Ima try this again…….
Made a Oc for @thebbros au
Height: 11'9
Species: Large Flying fox (endengered species so it’s rare)
-will give you free rides unless you give her anything in return or just that your small
-Has (multiple planes at home) one plane that she travels with 
-Explores and travels
-messenger and pilot
-attracted to shiny stuff
-Mostly seen out in random places with her plane
-Kind but patient, Negative but truthful, chooses her words carefully and quickly, loud but filled with hyper and excitement, and travels but is sometimes curious 
-enjoys fruit, bark, nectar of flowers, but mostly normal food so that no one thinks she’s crazy
-spends her time outside mostly 
-HATES perfume

STEAL HIS LUNCH MONEY (standalone picture from this post)

@koryos from what you’ve written about working with flying foxes, they seem the type to bully some poor nerd.

a thing about bats that I completely forgot earlier: not only are their knees backwards, but their whole legs and feet are backwards– gr8 for hanging upside-down from stuff, absolutely terrible for being drawn standing up. Bats, god.