flying helmet

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Any idea what the significance is for the triangle that keeps popping on attire? I've seen it on Kanan's and Zeb's shirts, the "flying stormtroopers" helmets, and possibly Ezra's gloves (can't find s good image to confirm).

For Kanan & Zeb, probably spacezipper.

It points to the direction of “Open”.

For the Mandalorans’ helmets… not sure.


Bit too early for Dieselpunk. I’d love know what the aircraft is, just look at that radiator plumbing. Spats are rather a modern touch.

Russian Caption:–

Helen Ditriye, “girl-hawk”, next to her airplane, in a special flight suit. In 1909, she made her first flight alone. She was the only woman to patrol the skies over Paris for the protection against  the German airships.


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