flying fishing

I have opened up my heart to ten thousand lightning strikes.
Fire has always been my element but I’ve always been in love with water.

I melt into rivers and seas and oceans and join the dance of their current,
As it moves my very soul.
As it brings me to places I haven’t been before.
As it cleanses my tongue and caresses the wounds you caused as you struck my heart like ten thousand lighting bolts.

I am fire and you are water.
But your waves produce enough friction to spark little explosions that make me livelier, feistier.
We were both so beautiful.
We were both so strong.
When we touched
We formed clouds for the sky.
We resurrected a land that once was dry.

But water runs while fire razes.
I have to stay.
You have to go.
Find your ocean while I gather my coal.
I won’t destroy who makes you whole.
As you cross mountains and valleys
Don’t forget to watch me:
I will turn to ashes the marks you left on me.

The next time I get hit by ten thousand lightning strikes
I will make galaxies of stars out of the fire they start in me.

The First Fire Came From Lightning || Love For A Flying Fish Series || 22 July 2017

the ice cream poet (TYG)