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Prompt/Idea: Dipper using his wings to play peek-a-boo with a baby.

Thomas, Elisha, and Agatha are @flying-guinea-pig and @ii-thiscat-ii’s Ocs, respectively.

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It was mostly desperation, really.

But Agatha was only six months old, and the baby sitter had canceled on them at the last minute, and if Thomas didn’t go to this meeting today they were going to be short handed, something one really didn’t want when dealing with demons, and Elisha had to go to this meeting with the bank or risk not getting the loan, so…

“Seriously, I can handle this,” Tyrone repeated for the third time as Thomas and Elisha continued to fuss. “”I’ve watched Mizar’s kids hundreds of times, over more than one lifetime. I’ve raised kids, more than once. We’ll be fine.”

Elisha pointed her finger at Tyrone, so close his eyes crossed trying to focus on it. “That being said, if I come back and anything’s happened to my baby, I’ll find a way to exorcise you. I will do it.”

“Duly noted,” Tyrone agreed.

Elisha glared at him for a few more seconds before kissing her baby and walking backwards toward the door. She paused in the doorway, pointing at her eyes and back at Tyrone, before finally leaving.

Thomas closed the door after them, and Elisha kept tossing glances back over her shoulder.

“Okay, I know you trust Tyrone, but how are you so calm? We just left our baby with a demon for a babysitter,” Elisha said once they were in the safety of the Car.

“One, I was careful about wording the deal. Two, no matter what else he’s done, Alcor’s been recorded as never voluntarily harming a child or allowing one to come to harm. And three,” Thomas added, digging out his phone and waving it lightly at the driving Elisha, “nanny cam app. I can check in from wherever I want and save the video for later.”

The grin Elisha shared with her husband was both relieved and evil.

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impickingtheusername  asked:

I just discovered you have OCs that are Thomas and Elisha's children, and now I want to know everything about them. Do you have a reference sheet that you can point me to or a list of fics including them??

Sure, I’ll give you what I have.

The kids are still pretty new, so there isn’t a lot of information about them. There’s a small number of fics, and the rest of it is mostly things me and @flying-guinea-pig have been talking about privately. She’s free to add stuff to this if she wants. The fics they show up in are (briefly) this from @flying-guinea-pig, this from @phenyxsnest, and these two from me. Then there’s this piece of art I made of them.

Anyways, general information, some of which I’m making up on the spot. There’s two girls, by the names Isabelle and Agatha. Agatha is the oldest one, born when Elisha is about 27 and Thomas is around 30, and Isabelle is three-four years younger.

Agatha takes mostly after her dad. Or at least she inherits his terrible sense of humour, something she never forgives him for. She has a passion for cryptozoology from a young age, which she keeps when she grows up past the point she relizes it’s not all climbing mountains to find gryphons. She’s a very sporty person, unlike most of her family, and when she isn’t reading is often out running or playing some kind of sport. This fondness for physical activity is almost enough to explain why she keeps breaking things, like her own bones, but mostly that has to be chalked up to her just somehow being stupidly unlucky. If there is a bone in the human body, Agatha has probably broken it before she hits thirty. She worries her parents to death.

Isabelle takes more after her mother in sense of humour, general attitude, and intrest for clothes and makeup. She tends to be loud, which ruins most of her more subtle jokes before she hits her teens and learns when to shut up. She’s fond of animals, and once had a tank full of glowing fish, but they didn’t make it. She spends half her time at friends’ houses playing with their pets if they have them. She does finally manage to talk her parents into letting her have a real pet when she’s eleven, but that’s another story. One thing she doesn’t inherit is Elisha’s troubles with men, as Isabelle is almost exclusively into girls.

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Is it too late to join? cuz I really like this AU huhuhu If I may ask, what were the most number of asks in a day that you got? And if I'd like to sell merchandise/ art using this AU (as in like earn money) to whom will I give my letter to? :D SERIOUSLY DOE, I wish i could've went to the hype era of this AU HAHAHAHA

It’s never too late to join sweet nonny! Maybe we aren’t getting 30-40 messages and a bazillion new things on the tag a day but we are still active! And we are still creating new characters all the time, like @flying-guinea-pig and Thomas, or Alvie and Elisha by @ii-thiscat-ii, or believeinbees art and fic or-

Point being, you haven’t missed anything! Welcome to the madhouse and we hope you have fun! 


I wanted to share with all of you these pieces by When Guinea Pigs Fly ! They are part of a beautiful series call Capy Holidays and they feature a friendly capybara and guinea pig sharing the holiday season with each other! You can check them out on Etsy here . (There are also plenty of none holiday pieces you can check out as well, they’er all super cute!)

flying-guinea-pig  asked:

If you're still taking prompts... Maybe a piece with Alcor looking like an old man? He changed his appearance to 'age together' with Mabel, right? Or maybe Stan babysitting the triplets? (PS I really love your art!)

Old man Alcor is probably the most terrifying of all Alcors. No wild smiles or jokes. Just a quiet, cold demon who knows his other half is about to leave him forever.

(Ahhh thank you so much!! I love your fics!!! :D)

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TAU prompt: “killed him? wait, what, literally?”

Prompt Me TAU! 

this one got.. uh… dark

“Ugh,” Mabel groaned, flopping back on her bed. “Calc is the worst.” She pushed her graphing calculator off the bed and it clattered on the attic floor. Eleventh grade math had gotten really hard really fast, and Mabel hated it. She wondered what she’d have to give Dipper to make her understand it perfectly. “Blarg!”

“You okay in here sweetie?” Stan asked, poking his head in.

“Yeah, just homework stuff,” Mabel complained. “I’m so bored. I hope Dippin’ Dots gets back soon.”

“Summoning?” Stan asked, sympathy coating his voice. Mabel sat up and nodded. “I’m sure he’ll be back soon. Want something to eat, kiddo?”

“Nah, but could you bring me the jug of Mable Juice.” Mabel asked, looking back down at her notes. Stan made a face, but went downstairs to grab Mabel her Nightmare Tonic. Mabel started to hum some old Sev'ral Timez song to herself. After a minute there was a soft pop on the other side of the room, and Mabel smiled, looking up from her work. “Finally! Hey Dip- Whoa what happened?”

“Hm,” Dipper breathed, looking around the room, but not really seeming to see any–thing. Mabel scrambled up from her bed, pushing down the fear bubbling in her chest. Dipper was covered in blood head to toe. Mabel reached out a hand to him, and he barred his teeth. A cat-like hiss escaped his mouth, and Mabel pulled her hand back. Dipper blinked hard. “Mabel? What’s wrong, you look-”

“Dipper, holy shit,” Mabel cried, flinging her arms around him. Dipper looked down at her, only to notice his own hands. Mabel pulled away, holding dipper by the shoulders. Panic flitted through her voice. “What happened, are you okay?”

“I,um,” Dipper looked down at himself. Blood dripped from his shoes, and splashed on the wooden floor. “I’m not entirely sure. I mean, yes, I’m okay, just… Confused.” Mabel looked down at herself and exclaimed.

“Are you corporeal?” She shrieked, her breath coming in shallow gasps. Her front had been stained with blood. She held out her shaking hands, and tried to catch her breath. “Okay, sorry, kind of freaking out.”

“It’s okay,” Dipper replied “I would be too.”

“Mabel, what’s going on up here?” Stan yelled, brass knuckles at the ready. He looked between Mabel and Dipper and lowered his hands. “What the hell did I miss in the last two minutes.”

“I think I killed him,” Dipper said after a second, looking down at his hands.

“Who?” Stan questioned, leaning in the doorway.

“Killed him?” Mabel asked, a sharp note still in her voice. “Wait, what literally.”

“Well, I mean a murder would account for all the blood currently staining my attic.” Stan deadpanned.

“The summoner, I’m pretty sure I-” Dipper started. He coughed hard, choking on something. He spit something out. A molar clattered on the ground. Everyone in the attic stopped and stared as it skittered across the floor. There was a moment of heavy silence as this new information sunk in. “Okay, scratch that. I’m definitely sure I killed him.”

“I’m gonna puke,” Mabel said, racing out of the room. Dipper curled in on himself, hovering in a ball.

“Hey, kid, it’s… It’s gonna be okay,” Stan stammered, placing a comforting hand on his nephew’s back.

“No, it wͤ͠o̕ņ̉͋tͮ!̶̿́̐͆̆ “ Dipper sobbed. “I killed somebody, and…” He trailed off, poking his face out again.

“What,” Stan asked. “What is it?”

“I liked it.” Dipper whispered, tears streaming down his face.

Elisha’s story, because sometimes I can’t get people out of my mind once I’ve invented them.

Oh, and @flying-guinea-pig, you had some interesting tags on my last post with her in it. If you’re still interested after this, we need to talk.

On Ao3

While she had been looking for an affordable car for some time, Elisha never expected to find it in her uncle’s garage.

In fact, her uncle’s garage was the kind of place you expected cars to disappear from, not where they randomly showed up. The door was never locked and rarely even properly closed, no matter how many times his family told him something was likely to get stolen. He just had a little too much faith in the world to do right by him. This might be why, when Elisha went out there searching for a toolbox and instead found a completely unfamiliar car, he decided to forego calling the police and simply give it to her.

“I know it’s a little beat up, but you were looking for a cheap car, weren’t you?”

“A little beat up?” Elisha nearly shrieked. “It looks like it’s been through a garbage compactor. Does it even run?”

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the signs as your everyday house pets
  • is actually a cat: taurus, virgo, leo, scorpio
  • is actually a dog: gemini, sagittarius, libra
  • is actually a flying squirrel and you have no idea why people own those things but idk you do you man: cancer, aries
  • is actually a guinea pig: pisces, aquarius
  • is actually a badass tarantula: capricorn

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“quit it or i’ll bite.” for tau prompts?

Prompt Me TAU!

(Based on the Demonology Student Dipper fics by @flying-guinea-pig which I binge read last weekend lmao)

The university was having a family mixer, and Tyrone Evergreen was going to be there, damn it. Even if that meant a few hours of attempting to wrangle Lucy Ann and all the shenanigans she came with. She and Dipper arrived a little late. Sunset had been just after six, and Lucy Ann wasn’t too keen on sunlight.

“Hey, Tyrone,” Maria called, when she spotted them coming in the entrance. “Come meet my mom!” Dipper started towards them only to be stopped by Professor Hicks.

“Ah, Mr. Evergreen,” He said, clapping a gentle hand on Dipper’s shoulder. “Glad you could make it. I hardly see you outside of class.”

“My work is a bit hectic, but I managed to get a free night,” Dipper replied, a small smile on his face. Lucy Ann punched him playfully in the leg, and Dipper looked down. “Oh, yeah, this is my niece, Lucy Ann.”

“Nice to meet you,” Hicks beamed down at her. Lucy Ann put on her best saccharine smile. “I had no idea Tyrone had a niece.”

“Nice to meet you too Professor,” She said, brushing off her dress. “Uncle Tyrone talks about your class all the time. Is it true you once deciphered some Latin from a summoning spell that just said I’m an idiot for summoning you.

“Well,” Hicks started. He’d shared that anecdote once in class to demonstrate that some demons seemed to have a sense of humor. He cleared his throat, and looked back at Dipper.  A stern look crossed over his face. “Are you certain you should be sharing information about demonology with such a young girl.”

“Oh she’s such an… Inquisitive child,” Dipper said, his voice a bit strained. He ruffled Lucy Ann’s hair and smiled. “I’d never do anything to put her in danger, of course.”

“Of course,” Hicks said, looking down at Lucy Ann, who smiled up at him. “Well, I ought to continue mingling.”

“Right, see you,” Dipper replied, hand still on Lucy Ann’s head.

“Quit it, or I’ll bite.” Lucy Ann said, still smiling wide at the retreating professor. Dipper pulled his hand away.

“You wouldn’t.” Dipper countered.

“We both know that’s a lie.” Lucy Ann replied, as they began walking toward Maria. Dipper sighed. This was going to be a long night.


When pigs fly…

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So there are fics with demonology student Dipper (which I absolutely am completely in love with by the way, good job flying-guinea-pig!) but there was that ask that started it all involving Lucy Ann and how SHE had to pretend to be a kindergartner while Dipper did the college thing. Can we see a fic of Lucy Ann during that time? (or even better, a fic of Dipper's college friends meeting her. And Dipper introduces her as his younger sister or something :D)

Mod S would love you forever if you did the thing

(Lucy Ann is a student in a lot of Vivi’s classes, just to fuck with her. Especially since Vivi can’t use the spray bottle on her at school)

Remember I said I was working on something big? Well, it’s done.

At the bare bones of it, it’s just a love story.

You go a little deeper and it’s a story of humans, coming together and thriving despite challenges ranging from general awkwardness to first degree murder.

In a meta perspective, this is a creation made possible only through the unique community that this universe provides, and I have to give so many thanks to @flying-guinea-pig, who is not only an amazing author, but on this one thing also my beta reader and co-conspirator.

This is the longest single story I’ve written, by a large margin.

This is Thomas and Elisha.