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Hey it’s Falkner! Remember this guy from Pokemon Gold and Silver and Crystal? He was my first… my first gym leader… of Pokemon Gold and Silver and Crystal. I never know what to write here. 

This is part of the Johto Gym Leader set we’ll have at Anime Midwest. I’ll finish posting all the other gym leaders plus the Johto League champion as Anime Midwest approaches. 

kelothan  asked:

Okay, what's Pearl's team?

Pikipek, Gardevoir, Espeon, Cincino,Togekiss and Lilligant although this is still kinda being decided, she is the flying type gym leader after all 

pokemon au: dick trained to be a flying type gym leader to make elite four bruce proud but gave it up to help damian with his pokemon quest. damian has caught over 500+ pokemon and houses them in the manors extensive grounds, claiming that keeping them in the pc would be barbaric. bruce had to buy up more land to keep up and even expand the caves below (god knows why damian needed to capture 40 zubats). damian uses his fathers extensive wealth to travel to different regions and build up his knowledge of his pokemon, and dick in turn learns a lot more about poke-care.

damian at first wanted to be the first 10 year old champion in every region but as his pokemon team grew he found himself less eager to let them get hurt. he now enters pokemon contests and regularly wins every event he participates in (dick cheering him on and helping him to sew little outfits for each poke)

Send me your favourite Pokémon, I’ll answer Qs that match its type.

Normal: Favourite Pokémon?
Fighting: Favourite generation?
Flying: Favourite Gym/Gym Leader?
Poison: Favourite Pokémon game?
Ground: Favourite Pokémon type?
Rock: If you had to create a Pokémon, what would it be like?
Bug: Favourite shiny Pokémon?
Ghost: Favourite Mega Evolution?
Steel: Favourite legendary Pokémon?
Fire: Favourite Elite Four member/league Champion?
Water: Favourite Pokémon BGM?
Grass: Favourite location in the games?
Electric: Favourite Pokémon move?
Psychic: Favourite Eeveelution?
Ice: Rate the generations; favourite to least favourite?
Dragon: What would you starter Pokémon be?
Dark: Which Pokémon should get a Mega Evolution?
Fairy: Your current/dream Pokémon team. 

nebulodic  asked:

How about a Pokemon Career AU? Like who would end up being gym leaders, elite four members (and types they'd master), professors, etc.?

Hana: Fairy-type gym leader (Sylveon as companion)
Police Officer (Quilava as companion)
Pokemon Coordinator (Milotic as companion)
PBG: Ranger (Arcanine as companion)
Ghost-Type Elite Four Member (Gengar as companion)
Pokemon Professor (Slowking as companion)
Nurse (Skitty as companion)
Flying-type gym leader (Altaria as companion)
Water-type trainer (Vaporeon as companion)
Fire-type trainer (Flareon as companion)
Electric-type trainer (Jolteon as companion)
Dragon-type gym leader (Flygon as companion)
Team Rocket Admin (Umbreon as companion)
Reporter (Ampharos as companion)
Breeder (Absol as companion)
POKEMON MASTER (Slowbro as companion)
Rapper/Trainer (Shiny Kricketune as companion)

How about a Pokémon!AU? (If I have any mistakes, I’m sorry. I’m not native in english) (I don’t know if this has been done yet, but here we go):

  • Marinette is a Pokémon Coordinator whose principal pokémon is a (no one knows but Marinette) talkative Ledian named Tikki
  • She designs her outfits for the perfomances
  • Her principal rival is another coordinator named Chloé, whose principal pokémon is a Vespiquen (along with the theory that she’s going to be the miraculous holder of the bee, I know)
  • The thing is
  • Chloe’s father is a very famous judge of pokémon contests, and ALWAYS makes sure Chloé gets all the attention while Marinette is forgotten, even when she’s way better than Chloé
  • Because of that, she gets so upset when Chloé doesn’t stop winning contests only because she’s cheating and without being a good coordinator
  • But Marinette isn’t only a coordinator
  • When the Team Akuma (details later, but is similar to the series; and the goal is to steal the talkative pokémon of the Lucky Duo) is messing around, she transforms into Ledianbug, a superheroine that protects the Pokémon world (kind of like Clemont’s father)
  • Her superhero partner is Purrloin Noir, who is disguised as a shiny Purrloin (I saw that they were more dark and black, compared to the normal Purrloin)
  • Purrloin Noir’s civilian self is a Pokémon Trainer named Adrien (who ABSOLUTELY makes puns like “I gotta CAT-ch'em all!”)
  • And his principal pokémon is a talkative shiny Purrloin even being the only fucking Purrloin shiny in the region no one knows he is Purrloin Noir
  • His father is a famous flying type gym leader, Gabriel
  • And his pokémon buddy is
  • Yes
  • A Vivillon
  • But, in the shadows, Gabriel is the boss of the Akuma Team, being himself disguised as Hawkvillon (it kinda sounds like “Hawkvillain” and it’s so funny), and, when some trainer can’t catch a pokémon, he sends one team member to them and convinces them to take the pokémon by force and to disguise as them to chase the Lucky Duo and take their talkative pokémon and give them to Hawkvillon think of this: Gabriel has like an entire clothes collection of pokémon cosplay for the akuma victims because being the fashion fanatic he is he couldn’t not take advance of this opportunities and make the victims look FABULOUS
  • Because of Adrien’s famous father, he is constantly harassed by the other trainers, because they say that he is as good as he is because of his father’s influence in him
  • And it makes him so sad, because no one never acknowledges him because of his own goals and training, but because of his father’s
  • But, sometimes, he meets with certain coordinator who thinks he’s a cool trainer on his own, and he sees her perfomances utterly beautiful, even more than Chloé’s
  • And so they became friends, although the don’t travel together, but they meet frequentñy on their journeys and on their superhero life, obviously.
  • Also, the akuma villains’s pokémon could be (there aren’t all the villains because some were so hard to come up with. Also, this are only suggestions, so if you think of a better pokémon for a villain feel free to share!): A Castform to Climatika, a Piplup/Squirtle to Bubbler, a Ditto to Copycat (at this point I’m crying because the puns), a Yamask/Cofragrigus to The Pharaoh, a Smeargle to Evillustrator, a Shuppet/Banette to Horrificator, a Honedge to Dark Blade, a Mr. Mime to The Mime, a Pidove for Mr. Pigeon, a Linoone/Zigzagoon for Timebreaker, and so on.
  • Also, because there are so many regions, and there’s chaos everywhere, Volpina (or Volpix) with a Vulpix and Chloé with her Vespiquen (in the case she’s the holder) could take care of the other regions along with Ledianbug and Purrloin Noir. But the series take place in Paris, so it would be technically right to assume they are in Kalos, since this region is based in France.

These are only a few. If you think of something to add, feel free to!

Submitted by @erzascarlett420