flying hour

it’s nighttime i am standing on a hotel balcony in my pajamas eating rose flavored candy and watching the city below me and the wind is so warm and gentle it feels like silk against my skin and i’m supposed to be sleeping and the air smells like dust and something warm there are small bits of sugar in my hair and i feel so lighthearted and calm and carefree

  • Vader: Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by Rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you.
  • Leia Organa, literally two hours after flying away from Scarif whilst flipping Vader the bird and sending a transmission reading "the Empire can SUCK my DICK": I don't know what you're talking about.

i’ve been thinking about time lately.
think about it. they say that
my 20’s will fly by. how many
hours have I spent at a job that
I hate? how many cigarettes
have I smoked until I realize
that if I quit now my lungs
will breathe better? how many
days will I spend on dreaming
rather than doing? how many
nights have I stressed over
something I said to you?
you’re not crazy. you’re not.
we waste so many seconds
being stagnant. every decision
you’ve ever made… every mistake
that you will learn from…
one day you’ll look back
and laugh because it really
wasn’t that bad. they tell
you to live in the moment,
but sometimes you need
to manage that shit.
it’ll consume you if you don’t.
don’t beat yourself over
every little detail. let some
of it go. flow like rivers.
ease into yourself. grow.

The answer to a young witch saying, “Okay, so how do we fly?” isn’t, “Haha, you’re so silly, witches don’t fly!” It’s hours cramped over your grandmother’s notes. It’s foul and sickly sweet herbs hanging to dry. It’s animal fat bubbling down in a cast iron. It’s an iron knife on a hardwood board. It’s a broom, made with straining fingers and sedge, handed over with care. It’s ointment aging in the dark. It’s rough fingers on goosebump covered skin under the black moon. It’s a stomach howling its displeasure at its empty state as flesh goes heavy and limp. It’s a soul, spiraling free into the sky. And it’s waiting, singing softly by their slumbering body, til they return with the dawn.

  • Yato: There's a fly in here
  • Yukine: ...
  • Yato: ...
  • Yukine: ...
  • Yato: ...
  • Yukine: Don't you da-
  • Yato: S E K K I

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Are you on pixiv? Because if so, great, cute! If not, it looks like someone has reposted =( member(.)php?id=20933763

Thank you so, so much for checking in with me! :D No worries, that’s my pixiv! No art theft there ^ ^

It really means a lot to me that you’re looking out for me, thank you so much! ;A; So don’t think this is me being annoyed, not at all, but just to clarify for future reference so there’s no confusion:

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All of these links point to each other! That’s how you can tell it’s actually me and not an imposter ^ ^ These are my only current art blogs, and the only places that should have my art at the moment. Everything else is likely art theft.

I do not have an art facebook, but I do have an abandoned cosplay facebook page with the same name that I use to occasionally ask people to take down my stolen art ^ ^;

But please, if you’re ever uncertain it never hurts to ask! So thank you so much once again! m(_ _)m

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anonymous asked:

out of curiosity. do larries read other ships fanfiction? do they reblog other ships cute moments? do they enjoy fanart for other ships? do they enjoy other ships and recognize they're not real but have problem with larry vs reality? or do they block everyone and everything that doesn't ship larry and larry only?

Most Larries are serial tinhatters. So in other fandoms the only ships that interest them are the ones they wish were real in real life. In fact when they serial tinhat I see them focus on two men’s relationship while studiously avoiding how the men in question behave with other men. I see that all the time from the Cricky Larries. Fabiano/Crismes are non existent to them, even though Cristiano literally drives Fabio to work most days and slaps James’s but others.

In 1D most of them will reblog things like Lilo or Tomlinshaw because they don’t find them threatening, but they will aggressively act like Narry or Grimmy or Xarry or Hazoff never happened.

When that Anne hack happened a few of them talked about how it looks like Hazoff are having a joke kiss in one photo but they aggressively didn’t post it and in fact hilariously claimed that it was possibly staged to play up for the Hazoff fans. As if all 12 of them (@styloff counts for like 6) are apparently going to be getting their lives so much it’ll get them to… support Harry’s solo career? Support Jeff Azoff? But it was staged for them. Or staged to make Harry look like he cheated on Louis? Or staged to help make people think Harry was into men so we could build on that to the eventual Larrie Coming Out? You know, something to make it seem like it’s not a real fun thing he did because he wanted to and that none of it has to mean that the way Harry and Louis interact is truly not that sacred or special! Just explain it away as “staged” and a “stunt” and move on because the only true experiences in this world only ever occur between Louis and Harry! 

HI YES HELLO, maybe if our defense did it’s actual job of DEFENDING then keylor wouldn’t be put in his situations where he quite literally has to pull things out of his ass to save our ass, which he has done multiple fucking times. ok like i love how some of ya’ll acting as if he wasn’t a HUGE part of why we won the cl last season, the man was about to break the record for minutes without conceding ffs. the man became a spanish citizen so we wouldn’t have an issue with non-eu players. he was put through hell by florentino, him and his family were at the fucking airport waiting to fly to manchester for HOURS. he has given so much for us and i’m quite frankly sick, tired and disgusted by some of ya’ll suddenly forgetting everything and being no better towards him than florentino was