool as always
~ is really clumsy and disorganized, one time he even turned a student into a corn dog without anyone realizing for 2 whole days
~ takes his whole class to unnecessary weekly trips to the forest only bc he wants to watch and observe the magical creatures aka observing Mr. Park


~ arithmancy professor
~ if anyone can make numbers fun and entertaining, it’s him
~ has really fun debates with his students, discussing the class work yet also gossiping lmao and everyone has whiplash bc he changes the subject so quick
~ uses really cool methods to teach the class his difficult subject, and cries like a baby when some actually get it
~ has a special spot for those who always try to outdo each other when it comes to answering questions, bc it feels like they’re fighting to get his attention lmao


~ care for magical creatures professor
~ yes, he’s been bitten and scratched at and almost died a hundred times and yes, he still works there willingly
~ wants his students to really connect with the creatures instead of feeling afraid, which probably resulted in lots of accidents yikes
~ puts on really old music when he’s feeding his giant birds and snakes, and wiggles his butt along to the beat
~ has definitely referred to one of the animals as his child, and you could almost hear baekhyun awwww'ing from across the castle


~ herbology professor
~ everyone would’ve gotten the wrong impression of him on the first day bc he was so obsessed with those strange plants
~ but he’s so nice and a really shy teacher, so he appreciates it when students don’t ask him to speak too loudly
~ if anyone interrupts him or sasses him tho, they’d wish they never been born tbfh it’s scary
~ spends a lot of time hanging out in the green house and extracting medicine from certain plants bc that’s his hobby


~ defense against the dark arts professor
~ has petitioned many times to the headmaster to start dance lessons in hogwarts bc it’s like torture that he can’t be a dance instructor as well
~ gets really worried if any of his students get injured from a spell, so he mostly sticks to learning from books
~ moonwalks across the classroom for no reason, he just likes to remind everyone he’s hip
~ acts like a personal therapist to the students who go to him for help, and many have cried on his shoulder aww


~ potions professor
~ definitely not as gleeful as Slughorn, but totally not as depressing and sulky as Snape
~ stares everyone down on the first day, just to establish dominance bc he knows if they see the real him then they wouldn’t take his goofster self seriously lmao
~ talks really slowly and sometimes forgets what he’s saying when other students give him flirty looks
~ will never admit that he hates working in the dungeon bc he’s always needing to bring like 8 sweaters and his blood is made of hot tea at this point

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Flying Lessons

Note: After pleading with your husband, Kylo to teach you how to fly a TIE Fighter… he finally agrees.

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“Oh come on, Kylo,” you pleaded as you fell down on the bed beside him, “You know you want to.”

He remained staring up at the ceiling while he replied flatly, “I said no. And I certainly do not.”



“I just–”

No, Y/N,” he half growled this time as he shifted to face you. But you knew your husband, and now that you had his full attention, you persisted.

“Kylo…my darling Kylo,” you started softly, trailing your fingers up his arms and towards his face. He shuddered slightly in response to your touch, “Just this once. Please?”

“Stop this, Y/N, you’re acting like a child.”

“I bet Hux would do it for me if he were my husband,” you mumbled, turning to lie on your back as you crossed your arms.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me,” you sang, a slight smile appearing on your face when you realised he was right where you needed him to be. If this marriage had taught you anything, it was that Kylo Ren did not handle jealousy well.

“You think the General could satisfy your needs better than me?” He snapped.

You stifled a laugh at his choice of worlds. “Maybe not better… but if he gets the job done, I don’t see the harm.” You quipped..

“Well he won’t be getting anywhere near as close as he needs to be to help you with this.”

“Then say you’ll do it. It’s practically your duty as my husband to say yes, you know,” you stated matter of factly.

“It’s my duty to protect you, Y/N. Not to teach you how to fly a dangerous spacecraft.”

There it was again. Dangerous. For the entire evening, you and Kylo had been going back and forth about you learning to pilot a TIE Fighter. Kylo seemed to believe that letting you anywhere near Hangar could get you killed, let alone actually flying something in it.

“Well if you know how to fly a TIE Fighter, I want to know too,” you huffed.

“Why? Where in the Galaxy are you planning on flying off to?”

“It’s not about that, I just want you to teach me something,” you shrugged.

“Teach you something?” His lips turned up into a suggestive smirk, “There’s plenty I could teach you without even having to leave our quarters,” he said as he inched closer to you.

You moved away slightly, “Kylo,” you warned.

“Y/N,” he matched your tone.

“Look, my role on this Base is already as limited as it could possibly be. We both know I’m not Force sensitive, so teaching me how to fly would at least make me of some use to the First Order.”

Kylo’s expression lightened as he took in your words. You were right, being married to the Commander of the First Order meant that your assigned security detail didn’t leave you alone long enough to get anything but the most basic of tasks done.

He sighed as he looked into your eyes, “Promise you’ll listen to me in the TIE Fighter? No arguing if I say you’re not ready for something–”

“Wait– is that a yes?” You squealed, “You’re saying yes?!”

“Did you hear what I just said, Y/N?”

“Yep,” you nodded excitedly, “Yes, yes of course. No arguing with my teacher, got it.”

Kylo smiled slightly, seeing how happy you were made him feel a little lighter too, “Alright, I’ll do it. I’ll teach you how to pilot a TIE Fighter.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squealed as you hugged him.

Kylo chuckled, burying his head into the side of your neck, “You know, you’re lucky I love you. It’s the only way I can handle your stubbornness,” he muttered jokingly before moving to kiss your forehead, “Now get some rest. I won’t be letting someone who’s half asleep anywhere near one of my spacecrafts, no matter how much I love them.”

You had woken up especially early today, your mind entirely focused on the fact that Kylo had actually agreed to teach you.

You were so eager that you had been sitting in the TIE Fighter for nearly twenty minutes before Kylo showed up in the Hangar.

“I didn’t even hear you wake up,” he said as he approached you, his mask off due to there being hardly anyone else in the Hangar at this hour.

“I was quiet,” you shrugged, your leg bouncing in excitement, “You ready?”

“I suppose,” Kylo mumbled as he climbed into the cockpit before frowning.

“We didn’t think this through very well did we?” Kylo said as he looked down at you in the pilot’s seat.

Realising what he meant, you started to stand up, “I’ll just sit there,” you pointed to the gunner’s seat in the rear of the starfighter.

“And not be able to see anything I’m doing up here?” Kylo raised an eyebrow before furrowing them, “I have an idea, move.”

You knew Kylo wasn’t trying to sound harsh, his directness was something you had gotten used to at this point. You got out of the seat as Kylo climbed in. You watched as he looked at you expectantly.


“Sit,” he instructed, motioning towards his lap.

“On your lap?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Well do you have a better idea?”

“Alright, alright,” you mumbled as you sat down carefully, resting your hands on the console.

“Isn’t this uncomfortable for you?” You asked, turning your head to try and and see his face.

“Not at all,” Kylo said, sensing your hesitation to put your full weight on him, he gently pushed you down, “Better?”

You nodded, smiling.

“Good,” Kylo gave your neck a quick kiss before clasping his hands together, “Okay, before we actually fly this thing, you should learn the controls… You’ve… you’ve never actually been one of these have you?” Kylo asked, realising it for himself.

You shook your head, “You barely let me look at them in fear that I’ll somehow get hurt by it,” you said pointedly.

Kylo ignored the jab, “Well it’s fairly simple,” he said as he took your hand in his, guiding it to the control panel, “These are the basic controls. Anything goes wrong, it’s usually one of these that can fix it.”

“What’s this?” You asked as you hovered over a lever.

“That’ll send us into hyperdrive– You can push that when we’re up there.”

“And this is to steer I assume?”

Kylo nodded, “Yes, to start with, you should have your hands here and here,” he easily moved them to the correct spots.

“Is this okay?”

“Perfect. Let’s go,” Kylo said before pushing a button to start the starfighter.

You began moving towards the end of the Hangar, that was now open. You realised that Kylo’s hands weren’t on the steering console, just hovering above yours.

“Wha– Aren’t you going to steer it?”

“Isn’t this what you wanted, love?” He asked, clearly amused by your sudden nervousness.


He chuckled, resting his hands firmly over yours on the control, “The best way for you to learn how to fly a TIE Fighter is to actually fly a TIE Fighter.” “

"Whatever you say, Kylo,” you mumbled nervously as he guided your hands along the steering console, “Whatever you say.”

“This is amazing!” You exclaimed before the TIE Fighter took a sudden dip, “–Oh, sorry,” you quickly added.

Kylo smiled, “You’re doing well, Y/N.”

You had been flying little over three hours and Kylo had eased to just using one hand to help you steer. You were managing on your own– for the most part.

“Who knew you could be such a good flying instructor?”

“Who knew you would be a natural at this?” Kylo responded, kissing your shoulder lightly.

His free hand snaked around your waist as he repositioned you slightly on his lap.

“We should think about heading back soon.”

“Already?” You sounded disappointed as you focused on what was in front of you.

“It’s been three hours, sweetheart,” Kylo told you, “We can always come out again tomorrow.”

“Really? You mean you’ll do this again?!”

“Of course I will,” Kylo smiled, “Now that I’ve seen how happy it makes you.”

“If only the rest of the Base could see how sweet their Commander is,” You teased.

“Hmm– but only to you, love,” Kylo said as he rerouted the TIE Fighter.

When you arrived back in the Hangar, Kylo took control of the starfighter and steered it back to its bay. But before you could open the door, Kylo pulled you back to him.

“What is it?”

“Where’s my thank you kiss?”

You grinned, moving towards him as you pressed your lips to his, “Thank you, my love.”

“Anything for you, Y/N” Kylo said as he gave you a quick kiss.

“See, that wasn’t so dangerous, was it?”

“Easy, Y/N, before I know it you’ll be asking to pilot the Command Shuttle.”

You perked up, “Would you let me?!”

“Definitely not,” Kylo said firmly.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” you grinned, quickly pecking Kylo’s cheek before opening the door.

If Sirius Became A Single Dad AU: A Daughter

First of all, thanks to those who’ve liked and reblogged my Remus Lupin and Sirius Black Headcanons. Thanks so much! 

Also, Sirius, James, Lily, Remus

  • James and Sirius would fangirl so much. (PADFOOT YOU’RE A DAD! I KNOW! ARE YOU EXCITED? GOOD BECAUSE I’M EXCITED TOO) 
  • We all know that they’re going to ship Harry and his daughter. (James, Sirius, they’re just babies, you can’t really expect them to be toget- EVANS PUH-LEASE JAMES AND I ARE PLANNING HOW OUR FUTURE GRANDKIDS WILL LOOK LIKE - Lily, I love you and all BUT IF YOU’RE NOT WITH US YOU’RE AGAINST US - I, uh *sigh* they better have my eyes. - THAT’S THE SPIRIT
  • Sirius would flip the hell out whenever she would cry and he would immediately apparate to Remus’ place (he didn’t want to bother Lily and James because they have Harry to take care of, too). Remus would be able to make her sleep and that’s the story of how she grew up with two dads instead of one. 
  • Peter loved her so much. Combined with the thought of Harry, it was what stopped him from betraying the Potters. He ended up dying for his friends. His last thought was about Harry and her, wishing that they grow up in a happy home. They did. 
  • Sirius cried when she first said ‘Dada’. He was rocking her to sleep when she did. Remus was out, buying some groceries. When he returned home, he found Sirius sleeping beside their little girl, clutching her tightly. He occasionally murmured, ‘Dada’.
  • She was Daddy’s Princess. Sirius brought her to Madam Malkin’s, demanding that they make her a princess gown. 
  • Sirius would hand wash the gown himself. 
  • Be 99.999% sure that he and James  were betting on what her animagus will be. They were also betting on what Harry’s animagus will be. 
  • Harry and her grew up together. 
  • It wasn’t the Golden Trio anymore. They wanted to be called the Fantastic 4. Remus and Lily told them about it and Hermione already knew, since she is Muggle-born. They forced Ron to watch it.
  • Sirius, Remus and James scared off 90% of the boys who tried to court her. Harry and Ron scared off the other 9%. They did the same for Hermione. Lily was looking in the sidelines, laughing. 
  • When she brought a Weasley home for Christmas, Sirius, James and Remus spent 15 minutes each, giving him guidelines of how they should treat her. 
  • You’ll never guess which Weasley I’m talking about. ;)
  • She was sorted into Gryffindor. 
  • Sirius cried for hours when she first went to Hogwarts. 
  • Remus had to stop him from going after her. 
  • That’s how Sirius got the job of being the Flying instructor for a whole year, helping Hooch. Harry was just laughing in the background.
  • DAD WHY 
  • When she entered her second year, she was part of the Quidditch team as a Chaser. Sirius quit his job and would just come during her Quidditch matches.
  • Lily and Remus would always bring a banner with her and Harry’s name on it. 
  • Sirius and James would be the loudest ones there.
  • Since Lily never died, she, James, Sirius and Remus fixed their differences with Snape. He and Lily became friends again and they were all in a truce. Though very strict, he wasn’t as cynical anymore and was pretty much fair to the students. 
  • Also, about Quidditch, 100% of the time, Harry and her would be embarrassed but you can bet your bottom dollars that they loved them to bits. 
  • Sirius would always, always owl sweets to her and all her friends. 
  • When Remus became their DADA teacher, she was slightly embarrassed. Remus never doted so much on her so it didn’t bother her. He would always kiss her forehead, though, after dinner, when she would go near him and wish him good night. (He was still her father, no matter what anyone said. They can shut up and mind their own business. He was as much a father to her as Sirius was. 
  • Despite how embarrassed she and Harry was, they were fiercely devoted to protecting werewolves and would willingly fight someone who dare say anything against them.

There are so much possibilities! 

I need a name. Someone help. 

I’ve posted a part two of this! (If Sirius Became A Singe Dad AU: A Toddler) Check it out!

A School of Fire and Shadow (Part 2)

Big thank you to @rhysand-and-rowan for being my beta on this chapter!

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TOG x ACOTAR Crossover - Hogwarts au

House Key

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The Great Hall was surreal, Rhysand had to admit. The mystical ceiling itself was unbelievable and the floating candles high above were both concerning and amazing. During the entire feast, the new Slytherin kept making sure no hot wax had accidentally fallen onto his plate.

When the Sorting Hat had been placed on his head, Rhys had been pretty sure he would be put in the snake house, as his father had been and his father before him. Azriel had joined not much later, a small smile on his face as the rest of the Slytherin table clapped for him. He could not help but feel a bit disappointed when Feyre was sorted into Gryffindor. Quickly, Rhys shook off the feeling. She was just a girl, and besides, cooties.

Aelin sauntered over to the Slytherin table, smiling grandly and sitting across from Rhysand after the Hat had been lifted from her head. “Why hello, Rhys.” She greeted, a wicked glint in her eye so intriguing that Rhysand suddenly found himself smiling back.

“Ready to rule the school, Aelin?” He inquired, quirking an eyebrow at the witch. From what he interpreted from the train ride, Aelin was just as much of a troublemaker as he was.

“Depends,” She responded, her eyes flickering briefly to Azriel. “Are you always as much of a buffoon as you were around Feyre?”

His best friend sent him a sideways glance but didn’t say anything, bless him. “Not usually, are you always as much of a pain as you were around Whitethorn?” Just as he said it, Rhysand noticed Rowan walking stoically to the Gryffindor, taking a seat next to Feyre. He did not mention it to Aelin but he had a feeling she had been listening anyway.

“Usually, yes.” Aelin smirked. “But that’s why this is going to be so great.”

Before Rhys could respond, a new witch stalked towards the table, her long white hair, extremely pale skin, and fierce golden eyes intimidating him just a bit. Aelin narrowed her eyes at the witch as she sat down next to her, the latter seeming to scrutinize her as well. Finally, they both broke into mischievous grins. “You’re going to be a piece of work, aren’t you, Blackbeak?”

The witch shrugged. “Aren’t we all, Galathynius?”

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  • Aries: Rolanda Hooch - Flying Instructor
  • Taurus: Pomona Sprout - Herbology
  • Gemini: Quirinus Quirrell - Defense against the Dark Arts
  • Cancer: Remus Lupin - Defense against the Dark Arts
  • Leo: Filius Flitwick - Charms
  • Virgo: Horace Slughorn - Potions
  • Libra: Minerva McGonagall - Transfiguration
  • Scorpio: Firenze - Divination
  • Sagittarius: Rebeus Hagrid - Care of Magical Creatures
  • Capricorn: Severus Snape - Potions
  • Aquarius: Gilderoy Lockhart - Defense against the Dark Arts
  • Pisces: Sybill Trelawney - Divination

Headmistress McGonagall was nowhere near as controversial as her predecessor. She was given a thankless task, but rose to it with aplomb. Her work rebuilding the school was lauded even by the Prophet. And she never once had a salacious biography published about her early romance with some budding Dark Lord. Young wizards and witches mourned the loss of her presence when she gave up her post, cheered her retirement, and toasted to her good health. Their parents, however, raised some complaints. McGonagall had a habit of hiring young, untested staff. Longbottom for the Herbology position. Thomas to cover a year of transfiguration. Granger as a contentious visiting professor of Muggle Studies; she stuffed the children’s heads with anti-establishment notions, and proved to be difficult grader, besides. And, as if this was not bad enough, sometimes these young radicals did not merely visit or stay for a year. Longbottom was gifted Head of Gryffindor in short time and proved to be a fixture, patient and smiling and impossible to oust even at the efforts of school governors who swore up and down that his wartime actions were a fluke brought on by desperation. In truth, screamed parents and governors, he had very little magical power, quantitatively speaking, and ought to have been driving the Knight Bus, not handling magically powerful children. 

But nothing could induce Professor McGonagall to fire him. And so too with his fellows, for Thomas and Granger came and went as they liked; and, worst of all, on the eve of the Headmistress’s retirement, flighty adjuncts Vane, Chang, and Brown were awarded tenure.

Awful! Vane was a bubble-headed creature, as arrogant as her name suggested, who was far too gossipy to be an effective librarian. True, she seemed to know instinctively which books which children desired, but often these were books on young love and skincare and fashion, not the proper thousand-page Instructional Tomes of yesteryear. And Chang was given to emotionality; everyone knew that. As flying instructor, people whispered that she let her adoration for a long-lost Hufflepuff override natural house pride. Accordingly, she was distressingly fair when it came to judging matters of Quidditch, putting down anyone from any house who looked to spice up the game with a little cheat here or there. And besides, she seemed more interested in teaching escape tactics and defensive flight from Dark wizards than manly feats of derring-do like the Wronski feint; blending flying and Defense in ridiculous new ways, entirely ignoring the Ministry-approved syllabus. As for her friend, that near-werewolf Brown? She used Divination not so much to foretell the future as to instruct the children on how to weed out charlatans and liars. She whispered that the point of teacups and tea leaves was fun, and also knowing when someone was having you on. She claimed that nine out of ten prophecies had no real point; they always came true, whether you knew about them or not. But knowing where to find the excitement in magic, where to let yourself enjoy it, even if it was wooly? She could teach them that.

Oh, these girlish beings were unbearable. Governors and parents could not abide them; it was not simply that they failed to care much about testing and studying, but that they were failures as witches. They did themselves up in Muggle fashions instead of pointy hats, flaunted boyfriends (and girlfriends) in Hogsmeade, and cheerfully gabbed to students about using Mugwort to make lipgloss, of all silly things! It was terrible of the Headmistress to lock them into their positions. The Headmistress! Formerly so sensible.

Of course, in the year leading up to the Headmistress’s retirement, she had considered gently sending them away. She did not dislike them, but they were not as clear-headed, as stiff-lipped as her favorite students. They had recommended that she hire Daphne Greengrass (of the very much still blood purist Greengrasses) for the Potions position, purely because they’d met and admired her hair at some mixer in Diagon. And they went to mixers in Diagon! They did not don long, professorly nightshirts and patrol the halls like the staff of yesteryear. They tossed on dangly earrings and danced the night away in these new nightclubs, and then quaffed hangover remedies and exhaustion-curing potions before their morning classes. True, they knew their subjects and taught them well. But this was still very cavalier behavior.

But then, over Christmas, Yasmina Yaxley went missing.

Yaxley was a silly little Slytherin. Her family was dreadful, her father imprisoned, and yet the daffy little creature seemed not to notice. She floated through the halls discussing Witch Weekly to anyone who would listen; she cared very little about politics or current affairs; and she had begun a strange kind of dungeon sorority that ran on networking and gossip. It occurred to the Headmistress that of course Yaxley would go missing for no reason; Yaxley was just the type to cause trouble like that, not at all a rational, sober, and shrewd child. 

Protocol was followed by most teachers. Search parties dispatched to the forest. Owls sent home. Students send to their dormitories. Rote, sensible procedure, carried out with methodical accuracy.

But Vane, who’d had long, girlish talks with Yaxley and seen her check out books on the war alongside books on haircare, immediately conferred with Chang. And Chang had lent an ear to Yaxley when she’d seemed down, and helpfully flown her near a certain still-cursed section of the grounds that Yaxley had seemed particularly interested in. So she suggested they take what they knew to Brown. And Brown confirmed it. Yaxley saw particularly morbid things in tea leaves; she had a kind of secret fixation she rarely revealed to her fellow students, but she would come out with it, if you happened to be her favorite professor.

So Vane seized up her owl to send for help should they need it, a sensible notion. And Chang grabbed her broomstick to get them to where they had to go – also very clear-thinking. And Brown? Just to make sure, she cross-referenced school records, and also brought along a certain book by Horace Slughorn, a book not much noticed in these postwar days, for it discussed the role of Slytherins in the war, and the truth was: much of the Wizarding World longed to pretend the worst of the war had never happened.

Then, when they found Yaxley, they gave her the book, and also cocoa, and also they looked each other in the eye. They privately decided that, the student having been unhurt, despite straying into a place very badly affected by Dark Magic, and in fact no one having been hurt, perhaps they ought to take this cause up with the Headmistress. Perhaps, in this case, it would be fairer to leave off point-taking and detentions.

“She’s really not so very silly when you get to know her,” said Vane to the Headmistress. “The truth is, the silliness is a bit of an escape.”

“Speaking of,” said Chang, “That’s just what her brother did. You know, in the war. Escaped. And then after that he was struck down here at the Hogwarts grounds, blown to pieces by some curse.”

“Slughorn has the time and place of death recorded,” said Brown, “And it appears to be right where Yasmina likes to go. Of course, she didn’t realized the full extent of the trapping hexes there, and she got herself caught by one.”

“Well, that is foolish in the extreme!” said the Headmistress. She was horrified and angry, scarcely able to believe that some child in her care was obsessed with the resting grounds of a Death Eater. Silly Yaxley had probably made an idol of him, as foolish little girls were wont to do. “An in-dungeon suspension should–”

“Deter her not at all,” said Vane.

Chang gave a delicate cough. “Begging your pardon, but it didn’t deter her brother. After you sent him and his housemates back down to the dungeons, he came right back up. And fought. For us.”

All words dried up in McGonagall’s throat.

“Speaking as someone who was there, professor, you weren’t wrong,” said Brown. “But you rather are now. See, sometimes I think we assume we know the measure of people, when really all we know are silly little details. Houses. Colors. What they read. Not who they are.”

“So we recommend tutoring in hex defense,” said Vane.

“And therapy,” said Chang.

“And perhaps a shoulder to lean on, a fellow Slytherin. It’s been so long since we had a Slytherin on the staff,” said Brown. “Still longer since we had a nice one with nice hair.”

In the end, McGonagall decided to keep these three girlish creatures on a more permanent basis. They were new thinkers, in their way. Good for the school. And Yaxley received her tutoring and therapy. And Greengrass, in short time, was hired.

Which was lovely, because she made an excellent hangover remedy.

patri56001  asked:

Hi! I Love your blog! Do you know any drarry fics where Remus and Snape are also together? I know there aren't many (I only seen 2)

Hey! So a really weird thing happened where in my head I was like “oh yeah I’ve seen Snupin as a side pairing so many times” and then I started looking and (among fics I’ve read and liked) I could only find two?! So here those are, and if anyone else has some they liked, please leave a reply! I feel like I might be missing some good ones??

Drarry featuring Snupin

Secrets by Vorabiza (395K)- Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
This is the fic that immediately popped into my head, and probably the reason I thought Snupin was such a common pairing can be explained by the fact that I ADORE this fic and have read it multiple times. It was the first Drarry I ever read, and I still think it has one of the best adventure/wizarding war plots ever. Harry is super confident and he embraces his Slytherin side and really Gets Shit Done, and it’s SO SATISFYING. The Snupin is there and both Remus and Severus are mentor/father figures to Harry (and Draco), so if by some miracle you haven’t read this one already, definitely check it out!!

On The Last Day of Our World by Libby Drew (aka Sansa) (85K)- During a detention, Harry and Draco get locked in a strange room together overnight. When they escape the next morning, they discover they are alone. Love, angst and adventure abound as they struggle to survive in an empty world.
I love love loved this fic! Basically Harry and Draco go to a parallel universe where they’re the only people in existence. Their relationship develops wonderfully and they become really badass and cool!! And it’s only then that they come back to face Voldemort. If I remember correctly, the Snupin doesn’t exactly play a pivotal role in the plot, but it’s in definitely there!

Bonus fic I haven’t read yet:

When in Flight by Lomonaaeren (17K)- After one Quidditch accident too many happens to the Slytherin players at Hogwarts, an inspector from the Department of Magical Games and Sports is sent in to investigate. This inspector just happens to be Draco Malfoy. Harry Potter, the flying instructor, is confident he can handle the investigation by himself. Well, all right, maybe Draco’s glasses can help.
I found this fic in my to-read bookmarks while searching! I planned to read it before I posted this, but I’m busy right now so I caaaaaan’t but I wanted to answer this now anyway. THAT BEING SAID, it’s Lomonaaeren, who is consistently brilliant, and the summary and notes both look amazing, and I have every confidence I will love it when I finally do get around to reading it! 

tanseypaws  asked:

Hey!! I hope you're having an amazing day!! I was wondering if you could help me out. I've been looking for some professor!dean fics but I can't find any. Do you know any off the top of your head? Thanks so much!!

Oooh! Oh I love professor!Dean so much but I don’t actually know too many fics!!

I’m going to share three fics that I remember and then maybe other people can share their stories or fics they read so I can make a proper rec list! ♥

Butterbeer And Broomsticks by youaresunlight (6.7k, explicit)

Dean, Flying Instructor extraordinaire at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has fallen head over heels for Castiel Novak, the criminally gorgeous Herbology professor. It’s definitely the most hideous man crush to ever grace the hallowed castle, and for Merlin’s sake Dean hopes that he’ll be able to bloody do something about it one of these days.

Tags: Alternate Universe - Hogwarts, Bottom Castiel, Top Dean

Chili Peppers by justanothersong (12.7k)

Dr. Winchester hears an off hand comment from one of his students and find himself browsing a website dedicated to rating university professors. He’s not surprised by his rating – but is a little miffed to see the department chair has an even better one. Clearly, something needs to be done about this.

Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University

This is part of a series, set in the same verse. (Series link)

Every Proper Alpha is Always Fashionably Late by SillyBlue (2.9k)

Alphas weren’t exactly known for their punctuality, but every morning at 7:45 Dean would come into Castiel’s place of work with a smile just for him. They clearly liked each other. It was just a shame that no matter how great Dean was, he didn’t seem to be able to overcome his proverbial alpha stalling tendencies when it came to asking Castiel out.

Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics,

Omega Castiel, Alpha Dean Winchester

Please send me more professor!Dean fics to read and rec! ♥ 

(Note: I’m a bottom!Cas kind of person so it’s unlikely that I read & rec other things.)

A School of Fire and Shadow (Part 3)

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TOG x ACOTAR Crossover - Hogwarts au

House Key

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Aelin honestly didn’t think that flying would be this difficult. Of course, Rowan Whitethorn was a natural in the air, cutting through swarms of flailing first years while he and Cassian laughed. Matron Blackbeak was watching him closely, observing his obvious skill and agility in the sky.  

Meanwhile, Aelin opted to stay closer to the ground, merely hovering with her toes dangling only centimeters from the dirt. A couple others had their feet still planted firmly on the ground, although they didn’t seem to mind much. Aelin watched in wonder as Cassian and Rowan threw a ball of parchment through the air, flawlessly ducking and swerving to catch it.

“You’ve never seen a Quidditch match have you?” Aelin jumped as Manon appeared beside her. The white-haired girl also observed the gathering of sky-high eleven year olds but her expression displayed infinite boredom rather than wonder. Aelin figured since Manon was part of a family of world-famous Quidditch players, a couple kids dangling from their flimsy sticks was nothing to be amazed at.

Aelin huffed, she wanted to cross her arms but immediately thought better of it, fiercely gripping the broom instead in order to keep her balance. “Where did you get that idea?” she asked, even though it was completely true. Aelin’s family was much more involved in Ministry matters than sports.

Manon shrugged. “It’s either that, or you are completely in love with Whitethorn with the way you are staring at him.”

Aelin couldn’t help but sputter at the accusation, turning up her nose. “You’re in love with Rowan,” she shot back childishly. Aelin knew it was a stupid response but at the moment, she didn’t have a much better one.

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6/16/17 recs

1.  You Have a Dog? by domokunrainbowkinz || Rated G, 3.1k

A one-shot based on this prompt: A hero goes in to meet a villain. Instead of stroking a cat, a dog lay at the villain’s feet. When the hero enters, the dog barks and greets the hero warmly. Before the villain can launch into his speech about his plans, the dog loving hero starts asking questions about the dog. Instead of becoming mortal enemies, the hero and villain bond over the dog and become best friends.

  • Comment: Just a feel-good piece in general. Unusual AU, but still cute. Read this for the cutes. 

2. learn to love the skies I’m under by LinneaKou || Rated M, 11.3k (WIP)

The day after the Sochi GPF banquet, Katsuki Yuuri disappears without a trace.

The day after the Sochi GPF banquet, Viktor Nikiforov finds a stray poodle and takes it home with him.

These two events are, oddly enough, connected.

  • Comment: Sadder than one would expect. The premise isn’t unfamiliar, as it’s inspired by another fic (which the author lists, and I’ve read) but the author still executes it really well. Expect feelings when you read this, no matter how soft some things may seem. 

3. Charm Your Way by OwlBeDamned || Rated M, 8.3k (WIP)

It is a well-known fact that newly-appointed Flying instructor, retired Russian Quidditch legend and seven-time winner of the senior World Cup, Viktor Nikiforov, is heads-over-heels in love with shy Charms professor Katsuki Yuuri.

“You didn’t see her, Chris,” Viktor says pitifully. “She was an eleven year old little girl with brown pigtails and cherubic cheeks. Less than five feet tall. And she staked her claim better than I ever could.”

“If you only had her assertiveness, maybe you would have managed to get laid by now,” drawls Chris lazily.

  • Comment: Yet another Harry Potter AU, but this time featuring them as teachers and more lovestruck Victor than originally projected. It’s humorous and Victor’s perspective is both sad because of his mixed feelings and circumstances, but still undeniably cute. Defffinite recommend if you like HP AUs

4. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes series by LinneaKou

A game of cat-and-mouse, playing out in an alternate Gotham, with some different (yet familiar) faces…

Viktor Nikiforov is a wealthy, eccentric socialite who picks up where the law leaves off.

Yuuri Katsuki operates on an alternate revenue stream.

They fall in love. And sometimes fight crime.

  • Comment: BATMAN AU. And a really well executed one! So far the series has Yuuri’s and Victor’s backstories, as well as their first meeting in this ‘verse, and it’s just really really convincingly good. I’m not a big superhero fan tbh but I’m really looking forward to future installments and how this plays out woooo
  • щ(゜ロ゜щ) it’s so much better than I expected tbh, the author’s done so well with this crossover.

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anonymous asked:

Hi:) i was wondering if there are any fics with a french draco? (Sorry if you've been asked this before i love your blog)

Thank you! Here are some French Draco fics for you :)

Say Anything (megyal, 8.5k): Draco feels emboldened to confess his feelings to Harry by whispering them to him in French  

Against All Odds (momatu, 54k): Draco is a Flying Instructor at Beauxbatons, and is hosting an international Quidditch training camp over the summer. Harry brings Teddy and ends up staying to help coach. They spend a lot of time exploring Paris together, and at one point, Harry says to Draco, “Hearing you speak [French] redefines the term oral sex.” Delicious.

Crossing Lines (Ren, 48k): Harry’s an Auror and boards a train to go undercover to catch a smuggler of dragon eggs. To his (initial) displeasure, he winds up having to share a compartment with Draco. The characterizations are absolutely wonderful, and the plot is fantastic. It’s a new favorite of mine. 

The Princess Thief (olimakiella, 31k): An AU in which the mysterious, possibly French art thief Draco Malfoy tries to rob the Louvre. Luckily, bounty hunter Potter is on the case.   

Abraxan Wings (khalulu, 14.5k): After Sectumsempra, Draco loses the use of his legs. Harry comes to speak to him afterwards, and Dumbledore ends up forcing them to room together. They grow close, and soon, Draco decides to switch sides. Draco briefly attends Beauxbatons; while his time in France is limited, the fic is so lovely and emotional that it’s absolutely worth the read. 

Un Noël Très Parisien (Femme & noeon, 14k): Draco’s a successful businessman and living in France, and runs into Harry while they’re at the French Ministry for work. 

A Series of (In)Decent Proposals

Chapter 1: The One with the Iron Grip

Summary: Throughout the course of their lives, James would ask Lily to marry him many times. A 13-part series, consisting of 12 no’s and 1 very jubilant yes.

Set in The Bet universe, but works as a canon piece as well.

Chapter rating: T

Word count: 1,475


Nice, solid, steady and decidedly unlikely to collapse in on her and send her plummeting to her death, it was Lily’s opinion that human beings were meant to keep their two feet planted on the ground.

She’d only been at Hogwarts for a few weeks, however, and Lily had already learned that wizards didn’t care for personal safety. They let all manner of beasts – werewolves and vampires and supposedly cannibalistic bears – roam the woods next to a children’s school. They taught eleven-year-olds spells that set their surroundings on fire. And, they celebrated a sport in which they flew around, hundreds of meters above the good, safe earth, with nothing but a narrow stick of wood to keep them alive and aloft.

On the grounds that she was too young to die, Lily had tried to gain an exemption from her first flying lesson. Lily had beseeched her flying instructor, Madame Lee, to spare her the danger, reminded the well-muscled woman that the Evanses would certainly disapprove of such an activity and hadn’t signed a slip of permission. Crossing her arms so that the taut muscles bulged even more noticeably, Madame Lee had promised Lily that her classes had a one hundred percent survival rate.

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Actions Overlap Words

@jedishrubbery asked: I loved your Obi-Wan College AU so much! It got me thinking! May I request reader and Hux were both dance instructors. Him being pointe ballet and reader being hip hop. After Hux and reader were seen working on a duet together, all of their students can see the romantic tension when ever the two are teaching a class together but the two are too shy to say anything to each other? I love both of your writing! Stay beautiful you two! 💛

Author: Zoe

(I’m so glad you liked my College AU fic! I’m actually a dancer myself, so this is right in my comfort zone and my style~!)

Plot Summary: Armitage Hux graduated from the National Academy of Dance. You won a few underground street dance competitions, and Hux still wonders how the hell you were able to land a choreography job at the Galaxy Dance Studios. The students at GDS are split between the proper pointe ballet class Hux teaches, and your more vigorous street dance class. However, when your company is getting ready for the International Dance showcase, it’s required for the choreographers to provide their own number. When your dancers manage to find your rehearsal room, it’s obvious to them that your rehearsal is much more than just a dance.

I decided to throw in a song for part of this story, so listen to Hozier’s “Like Real People Do” when Reader and Hux’s dance comes along!

Originally posted by juliettepirouette

The speakers rang softly as an orchestral score rose from the audio, the class ready to rehearse from first position.

Armitage Hux stood narrow at the front of the classroom, never daring to relax ever so slightly and even graze his body against the bar to rest his weight.

“One, two, ready and… Left, right, prep, and cabriole. Right, left, turn and dessus. Glissade et arriere, petit jete and stop.” He commanded as each dancer followed his instructions.

“Again. One, two, ready and…” He repeated again, the company rushing back to their former positions. He would have continued on to the next section, but more pressing matters came into view. The studio next door was blaring bass and the teacher was just as rowdy as the students, if not more.

Hux sighed in frustration and ended the section. “You have a five minute break.” He walked across the room as the dancers split off, stretching and having their only water break since morning while he marched into your studio, the music blaring into the lobby as soon as the door opened.

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